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Frankie and Kevin met in the 7th grade where they forged a friendship over StarCraft, Diablo, and Warcraft. 20 years later they created the 1up to Nerd community to share their love of all things nerdy.


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Frankie and Kevin met in the 7th grade where they forged a friendship over StarCraft, Diablo, and Warcraft. 20 years later they created the 1up to Nerd community to share their love of all things nerdy.






Episode 28 - The Existential Nerdverse

In this episode of 1up to Nerd, Frankie and Kevin get deep on Real Time Strategy games near and dear to our hearts, as well as social media and it's role in society. Prepare for a deep dive that only two lifelong friends can have.


Episode 27 - Nerds in the Matrix

Frankie and Kevin enter the Matrix to bring you fresh reactions to the latest Matrix Resurrections trailer and more. In this episode we talk Spider-Man, The Witcher, and more. Thanks for listening!


Episode 26 - Billionaires in Spaaace!

Frankie and Kevin return to the 1up to Nerd studios to bring you the latest shenanigans in nerdom. In this episode we of course talk billionaires in space, Star Wars, Loki, MMOs, and more!


Episode 25 - 3rd Annual Not Christmas Special

Frankie and Kevin get back in the chairs after a small break and discuss Mandolorian, Marvel, Star Wars, Game of Thrones, and all of the other nerdy things you love.


Episode 24 - Frankie Gets His Intro

We return after a brief hiatus for another fresh episode of 1up to Nerd. Frankie and Kevin have some fun with sound effect, dig into the fun mythology of Cursed & the Knights of the Round table, as well as some Mandalorian Season 2 topics. Also, Fall Guy anyone?


Episode 23 - Beware of the Quantum Nerd Energy!!!

Frankie and Kevin return to charge their up Quantum Nerd Energy. Be careful - they get a little off the reservation discussing quantum mechanics (something they have no business discussing), the impact that the porn industry has on the tech industry, and the new hotness that is the Unreal 5 Engine.


Episode 22 - The Jojo Pandemic

Frankie and Kevin were finally able to convince someone to be their guest! Listen as they welcome Jojo to the 1up to Nerd family and talk about why Frankie is getting old, what the team expects out of the Mandalorian Season 2, and the future of Epic's Fortnite.


Episode 21 - Nerds From Home

Frankie and Kevin take their WFH setup for a 1up to Nerd test drive.


Episode 20 – Fruit is Fruit

Frankie and Kevin discuss why Game of Thrones is an orange and the Witcher is an apple, but fruit is still a fruit. What does that mean? Find out on this new episode where we discuss all the nerdy things, Disney happenings, and more.


Episode 19 – Pardon the Interruption

Kevin & Frankie catch up on all the nerdy little things they’ve been up to since Kevin had a baby. We get prepared to see Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker while getting up to speed on the latest in tabletop, PC, console, and streaming entertainment.


Episode 18 – IntroMANIA to Nerd

When life gets busy, nerds get CRAZY….with introductions? We don’t know. We’re having fun in this episode after a bit of a break. We catch up on Stranger Things Season 3, new games we’re playing, and a bunch of Disney D23 happenings.


Episode 17 – The House of X Nerds

In this new installment of The House of X Nerds, aka 1up to Nerd, Frankie and Kevin talk San Diego Comic Con, The X-men reboot “The House of X”, and the new Marvel Cinematic Universe phase that is beginning post-End game, and celebrating diversity in entertainment.


Episode 16 – City of Frankie’s Mists

Kevin & Frankie reflect on all of the cool nerdy happenings at E3 2019 – Star Wars: Fallen Order, Cyberpunk, Final Fantasy, Marvel’s Avengers, and more. They also get serious talking about their very first City of Mist RPG adventures.


Ep. 15 A Return to Nerd Normalcy

Kevin & Frankie have returned to nerd normalcy…for now. We catch up on what’s been happening in the nerd world – Game of Thrones Battle of Winterfell, Avengers End Game, Star Wars. Deep questions are abound and Frankie gets a little emotional. <3


Ep. 14 Kevin is a Robot

Kevin & Frankie return to the basics with our first remote recording via Zoom. We also discuss Frankie’s first foray into Cons (WonderCon) and Cosplay, his new computer, and returning to the Total War franchise.


Ep. 13 Bob Who?

We slow blink our way through The Umbrella Academy, Deadly Class, Anthem, Marvel, The Dragon Prince, and Disney’s foray into streaming services.


Ep. 12 A Whole New Nerdy Year

We touch on some spicy industry controversy with Star Wars, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, AND EA, the “success” of Aquaman, the games we’re playing…or not playing… and The Magicians. Thanks for listening!


Ep. 11 A Year of 1up to Nerd

We reflect on a year of doing 1up to Nerd and discuss several important nerd topics such as Netflix’s Daredevil being cancelled, some cool new titles being revealed at the Game Awards, and our experience playing Dice Thrones Season 2.


Ep. 10 Excelsior

We catch up on the recent happenings at BlizzCon, Sony ditching E3, Disney’s new streaming service, and a variety of other nerdy topics.


Ep. 9 Frankie Was Wrong

We discuss why Frankie was wrong, some of our new 1up to Nerd developments, our experience with Assassin’s Creed, some new Netflix shows, and a variety of other nerdy topics.