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Episode 12 – James Logan

When James Logan's not being drowned by Jason Statham, dragged behind cars by Johnny Depp, or knocked out by Ice Cube, he's snatching purses from Tori Spelling, pulling guns on John Travolta, and voicing smart-ass dogs in Super Bowl commercials. With twenty-three years in the biz, he’s a much-respected stuntman and actor, who claims his training comes from jumping off roofs and riding around on car tops in high school. It’s a big After Hours welcome to Mr. James Logan. She hits me, she...


Episode 11 – Lincoln Cleary

Lincoln Cleary has worked or shared a stage with stars like Flo Rida, The Game, Beyonce, Seal, Stevie Wonder, not to mention jamming with one the greatest musicians of all time—Prince. He’s a graduate of the world-renowned Frost School of Music, knows his pilsners from his IPAs, and is well on his way to becoming one of the most respected and in-demand musicians in L.A. It’s a big After Hours welcome to Mr. Lincoln Cleary. We were in the theatre every night performing for five hundred...


Episode 10 – Chris Carnel

Chris Carnel is one of Hollywood’s most renowned stuntmen. When he’s not getting shot at or blown up as a stunt-double for stars like Christian Bale and Jason Statham, he’s rolling Chevy Tahoes at 70mph, choreographing fight scenes for Captain America, and being a cult hero in the horror world (My Bloody Valentine 3D). Ladies and gentlemen, it’s a big After Hours welcome to Mr. Chris Carnel. I like to fight ... I'm fifty-two-years old—I still get in fights, 'cause it's fun and it always...


Episode 9 – Gregory Bojorquez

Photographer Gregory Bojorquez has had some seminal moments in his life, one of which landed his work on the front page of the LA Times, as well as a hundred other news outlets around the world. It was December, 2011. On his way to the bank, Gregory found himself caught in the crossfire of a deadly shootout between LAPD and a lone gunman at the corner of Sunset & Vine in Hollywood. Instinctively, Gregory ducked for cover, drew out his camera, and began capturing all the horror as Police...


Episode 8 – Gonzalo Menendez

Gonzalo Menendez knows more about being a working actor in Hollywood than just about anyone. With over eighty film and tv credits to his name, including giant TV shows like 24, Breaking Bad, and The Mentalist, as well as movies like The Dark Knight Rises, Fantastic Four, and Blow, he’s worked with some of the biggest names in the biz, all while juggling duties as husband, dad, and all round good guy. You might know him as the Cuban gangster Clavo Cruz from CSI: Miami, we’ll just call him...


Episode 007: Brett Wagner

Being a working actor in Hollywood is a tough gig, and our guest tonight, Brett Wagner, knows more about it than just about anyone. With over seventy film and tv credits to his name, including stuff like Sons of Anarchy, Machine Gun Preacher, Castle, The Mentalist, Two-and-a-Half Men, Desperate Housewives, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and yes, Hannah Montana, he’s worked with some of the biggest names in the biz, all while juggling careers as a pro wrestler, a TV and radio host, reality TV...


Episode 006: Keith Morris

Keith Morris is a punk rock icon who has influenced everyone from Green Day to Nirvana. A boisterous kid from Hermosa Beach, who wanted nothing more than to sidestep inheriting his father's bait and tackle empire, Keith helped launch the hardcore punk movement that steamrolled through Southern California in the late '70s, as lead vocalist and founding member of Black Flag and The Circle Jerks. In between creating a new genre of music and helping define an era, Keith Morris has played with...


Episode 005: Bruce Witkin

In 2007, Johnny Depp said of Bruce Witkin: “This guy is someone I've known for 30 years. He's a brother. We worked in bands together, we were on the road together, we lived together.” One of those bands was The Kids, which Bruce started in Florida back in 1978, and with whom he and Johnny would move out to L.A. with seeking fame and fortune. Cut to almost 40 years later and Bruce and Johnny are in another band together, a little rock supergroup called the Hollywood Vampires, featuring Joe...


Episode 004: Jesse Bradford

Jesse Bradford has worked with everyone from Leonardo DiCaprio to Clint Eastwood in an acting career spanning almost four decades. A child actor before becoming one of Hollywood’s hottest up and coming young actors in the early 2000s, Jesse has recently starred in the NBC comedy Guys with Kids (executive produced by Jimmy Fallon) and the Crackle original series Sequestered, among other roles. So, what’s next for a guy who’s old enough to be able to look back, but still young enough to be...


Episode 003: Lias Saoudi

Lias Saoudi, lead singer of the English rock band Fat White Family, has been described as a drink and drug-wracked nihilist degenerate, not to mention an enthusiast of onstage nudity, Nazi history, and animal carcasses. A self-professed humanitarian, Lias rejects the nihilist label, but he’s got no problem talking drugs, art, politics, fascism, classism, gentrification, yuppification, or anything else you want to throw his way. His band’s the most exciting thing to come out of the U.K. in...


Episode 002 - Jon Sidel

Jon Sidel is a legendary L.A. restaurant and nightclub impresario credited with creating "a scene that gave birth to 32 bars and restaurants, transformed Hollywood, and redefined L.A. nightlife." He’s also a rock n' roll jack of all trades, who’s worked with everyone from The Sex Pistols to The White Stripes. In between signing rockstars and marrying movie stars, Sidel has owned some of the most swinging L.A. bars and restaurants, including Small’s K.O., Swingers, Dominick’s, Jones, and...


Episode 001: Sanchez, Drug Dealer to the Stars

“Drug dealer to the Stars” is a pretty heavy title, but it's one our guest "Sanchez" (not his real name) has worn for three decades. A self-professed “hardcore 70s kinda guy,“ Sanchez has dealt drugs to rockstars and movie stars as well as doctors and lawyers. He also happens to be a movie aficionado, sports fanatic, and one of the most amiable guys you'll meet. We’re not looking to glorify drugs or dealing drugs in this episode, but we’re also not looking to play judge; what we’re...


Introducing After Hours at the Burgundy Room

Be a fly on the wall at Hollywood’s oldest bar, The Burgundy Room, as we welcome guests from film, tv, and music for some of the most memorable after hours conversations. First season guests include: . Actor, Jesse Bradford . Grammy-nominated producer and musician, Bruce Witkin . Infamous L.A. restaurateur and A&R guy, Jon Sidel . Punk rock icon, Keith Morris . Fat White Family lead singer, Lias Saoudi After Hours at the Burgundy Room podcast launches soon. Listen and subscribe at...