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A podcast where we discuss movies and television (and occasionally other things) with no regard for sensitive ears or the opinions of others.

A podcast where we discuss movies and television (and occasionally other things) with no regard for sensitive ears or the opinions of others.


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A podcast where we discuss movies and television (and occasionally other things) with no regard for sensitive ears or the opinions of others.






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50.The Golden Anniversary

Boom goes the dynamite. But more like one of those poppers you get in the kid packs... That’s right, y’all. Your boys made it to 50 episodes. Well, most of them anyways. We still recorded after Pete’s bedtime. We are mostly sure he’s still alive, though… mostly… This week the guys go off the rails pretty quickly and talk about almost everything and nothing at the same time. But then Alex and Kevin save the show with the much anticipated VIDEO GAME TALK!!! Specifically the two summer...


49. Where Have We Been All Your Life?

The guys finally return. Well, most of them, anyways. Pete is noticeably absent, though he is editing this episode from the Great Beyond. The guys don’t waste a lot of time and jump right into what they’ve been watching. Kevin kicks it off, having watched what sounds like everything but amounts to nothing. Alex follows that up with the handful of shows he’s been watching, and the Opie takes the guys to awards town as they discuss some of the Emmy nominated shows. It’s a relatively short and...


48.Technical Difficulties and Alex Gets Some Points

Streaming picks abound as the guys give you everything they're watching (and playing) and you should be too. After some technical issues on Pete's part, the second half has another round of a trivia game, with Alex having his best showing yet! Enjoy!


47. Don't Worry DCEU, We Got This

2 epsidodes in one week!! Aren't you all lucky. HBO Max, Red Dead, and a whole host of other streamable goodies fill up a solid first half. The second half is dominated by the boys recasting 4 of the best the DCEU had to offer up for the silver screen!


46. The Decade in Laughs

The boys are at it again this week with plenty of picks for you to watch, and some game chat about what you should be playing. The second half is all about the guys picks for the best comedies from 2010-Now! Enjoy!


Episode 45 - Something Old Is Made… Old… Again

Episode 45 - Something Old Is Made… Old… Again The guys get in their way back machine this week and put together an episode structured remarkably like their earlier episodes. There’s streaming picks, a movie watched by all, and a game of trivia that a certain someone obviously dominates at… Pete jump on the grenade early and talks about the 90’s classic City Slickers. He does take some heat for watching something so old, but it’s a universally loved film, so the guys are able to let...


Episode 44 What to Expect When You’re Apocalypsing

So you’re living in the apocalypse and trying to figure out how to get by? Well, the guys have finally mastered Zoom and are back to invade your earholes. What’s crazier, they’ve decided to use this technology to please your eyes, too. That’s right, we are officially posting video to YouTube. If it’s good enough for Colbert, it’s good enough for us! This week, the guys go down the massive rabbit hole of covering what they’ve been watching in quarantine. Honestly, you’d thing this list...


43. DC: What's Marvel Got That We Don't ?

The guys are back, after another unplanned break. No we aren’t going bi…weekly (see what I did there?). The group is back together, sans Pete. Where is Pete you may ask. We have an explanation for you in the intro and it’s super special, so listen in to find out! This week the guys run down so streaming and movie picks really quick. With Pete out, Opie, Alex, and Kevin cruise through the picks with blinding speed. There are some good suggestions in there so definitely pay attention! As...


42. Got Game?

The guys are back in full force this week with what might be their longest episode to date. They even have a plan. The hell you say?? Check out the intro! They explain the plan. Listen to see if they follow it. Plan or not, here’s what actually happens: The guys kick off the episode by going through a few streaming picks. Pete does his usual and watches something that’s almost irrelevant, but sticks the landing, in West Wing. Next up, Kevin goes over a couple of recent Netflix...


41. Oscar Birds of the Quarter

After a longer than anticipated hiatus, the guys are back, much like Vanilla Ice, with a brand new invention... No? I thought for sure that joke would land... Anyway, the guys end up recording a shorter, more cohesive show this time around and skip the usual streaming picks. Our resident cat whisperer, Alex, was unable to find any cats to whisper to, so he switched to birds this week. That’s right, he bit the bullet and watched Birds of Prey so no one else has to. He all but confirms the...


