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Craft beer enthusiasts, Dan Holway and Tom Simpson, love beer and are very good at getting their hands on highly coveted bottles and cans from some of America's best breweries. Join them on a ride that will cover current events in the craft beer industry and tips and tricks on how you can get better beer without having to travel too far from home.

Craft beer enthusiasts, Dan Holway and Tom Simpson, love beer and are very good at getting their hands on highly coveted bottles and cans from some of America's best breweries. Join them on a ride that will cover current events in the craft beer industry and tips and tricks on how you can get better beer without having to travel too far from home.


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Craft beer enthusiasts, Dan Holway and Tom Simpson, love beer and are very good at getting their hands on highly coveted bottles and cans from some of America's best breweries. Join them on a ride that will cover current events in the craft beer industry and tips and tricks on how you can get better beer without having to travel too far from home.




Episode 58 (7/19/21) - Tragedy In Florida, Free Beer in Wisconsin and RIP to the Biz

Hey everybody short on time today...the title explains it all. Hope everyone enjoys this week's episode! All this, and more, on another episode of America The BREW-tiful!


Episode 57 (7/12/2021) - Storytime With The Hazeboiz And Tom Clears The Air...and His Throat

What the hell is up with Tom's voice?! He finally found out what the deal is and decided to share the news with everyone. Is it true that Other Half is expanding....again?! A brewery that is run by active rival gang members...yep we don't know how that works either but it sounds intriguing. A couple who recently split up is opening a new brewery together! Reunited and it feels soooo...awkward. Plus, Rob from The Hazeboiz calls in to discuss a recent IPO of Armed Forces Brewing in Annapolis,...


Episode 56 (7/5/21) - ATB Visits Obercreek In The Hudson Valley

"New Money" Tom and Dan "The Adjunct Professor" sit down with Phil (an actual professor) and Kyle, owners and brewers at Obercreek in Wappingers Falls, NY. The boys sit down at the farm to discuss the origins of the brewery, their barrel program, using home grown hops, plans for the future and much much more. This is the first episode that was recorded outdoors, under a tent, in front of the Obercreek Taproom. The interview began in 90 degree heat and ended with a torrential down pour. First...


Episode 55 (6/28/21) - At Bradley Brew Project with Al Dukes

ATB sits down with Mike, proprietor of Bradley Brew Project, and very special guest Al Dukes, producer extraordinaire at WFAN. This sit down started with a collab that Al and BBP released, Al's Boring Beer, of which 10% of the proceeds go to The Boomer Esiason Foundation for Cystic Fibrosis. ATB and Mike took this opportunity to introduce Al to a wide range of craft brews and instructed him how to order a lager or pilsner at a restaurant..."Bring me your finest CrispyBoi!" ATB also...


Episode 54 (6/21/2021) - At Cloverleaf Tavern With The Beer You Are Boys

Dan and Tom visit one of the best beer bars in the country, The Cloverleaf Tavern, in Essex County, New Jersey. America The BREW-tiful sits down with their buds, Rick and Steve, from the Beer You Are Podcast. Rick and Steve are great dudes and ATB had a great time sitting down and interviewing them. Ryan, owner and GM of Cloverleaf, also joined us to discuss The Cloverleaf Tavern origin story....YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS! Ryan also fills us in on his beer programs, The MBA and The PHD...


Episode 53 (6/7/21) - ATB Talks Beer With NBC Today Show Host Craig Melvin

You might be, what, or why right about now. That's right, you read the title correctly, Dan and Tom had the opportunity to interview Craig Melvin of NBC. Craig invited the fellas over for a few beers and a bunch of laughs. Many people may not know this but Craig was a home brewer in his younger years and has a passion for the craft. One of America's greatest journalists gave ATB an opportunity to turn the tables and, for that, we are incredibly grateful. We know many of you may...


Episode 52 (5/28/21) - Deep In The Heart Of Texas With Weathered Souls

That's right ATB is releasing it's second episode of the week! The boys wanted to get out an episode before MDW so everyone could listen while they are heading to their holiday parties! No Dan and Tom are not actually in Texas but they did interview Marcus Baskerville from Weathered Souls Brewery in San Antonio. This well timed interview marks the one year anniversary of the Black Is Beautiful initiative which was started by Marcus at Weathered Souls. The boys dig in deep with Marcus on a...


Episode 51 (5/24/21) - The Biggest News In US Craft Beer History

A WARNING TO OUR LISTENERS: Some of the content in this episode can be difficult to hear. Some of the biggest names in craft beer have stepped down this past week amidst allegations of sexual harassment and workplace discrimination. Unfortunately, Tired Hands was a brewery that consistently came up in these allegations and they are local to our craft beer community. For this reason, Dan and Tom made the decision to read prepared statements from a number of former employees of Tired Hands....


Episode 50 (5/17/21) - Interview with Dino from Vitamin Sea and A Big Story Is Brewing

WHEW 50 Episodes...where did the time go?! ATB hosted "Uncle Dino", proprietor of Vitamin Sea Brewing, in Episode 50. We discussed what beers Dino likes to brew, why collabs are so great for the industry as well as some sports trivia. Dino has a great brewery in Eastern Massachusetts (not Western Mass...TOM!) and he was an absolute pleasure to host. Also discussed in this episode, those tasty little 8oz cans from Evil Twin, the recent events surrounding abuse and discrimination in the craft...


