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Episode 48 - Annie Talks with Thom King | CEO of Icon Foods and Author of GUY GONE KETO Shares Tips for Lifestyle Shift

In this podcast episode, I had the pleasure of talking with Thom King, the CEO of Steviva Brands, Inc., and Icon Foods - an ingredients company that supplies sports nutrition companies with sweeteners for products and drink mixes that support a ketogenic lifestyle, sugar-free lifestyle or low-carb paleo lifestyle. Thom, who has always had a fascination with nutrition, battled with weight gain throughout his childhood. Thom shares his story with his consumption of sugar, how sugar was...


Episode 47 - Annie Talks with Juliet Lemar | Host of 'Life Reflected' | National Champ Olympic-level Gymnast | Journey as a Caretaker

Episode 47 - Annie Talks with Juliet Lemar | On-air Talent, Writer, and Creator of 'Life Reflected' Shares About Her Life as a National Champion Olympic-Level Gymnast and Journey as a Caretaker Juliet's story was recently published in Voyage LA magazine: She talks about the road to becoming a National Champion Olympic-level gymnast. Juliet also shares a very touching story about her journey as her mother's...


Episode 46 - Annie Talks with Annett Bone | Host of The Dancepreneuring Studio Podcast Returns to Dance After a 20-Year Hiatus

For this episode, I had the wonderful pleasure of speaking with Annett Bone. She is the creator and host of The Dancepreneuring Studio podcast here in the Los Angeles area. Annett talks about what it was like to live in a biracial household being half Korean and half Chamorro. She also talks about returning to her first love of dance after a 20+year hiatus. It was during that 20-year hiatus that Annett experienced struggles with depression, massive weight gain, and abusive mentorship...


Episode 45 - Annie Talks with Leonard Dozier | Voice Actor - One of the Primary Voices of NFL Films - Releases New CD "Sunday Word"

One thing I enjoy about my podcast is getting to know my guests no matter the topic, whether we're highlighting amazing athletes, talking with entertainers, or entrepreneurs, I absolutely love talking with guests. And I've said it before, I love behind-the-scenes or a great backstory. My guest on this episode is Leonard Dozier who is a multi-faceted actor, voice actor, recording artist, songwriter and musician who is one of the primary voices for NFL Films. His distinctive voice can be heard...


Episode 44 - Annie Talks with Nick Kern | How I Overcame Ulcerative Colitis to Play Professional Baseball

In this second episode the AMAZING ATHLETES series, my next guest is NICK KERN who hails from the city of Brea, Calif. Nick is an NCAA Baseball Champion, recipient of the Wilma Rudolph Student-Athlete Achievement Award, and the 2017 Muscle Milk Athlete of the Year. Nick attended UCLA from 2013 to 2017 earning a degree in Physiological Science while competing for the Division 1 baseball team. While at UCLA, Nick’s dreams and aspirations were put on hold when he was diagnosed with Ulcerative...


Episode 43 - Annie Talks with Isaac Wenrich | Pro Baseball Player Returns After Heart Attack, Named to 2018 All-Star Team | Amazing Athletes

My guest on this episode is the first of many more guests in the brand new series called "AMAZING ATHLETES." Isaac Wenrich is a professional baseball player on the Road Warriors team in the Atlantic League. The Atlantic League is an independent baseball league in the mid-Atlantic and Northeastern Unites States spanning the nation from Lancaster, Pennsylvania; York, Pennsylvania; Central Islip, New York; New Britain, Connecticut; Bridgewater, New Jersey; Waldorf, Maryland; and one team from...


Episode 42 - Annie Talks with Terri Mendez | Find Your Happie with TREs Beau | Never Stop Growing

As we continue with my favorite series - the ENTREPRENEUR series, my next guest is Terri Mendez, someone I had known for many many years. We were good friends back in junior high school and then into high school, and as the years passed, life happened, we went our separate ways, and eventually, we lost touch with one another. But through the power of social media, we were able to reconnect and through another mutual friend, I found out about her business. Terri and her family moved from...


Episode 41 - Annie Talks with Andrei Duman | Award-Winning Travel and Landscape Photographer | Up from Below

As we continue with the entrepreneur series, I also feature entertainers, performers, musicians and creative artists and we talk about projects their working on and so on. Now my next guest is not only a successful entrepreneur, but he is also a creative artist, an award-winning travel and landscape photographer based in Los Angeles, California -- ANDREI DUMAN. Originally from Romanian and transplanted in the United States, Andrei moved to New York for several years before settling in LA...


Episode 40 - Annie Talks with Joan Dizon | Living the Daydream

As we continue with the ENTREPRENEUR series, I wanted to highlight a dynamic woman business-owner. This person is someone whose promo appeared on my Facebook newsfeed. I was drawn to her almost instantaneously due largely in part by her photos from the beach, from exotic-looking places, and secondly by her story. And you know how much I love a good story! My guest on this episode is Joan Dizon -- a wife, mom, traveler, & entrepreneur. She is the CEO of 'Living The Daydream.' Joan says she...


Episode 39 - Annie Talks with Alissa Hunnicutt | New 'Something' CD Launch

My guest on this episode is a very special person who I met toward the end of 2017. You may recognize her name as she was my guest on Episode 12. At the time when we first talked with her, she was currently working on a very special project. So, in this podcast I've asked her back onto the show to talk about the completion of that project and I cannot wait for you to hear all about it. I'm talking about the beautiful and talented Alissa Hunnicutt who has made a name for herself as a...


