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Craft beer enthusiasts, Dan Holway and Tom Simpson, love beer and are very good at getting their hands on highly coveted bottles and cans from some of America's best breweries. Join them on a ride that will cover current events in the craft beer industry and tips and tricks on how you can get better beer without having to travel too far from home.


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Craft beer enthusiasts, Dan Holway and Tom Simpson, love beer and are very good at getting their hands on highly coveted bottles and cans from some of America's best breweries. Join them on a ride that will cover current events in the craft beer industry and tips and tricks on how you can get better beer without having to travel too far from home.




Season 3: Episode 3 (1/29/2023) - Would You Look At Those Cans!

National Can Appreciation Day is celebrated on this episode of America The BREW-tiful! Tune in to find out some interesting facts about everyone's favorite vessel, the aluminum can! The fun doesn't stop there because Rob from the Hazeboiz joins us for a few laughs and very little productive conversations. Listen in to find out what alcoholic beverage will make you want to fight your father! All this and more on another episode of America The BREW-tiful!


Season 3: Episode 2 (1/20/2023) - One Of New Jersey's Best Beer Bars

Dan and guest host Dave (@panz_pour_page) heads to Paragon Tap and Table in Clark, New Jersey. Right off of Exit 135 on the GSP Keith, bar manager, maintains a beer list with great options from super local breweries to big boy bottles from around the globe. If you have not been, Paragon is a must add to your list on beer hot spots in the Garden State.


Season 3: Episode 1 (1/14/2023) - New Year Same Beer!

That's right ladies and gents we have made it to Season 3 Episode 1 of America The BREW-tiful! Talkin' about kids at breweries, specifically Human Robot, crazy adjuncts from a brand new brewery and the most metal beer from the most metal brewery possibly ever hits the market! Also local and national releases...PS this was recorded before the Troon/Horus collab which was released in Hopewell and the Mortalis/Corporate Ladder collab released at can also catch this release on...


Season 2: Episode 54 (1/2/2023) - Ringin' In The New Year At The Snake Den

You're probably thinking right now...are these clowns ever going to start a season 3? The answer to that question is yes and it's going to happen soon,,,pretty pretty soon. In the meantime enjoy this episode recorded with our good friend Johnny at his fine establishment District 96 aka The Snake Den. If you listen very carefully you might even hear a cameo by one of our favorite canine IG accounts @Aryabarksbrews! We hope you all enjoy and thank you for listening over the past year! Season...


Season 2: Episode 53 (12/22/2022) - Crunchin' Numbers With Top Beer Drops

It's the end of the year and what else better to do this time of year than reflect on the year in beer! To make things extra interesting we brought in Chase from Top Beer Drops! Are you curious which brewery made TBD's list the most often... here's a hint - it's close to home for all of our fans in the Garden State! Curious which styles make the list most often and which styles have fallen off over the years? Tune in to find the answers to the questions that keep all of us neckbeards up...


Season 2: Episode 52 (12/10/2022) - Happy Anniversary To The Garden State's Best Beer Bar

Rob (Hazeboiz) joins Dan for some hard hitting gonzo journalism at one of the best places to drink beer East of the Mississippi! That's right Taphouse 15 and proprietor Tom Alphabet (not his actual name) celebrate 7 years as the undisputed best beer bar in the Garden State. If you guys are not from Northern Jersey and you are ever making a trip to this beautiful part of the country Taphouse 15 is a MUST STOP for any self respecting neck beard. Tune in and find out what you missed or...


Season 2: Episode 51 (11/20/2022) - Beer Events And Hot Takes With The Hazeboiz

It's a great time of year to be a neckbeard in the Tri-State! Where will you be seen on the first weekend of December? There are some YUGE events happening that weekend that are not be missed! Tune in to find out what's happening and where ATB plans on being on that action packed weekend! It's been a minute since Rob from The Hazeboiz has joined us and man did we miss him! He joins us this week for some hot takes. Everything from non-alcoholic seltzers to politically themed brews! We hope...


Season 2: Episode 50 (11/11/22) - Two Rons and A Tim At Twin

For the 50th episode of Season 2 ATB takes a trip to one of their favorite breweries, Twin Elephant, to talk with Tim and the owners, Ron and Ron, of the hopefully soon to open Autodidact. Tune in to find out what the deal is with Autodidact and when we can all expect to start drinking their beautiful beer at their first brick and mortar brewery. Also, in this episode Tim allows us to preview Twin Elephant's new BA stouts that are soon to be released. DO NOT SLEEP ON THESE BEERS! If you do...


Season 2: Episode 49 (10/30/2022) - Two Anniversaries For The Price Of One

Dan and our good friend Jose, @yankeerunner77, went to Alternate Ending and The Seed to celebrate their respective anniversaries. Tune in to find out what these NJ hotspots have been up to over the past two years and what they have in store for the future. Can't miss episode with great guests making great beers! We hope you all enjoy!


