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A Film By... is a podcast created and hosted by Brad Koszo and Jeff Johnson. Together, they wax intellectual about Hollywood's biggest film directors, their underrated movies, and the things we love about them.

A Film By... is a podcast created and hosted by Brad Koszo and Jeff Johnson. Together, they wax intellectual about Hollywood's biggest film directors, their underrated movies, and the things we love about them.


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A Film By... is a podcast created and hosted by Brad Koszo and Jeff Johnson. Together, they wax intellectual about Hollywood's biggest film directors, their underrated movies, and the things we love about them.




1986 - House

Troubled writer Roger Cobb moves into his deceased aunt's haunted home for some much needed solitude. What he gets are terrifying visions, nosy intrusive neighbors, and a few demons to battle! Welcome to our discussion about House! Dave and Docking Bay 77's own Dayton Johnson stop by to talk about the film's connection to Friday the 13th, monster ex-wives, and what motivates a haunted house to attack!


1986 - The Fly

Be afraid. Be very afraid! Jeff Goldblum's horrifying Brundlefly is on the loose this episode! Jeff, Brad and Scott talk about the FX, insect politics, and the late Vincent Price's reaction to this remake. Will they crown it the best horror movie of 1986? Listen now to find out!


David Cronenberg - Videodrome

Canadian filmmaker David Cronenberg's successful career has spanned more than half a century. Regarded as the originator of the body horror genre, his work is known to be strange, cerebral, and limit-pushing for it's visuals and effects. Join us, as we enter... Videodrome!


1986 - Witchboard

Ouija Boards... harmless fun, or a gateway to the Devil? Dave and Scott are back to argue the point with Jeff, and discuss the good and the bad of Witchboard! Join us for a "spirited" conversation about possession, psychic mediums, progressive entrapment, and the lovely Tawny Kitaen!


Guillermo del Toro - Crimson Peak

Guillermo del Toro has a reputation for the fantastical. He's danced with the darker heroes of comics with Blade and Hellboy. He's softened our hearts with oddities in Pan's Labyrinth and his Oscar-winning The Shape of Water. In 2015, del Toro offered Crimson Peak; a haunted house thriller that weaves a gothic ghost story into a macabre romance.


1986 - Poltergeist II: The Other Side

They're baaaaaack! Jeff, Brad, and Dave discuss Poltergeist II: The Other Side. Their house may have vanished into oblivion, but the evil spirits are still relentlessly pursuing Carol Anne and her family. Not sure you want to listen? Just remember Kane's haunting demand, "Let...me in..."


Don Bluth - Titan A.E.

15 years after Earth, humanity's last hope...is Titan A.E. Don Bluth was Disney royalty before moving on to form his own independent animation company. Brad is joined by special co-host Dayton Johnson to discuss Bluth's ambitious sci-fi fantasy Titan A.E., as well as his impressive body of animated work!


1986 - Short Circuit

Number Five is alive! Join Jeff, Andrew and Scott for an interesting conversation on the merits of Short Circuit. The guys go old school on their Nintendo faceoff picks. Fisher Stephens' cringeworthy performance, Guttenberg's lack of cool, and Alley Sheedy's intelligence are debated, while the question of "Who's Johnny?" is thoroughly ignored!


Danny DeVito - Throw Momma From The Train

Comedy legends Billy Crystal and Danny DeVito team up for an unlikely murder plot in the dark comedy Throw Momma From The Train! Jeff is joined by regular 1986 contributor David Burns to discuss DeVito's feature directorial effort with the memorable Anne Ramsey in her final role.


1986 - Back To School

Rodney Dangerfield is going back to school! Our Special Correspondent Jenna joins Jeff, Brad, and Dayton to talk about campus life, Sam Kinison's memorable role, Oingo Boingo, and the hilarity of 80's college movies.


Kevin Costner - Open Range

No place to run. No reason to hide. Kevin Costner delivers another powerhouse performance both on the screen and behind the camera with his third directorial effort, Open Range. Brad and Jeff discuss the stellar cast, the gorgeous cinematography, and the satisfaction of a simply told story.


1986 - Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives

Happy Friday the 13th! Jeff and Dave are celebrating the birthday of Jason Voorhees with a special Friday release episode to talk about Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives!


1986 - Transformers The Movie

Right in time to celebrate it's 35th anniversary, we're talking about the 1986 animated classic, Transformers: The Movie! The shock of our favorite characters dying, the epic soundtrack, and the impressive cast are just a few things discussed. David gets nostalgic, Jeff talks Arcee's awesomeness, and Scott picks a fight with...Judd Nelson?


Clint Eastwood - A Perfect World

You have a red, white, and blue American right to eat cotton candy and ride roller coasters! So says Kevin Costner's charming but dangerous escaped convict character Butch to 8 year-old hostage turned partner, Buzz. Clint Eastwood's crime drama A Perfect World is the slow burn road movie you need to see, or see again. Hop in the Ford, crack open some RC Cola, and enjoy the ride!


1986 - Manhunter

In 1986, it was Michael Mann that first introduced us to the demented Dr. Hannibal Lecter amid the slick synth sounds of the 80's in the thriller, Manhunter. Dayton Johnson fills in as host to talk with Brad Koszo about the mostly unknown, but stellar cast, the signature look of a Michael Mann film, and the comparisons between Mann and director Brett Ratner's adaptions of the Thomas Harris novel Red Dragon.


M. Night Shyamalan - The Visit

After The Sixth Sense shocked a generation of movie goers, we've come to expect thrills, chills, and mind-bending twists from M. Night Shyamalan. With his 2015 "found footage" style comedic thriller, The Visit, he delivers exactly what we want!


1986 - Crocodile Dundee

G'day, mates! Jeff, Andrew, and Scott take a short walkabout to discuss Crocodile Dundee! From the wilds of the Australian Outback to the wilds of New York city, Paul Hogan's iconic crocodile poacher delivers on love, laughs, and adventure.


Sydney Pollack - The Yakuza

Jeremiah Johnson, Tootsie, 3 Days of the Condor, The Firm. Filmmaker Sydney Pollack was truly one of the greats! In 1974, he stepped outside his comfort zone to direct The Yakuza; a neo-noir drama that showcased Robert Mitchum is his last leading role.


1986 - Highlander

It's another super-sized episode! Jeff welcomes immortal co-hosts Brad, Dayton, Scott, and Andrew back to 1986 for Highlander. Get ready for a great discussion on sword fights, Queen's epic soundtrack, theories on the Immortals, and why haggis is never a good choice!


Spike Lee - Oldboy

What would you do if you were held captive, without reason, for 20 years? Would you want answers? Would you want revenge? Film auteur Spike Lee delivers his neo-noir, action-packed "reimagining" of the 2003 Korean thriller of the same name, Oldboy! Brad and Jeff discuss the differences between remakes, reboots, Spike Lee films, and Spike Lee Joints. Enjoy their spoiler-free examination of the film!