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Episode 16 - Interview with Alasdair Beckett-King

This week I speak with Alasdair Beckett-King, developer of the Nelly Cootalot games and creator of the comedy pirate adventure genre (ahem!). We speak about adventure games, 3d versus 2D, and also a little about his games. He also talks about his involvement as one of the organisers of the yearly AdventureX conference in London and he explains everything you need to know applying to exhibit your game, give a talk and everything in between! Links: Nelly Cootalot Official Site Unforeseen...


Episode 15 - reviews of Detective Di and Tales of The Neon Sea

This week I am joined once again by Tomas Becks in this Chinese inspired episode. First we go to ancient china as I review Detective Di; The Silk Rose Murders and then we head to a cyberpunk future as Tomas reviews Chinese developed game Tales of The Neon sea. Plus we discuss not, not two but three Adventure game conferences happening this year. Links: LudoNarracon Games AdventureX 2019 Announcement Narrascope 2019 A Plague Tale: Innocence Detective Di Tales of The Neon Sea If you...


Episode 14 - Interview with Minh Ta of Nupixo games

In this episode we go to ancient China with Minh Ta of Nepixo as he discusses his game, “Detective Di: The Silk Rose Murders”. Minh Ta talks about the setting, his influences, the research he did for the game, bringing ancient China to life and how close Detective Di is to real life character and the character in the best selling books and everything else you want to know about this game. Plus I discuss the latest adventure game news including a Tesla inspired game and a game announcement...


Episode 13 - Interviews with James Lightfoot & Goloso Games

In this episode I speak with Goloso Games about his newly released game, “Antenna Dilemma”, about a cube who really wants to watch his favourite TV programme and nothing will get in his way. I also speak with James Lightfoot about his new game, “The Mystery of Woolley Mountain” where we find out about the origins of the main characters and the development of the game itself. I also speak about new demos and games released and a successful Kickstarter! Links: Antenna Dilemma Official...


Episode 12 - Reviews of Truberbrook, Firewatch and The Long Dark

In episode 12 I go from from watching for forest fires in Wyoming to trying to survive in the cold barren wilderness of North Canada in the middle of winter as I review Firewatch and The Long Dark. Meanwhile Tomas journeys to 1960’s Germany and lets us know what he thinks of Truberbrook and whether this is a destination worth taking. We also discuss whether games should have different difficulty setttings and we discuss new games announced and released this week. Links: Whispers of a...


Episode 11 - Interview with Nathan Hamley

Nathan Hamley drops by this week as we go on “Guard Duty” in the medieval town of Wrinkleworm and Nathan explains why it really isn’t a good idea to allow a “mysterious hooded stranger” past the gates. In this episode we take a (spoiler free) deep dive into his new game Guard Duty as we discuss: - How Guard Duty went from being a hobby to a commercial project - Why he decided to combine both Lord of the Rings and Blade Runner into one game - How he aims to make a game to appeal to the...


Episode 10 - Review of Mage's Initiation: Reign of the Elements

In episode 10 Tomas Becks joins me (Seoirse Dunbar) to review Mage’s Initiation: Reign of the Elements. Did Tomas find this game to be a handsome prince or an ugly frog? Find out in this episode! Plus some intriguing new adventure game announcements and awards continue for Lucas Pope! Links: Mage's Initiation: Reign of the Elements Official Site Links to games and articles on podcast: Draugen Trailer Firmament Kickstarter The Walking Dead Article Blacksad Moons of Madness Syberia on...


Episode 9- Interview with Daniel Stacey of Himalaya Studios

In episode 9 Daniel Stacey of Himalaya Studios joins me to discuss everything from remaking classic games to the challenges an Aussie faces writing an adventure game set in the (fictional) American wild west. We also go behind the scenes on the studio’s latest game, Mage’s Initiation: Reign of the Elements as talks about why it took 10 years! In this episode we also discuss: the challenges he faced remaking classic Sierra games and what he felt he needed to change how he got involved...


