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This is the official podcast of the Tales of the Aggronaut blog and Stalwart gaming community. Join Ashgar, Belghast, Grace, Kodra, Tam and Thalen as they talk about the pc and console video games they have been playing.

This is the official podcast of the Tales of the Aggronaut blog and Stalwart gaming community. Join Ashgar, Belghast, Grace, Kodra, Tam and Thalen as they talk about the pc and console video games they have been playing.
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This is the official podcast of the Tales of the Aggronaut blog and Stalwart gaming community. Join Ashgar, Belghast, Grace, Kodra, Tam and Thalen as they talk about the pc and console video games they have been playing.








AggroChat #252 - Server Community Nostalgia

Tonight we are down an Ammo and start off with a discussion about hosting providers and the process of moving the 77,000 files that make up From there we talk about MMO Housing and the madness that is camping an opening in Final Fantasy XIV. Bel got into the WoW Classic Beta and talks about his experiences of relearning the game and plans to start a dungeon and raiding guild called Decades Behind once things go live. Kodra talks about how Server Transfers started the process...


AggroChat #251 - Release the Melon-Snake

After a week off you can effectively blame Belghast for filling the Trello full of partial topics, and the rest of the show for not replacing them with something meaningful. As a result we have a fairly fragmented show. In importance news however Ammo is joining the team permanently. The most important thing discussed however is the fact that Tam gave us a new term… that of the noble Melon-Snake. Here is a quick rundown of the varied topics discussed: Final Fantasy 7 Remake Trailer, Xur...


AggroChat #250 - Planeswalkers for Days

Tonight we are down a Grace and a Thalen but have picked up a special guest. Ammo is the official unofficial AggroChat Artist given that she has done most of the artwork that you have seen over the last few years associated with both AggroChat and the Aggronaut blog. First up we talk about when breaking the rules of a game makes for a better experience. From there Bel talks about Marvel Heroes notalgia and quelling it with the Mobile game Marvel Future Fight. From there Bel talks about his...


AggroChat #249 - The Star Wars Spirit

Last week we failed to announce the 5th anniversary of our show so we start off talking a bit about that. From there Bel goes into a discussion about the BlizzCon Spirit and how he seemingly has caught the Star Wars version and returned to SWTOR after the Star Wars Celebration announcements. We talk about the game quite a bit and then get into a discussion of Jedi Fallen Order which we missed from last week. From there we talk Magic the Gathering Arena and how Kodra is finally playing...


AggroChat #248 - Apparently Skywalkers

Going into the show we had what seemed like a pretty slim set of show notes… but somehow we actually ended up bumping topics. We start off with a discussion of Grim Dawn since Bel and Grace have been playing it. This leads into a talk about loot generosity spawned by the loot filters in both Grim Dawn and Path of Exile and that ends up going off in its own direction. We talk a bit about the Star Wars Episode IX trailer which spawns a discussion about the Star Wars Cinematic Universe… which...


AggroChat #247 - Limited Ability to Focus

Tonight we delve into the esoteric talking more about concepts than concrete things. Bel leads off with a discussion of a game he has been playing lately Outward, and how it feels like we remember Everquest feeling even though it is not entirely certain if that was the purpose. From there we delve into a topic that has been sitting on our list for awhile but kept getting bumped due to time… namely Focus-Consuming Games as in the games that as a lot out of the player. This starts a discussion...


AggroChat #246 - Pax meet Mox

Tonight we are down a Tam and also down having a constructed list of topics to go from. The only roll forward topic left on the list is decidedly a “Tam” topic so we end up more or less winging it. There is a decidedly Pax East flair to the show given that a number of topics we discussed circle things announced at or going on during Pax. However none of the crew actually attended this year. Related to this we talk about The Outer Worlds, Magic the Gathering Mythic Invitational, Wolfenstein...


AggroChat #245 - Podcast Is Win

Tonight we talk about Baba Is You, a game that has sort of come from out of nowhere but dominated large chunks of our time recently. From there Bel talks about how Division 2 has improved upon the original, which leads is way to a discussion about the political ramifications of the game and how UbiSoft claims there are not any. From there we discuss Sekiro and how it is in many ways a brand new Tenchu game. Finally we discuss the Final Fantasy XIV Fanfest Tokyo reveals. Topics...


AggroChat #244 - Loot and Item Scaling

Tonight signals the triumphant return of Doctor Grace! I cannot adequately express how happy we are to have her back among our number. As far as topics go… we once again punt forward the only topic that we had planned and replace them with a few discussions gathered up moments before we started recording. Tonight we talk about Anthem and get Grace’s impressions so far… as well as dig into some of the frustrations around high end loot and weird item scaling. Thalen tells us how to learn to...


