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33 - Addiction Treatment And Recovery With Daniel Warren, MD

Addiction medicine doctor Daniel Warren joins us for a discussion about his work helping people get from addiction to recovery. How we view addiction can change the way we treat it, but also can set people free to have more personal autonomy and the ability to find meaning and enter recovery. The goal is not just to help them quit using, but to build a big and meaningful life where they can live out their values.


32 - Sex And Intimacy In Couple Relationships With Whitney Mosier

Therapist Whitney Mosier joins us to talk about sex and intimacy. Instead of seeing sex as just a way to get our desires fulfilled, we can see the sexual relationship as an opportunity for growth and healing. Our sexual relationships illuminate insecurities which can be addressed and worked through in safe relationships when we practice vulnerability, opening deepening levels of intimacy.


2 - Small Self, Large Self

More about the "small self" (or ego) and how we can take a proper stance toward it to shed layers and become our fullest selves, connecting with the "large self," where we find connection and wholeness.


1 - The Larger Context of Which We Are A Part

We all search for context to help us find meaning in our circumstances. The largest context that exists is consciousness itself. We are all a part of it and it is that from which we came. If we go back and connect with this largest context which we can call "being-ness," then we can have a better understanding of our existence. And we can focus on "just being" in the being-ness. This helps us diminish the role of our ego (aka "small self"), having less thoughts of ourselves and achieving a...