Episode 8 - "Quest for Glory" with Corey and Lori Cole

In episode 8 I go on a “Quest for Glory” with Corey and Lori Cole drop by to discuss their illustrious career and their games. In this interview, we discuss: - the Cole’s design philosophy and what they believe makes a great game - how their latest game Hero-U: Rogue to redemption appeals to modern gamers and Quest for Glory fans - the extraordinary lengths they went to ensure that they had enough moneyto make sure their game was as good as possible before release - what games they’re...

Episode 7 - reviews of She and the Light Bearer and From Beyond: Prologue

In this episode I speak with Gaming Outsider’s adventure games reviewer about the poetic game She and the Light Bearer, a game which borrows its aesthetic from storybook and fairy tales. We also talk about Lovecraft inspired old school, Infocom type adventure game From Beyond: Prologue and Tomas gives his first impressions of the Quest for Glory inspired, Mage’s Initiation: Reign of the Elements. Finally we look ahead the to most intriguing looking games that are scheduled to be released in...


Episode 6 - Interview with Nate Berens of Redact games

In episode 6 Nate Berens of Redact Games drops by to talk about his game SageBrush, released in September 2018. In this game you explore an abandoned compound which was owned by a cult and as you explore you investigate what happened to the cult members and in the process explore why a person would join a cult to begin with. In this episode we discuss: - What research Nate did for this game - Why he chose this topic as his first commercial game - The challenges of making a game with a...


Episode 5 - Deep dive into Obra Dinn

The Adventure Games Podcast is now weekly! And in our first weekly episode I am joined by Gaming Outsider reviewer Tomas Becks to discuss our favourite adventure games of 2018. We also take a deep dive to Obra Dinn as we investigate if the game really does deserve the hype. Plus we discuss our favourite adventure games of all time and I review what will likely be one of the best adventure games of 2019, Rainswept. Tomas Becks Personal favourite Adventure Games 2018 Tomas Becks...


Episode 4 - Interview with Georg Hobmeier

In this episode Georg Hobmeier, founder of Causa Creations, speaks about starting his company and about his early games. We then discuss his latest game Path Out, “an autobiographical adventure game that allows the players to replay the journey of Abdullah Karam, a young Syrian artist that escaped the civil war in 2014. Camouflaged as a Japanese RPG, Path Out is a tale full of surprises, challenges and paradoxical humor, giving insight in this real-life adventure, on which Abdullah comments...


Episode 3 - Interview with Dave Gilbert

Dave Gilbert drops by in episode 3 to talk about his illustrious career and his award winning games, including The Shivah, the Blackwell series and Unavowed. For those who don’t know, Dave Gilbert started making adventure games commercially 13 years ago and has since gone on to be the “God of adventure games”. Blackwell Epiphany won “Adventure Game of the Year” at and Unavowed was one of the ten best reviewed PC games of 2018 and has been nominated for an IGF award for...


Episode 2 - Interview with Spooky Doorway

In episode 2 I speak with those lovely people at Spooky Doorway, developers of the award winning game The Darkside Detective. In this episode we find out: - on which island they met up to start the company. - which came first - the game or the company - behind the scenes stories and anecdotes about the development of The Darkside Detective - why they chose to use Kickstarter for season 2 - some interesting tidbits about what other projects they are working on - and a cameo from Dave...


Episode 1 - Interview with Francisco "Grundislav" Gonzalez

In episode 1 I speak with Francisco “Grundislav” Gonzalez who has been making adventure games for well over a decade and has become one of the most recognizable names in the genre. In this interview we go over his career and we go behind the scenes on his freeware Ben Jordan series as well as his three commercial titles, a Golden Wake, Shardlight and Lamplight City. We find out: - The meaning of the name Grundislav - What the Ben Jordan series was originally supposed to be. - What he...


Intro episode. A brief overview of what to expect in this podcast and a snippet of my interview with Francisco Gonzalez

In this very first intro episode of the Adventure Games Podcast, I give a brief overview of what to expect in this podcast, why I started up this podcast and what I hope you, the listeners, will get from this podcast. I also include a snippet of my interview with Francisco Gonzalez which will be released in full on January 4. Finally I discuss this week's adventure game news where I talk about awards for Return of the Obra Dinn and Unavowed and I talk about the return of the Walking Dead:...