AggroChat #243 - Big Patchin

Tonight we start the show with a heartfelt congratulations for our very own now Doctor Grace, for passing the gauntlet and defending her thesis. While I am certain we will revisit this point when she officially returns to the show, we thought it was worth noting tonight. After derailing completely on a discussion about the origin of the Garter snake… we dive into Pokemon Scotland aka Sword and Shield and the little bit of information we know about it at this point. From there Bel talks a bit...


AggroChat #242 - Voiced vs Silent Protagonist

This week we talk about the topic that has spent the most time so far rolling from show to show because we didn’t feel like we had enough time to properly address it. We have a Trello board where we stub out future topics, and before Christmas Tam put the topic of Silent versus Voiced protagonists on that board… and we are finally getting around to talking about it. Not surprisingly we spent almost the entire episode on this one topic as there is a lot of stuff to unpack here about...


AggroChat #241 - Sexy Bad Choices

This week we are still down a Grace but also down a Tamrielo because work travel happens. Tonight we start the show with a discussion of Civilization VI and its new Gathering Storm expansion. This introduces the fearful Hockey Rink building and Mountie fielding Canadian Army… and also natural disasters. Then we get into a discussion about Anthem and our feelings about the release. I think as a whole we are largely enjoying it, but even at that we talk a bit about the problems the game is...


AggroChat #240 - The UnHollow Knight

This evening we discuss the Anthem “Launch” and the spreadsheet that is required to understand it. We give a quick summary of our experiences and how it is turning out to be really freaking good. From there we dive into Silksong the Hornet DLC that has turned into its own larger than the original Hollow Knight game. We also talk about the first Nintendo Direct of the new year and all of the games that got announced. Bel tortures Kodra with some brief discussion about Keen Dreams showing up...


AggroChat #239 - Sticking the Ending

Tonight we have a bunch of not entirely related topics, but there is at least a minor theme of how you end something is extremely important. Bel talks a bit about his experiences with the latest brand name beta in the form of Division 2. From there he also shares some frustrations with the way Assassin’s Creed Origins is ending which leads its way into a larger discussion about what makes a satisfying game ending. We talk about what this means for passive media and how it might be different...


AggroChat #238 - Gleaming Guardian Gunblades

Tonight we talk about a bunch of things that have been sitting in our list as well as a quick revisit of Anthem and how much difference a week can make. We all for the most part struggled last weekend but things have gone extremely smoothly this weekend. From there we talk about the revelations from Fanfest Paris… and the new Gunbreaker class giving us Gunblade Tanks! We talk a bit about the various titles coming out for the Switch in the near future and close up with a postmortem of...


AggroChat #237 - Ninety Five Percent Freeze

Tonight we talk mostly about the Anthem Demo and our thoughts about it. Having played it or at least repeatedly attempted to play it... we have things to discuss from our feelings about various Javelin types to the general feel of the gameplay. Additionally we talk a bit about Ravnica Allegiances which officially came out this week. Kodra and Bel have been drafting some on MTG Arena and talk a bit about the mechanics that they are enjoying. Topics Discussed


AggroChat #236 - Pax South 2019 Rundown

Tonight we have a fairly packed show as Ashgar is recording from Pax South 2019. As such we start off with a rundown of some of the games he played. From there Bel talks a bit about TemTem or a game he backed but forgot to fill out the survey for that is actually a Not-Pokemon MMORPG. We dive into some talk about games that have massively overhauled themselves specifically discussing Stellaris and Warframe. Then we get into a discussion about normal and mundane things happening in games and...


AggroChat #235 - Kickstarts and Kickstops

There is an auditory warning, but we figured we would throw one out here as well. During about the last 15 minutes of the podcast something went wrong with Bel’s audio where the last bit of every statement got clipped. So you essentially lost the last word he was saying. This weeks show starts with a discussion about Kickstarter projects, which leads into talk of some of the things we have backed and how Bel is that guy that fails to fill out surveys. From there we jump into a discussion...


AggroChat #234 - A World of Pure Imagination

This week we set out a plan of some dozen different topics… but only actually made it through two of them. Last we recorded the Games of the Year show and this week we started things off with some discussion of a few of the honorable mentions that didn’t quite make the list. From there we had a discussion about what games interest us for the upcoming year… and the list we gathered up is sorta nonsense. I have no clue what order we actually tackled them in so just sorta going to make an...


AggroChat #233 - Games of the Year 2018

This evening we do our traditional Games of the Year show, and apparently we are way less verbose than we used to be. These shows used to get chopped into two roughly hour and a half long shows… but this year we managed to do it in pretty much two hours straight. What makes this even more interesting is the fact that we churned through nineteen games in the process. Ultimately we each pick roughly five games that were important to us during the calendar year, and some overlap always occurs....