Episode 38 - Annie Talks with Jasmine Wallace | CEO of Ku'uipo Creations | Hawai'ian Island-Inspired Designs and More

My guest on today's episode is Jasmine Wallace, the CEO, and mastermind of Ku'uipo Creations, a one-stop shop of Polynesian hand-made men and women apparel, as well as other island-inspired products such as hats, coffee mugs, Keike (or children's) apparel, jewelry, hair trinkets, and many other products. Jasmine, who loves to knit, crochet, and sew utilizes all these skills in creating special one-of-a-kind or hard-to-find items. She also has a passion for soapmaking and creating lip balms...


Episode 37 - Annie Talks with Jeff Rojas | New York Photographer, YouTuber, and Author of Photographing Men and Photographing Women

My guest on this episode is Jeff Rojas, an American photographer and an author based in New York City. His primary body of work is advertising and editorial photography that has been published in both Elle and Esquire. Jeff also frequents as a photography instructor. His teaching experience includes platforms like CreativeLive, WPPI, the Photo Plus Expo, Imaging USA and APA. Jeff has written articles that have been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine and FStoppers. I met Jeff while working for...


Episode 36 - Annie Talks with Mike Pecci | Critically Acclaimed, Award-winning Film Director | The Art of Storytelling

My guest on this episode is Mike Pecci, a critically acclaimed, award-winning film director. With over 18 years of experience, Mike has cemented a name for himself not only as a photographer and music video director but as an abstractly edgy filmmaker who is undeniably devoted to the art of storytelling. His characters are the faces of his work - passionate, emotional, and distorted stories are the basis for some of Mike's most well-received films. His ability to touch audiences through his...


Episode 35 - Annie Talks with Entrepreneur Michelle McNabb | Setting Goals: How I Became an Entrepreneur by 30

So, if you've been listening to my podcast, you may have heard a few episodes where I talked with women entrepreneurs and learned about the power of being your own #bossbabe and #girlboss. The movement is real. The time is now, and more and more women are quitting their 9-to-5 jobs and going into business for themselves. And if you're one of them, you know the struggles, trials, and tribulations that come with the territory. We often go at it by ourselves or we find out too late what we...


Episode 34 - Annie Talks with Standup Comedian Joe Elcholo

My guest on this episode is Standup Comedian, Joseph Luna, aka 'Joe Elcholo.' Joe hails from the infamous East Los Angeles area, then he moved to Fontana where he currently resides. Joe performs Spanish comedy and has opened for Pablo Francisco and Chris Fonseca. He's performed at all the big comedy clubs all over Southern California from the Ice House to the Improv. In this episode, Joe opens up about his life living in East LA and how he's turned a bad situation into a good one. A...


Episode 33 - Annie Talks with Holistic Health Coach Sandy Chasteen

My guest on this episode is Sandy Chasteen, a holistic health coach that focuses on helping people discover the connection between their physical disease and the emotional components underlying the issue. Using essential oils and especially the Aromatouch Technique, the clinical application of 8 key essential oils and blends, Sandy helps people find natural solutions to their issues and create lifestyle plans for optimal healing. She is also an active connector collaborating with other...


Bonus Episode - GRWM: Ipsy June Glam Bag | June 2018 | OFRA Cosmetics | Pacifica | Hanalei | MAC Cosmetics | Delectable

This Annie Talks BONUS EPISODE is a product review of the Ipsy June 2018 Glam Bag. To watch the video portion, visit my YouTube channel at or my website at @ipsy @bedelectable @ofracosmetics @hanaleicompany @maccosmetics @pacificabeauty #ipsy #ipsyglambag #ipsyjune2018 #ipsyjune2018glambag The Ipsy June 2018 Glam Bag features a faux zip-up leather bag in a three-tone shade of blue. This month’s bag included an eyeshadow palette,...


Episode 32 - Annie Talks with Zumba Instructor and Life Coach Mel Algoso | Inspirational Message of Empowerment

Episode 32 - Annie Talks with Zumba Instructor and Life Coach Melissa Algoso I met Mel about two years ago while taking one of her Zumba classes at a local 24 Hour Fitness. I absolutely fell in love with her Zumba class and her dance-style. She incorporates many dance “moves” from the ‘80s and ‘90s which is very nostalgic for me and doesn’t feel like “working out.” Her class transports you back in time, rekindles fond ‘old-school’ memories and makes exercising fun. Hear about Melissa’s...


Episode 31 - Annie Talks with PA Announcer Mark Clinton | Finding Your Voice | Creating Your Own Style

My guest on Episode 31 of Annie Talks is Mark Clinton - Public Address Announcer. I met Mark in 2009 where he was the Public Address announcer at El Dorado High School and had been the school's announcer for decades. Mark has been announcing for 27 years now. Today he is one of the PA announcers for the High A Minor League Rancho Cucamonga Quakes, a farm team for the Los Angeles Dodgers Organization. Mark, who played baseball at El Dorado High School, tells the story of how an injury led to...


Episode 30 - Annie Talks with Comedian Vince Royale | The Art of Being a 'Social Scientist' | Character Flaws

My guest on today's show is Comedian Vince Royale, a Jersey City native, who was always the class clown, though he never thought comedy would be his career. Vince currently lives in Los Angeles, who he refers to himself as "the former homeless salesman turned stand-up comedian." He has appeared in the entire season of MTV’s “Bad Sex”, "Laughs" on FOX, FUSE TV's “Stand Up and Deliver” and presently on a TV show titled "Not for Nothin" on Amazon Prime and in a film "Attack of the Killer...