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A podcast where we discuss movies and television (and occasionally other things) with no regard for sensitive ears or the opinions of others.

A podcast where we discuss movies and television (and occasionally other things) with no regard for sensitive ears or the opinions of others.


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A podcast where we discuss movies and television (and occasionally other things) with no regard for sensitive ears or the opinions of others.






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73. When The Opie’s Away, The Mice Will… Still Pull Off A Show?

Opie is out this week but the rest of the gang still gets together and manages to put together a functional show. Alex takes the reigns this week and may be vying for Opie’s job. The guys throw down a handful of things they’ve been watching, including a smattering of reality television. Gross, right? Then Pete and David seduce us with dirty franchise talk. But the real magic (pun intended?) is in the second half, when the guys discuss Loki. The first episode is out and the guys go full...


72. Chaos and Jeopardy

Greetings everyone! The guys took another week off last week and have come back to virtual explosion of new information. On top of that, everyone but Alex watched something in their franchise. His excuse is a weak one, so by all means, leave a comment and let us know how you feel about his attitude! After the guys go through their recommendations and franchises, they play a quick game of jeopardy. From an editing standpoint, I can tell you that this was absolutely chaos, but hopefully it...


71. What To Talk About When No One Has Watched Anything?

Pete is out this week and the show is just chaos. Is Pete the glue? What a terrifying thought! Only David stays on task and watches his franchise. Everyone else barely watched anything new. Alex and Kevin go off on video games for a hot second, and that’s the entire first half! In the second half, the guys go over a list of 41 shows that you should (or maybe shouldn’t?) watch this fall. While they agree with some, there are some serious questions around the validity of this list. That...


70. The Afterglow From a Week Off

After a week away, probably fighting extradition laws, the guys are back again. You’d think they’d have watched so much more, but that’s not how this works… If you are hankering for a video game fix, Alex has a lot to say with 2 weeks of gaming under his belt. Everyone else has watched a little something and are happy to make their recommendations. For the first time in ages, everyone has watched a film from their franchise. It’s a Christmas miracle! It’s another fun week with more talk...


69. Getting F*&ked On This Show Is Not Fun

After some lengthy contract negotiations, Pete is back, so we have the whole crew again. Is it permanent? Who knows? Pete hired legendary agent Scott Boras so there are opt out clauses on both sides. Everyone has to be on their best behavior, which is a statistical impossibility! Back to the show… This week, the guys get through their weekly suggestions and then talk Daniel Craig’s final Bond movie, the final American Pie movie, and another Predator flick. Alex and Dave have to re-spin...


68. One less then 69

This week the boys are delighted not to have Pete and his rambling nonsensical reviews and opinions. They discuss the Mortal Kombat reboot, franchises and some other stuff. Enjoy


67. This is why I don’t drink

The guys are back this week in full. But this week, one of them is lightly intoxicated. Can you guess who? Hint: we tell you right away... This week the guys get through their weekly watch/don’t watch and then hit The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. After that, all but Opie revisit the Wheel of Misfortune. After a short break, the guys come back and talk about movies and their sequels which may or may not be better than the originals. They didn’t make the list, but they sure have...


66. Everyone Back Together and the Whole World is in Jeopardy (That’s Just a Good Pun)

This week, all of the guys are back. Yeah, even Kevin. We get your disappointment, but bear with us. After last week where all but one of the Godzilla vs Kong reviews were positive, the guys are back to deliver some less than stellar reviews. Kevin throws some shade on a show he openly admits no one should be watching, yet the moron is in season 3. The other guys watched a few things and of course Alex and Kevin revisited their wheels of fun. This weeks episode ends with game. Yup, its...


65. Opi wa Gojira ga kirai

The Boys, sans Kevin, get together and talk all things DC again...just kidding! Its a "What we're watching" update and then some wheel of misery reviews. Then they take a trip into the monsterverse and talk about a giant lizard fighting a giant monkey. It's a kaijutastic time!


64. APNC vs. The World

This week the guys respond to the fan mail by going Peteless. In what could only be called a recovery week from the epic experience that was The Snyder Cut, the guys are back to their weekly watches and I their wheels of tears. Don’t worry, though, DC isn’t far from their minds, as Alex pulls them back in. Kevin also watches a show that isn’t really a show.. or is it? And of course, the guys will definitely talk Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Oh! And Alex gets to re-spin finally. Hear him...


