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Two geeks from Toronto's best video store talk pop culture

Two geeks from Toronto's best video store talk pop culture
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Toronto, ON


Two geeks from Toronto's best video store talk pop culture






The World of the Planet of the Apes: Part 1

The only good human.. is a dead human !!! We delve into the series that will not die! It began with a french science fiction book by the author of BRIDGE OVER THE RIVER KWAI which was (kind of loosely) adapted into a major motion picture that resulted in countless cultural memes. There was no plans of any kind of sequel but money (plus ideas) talk and here we are, decades later and the Apes continue their cultural march across all media. In this first of a 3 episode series Luis and Glenn...


Trucker & C.B. Culture Part 2: KEEP ON TRUCKIN'

Oh yeah! Part two of our white line podcast. We go right into this one and chat about music about and inspired by life on the truckin' road (of courre we uncover some of the weirdest), the merch associated with it so you to can truck vicariously and other stuff too! Some pertinant, some not, you know how it is!! Plus cool audio clips too! LAVENDER COUNTRY FOREVER !!! ​Opening introduction and closing announcement is by GC Opening and closing music by Trigger Warning. Part Check them...


Trucker & C.B. Culture, Good Buddy, Part One

Hey there good neighbour ! Got yer ears on ? Here's a little radio check. You all ready to read the mail? Cause those ratchet jaws, L & G,are gonna talk smokey, mama bears and lot lizards. Heck, they're even gonna jaw on 10-4 good buddies. So pay your water bill, sit a spell and get ready to read the mail. ​What the hell did I just say? That there is C.B.Trucker lingo and the boys are tackling a subculture that came to prominence in the seventies and into the eighties with the popularity...



Did you know that your pals at Suspect Video were planning on producing an honest-to-goodness MAGAZINE? It was going to be an awesome, counter culture rag that covered movies, music, comics and more.. PLUS.. we were going to do mail order for tons of cool zines n'stuff! We published a SINGLE ISSUE. A massive 80 page tome with a mini 26 page zine Velcro-ed inside! Why did we do it? What happened to it? Why didn't we do more? Luis & Glenn gab about the writing of it, what the movie scene...


The films of Rob Zombie

Rob Zombie. One of the most polarizing filmmakers working in horror. From his first feature 'House of 1000 Corpses' to his re-imagining of 'Halloween' to his most recent film '31', the man's work certainly has it's fans but, let's face it, his detractors are legion. Why is that? How could the work of such an unabashed horror kid (who happens to be a rock star) be so derided by the community he so belongs to? We'll talk about each of Zombie's features (hey, it's only six!) and we've got...


The Golden Age of Made For T.V. Movies

Starting in the 1960s the big three U.S. television stations went into feature film production as a means of self generating films and creating exciting televised 'events' to counter those pesky big screen theatres that were pulling audiences like crazy. Thus was born the Movie of the Week !! The feature length specials that made television history. Sure they were burdened with low budgets and constrained with prime time censorship but they circumvented these restrictions with wit,...


Marvel Comics' Horror Heroes

The 1970's was a time of change: music, movies and especially comics. The loosening of the strict Comics Code Authority's banning of zombies, werewolves, vampires and pretty much anything ghoulish and macabre opened up a sliver of hope for all us monster kids and Marvel took full advantage by not only introducing classic monsters of literature but a whole bunch of denizens of the dark - all with a Marvel spin. Topics include: How the monsters came about. The writers and artists that...



Sugary cereal WTH TOYS ! Sleestacks ! Hanna-Barbera! School House Rock ! Scooby Doo! Herculoids! Eating in front of the T.V. ! Luis and Glenn, being oldsters, reminisce about the magic that was Saturday mornings for kids in the 70's. Yes, before everything was immediately accessible at any time, you had to wait till Saturday morning to literally gorge your face and brains with sugary food and cool shows. from the live action craziness of Land Of The Lost, Jason of Star Command and the...


KISS! The highs.. and the lows...

Luis and Glenn start off by trying to narrow down what they're going to talk about (because they are so professional) then tackle the biggest band in the land.. KISS! Yeah, like so many of our generation KISS was almost the gateway band for nerdy geeks like them. They talk about how they discovered them, the Marvel comic, the made-for-t.v. KISS MEETS THE PHANTOM, the albums, the merch and more! And it ain`t all positive ! Topics include: Discovering KISS. KISS' pinnacle. KISS'...


More Suspect History

Luis and Glenn again discus the history of Suspect, discussing memorable moments, insane customers and other stories that could only happen in a cult video store. There's also an emphasis on the the crazy amount of celebs that came into the store - while occasionally there's hammering heard as the next door neighbor is apparently fixing up his place.(and as expected, they do veer off topic a couple of times). Topics include: Signings in the store. Celebrity encounters. Planet of the...


The Last day of Suspect Video - Toronto's best video store

Suspect Video was a cultural mecca for 25 years in Toronto, Canada. Starting in 1991 it carried the most eccentric, eclectic, rare videos as well as books, magazines, toys and other ephemera in North America and garnered a huge following among those interested in going deeper than the mainstream in their entertainment. With a stock of 90,000 videos for rent it was also one on the largest collections in the world. Visited by celebs as varied as Weird Al, Samuel Jackson, Peter Jackson,...