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A Hypothetical Amusement Park Design Show

A Hypothetical Amusement Park Design Show
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A Hypothetical Amusement Park Design Show






PlayStationLand Amusement Sparks Episode 023 - Amusement Sparks

Aaron Wagner picks up the second controller in designing a PlayStation theme park. This park is based on classic games from the original PlayStation and PS2. Produced by CUYOMI Member of the FancyBat Podcast Network Find the show on the CUYOMI YouTube Channel!


Dragon Ball Universe Amusement Sparks Episode 022 - Amusement Sparks

Welcome to Dragon Ball Universe! An amusement park that allows you and your friends to take part in becoming earth's newest and most powerful heroes - set in the world of Dragon Ball. You can fight against unique and powerful enemies on our interactive battle coasters. Build your power by using hand-mounted energy beams to progress through terrain and defeat enemies. Experience augmented reality with our AR Scouter technology... The opportunities are endless. Work together with your...


UtopiaLand AmusementSparks Episode 021 - Amusement Sparks

J.T. and Dan from the Cocktail Party Congress join to design a theme park based on... political ideologies of all things! The most buck wild inspiration for a theme park yet! This episode is also available on YouTube! Check out their show in your podcast app or at AmusementSparks is Produced by CUYOMI Part of the FancyBat Podcast Network Check out our YouTube Channel!


Hanna-Barbera Land - Amusement Sparks

Josh from Network 1901 joins us to share his love of Hanna-Barbera! Together, we design a park spanning the timeline from the Flintstone Age to the Space Age. Interact with tons of your favorite HB characters on their own turf and in frequent mash-ups! Check out Network 1901 here and on Youtube!


Cardcaptors Theme Park! - Amusement Sparks

All seventy Clow Cards have escaped! Each one flows with a unique and powerful magic, and it's up to you to help collect them! Experience and capture seventy different experiences, each a manifestation of a Clow Card. Recorded live at Ohayocon 2018! This episode features Joe of Brave World Anime. Produced by CUYOMI Member of the FancyBat Podcast Network Find the show at


Season Three Remodels and Renovations - Amusement Sparks

Let's enhance those past five theme parks! This episode stars Ben (of The Cartoncast), John and Mario (of Cinema 7even), and Tyler Trosper! This episode features remodels and renovations for Megaman Upgrade The Nickelodeon Theme Park The Amazing Spider-Land Capcom Cosmos and World of Xenoblade


World of Xenoblade (Episode 017) - Amusement Sparks

Explore the fantastic and sci-fi world of Xenoblade! Join Tyler Trosper (@cosmoschaos) and Andrew as they build a magical world based on this totally unique JRPG series. Honestly a pretty cool episode, even if you've never heard of the Xeno series!


Capcom Cosmos (Episode 016) - Amusement Sparks

CAPCOM COSMOS IS HERE! A whole theme park inspired by the video games made by Capcom--featuring Street Fighter, Resident Evil, Monster Hunter, and much more! Shout out to Cinema 7even for starring in this ep! Check out their show too, it's awesome.


Spider-Man (Episode 015) - Amusement Sparks

The guys from Headline Heroes (find their podcast here) join to design a theme park based on everyone's favorite web slinger(s)!


Nickelodeon (Episode 014) - Amusement Sparks

Nathan and Andrew design a theme park based on Nickelodeon! The park is setup as an interconnected network of different Nick Worlds. Adventure, humor, and discovery flow throughout the entire park. At the Nickelodeon theme park, characters are constantly crossing over and teaming up to create brand new stories. Check out Nathan K's work at! He is an awesome podcaster who hosts Fair Point, Fair Enough, and Silph Radio (these shows are for adults). Produced by CUYOMI...


Mega Man Upgrade (Episode 013) - Amusement Sparks

Ben and Andrew design a theme park based on Mega Man! Each guest is a member of Dr. Light's new phase of the Mega Man Project. He is working to find humans who can fight alongside Mega Man to battle the Robot Masters! This whole park is a training simulation where you will use Augmented Reality to hone your mega buster skills! It's basically the most hi-tech and immersive laser tag park ever conceived! Customize your appearance by finding hidden collectables and upgrade your weaponry by...