Season 2: Episode 48 (10/21/2022) - Maybe The Worst "Best Of" List Yet

USA Today needs new beer experts but that didn't stop them from posting some terrible best of lists. So bad it's comical which makes it so much funnier to talk about. Thank you to our buddy Rob from Hazeboiz for bringing this list to the masses! We cracked a bunch of beers on this episode including a tasty bottle of mead brought to us by a friend of the show, Ben Williams, and his new project Monarch Meadery! Thank you Ben, what a great bottle and we wish you the best of luck on your future!


Season 2: Episode 47 (10/9/2022) - You'll Hear It Straight From The Birdsmouth

We are not trying to coin a new phrase but we are introducing you to one of New Jersey's newest microbreweries. Tune in to hear what Andy Gioia, founder of Birdsmouth Brewing, has to say about his brand new endeavor located in Monmouth County. Andy and his crew will be brewing beers crispier than a piece of southern fried chicken and we cannot be more excited! Give a listen for all the juicy details and to find out what an actual birdsmouth is! All this and more on another episode of...


Season 2: Episode 46 (9/28/2022) - Zac From Marlowe, Final Tally on Melesa's Wings and Questionable Beer Lists With The Hazeboiz

This is easily the longest title of any episode and good enough for a description of what's in this exciting episode. So please just go listen!


Season 2: Episode 45 (9/10/2022) Big News and Big Beers for Great Charities

A few of ATB's favorite guests join us for this episode. To kick things off Tom Peters, proprietor of Monk's Cafe, joins the show to discuss his latest collab with Hill Farmstead and Zwanze Day! Tom also drops some big news on another very special collaboration he has in the works...tune in to hear it here first folks! Next up, Jose, @Yankeerunner77, and Scott, proprietor of Alternate Ending, join the show to discuss this year's Melesa's Wings Event taking place at Alternate Ending. Tickets...


Season 2: Episode 44 (8/26/2022) - Homebrewer Series: Into The Void With Victor

That's right, you read that correctly, another installment in ATB's Homebrewing Series. It's been a long time since there has been a homebrewer on this program and the wait was well worth it! Dan and Tom take a trip into the void with Victor, proprietor of Void Brewing. This dude is passionate about the craft and, better yet, makes his beers available for public consumption. Tune in to find out how to get your grubby mitts on these tasty brews!


Season 2: Episode 43 (8/18/2022) - Arya Ready Kids?!

Do you get where we're going with this title? If you're thinking Spongebob you need to get out more, specifically to places that serve craft beer, because this week we have a very special guest. No, it's not a talking dog but you are getting warmer. This week Jon (@aryabarksbrews) co-hosts with The Adjunct Professor. These two literally have craft beer running through their veins and it makes for some great discussions. From beer lists to end of summer festivals the content does not...


Season 2: Episode 42 (8/2/2022) - Episode 100! A Celebration Featuring New Jersey's Oldest Craft Brewery and Newest Craft Brewery

Do you know who these breweries are? Whether you do or you don't you will want to give this one a listen. Our buddy Rob joins us to interview the proprietor, Dave Hoffman, of NJ's oldest craft brewery and The Adjunct Professor goes to Oakflower, one of NJ's newest craft breweries to interview the brewery's founder, Colin. Thank you to our guests of our 100th episode and, most importantly, thank you to our listeners, new and old. Nothing gives us more enjoyment than hearing from our...


Season 2: Episode 41 (7/14/2022) - NJ Beer Laws..."Give Me Liberty, Or Give Me Death!"

Rob from the Hazeboiz joins us to discuss how the powers that be in New Jersey are once again sticking it to small business...this time it is affecting our favorite past time and the passionate creators behind it.


Season 2: Episode 40 (7/1/2022) - A Controversy In Philly and Happy Birthday Grimm

ATB is back after a couple vacations for Dan and Tom. This episode kicks off with the return of Tired Hands founder Jean Broillet IV. Not surprising his return was met with mixed reviews from Tired Hands fan base. Following this hot topic, Dan interviews Lauren Grimm who is celebrating an anniversary of the brewery she founded with her husband, Grimm Artisan Ales. Then, of course, we have local and national releases. Dan also talks about his experience attending the women's forum prior to...


Season 2: Episode 39 (6/12/2022) - Four Score And Seven Years Ago I Should Have Edited This Episode

There are a couple references in this title that are relevant to the subject matter in this episode. First and foremost, Rob announced a release that he collab'd on which has come and gone by the time this episode was edited. Sorry Rob. Can't wait to try that delicious beer when we see you again! Secondly, Rob and Tom talked about a "patriot", not an actual patriot such as Abraham Lincoln, but rather a modern day patriot...also commonly referred to as a disgruntled jackass. We'd like to...


Season 2: Episode 38 (5/26/2022) - Happy Birthday Twin Elephant

ATB along with Rob from the Hazeboiz sits down with Tim, Cindy and Frank to discuss all things Twin Elephant. This episode was recorded for their anniversary on May 21st. Along with the anniversary the top brass at TE discussed plans for Summer 2022, what it takes to work at Twin (you'll love this part), the Brewery Strong Initiative and a plethora of other exciting details. If you are tuning in and have had some Twin beers but never visited the brewery this will be a treat for you. If...