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Ep. 037: Traveling & Vacays

It's summer time! That means a lot of us a gearing up, packing up, grabbing shades and buying tickets to get some much needed time off. In this episode, we're discussing how to take vacations with your spouse, fully "unplugging" and what you might do if a vacation isn't in the picture this summer. Tune in and follow the conversation @millennialml.


Ep. 036: Encouraging Your Spouse

Encouragement is a tricky thing. You have to know, "what to say and how to say it" in addition to saying it at the right time. It can all be quite stressful, but in this episode of the podcast we discuss how simple encouragement can be for your spouse, how to get better at it, and how to balance encouraging your spouse in their dream--knowing what's realistic and what's flat out crazy! Tune in and join the conversation @millennialml


Ep. 035: Interview with Derek & Erin

In our first interview on the podcast, long time friends of ours, Derek & Erin join us to talk about marriage from their perspective. This is a MUST LISTEN for our audience as it's packed with a bunch of real world advice, truth nuggets and perspective on what it's like to be a millennial married couple. Tune in and join the conversation @millennialml


Ep. 034: Parenting Principles

Principles are something we all try to live by. They give us direction and the framework for structuring our lives. Parenting is no different. For us, we've found that discussing our own parenting principles with others has led to us becoming better parents. In today's episode of the podcast we talk about some of the parenting principles that we live by along with the 4 C's of and Stages of Parenting.


Ep. 033: Are you ready to be a Parent?

Today on the podcast we address that one question, "Are you ready to become parents?" Maybe you've talked about it before. Maybe you've been avoiding the subject. Where ever you are on the spectrum, we share what our experience has been like and share some questions you may want to ask together. Tune in and join the conversation @millennialml.


Ep. 032: Dealing with Trust Being Broken

In this week's episode, Angela and Matt discuss how trust takes a while to build, but an instant to break. They discuss how to deal with major breaches in trust between spouses and the key to unlocking the right way forward and through it. Whether you've dealt with trust being broken on a large scale or on a smaller scale, we all agree that being hurt by your spouse in this regard is very painful. However, it doesn't have to continue to be. Tune in to this episode and join the conversation...


Ep. 031: Date Night

Dating your spouse is a lifelong activity. It's also one we want to give priority to, get more thoughtful at and learn how to do it well. On the show today, we discuss the importance of date night, some of our date night routines and how you can get started crafting your own date night that works for you as a couple. Tune in and join the conversation @millennialml


Ep. 30: 30 for 30

Join us for this special birthday episode of Millennial Married Life where Matt shares 30 things he's learned over the past 30 years that has helped him navigate marriage, career, relationships, parenting and so much more. You won't want to miss this one. Tune in here and join the conversation @millennialml


Ep. 029: Affirming Your Husband

It’s a solo episode! Join Angela this week as she explores what it means to affirm and encourage your husband. Tune in and join the conversation @millennialml


Ep. 028: Hobbies

Hobbies are a perfect way for you to enjoy life both as an individual and definitely with your spouse. Tune in to learn how to find yours!


Ep. 027: Coping with Different Sex Drives

As this love and sex series wraps up, we discuss how to deal with mismatched sex drives, what can contribute to it, and how to get in sync. Tune in and join the conversation @millennialml


Ep. 026: Sex Techniques (Can we do THAT?!)

Valentine's Day isn't over yet. Turn on the heat again and tune in to this episode on sex techniques. In it, we talk about some of the top sex acts that married couples can be afraid to bring up or even try. We talk about how to evaluate if they are for you and your spouse and what you can do to make it work. Listen to Episode 25 on boundaries before checking this out, but most importantly, have fun trying these if you'd like! Tune in and join the conversation @millennialml


Ep. 025: Boundaries in Sex

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! It's a day for love, romance, candy and most times--Sex! That's why in this particular episode we're talking about what creates the boundaries for a great sex life. Tune in and join the conversation @millennialml


Ep. 024: Sex vs Intimacy

It's February which means we are kicking off our love & relationship month! This particular episode we also about the 4 pt. harness of intimacy. We discuss why intimacy is so crucial to a fabulous sex life and how to be more intimate with your spouse. Tune in and join the conversation @millennialml


Ep. 023: Marriage and Media

Dive in with us as we explore the connection between media and the effects it can have on your marriage. We talk about the pitfalls of social media, some stats and why it's important to temper your use of social media to grow your relationship with your spouse in a healthy way. Tune in and join the conversation @millennialml


Ep. 022: Financial Execution

This week we wrap up our financial series on a special. You have to execute on what you know and that's the message we drive home this week. Also, we talk a little about legal documents that can be helpful in your financial picture. Tune in and join the conversation @millennialml


Ep. 021: Your (2018) Financial Checklist

Some of us love lists and some of us can do without. Well, this is one podcast episode where you're going to want make a list and put it to work regardless of who you are! In this episode, we discuss how to give yourself a financial checkup (not as hard as it sounds!) and some money tips to keep your 2018 rolling right. Tune in and join the conversation @millennialml


Ep. 020: Financial Resolutions

We have New Year resolutions that we aim for, but many times we don’t think about how we can do the same for our finances. In this episode, we discuss some financial steps you can take to start the year off right, the difference between wealth and riches, and a special challenge for this new year. Tune in and join the conversation @millennialml


Ep. 019: Dreams and SMART Goals

Happy New Year and welcome to the first episode of 2018. New years signal new beginnings for many of us, so what better way to get the year started off right than discussing dreams and goals? Before you think, "Oh here's another episode of new year resolutions!" We're here to show you why dreams are the source behind goals and goal setting the SMART way is essential to accomplishing your dreams. Start the new year off right!


Ep. 018: Priorities

We have to first apologize--we have colds in this episode, so bear with us! But, we powered through because getting great content for you is a priority for us. It's ironic that today on the show we discuss priorities in your marriage. How do you set them? What do they mean? ALSO, buddymoons are the new honeymoons?! Check out this episode for all that and more and follow the conversation @millennialml.