Season Two Remodels and Renovations - Amusement Sparks

This episode stars some of our favorite AmusementSparks guests! Hear Zane, Nic, Wendell, and Will share their ideas for remodels and renovations of our past 5 parks! Join us as we update the Disney Afternoon Tooniverse, Yu-Gi-Oh Duelist Kingdom, Survivor: All In, Greenhill Manor, and t r e e! Season 3 will premiere on November 6th. There are exciting things in the works for AmusementSparks, so stay tuned to our social media and website for updates!


t r e e - Amusement Sparks

Our first original IP park! Nic and Andrew design a park and through that process, they come up with the theme. Get ready for a journey through nature and technology--IN SPACE! Check out Nic's stuff, including his excellent new URL:, Twitter, soundbutt, and!


Greenhill Manor (Sideshow Sound Theatre) - Amusement Sparks

Hey! We're joined by the incredible Will Dodson and Wendell Jones from Sideshow Sound Theatre. These guys are exceptional composers and podcasters! Their Mouse Music show inspired my love for theme parks, which lead to the creation of AmusementSparks! In this episode, we design a park inspired by Greenhill Manor, an album by Sideshow Sound Theatre based on their fantastic fictional theme park! This is a truly unique episode--based on my guests' creation!


Survivor: All In! - Amusement Sparks

Zane from The Cartoncast brings us our first Live Action inspiration. From this source comes a park full of Live Action! Brush up on your survival skills, pack your competitive spirit, and come join in on the challenges at this Something-for-Everyone park!


Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist Kingdom - Amusement Sparks

Will Allen joins the show to design a thrilling game-based theme park! This episode delves into how surprisingly cool Yu-Gi-Oh really is, from its early days as a manga up through all the different anime series! High stakes and high drama ride on every battle throughout the parks mysterious and hidden areas. Check out the Will West Show here: YouTube, Twitter, Facebook. Shout out to the Yu-Gi-Oh Subreddit for some awesome ideas!


Disney Afternoon Tooniverse - Amusement Sparks

Season two starts here! This guest features Gary Lane (@SMRGary) from the Saturday Morning Rewind Podcast! Together, we designed a park based on the Disney Afternoon animation block. This episode features inspiration from: Disney's Adventures of the Gummi Bears DuckTales Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers TaleSpin Darkwing Duck and a bit from the Mighty Ducks If you'd like to support the show, please leave us a review in iTunes! This will help to promote the show to new listeners :D Thanks to all...


Season One Remodels and Renovations Episode! - Amusement Sparks

We put the finishing touches on our first five parks in this episode! Thanks to Peter (@zenzooma, Peter Versus Peter) and Nic Robes (@wwyscoobydoo, What's With You? Scooby-Doo!) for helping me out on this episode! We got some responses from Reddit and Facebook on this episode, which is thrilling to me as the guy behind the show! Also, I forgot to introduce myself on the first five episodes, but I'm Andrew Spohn and here's my internet stuff: Reddit, Instagram, Twitter, my blog thing. THANKS...


Gotham: Batman’s World - Amusement Sparks

Episode five is here! This is a landmark episode as it is the first AmusementSparks show to feature two guests and it's also our last new park of season one. It's about time Batman got his own theme park--we've never done a park quite like this one! The guest designers on this episode are Nathan K. and Craig Lewis. These guys run a few excellent podcasts (adult language, heads up) Fair Point (Facebook, Twitter), Fair Enough, and Silph Radio (Facebook). Click the show title to listen to...


Scooby Doo’s Mystery Town – Episode 004 - Amusement Sparks

Scooby Doo is a household name, but in this episode, we break new theme park ground. This is probably the most immersive and impactful park we have designed so far! My guest for this episode is Nic Robes who hosts the amazing What's with You? Scooby Doo! Podcast. Those different colored words in the previous sentence are links to Nic's stuff! I think this would make a great introductory episode, so if you have any friends who might like it, now is a great time to share this podcast!