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#8: When are you having kids??? WHEN THE FCUK I WANT TO!!!!

A regular ass Mother’s Day + Jada’s Red Table Talk with "The Other Mother" + How many babies/baby mommas are too many? + My friend gets deeply offended (for what bitch?) + Thanks dad, because of you I will never have kids.


#7: Mannie Figgie Fresh in the Flesh + Dirty Panties (AGAIN) + Princess Erin + ...

Hey people! So I saw Mannie Fresh IN THE FREAKING FLESH! I just discovered Orange Is The New Black. I know... I'm late. I TOTALLY identify with the main character Piper. Outside of the drug trafficking and lesbian relationships, I swear we lived the same life. I can no longer deny it, I am a total Disney Princess!! The prom-posals are so freaking sweet but I never got one (yea I’m hating) PLUS I revisit that time I asked a guy out, got turned down, and WALKED IN ON MY FRIENDS TALKING ABOUT...


A Daydreamer's Diary 3-8-18

Hey people! Erin is back, sipping wine and checking in. Inspired by her new “Big Sister" Gabrielle Union, Erin decides to share a page of her #diary. Erin explains why she identifies as a #daydreamer and why she is THE #BonusMom. She opens up about her reasons for launching a #podcast and her purpose for the podcast. It's all about freely expressing yourself (NO F@$&KING JUDGEMENT!!), flourishing in your passions, and being relatable (no one likes to feel alone, right?). Pour up a glass...


#5 - Breakup Lines+Getting Ghosted+"Hoe Phase" or "Having A Damn Good Time"

Heeeeeyyyy!! Girl, what's going on? After a few months, Erin finally makes a reappearance. She meets up with her girlfriends, The Oh So Fabulous Jalainna Tatum and Thrift Queen Tyra George (#BitchImOnABudget). Pour up a glass and join us for happy hour! *Shout out to Marcus, the audio guy.* Follow us: Facebook - A Daydreamer's Podcast Jalainna Tatum Tyra George Twitter - @a_daydreamers @LoveErinAD Instagram - @ADayDreamersPodcast @LoveErinAD @Jalainna @EyeIVStyle / @TheGirlWithThaFro...


#3: Screenwriter In A Sugarcane Field + Will Work For Margarita + Find Your Own Happy

Hey people! I'm Erin, THE DAYDREAMER! This week I spend 4 random days in Lafayette, LA with one of my original bestfriends Screenwriter, Actress, and Improv Performer Monique Morton Derouselle! We thaw out some left over daiquiris, talk about her latest projects, recap Janet Jackson's State of the World Tour, and discuss what it means to "Find Your Own Happy". Pour up a drink and join us for happy hour! Hit us up on our social media!! Facebook: ~ Monique Morton ~ Erin Ashley Davenport ~ A...