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Ep. 12: Florence and the Marines

In our latest episode, we talk about our west coast-based "Hurricane Privilege" in the context of Hurricane Florence, which hit the east coast, to include the Marine Corps Base at Camp Lejeune. Also, hey hey hey, Paul got married earlier this month! The wedding featured a beautiful background, a bunch of drunken Marines trying to help some people get their car un-stuck as they were leaving, and a possibly-stoned DJ. We also talk about the real reason Lejeune wasn't evacuated for the...


Ep. 11: End The Patriarchy

In this episode of After Action, Max goes on a kind-of weird rant about how men are ruining the entire Earth. He's not exactly wrong. Besides that, we also discuss Paul's upcoming wedding (hi Stacy!), the horribleness of "The Meg" — a new shark movie that is basically like Jaws except it sucks. Also discussed is the infamous Pizza MRE and all the other meals, ready to eat that have made us vomit, before we get super-serious for a bit to talk about Paul's recent reporting at Task & Purpose...


Ep. 10: Make America Great Again!

Hey douchebags, how about record another podcast episode? Hey Max and Paul! You suck. Record a podcast. We know, we've heard you. And yes, we've recorded a new podcast. After a very lengthy delay in posting episodes due to Max's ongoing work on a forthcoming book and Paul's just being lazy, we're finally back with a brand new edition of After Action. We hope you enjoy it, and just to let you know, we've figured out a schedule of sorts from here on out, so we are going to try our best to...


Ep. 9: Collateral Damage By Dog

Did you miss us? We missed you too. After a very, very long delay, we finally have a brand new episode for you, and fortunately, this one is awesome. This time we brought on a guest and a good friend of ours, Mike Dowling. Mike is a Marine Corps veteran who served as a military working dog handler. Dowling now works in Hollywood as a producer and actor. You've seen him, for example, as the police sniper creeping up the stairs to take out the Boston bomber in the recent film "Patriot's...


Ep. 8: Avocado Toast

We have a special show for you this week! Once again we have Jack Mandaville on the show, only this time he's with us in-studio (he appeared on Ep.2). Jack was in town visiting California to film some stuff with Vet TV, so we got him on the show to talk about his Marine career, and 3 Iraq deployments. Jack describes himself as an ex-marine and Netflix aficionado with terrible self-esteem. He’s also a writer for Duffel Blog, star of the film “Range 15,” and the creator of many hilarious...


Ep. 7: Kyle Ren's Moto Tat

We're back! Happy New Year, everybody. In the first episode of season 2 (are we doing seasons now?), Max and Paul catch up on what they did over the holidays. For Max, that meant a trip to London to hang out with his wife's in-laws, and for Paul, that meant meeting his girlfriend's parents for the first time on Christmas Eve. Fortunately, he made a great first impression by dropping roasted potatoes all over her mother's floor. The big topic of this show taking the majority of our time is...


Ep. 6: Sky Dick

After a long delay due to Max and Paul traveling and doing other stuff, we're back! In this latest episode, we talk about what happened over the Thanksgiving Break, Max tells the story of his book signing at Camp Pendleton which gave him the opportunity to watch Marine recruits get thrashed right in front of him in his honor. We briefly talk about life on ship, or at least Paul does, since Max was a Land Marine. We mention the infamous Boatswain's Mate, whose primary job on ship is...


Ep. 5: Charms Or Not

Max and Paul kick off this pre-Veterans Day weekend show with a heated debate over what is better: jalapeño cheese spread or chocolate peanut butter... which then devolves into a too-long discussion about MREs and how the "old Corps" had to eat a bunch of crap. Then of course, by popular demand, we discuss Bowe Bergdahl and his recent sentencing. His court-martial finally came to an end, with Bergdahl receiving a dishonorable discharge but no prison time. There's also mention of the Serial...


Ep. 4: The Great Green Weenie

This show is a little bit different. On this episode, Max and Paul focus on answering questions sent in by listeners. We discuss our thoughts on the civilian-military divide, which leads to Paul's hatred of an infamous meme with a totally shitty underlying message. Then there's the question of what kind of military job we'd choose if we went back into the service, what we think of civilians reading Duffel Blog or Terminal Lance, and what our opinion is of Blade Runner 2049 (hint: It's...


Ep. 3: Thank You For Your Service

In this latest episode of After Action, Max and Paul have a special guest on the show: Jason Hall. Jason wrote the blockbuster hit film "American Sniper" starring Bradley Cooper, and most recently, wrote and directed "Thank You For Your Service," a new film based on the true story of a group of soldiers after they come home from the 2007-2008 Iraq War surge. Starring Miles Teller, "Thank You For Your Service" highlights the struggles of Sgt. Adam Schumann and how he second-guesses...


Ep. 2: Dragonheart

In this latest episode of After Action, Max and Paul talk about the best dragon movies and women in the infantry. They also discuss the debate over NFL players protesting by taking a knee during the national anthem, and the strange case of an Army officer who also happens to be a big fan of communism. We have a special guest on this episode: Jack Mandaville. Jack describes himself as an ex-marine and Netflix aficionado with terrible self-esteem. He's also a writer for Duffel Blog, star of...


Ep. 1: "They're turning the frogs gay!"

In this inaugural episode of After Action, Max and Paul discuss the American citizen who was captured while fighting for ISIS, North Korean nukes, a chaplain talking about fire & brimstone, Chelsea Manning, and much more. Discussed in this episode: An American citizen fighting for ISIS has been captured in SyriaThe risk of nuclear war with North KoreaChristians in U.S. Military ‘Serve Satan’ If They Tolerate Other Religions, Air Force Chaplain SaysHarvard dean rescinds Chelsea Manning’s...