63. The Snyder Cut. But, Like, For Real

This week the guys deliver on something they’ve talked about for weeks: The Snyder Cut. This new world epic is covered… epically. Yup, I said it. There are a lot of opinions to take in on this one and Dave has a very special perspective, having never seen the Joss Whedon version. The majority of this episode is a traditional APNC deep dive into the DCEU. You know what you are getting here. BUT, did the guys think it was an improvement over the Josstice League? Listen or watch and find out!...


62. Coming 2 America And Other Things We Didn’t Enjoy

This week the guys are back with a full crew. Again. Amazing, right? Well, hold your expectations. The guys have a lighthearted discussion about the new Eddie Murphy joint. If you want to read ahead, check out some of the IMDB reviews for a warm up. After that, the guys get down on their wheel picks. Did they talk Justice League this week? Listen until the end. There's a few bits and bobs here and there. And always, don't forget to like and subscribe!


61. It Was Wanda All Along

The guys are back this week and finally get back to the worlds most important pop culture lady of the last 2 months, Wanda! They dive into the final 3 seasons and somehow manage to all share the same opinion. They then get into the movie wheel which everyone ALSO managed to participate in this week. Crazy. Oh, and Pete’s back. Have a listen/watch and enjoy!


60. We Care A Lot, Just Not About Wanda

This week the guys get up to more no good. Pete is out for what we are told is the last time. As it so often happens, the guys promise but don’t deliver. This week, that non-delivery is on Wanda and the Snyder Cut (no shock at this point). Instead, they do focus on what they’ve been watching and their Wheels of Tears. After they get through that, they discuss Golden Globe nominee Rosamund Pike’s new flick, I Care A Lot. Do the guys care about it? Listen/watch and find out! As always,...


59. A Little Wanda, More Wheel, and a Buttload of Remakes

The guys are back this week to wax nostalgic about all of the remakes out there. Oh, who are we kidding? You know the guys aren’t ever happy about anything so the EPIC number of remakes in the works is sure to be fun. Without Pete once again, they also cover their wheels of misfortune. And it wouldn’t be a week without discussing WandaVision… though less than you’d expect. But don’t be fooled, this gaffe cannot be blamed on Pete. It squarely falls on Opie this week. What a disappointment....


58. Peteless in Seattle (A Valentine’s Free Episode)

Thats right, the guys (sans Pete) record on Valentine’s weekend and don’t discuss Rom Coms at all. You’re shocked, I know. Instead they have this weeks Wanda talk, discuss what they watched this week, and then take another round on their wheels of sadness. Except Alex. He’s a big scaredy cat. If you don’t watch/listen to this episode, that’s what you are going to believe. So kick back and shake off the post Valentine’s blues (if you’re a fan of this podcast, odds are it was a lonely one...


57. More Wanda, More Movies, and a few Golden Globes

The guys are back this week, sans Pete. He’ll be back as soon as he is allowed out of protective custody. Informing on the mob is not for the faint of heart! Even without our very own Cowardly Lion, the show must go on. Speaking of shows, have you heard of WandaVision? We hope so, because the guys spoil the hell out of the latest episode. After that, Kevin, David, and Opie continue their trip down memories-you-wish-you-could-forget lane with their movie wheels. The show finishes off...


56. Godzilla, King of Skull Island vs Kong… and the Wheel of Misfortune

The guys are back at it again this week. They review their wheel picks again, though Opie and Kevin abstain this week. After Pete breaks the guys with another Bond breakdown and Alex and Dave are properly broken by the last Hobbit film and Elm Street 2, Dave is forced to make a new pick on the wheel. What does he get? Only the wheel knows! After that, the guys talk the Monsterverse with Godzilla and Kong. They are rightly excited while being overly critical of the franchise as a hole. What...


55. The Future of the MCU and Our Wheel of Misfortune

This week, the guys get together and talk about what is coming in the MCU. You will be amazed and astounded by their incredible lack of knowledge. Once they enchant you with their on-the-fly googling skills moments of confused radio silence, they move on to their franchise wheel. Pete gives us the dish on the first Roger Moore Bond film, Live and Let Die. Alex discusses the first Nightmare on Elm Street Move. David gives his thoughts on the first 2 Hobbit movies. Kevin covers the first...


54. WandaVision, A Missing Opie, and Pete’s Redemption

This week, for the first time in APNC history, the show is without our regular host, Opie. Where is he? Wouldn’t you like to know! In his stead, the guys roll the dice and allow Pete to host again. If you’ll recall the Rise of Skywalker incident, you’ll understand how this could go so horribly wrong. Did it, though? Did bringing David back with Opie out save the show. Will Opie ever return? So many questions! Don’t worry, the guys will answer almost none of these! That being said, the guys...