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Join host Sadie Marie and her guests as they discuss life after divorce. From lively co-ed chats about mid-life dating to conversations with financial experts on fresh money starts, from balancing solo child rearing obligations to creating time and space for our own well-being, this podcast celebrates the many unique experiences life after divorce brings, both the playful and powerful. It focuses on best finding our way onward and upward by always reminding ourselves that our happiest life is the one we're living now.


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Join host Sadie Marie and her guests as they discuss life after divorce. From lively co-ed chats about mid-life dating to conversations with financial experts on fresh money starts, from balancing solo child rearing obligations to creating time and space for our own well-being, this podcast celebrates the many unique experiences life after divorce brings, both the playful and powerful. It focuses on best finding our way onward and upward by always reminding ourselves that our happiest life is the one we're living now.




Sugar N Spice: A Little Bit Naughty, A Little Bit Nice

This week's episode of Sadie's Divorced and Happy is the FINAL episode of Season 3, and I've decided to go solo! I'm excited to wrap up this season of THE COMEBACK with sweet and spicy tales of podcasts past. I'll be sharing feisty and funny moments along with my my personal epiphanies and thoughts about my journey from being newly divorced to the honeymoon stage to my personal comeback after divorce. My holiday wish is for this intimate episode, "Sugar N Spice: A Little Bit Naughty, and...


The Art of Doing Nothing

Tired of doing it all? Are you overwhelmed and over-worked? How about trying a different path this holiday season and… Just. Do. Nothing. Turn off the noise, sit in silence and just be. On today’s episode, “The Art of Doing Nothing,” divorce coach, Heidi Bee, and mental wellness expert, Dr. Tiffany Bellamy, suggest you not RUSH but instead REST through the holidays and your life. Both women want you to experience a more peace-filled holiday by offering guidance on how doing nothing will...


The Power of the Pole

Do you have something in your life that makes you feel powerful and confident? Well, today’s guest, certified S Factor pole dancing instructor and owner of Sweet Spot Life, Samantha (Sam) Fisher, feels that way when she dances…and you can too! Sixteen years ago, Sam first discovered that pole dancing positively impacted how she viewed her body and shifted her perceptions about her sensuality. Would you like to learn how to unlock your body and increase self-affirming thoughts through...


Thank You Divorce (Again)

It is time to turn your post-divorce attitude to gratitude and appreciate the day when anger over your divorce turned into thankfulness for what you gained on the other side. My guest today on “Thank You Divorce – Again” is Laura Friedman Williams. We have so much in common with me that I fondly call her “my sister from another mister.” Laura is the fabulous author of “Available: A Memoir of Sex and Dating After a Marriage Ends.” The podcast, like her book, is hilarious, juicy, and...


Foodie Calls: Divorced Dads Dish About Dating

Have you experienced a Foodie Call? Do you even know what one is? Listen in as my guests, Life Coach for Divorce Recovery and author, Daren Douglas, and podcast co-host of "Divorce Doesn't Suck," Daniel Herrold, dish about foodie calls and all things dating. From who pays on a first date, to would they date women who make more money and expert her to always pay, to how they vet a woman on a first date, we cover the dating etiquette bases and more! These two divorced dads also open up...


Get Over Yourself

Do you need to get over yourself? Today's guest, Susan Guthrie, a top divorce attorney, sure did! She confesses how taking a hard look at her imperfections and surrendering her need to be perfect and to love herself just as she is, finally allowed her to live a happy life. Susan champions ways to be secure with your imperfections so you can thrive and enjoy authentic relationships. Find the courage to kiss your phony facade goodbye on today's episode, “Get Over Yourself.” Susan has been...


Open Love: Consensual Non-Monogamy

Have you considered polyamory or open relationships since divorce? Coming from a background of only knowing monogamy in their first marriages, today's guests, intimacy guides, Andre Lazarus and Susannah Rose, committed to opening their relationship. Their choice led them to experiencing the deepest connection and intimacy they’ve ever had. Get into the “hot seat” with us today as we deep dive into the benefits and challenges of consensual non-monogamy. You'll learn how to navigate this...


Step Monsters

Julia Roberts struggled with it in the movie Stepmom. And we all know Cinderella had no fairytale relationship with her stepmother. What is all this bad rap about? Luckily, we have my positively parental guests, co-parenting coach, Tamar Burris, and author, and divorce-parenting expert, Christina McGhee, to debunk the stigma and negative images around step-parenting. In my episode, “Stepmonsters,” we talk about everything that is right about stepping up to this incredible role in a...


The Truth About Casual Dating

Can casual dating lead to your comeback? Dating expert and this week’s guest, Jade Bianca, divulges the key to unlocking post-divorce dating success; whether you're seeking a long-term partner...or not! In today’s spicy episode, Jade shares why it’s important for you to take indulge in a “selfish season” to casually date (nope, this doesn’t give you license to be an a$$hole.) And believe it or not, casual dating can lead to L*O*V*E! Jade should know; she’s been a dating coach and has seen...


