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Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez - Atlas Now Streaming 57

Join us as we tiptoe down the dark rabbit hole of the new Aaron Hernandez documentary from Netflix. A sad tale, this docu-series tells the story of a promising football star that some characterized as "a ticking time bomb" who threw it all away in a downward spiral that ended with betrayal, drugs, guns, lies, and murder. If you like a solid documentary or true crime stories, this is one you'll want to join us for. We also chat about Harmony Korine's Matthew McConaughey vehicle, "The Beach...


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Locke & Key - Atlas: Now Streaming Episode 56

"Locke & Key" is the latest screen adaptation of writer Joe Hill. Is this a lock you want to pick? Keyhouse is a mysterious antebellum relic full of many doors and many secrets. The sprawling house has layers of surprises that are slowly uncovered by a handful of young protagonists. As each key is found, you'll find yourself wondering what door it opens in the sprawling mansion. Or is the key for something else? This new Netflix series offers mystery, suspense, and anxiety to anyone who...


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The Luck of the Irish - Atlas Now Streaming 55

We leave the big screen behind this week to look at a little 2001 made-for-TV Disney Channel flick called "The Luck of the Irish". If you were a fan of this era, you likely recognized the phrase "A Disney Channel Original Movie", and it may strike all sorts of nostalgia for you. If you have forgotten what these films were, IMDB also recommends a pile of similar made-for-TV shows that include: Johnny Tsunami, Motorcrossed, Zenon, Smart House, Brink, and Mom's Got a Date with a Vampire. In...


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Hidden Figures - Atlas: Now Streaming Episode 54

On February 24, 2020, Katherine Johnson, one of the inspiring women behind 2016's film, "Hidden Figures," passed away at the age of 101. We decided, in her honor, to review this Academy Award nominated film.


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Nina's Favorite Movies - Atlas: Now Streaming Episode 53

We did it with Jamie's favorite movies; now, it's Nina's turn! On this episode, we review a few of her favorite movies, including 21 & 22 Jump Street, Neighbors, and Crazy, Stupid Love.


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Academy Award Winner "Parasite" - Atlas: Now Streaming Episode 52

South Korean darling "Parasite" has been the talk of Hollywood since its surprise win at the Academy Awards. Not only did the film take the coveted Best Picture award, but it also pulled in Best Director, Best Original Screenplay, and Best International Feature Film. So, as the first non-English language movie to ever win the Academy's highest honor, is the movie worth watching? Does it live up to the hype? Join our streaming crew and find out. Like, listen, and subscribe to our #podcasts to...


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The Breakfast Club, 35th Anniversary - Atlas Now Streaming 51

Dear Traveler, we accept the fact that you sacrifice full Saturdays on the unit to help people who have done nothing wrong. But we think it's crazy that some people don't understand how amazing you are. The world sees you as they want to see you -- in the simplest terms, in the most convenient definitions. A person in scrubs. But what we found out is that each one of you is a nurse... ...and an adventurer... ...and a brave soul... ...a healer... ...and a confidant... Does that answer your...


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You, now on Netflix - Atlas Now Streaming 50

We take a look at the intense drama "You" on Netflix. What happens when someone takes advantage of your social media profiles to become a super stalker? Everything seems like a perfect relationship at first, until things aren't. Watch with a loved one and be thankful your relationship is nowhere near this dysfunctional. (And if it is, please get out of it!) This show aims to throw some classic relationship movie cliches on their head with its spin on digital tech and our propensity to...


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The Toy Story Saga - Atlas: Now Streaming Episode 49

"You're gonna see it's our destiny. You've got a friend in me!" On today's episode, we review the four Toy Story films and discuss our favorite moments from Pixar's longest running franchise.


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Jamie's Birthday Episode - Atlas: Now Streaming Episode 48

It's Jamie's Birthday! To celebrate, we're reviewing a few of her favorite movies: Wayne's World, Hot Rod, and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Definitely an eclectic list, but we had fun reminiscing on some of these!


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The Confession Killer - Atlas: Now Streaming Episode 47

On this episode, we review the new Netflix docu-series on the infamous Henry Lee Lucas, "The Confession Killer."


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The Morning Show - Atlas: Now Streaming Episode 46

Is "The Morning Show" a triumphant return for Steve Carell or a weird off-shoot from Apple's new experiment in original TV programming? We're huge fans of Carell around here, so we're rooting for him. Let's see if he can hit the sit-com / dramedy magic again.


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Marriage Story - Atlas: Now Streaming Episode 45

On this episode, we review the already critically acclaimed Netflix drama, "Marriage Story," starring Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson. The story depicts the heartbreaking truth behind a cross-country divorce of two people and their 8-year-old son.


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Is Die Hard a Christmas Movie? - Atlas: Now Streaming 44

Is "Die Hard" a Christmas movie? We tackle the most important Christmas debate that has plagued mankind since John McClane was first unleashed on theaters on July 15, 1984. You've discussed it at work. You've had disagreements with family members, and you firmly stand on one of the sides of the battle. Either you believe Die Hard is a Christmas movie, or it is not a Christmas movie. We lock our cinemaphiles into the recording studio and let them argue for both sides of the debate. No one...


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Christmas Comedies - Atlas: Now Streaming 43

What Christmas Comedy do you find yourself watching every year? Revisit some modern classics with us and ask yourself how many times you have asked someone, "Did you try staples?" like in "Scrooged" when something keeps falling off. Also: Don't you dare, Lumpy!


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Family Christmas Movies - Atlas: Now Streaming

Every family has that holiday classic film that conjures good feelings, memories of spending time with each other, and just a general feeling of merriment and cheer. It makes you *feel* like Christmas is here. This week, we want to take a look at some of those Family Christmas movies that just make us feel all warm and tingly inside. It's not just a movie. It's Christmas.


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Romantic Christmas Movies - Atlas: Now Streaming 41

Check out the discussion around three Christmas movies: "Holiday in the Wild", "While You Were Sleeping", and "The Holiday". Get a mix of several movies as we cover a selection of RomComs in our attempt to cover every Christmas movie we can before the month is out. (We have a lot on the list!) Get your streaming on, and remember to like and subscribe to the podcast. Merry Christmas, and may you find love under your own mistletoe this season.


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Carnival Row - Atlas: Now Streaming Episode 40

We review "Carnival Row" this week, walking through the dark and twisted alleyways of the fantasy-fueled Victorian-era series on Amazon Prime. So does Orlando Bloom strike fantasy gold again? Or is this an alleyway you should avoid walking down? Find out!


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The Office vs. Parks and Rec - Atlas: Now Streaming Episode 39

It's "The Office" vs. "Parks and Rec" two of the most beloved and rewatched sitcoms in recent memory. So which do you prefer? If you had a choice to binge-watch one of these series on repeat, which would it be? It's Michael Scott vs. Leslie Knope. Ron Swanson vs. Dwight Schrute. Jim and Pam vs. Ben and Leslie. Paper vs. Parks. We look at the similarities and differences between these two workplace comedies, discuss our likes and dislikes, and aim to answer which Andy had the best reasons for...


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Good Will Hunting - Atlas: Now Streaming Episode 38

We review the critical darling of the '90s: "Good Will Hunting" Is this movie all it's cracked up to be? How does it hold up? We assemble team members to discuss the merits of this Academy Award Winning film and get to the bottom of who did the actual writing. (We have our theories.) Don't waste $150,000 on an education you could get by listening to our #podcast ... for free! Not sure what to watch this weekend? Give this 90's classic a viewing, and then join our team for the #disucssion and...