40. Low Energy

After a week away, the guys come back with a plethora of picks. In a move no one (except anyone who understands the APNC level of organization) could have seen coming, the guys have eliminate assigned streaming picks and are now officially streaming at will. God help you all… Pete kicks things off by discussing the new space comedy, Avenue 5, on HBO. The pilot episode gets differing reviews from Pete and Opie, so you can imagine how that went. Pete also shed some of his self respect and...


39. Someone Has To Watch Cats...Game ON

The guys manage to make it two weeks in a row to kick off the new year. They start with Streaming picks and play a solid round of trivia after the break. Opie kicks off the streaming picks. He had Hulu this week so of course he watched something on Netflix, That something? Don’t F**k with Cats. Its a very interesting documentary about an absolutely disturbing subject and comes with a very strong recommendation from Opie. Next up, Pete goes to network TV and watches Zoey’s Extraordinary...


38.What We Didn't See In 2019

After a week off which came after an episode directed squarely at Star Wars - The Rise of Skywalker, the guys are back into the swing of things. The show does kick off with a healthy lambasting of Pete and his interesting take of hosting an episode and then the guys get to their streaming picks. IN the many weeks leading up to this episode, Kevin managed to watch what seems like everything. On the channel he was actually assigned, he managed to knock out NOS4A2, a take on the book by Joe...


37. Rise of Skywalker (SPOILERS)

SPOLIERS SPOILERS SPOILERS, this episode is all spoilers. Gave everyone an extra day from the usual Wednesday drop, for anybody who planned a Christmas viewing of the final movie based on the Skywalker bloodline. This episode is SPOILER filled from the beginning, so if by chance you haven't seen the film yet; 1. What the hell is wrong with you? 2. Have I mentioned its chock full of SPOILERS? The boys welcome back Dave and welcome a new guest, Donkey. Pete hosts this one so you can guess...


36. We Like To Have Fun Here

The guys get together this week and do a little Pop Culture alchemy, turning very little into a whole lot of nothing!! We have streaming picks, trailers, and a new bad trivia game! Opie failed to catch much new on traditional streaming, though he caught up on the shows he’s been watching and continues to give rave reviews to The Morning Show on AppleTV+. He also found himself drawn into the rabbit hole that is YouTube. Kevin tail spins the guys into a Star Wars discussion as he...


35. Streaming Picks and Trailer Clicks

This week, the guys get back together and square up their sites on the recent rash of movie trailers that hit the airwaves. But first? That’s right, kids, streaming picks!! Pete kicks it off by, per the norm, watching nothing current or relevant on HBO. To his credit, though, he did watch a semi-classic film, Big Trouble in Little China. The guys take a few minutes to talk 80’s movie nostalgia before moving it along. Over on Netflix, Alex loses his heart and mind to the new Scorsese...


34.Christmas in David's Garage

The Thanksgiving holiday presented a pair of challenges for the guys. We needed a new place record this week and Alex was stuck in traffic at the Grapevine. Thankfully, our previous mystery guest, David, was able to step up on both counts. His garage was a great space for recording and stepped in for Alex this week with no prep and filled the role to perfection. Jumping in to their streaming picks, Opie took this opportunity to not watch anything on Hulu… He does get deeper into The...


33. Guess who hates Frozen? (Hint: It's not Opie)

In what feels like a monumental achievement, the guys get together for a second week in a row. If you didn’t believe in holiday magic before, this ought to do it for you. That being said, the guys came in with absolutely no clue how to follow directions and thus we get to see what chais truly is. This is like the Black Friday of episodes. Opie kicks it off by being just the first of many who cannot watch their assigned networks. Instead, he gives us a breakdown of the continuing insanity...


32. Did you miss us?

Well, guys, we did it. We found out how to show up together and make a podcast. Like a normal group of non-idiots. Look at us, we’re maturing. Getting back into the swing, the guys kick it off with a brief explanation of what happened last week and then Kevin and Opie give their review of Terminator: Dark Fate. Spoiler Alert, they didn’t love it… On the upside, Alex took his lady love to see Ford vs Ferrari and gave that one a strong review. Sadly, Pete brings us crashing back to earth by...


Episode 31ish

You may have noticed that there was no episode last week. Long story short, we thought we recorded an episode and had a technical failure. Short story long… listen to the episode as we will definitely not let this one go. Anyways, getting back to the issue at hand… This week, the guys invite a special guest, our own horror movie expert, Michelle. But before they let her unload her pearls of wisdom, they start with their streaming picks. Alex kicks the week off with Netflix and watches...