Episode 49 (5/10/21) - America The BREW-tiful Celebrates Mother's Day

Hey everyone if you're a mother or, if you know a mother, it's a great time to tune in. Dan and Tom bring on Amber, aka Mrs Lorenzo The Beer Cat and Sara, a craft beer connoisseur and proud momma, who discuss what it's like to be matriarchs of their respective craft beer families. We discuss everything from fridge space to the best family friendly craft beer locales. As always we have a bunch of beer news to cover including, but not limited to, Other Half's Citra Week. There are some killer...


Episode 48 (5/3/21) - An Interview With James Of Corporate Ladder And So Much Drama In The BFT

Dan and Tom start out discussing a Birthday Beer Share held at Brick Farm Tavern, home to Troon Brewing. Some say it crossed the line and others say it was par for the course. Luckily, ATB has a first hand account of the shenanigans that happened on that particular day. Part 2 of this week's episode welcomes, James, co-owner of Corporate Ladder Brewing in Florida. James joins us to discuss his recent accolade of making the USA Today top 10 list of "Best New Breweries for 2021". We discuss...


Episode 47 (4/26/21) - A Day At Dr. Brewlittle's With Jack and Autodidact

ATB visits a brand new professional brewery in the Philadelphia suburbs. Jack, proprietor of Dr. Brewlittle's in Maple Shade, NJ, tells us how he really feels about the Hazy Hype Boys and why he looks forward to serving you one of the many styles he offers at his welcoming taproom and brewery. While ATB was at the brewery they also had the opportunity to sit down with home brewer, Autodidact. If that name sounds familiar its because they won the first round of the Shoreside Invitational with...


Episode 46 (4/19/21) - Home Brewer Bonanza and The Adjunct Professor Is Leaving On a Jet Plane

- Craft beer stats and Top 50 "Craft" Breweries of 2020. - A macro brewery wants to give your pooch $20,000 to drink their beer! - A few up and coming home brewers are highlights - One of "New Money" Tom's favorite NY breweries starts canning! - Great place to get shelfies in NYC. - A 420 shoutout! (We didn't forget about the second most important vice in this country) - A Flagship Showdown in "Beer Of The Week" - The Adjunct Professor goes to Wake Fest All this and more on another...


Episode 45 (4/12/21) - ATB Sits Down With Jeppe At Evil Twin NYC

Dan and Tom drove to Ridgewood, Queens, NY to sit down with Jeppe, proprietor of Evil Twin NYC. . ATB was not sure what to expect going into this interview but, as it turns out, Jeppe and the Evil Twin NYC team were gracious and humble hosts. We discussed many topics including how he found his location, trolling the neck beards of craft beer, who comes up with the crazy beer names (hint...its a family affair) and exciting news on new taproom(s)! Evil Twin and Jeppe also receive hate...


Episode 44 (4/5/21) - BK's Finest Reps The East Coast, A Small Explosion and A Decadent Shelfie

Please feel free to send us a message on IG (@americathebrew_tiful) for the lack of a description. This way we know if anyone actually reads this. All this and more on another episode of America The BREW-tiful!


Episode 43 (3/29/21) - It's Raining Cats And Dogs In New City

Dan and Tom sit down with Doug from @felinioushops (it's pronounced fee-line-ee-us), Scott from @lorenzothebeercat and Jon from @aryabarksbrews. We discuss all things from high class pure breeds to mangy rescues and the beers they love! We also discuss some hard hitting news in the craft beer industry...we have standards to uphold after all! Our buddies Johnny aka King Cobra and Rob, CEO of the Hazeboiz, join us at the end to discuss some YUGE releases at District 96! All this and more on...


Episode 42 (3/22/21) - Craft Beer Stands Up For Social Justice, Stories From Our Listeners and A Brooklyn Staple Is Back

Episode 42 has a little bit of everything! Dan and Tom discuss some bad news and some good news in the craft community, a charity raffling off a bunch of whales for a great cause (listen to find out where to enter), a Japanese brewery fighting the good fight and the reopening of Other Half's taproom. As always, ATB cracks a couple beers in Beer Of The Week. This week the beers come from two breweries that you may not have heard of before. What did our listeners do for St. Patty's Day you...


Episode 41 (3/15/21) - IG Craft Influencers, 1 Billion Check Ins and A Brewery In The Dog House

In this week's episode Dan and Tom discuss HopCulture's top 50 IG influencer list, Untappd's upcoming 1 Billionth Check in and a crispy beer of the week! Above all of the typical craft beer related news you've come to expect, Dan and Tom sit down with an employee, Dwight, of Brew Dog Indianapolis. If you've been reading Worst Beer Blog or a number of other outlets that cover craft beer news you would know that Brew Dog recently got into some hot water over some questionable staffing...


Episode 40 (3/8/21) - Homebrewer Series: Shore Side Brewing

Dan and Tom sit down with Chris from Shore Side Brewing located just outside of Atlantic City. Not only is Chris a great home brewer but he also organized a home brewer competition which features some of the best home brewers in the Garden State. A handful of these breweries are on the precipice of opening their own facilities and making a leap to the majors. This is your chance to get in on the ground floor! ATB also covers the latest news in craft beer, including a great fruited sour...


Episode 39 (3/1/2021) - OZNR, Florida Beer Festivals and A Beer Legend Trolls The Trolls

Dan and Tom are without a guest for the first time in a few weeks. In episode 39 they discuss Florida beer festivals....will Dan be getting the Super VIP at Wakefest? Popping some new home brews from one of their favorite Garden State home brewers. Some exciting news regarding NJ's home brew scene. Jeppe from Evil Twin trolls a troll...again. Finally, Beer of the Week returns with the Garden State vs. The Sunshine State. All this and more on another episode of America The BREW-tiful!