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Three 30-something friends (comedian Kevin McCaffrey, TV writer Jaimie McCaffrey and sports writer Dave Miller) watch and recap every episode of ABC's TV series "A Million Little Things."

Three 30-something friends (comedian Kevin McCaffrey, TV writer Jaimie McCaffrey and sports writer Dave Miller) watch and recap every episode of ABC's TV series "A Million Little Things."
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Three 30-something friends (comedian Kevin McCaffrey, TV writer Jaimie McCaffrey and sports writer Dave Miller) watch and recap every episode of ABC's TV series "A Million Little Things."






#11 secrets and lies and 5Ks oh my

New year, new time slot, new DRAMA. It's Thursday at 9, Kevin and Dave are in Chicago while Jaimie runs audio in New York, and Gary DOESN'T bang? A Million Little Things is off to a topsy turvy start in 2019! In the mid-season premiere, everyone starts to figure out that Jon isn't the man they thought he was, Maggie tries to literally run away from cancer, elevator flashbacks show us how the gang got together AND what the f "Rutledge" means, and Ashley upgrades to about medium-key...


#10 stage barfs 101, a christmas story

I'm not the podcast everyone thinks I am! The winter finale and Christmas episode of A Million Little Things brings us a very well-timed Maggie barf (and a nice tweet reply from Allison Miller), a bunch of people accidentally give up each others secrets (Delilah pregnancies, Ashley scarves, etc.), Katherine does Santa bits, Rome & Gina are funny and get really real, and we have the teaser to end all teasers at the end of the episode. Also, Danny returns! And Ashley might be...


#9 Gary MAD! Ashley COOL! Maggie LIVES!

These peope can't stop having parties that go off the rails! Dave Miller is back with Kevin & Jaimie, and this episode, we talk about how it's becoming Gary's show, Ashley's aggressively "cool girl" status, Rome fixes something (which NO one on our pod can do), Delilah is "so hot she'd get hit on at a gas pump," Eddie's going back on tour, Katherine makes her thirsty bf watch her kid, and Maggie makes a big move to keep livin'. Also, can we get more Gina and Danny?! Also, where's our early...


#8 fight or flight or a really bad party

Our long national nightmare is over, and AMLT is back! Kevin and Jaimie celebrate the return by talking about dream sequences, how every single party these people have sucks, being #TeamAshley, how reasonable Gary is in every situation, Katherine's new hookup, and we call Eddie/David Giuntoli live on-air! (Or try to...he posted his number on Twitter right after the show aired) Finally, Dave calls in to give us the top 5 things this show and podcast make him thankful for! (Here's a teaser: #4...


#7 A Million Little Dares

We DARE you to listen to Kevin and Jaimie do their first ever podcast by themselves (Dave is "on assignment"). Gary is in every single storyline (which is good), though the main one involves a series of back-and-forth dares with Maggie, and Rome and Gina continue to bring us the realest, most nuanced story, with great acting to match. Oh yeah, DANNY IS BACK and he's KILLING IT, Eddie struggles about whether or not to sell a song, and Katherine gets back on the dating scene at WARP speed....


#6 A Million Little Baby Daddies

The episode titled 'unexpected' brings us some Maury-esque Baby Daddy Drama (Jon's? Eddie's? We're still rooting for a Gary swerve), Ashley gets hella low key sneaky (for good, maybe?), Eddie plays his first sober show ever, Gary is friend of the year, and Rome and Gina give us Dave's #1 dramatic scene of the season. And guess what? The show got picked up for a full season, baby!!! 11 more podcasts! 11 more podcasts! 11 more podcasts! Subscribe & rate! Also, follow: Twitter:...


#5 I Feel Like A Tree

Episode 5 is full of big decisions - about relationships, therapy, religion, LIFE AND DEATH, and hot air balloons. We're loving the softer side of Katherine and badass Sophie, but Jaimie's pretty bummed about Delilah smiling. There seems to be a friend-of-the-pod curse, as Regina, Ashley, & Danny have about 6 seconds of screen time combined, but really all you need to know is that Theo is a tree, and he's great at it. Oh, and somebody went and got herself PREGNANT. Subscribe & rate! Also,...


#4: A Million Little Pizzas

In episode 4 of "A Million Little Things" we learn a lot about pizza, and a little 'bout love. SPOILER: they are the same thing. This week, everybody's trying to figure out what their next step is, and what better way to move forward than to relive the past? That's right, we got flashbacks! Which mostly feature -you guessed it- pizza, and Eddie being a real boner. Katherine makes a Danny-style face turn and wins us over, we get our first real hint that perfect John... might NOT be perfect,...


#3: Bad Birthdays with Fantasy Hockey and Real Cheaters

Episode 3 of "A Million Little Things" kicks off with a reminder from Jon that it's Gary's birthday, and then EVERYTHING HAPPENS. The biggest secret of the show (Eddie and Delilah) is a secret no more, and there's fallout. We talk about birthdays as you get older, who's "hella low key sneaky," LISTENER MAIL, and give a shout out to our second cast member/friend of the pod, Chance Hurstfield aka Danny, who now follows us on Twitter...just like you should. Subscribe & rate! Also,...


#2: "The Voicemail" and "a band of dads"

Episode 2 of "A Million Little Things" is titled "a band of dads," and we're realizing each one of these episodes has a LOT to talk about. Today: what's on the voicemail Jon left for Eddie, flowers & gardeners, sex with your shirt on, the first move in an affair, and Danny with a big comeback! "Don't you......forget about us..." Subscribe & rate! Also, follow: Twitter: @amillionpodcast Instagram: @amillionlittlepodcast Email: amillionlittlepodcast@gmail.com


#1 The First Little Thing - Pilot

After a million little trailers & previews, we have finally get to the pilot of "A Million Little Things." Kevin & Dave watched it in Chicago together, and Jaimie watched in NYC. We recap episode #1 from the shocking beginning to the more shocking end, Dave goes from "greatest open ever!" to "I don't like this show anymore," and comes all the way back around again. It's a ride! AND GUESS WHAT? We already have a cast member as a "Friend of the Pod." HOT START! Jon Dixon (Ron Livingston)...


A Million Little Podcast: Prologue

We're doing a weekly podcast about ABC's new series "A Million Little Things"! Who are "we"? We'll tell you on this prologue episode! Kevin McCaffrey is a comedian based in NYC, Jaimie McCaffrey is a TV/comedy writer & actress also based in NYC (they're married), and Dave Miller is a sports writer in Chicago, and has been friends with Kevin since middle school, and Jaimie since college. They're all 30-something friends trying to keep in touch, which is thematically appropriate. We all go...