Divorced Dad Hacks

Do you know what’s missing from your Comeback Toolbox? A Divorced Dad Hack! My two guests, comedians, David Rey Martinez & Ron Lamprecht are representing the Big Apple (NYC) and the Mini-Apple (Minneapolis.) These divorced dads share 'out of the box' resources and creative strategies in today’s episode, “Divorced Dad Hacks!” Trust me, after hearing today’s episode you’ll never clean the shower or cook ramen noodles the same way! Their practical dating advice is no joke (ok, some of it is...


Coming Out After Divorce

Has divorce led you to a more authentic life? This week’s guest, author Candace Walsh, shares how dating women after leaving a heterosexual marriage, meant she was finally able to “breath" and feel comfortable in her own skin. Coming out for Candace led to a deeply intimate connection to her new wife, Laura. It also pushed her to live more creatively, moving her out of the “little space” she had been occupying. She’s finding her bliss because she embraced her authentic self. Has denying...


Spouse Back in the House

Is it possible to have a happy ending to a flawed fairytale of a love story? After my guest, Violette De Ayala’s 20-year marriage to her husband, Stephen, ended in divorce, she invested time and energy into someone special - - herself. Violette’s personal transformation rekindled a second trip down the aisle with Stephen, and this time their three children were in attendance! Her comeback story includes overcoming childhood trauma, personal transformation and a second-chance love affair...


Quitters & Committers

How do you determine when it’s time to quit or time to commit to a relationship? Why is it harder to keep a commitment to pursuing your own happiness, and easier to stay stuck in something that doesn't bring you joy? In today’s episode, “Quitters and Committers,” Exit and Relationship Strategist Tonya Carter invites you to reframe the definition of "quitting" and what it means to you. Quitting is not equivalent to failing. Honor how you walked away from that which wasn’t serving your...


Divorce Sorority

Would you join a Divorce Sorority? In my second episode of SDH Season Three, I am cohabitating my podcast with two amazing women -– Holly Harper and Herrin Hopper - who took the sorority house model and made it a triumph for divorced moms and their kids. Under one roof, they’ve created a culture of unconditional support and effective communication with a unique intimacy that only living in intentional community brings. No hazing (we got enough of that in our marriages), just a model of...


The Comeback

Where have you been? It’s comeback time for you and me! Today, Sadie’s Divorced & Happy makes its triumphant return (from the summer break) and I simply cannot do it without YOU! I am starting Season Three strong with "The Comeback” where I am joined by four delightful, guests, Katie, Vance, Jasmine and Marcus, who share comeback stories that are playful, transformational and inspirational. But there’s more exciting news! Each week of Season 3 will bring you my special ‘Comeback Tips’...


Swinging into the Holidays - Sadie's Summer Replay

Tarzan wasn’t the only one who knew how to SWING! The last steamy summer replay is the CLIMAX of a month of chats surrounding sexuality, experimentation, pleasure, new relationships and more. Intrigued? … I thought so! My guests, Carol and David are committed to each other as well as to making their relationship sensual and the best it can be! There is a good reason that their The Sexy Lifestyle podcast has over a million listeners! So if you are a passionate partaker, or a simply a...


Threes Company - Sadie's Summer Replay

It’s hers and hers and his … Or his and hers and his … Or hers and hers and hers … You get the idea. Today on Sadie’s Divorced & Happy summer replay, “Three’s Company,” we are saving a cozy spot for YOU! My very welcoming guest, Mandy Mee, opens the door to the passion of the ménage à trois. Mandy is a Matchmaker and Relationship Coach for professionals and celebrities at The MME Agency. (A Brit with a passion for love and relationships). Today she shares her perfect three-some...


Date Like A Dude - Sadie's Summer Replay

Remember in your 20’s when you obsessed about finding “The One.” You’re in mid-life now. It’s time to have a fresh, adventurous mindset around dating… It’s time to make dating FUN! Put your stressful dating past behind you and listen in to my guest, Coach T Anthony, the Godfather of Dating-Coaches, share his Top 3 Tips on how to Date like a Dude! Your path to breezy, easy, carefree dating after divorce is just an episode away! Listen to all of my Summer Replay Episodes on my website...


I Thought I'd Never Have Good Sex Again...But Then I Got Divorced - Sadie's Summer Replay

Indulge in a delicious, fun, playful, unforgettable conversation about SEX after divorce and become the curious, creature you know you truly are! In this solo episode, I share my journey from being raised to fear sex to becoming giddy like teenage girl who’s crush was sex. I never imagined that once I was divorced that crush would turn into a full blown love affair - and it’s been steamy ever since. I share all of this because I want you to enjoy liberating, exciting, passionate,...


Beyond Monogamy - Sadie's Summer Replay

Known for dating advice that “keeps it real,” today's conversation companion, Mr. Locario, is a relationship guru from New York with ideas that help men and woman discover what they really want. This episode explores the many paths of non-monogamy and how sex is only one aspect of discovering new relationship options as part of your post-divorce refresh. From ethical non-monogamy, to polyamory, to even relationship anarchy (yeah - it’s a thing), Mr. Locario and I agree, non-monogamous...