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Several years ago 4 self confessed movie fanatics ruined their favourite pastime by having children. Now we are telling the world about the movies we missed and the frequently awful kids tv we are now subjected to. We like to think we're funny. Come and argue with us on the social medias. Twitter: @dads_film Facebook: BadDadsFilmReview Instagram:

Several years ago 4 self confessed movie fanatics ruined their favourite pastime by having children. Now we are telling the world about the movies we missed and the frequently awful kids tv we are now subjected to. We like to think we're funny. Come and argue with us on the social medias. Twitter: @dads_film Facebook: BadDadsFilmReview Instagram:


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Several years ago 4 self confessed movie fanatics ruined their favourite pastime by having children. Now we are telling the world about the movies we missed and the frequently awful kids tv we are now subjected to. We like to think we're funny. Come and argue with us on the social medias. Twitter: @dads_film Facebook: BadDadsFilmReview Instagram:








Dredd & Chucklevision

Staircases have always played a vital role in cinema; any time our hero or villain needs to ascend or descend a level, the humble stair is there to allow it to happen. Ripe for injecting symbolism into a scene or used metaphorically to show our protagonists character development, the stairs are also a place where fights, chases and sometimes comedy can occur. So join us and go stair-crazy with this weeks Top 5 Set On A Staircase. The legendary 2000 A.D. is a British sci-fi comic which has...


Midweek Mention... Dead Man's Shoes

Peter Andre has never seen Shane Meadows genre-smashing 2004 thriller DEAD MAN's SHOES so we sat down this week to watch it. Paddy Considine plays Richard, a former paratrooper returning to the provincial English town where he grew up in order to get his revenge on the small-time criminal gang who abused his brother. Terrific performances from Considine in the lead role and Toby Kebbel as his cognitively impaired brother anchor this brooding, artful film and as the fizzing script propels us...


Cats & Gabby's Dollhouse

Pussy is the undeniably obvious and deliberately provocative first word that's perfect to use if you have limited time to engage your reader and you'd like them to get to at the least the end of the first sentence of your description. In this part of the overview there originally was a story that ended up with Cats in the plot of Inception but then I realised there was a South Park episode where they did something with sheep and the plot of that movie so, time completely wasted and desperate...


Midweek Mention... Strictly Ballroom

A prolonged vicious online bullying campaign has led us to this point. We were encouraged to watch Strictly Ballroom, Baz Luhrmann's 1992 dance based comedy romance debut. These are our findings....


Moonlight & Disenchantment

The subject of todays Top 5 is one of the great American actors; his collaborations with Martin Scorsese alone have created some of the most celebrated moments and characters in film history. A firm favourite of all of the Bad Dads, it's time we sat down to talk about Robert De Niro. 2016's MOONLIGHT directed by Barry Jenkins and based on Tarell Alvin McCraney's unpublished semi-autobiographical play "In Moonlight Black Boys Look Blue" is this weeks main feature. An indie drama charting the...


Midweek Mention... The Slammin' Salmon

A few of the Dads found something to like in this listener nominated movie. Sidey on the other hand.... Well he wasn't a fan. Not by a long shot! We watched The Slammin' Salmon, and you probably shouldn't!


Whiplash & How to Train Your Dragon - Legends

If you have a car and a child, you will be painfully aware that even with the very best intentions it won't be long before the interior of your vehicle is a hoarder’s paradise. Assuming of course that the hoarder in question's idea of paradise includes odd socks, miscellaneous toys, hairbands, half eaten dried fruit and flakes of excrement. I've long worried/fantasised that some of this detritus, a stray water bottle or plastic horse toy say, will somehow become lodged under the brake pedal...


Midweek Mention... Legends of the Fall

A favourite of Dan's and an absolute epic.... we watched Legends of the Fall. Some stuff happens and it's all very dramatic. The main take away from this movie is that Brad Pitt looks absolutely incredible. He really does. I knew nothing about this movie, so I was taken aback by all the dramatic events that take place. Let us know what you thought of it. You can find us on Twitter - @dadsfilm, or even better you can hit up our website - See you on Friday for our Whiplash...


The Founder & The Tick

Did you know that the origins of frozen desserts are considered obscure? That there are several accounts of their history: some sources even describe ice cream-like foods as originating in Persia as far back as 550 BCE! No? Well why the fuck not? I'm embarrassed for us both. It's right there in the origin section of ice-cream on wikipedia should you ever be desperately short of ideas on how to introduce the Top 5 Ice-Creams in movies. I've eaten at McDonalds before as will have many of you....


Midweek Mention... UHF

When I was in my early teenage years I really liked the 'Weird Al' Yankovic album "Even Worse". It probably wasn't that great in hindsight, but the teenage me loved it. Then I discovered that Mr Yankovic had made a movie, I had to see it. And I did. I loved UHF all those years ago, but this was released in 1989 and things have moved on quite a bit. Can this movie still make us laugh? Who knows....


Boyhood & The Snail and the Whale

Mad Mums takeover this week as Reegs's long-suffering wife makes the nominations. Most of us yearn to travel if only just to spend a few precious nights away from the little ones, to see strange new places and experience different cultures and we attempt to scratch that itch by discussing our top 5 film travel destinations. BOYHOOD is director Richard Linklater's 2014 epic literal coming-of-age drama starring Ellar - son of Robbie - Coltrane as the boy to whom said boyhood belongs. Academy...


Midweek Mention... Fear And Loathing in Las Vegas

FEAR AND LOATHING IN LAS VEGAS sees Terry Gilliam bringing Hunter S. Thompson's Rolling-Stone magazine article-turned book covering the Mint 400 motorcycle race to life. 2 hours of drugs and debauchery, but what about the film?


Promising Young Woman & Danger Mouse

It's pure serendipity that this week sees the Bad Dads celebrating the top 5 British movies just as our Island prepares for war with France over post-brexit fishing rights that we had no vote in and were little more than a footnote in the overall deal until the reality of actually implementing changes affected professional fisherman in both the Channel Islands and France. What a ridiculous mess all this is, from the naive reassurances from local government that we would be unaffected by the...


Midweek Mention... Only Fools and Horses

Peter Andre felt like choosing something a little different for our first entry in our Best Of British week. It's still a feature length creations, it is in fact the Only Fools and Horses December 1985 Christmas Special - To Hull and Back. One of the Dads was less than enthused about the prospect of a ninety minute slog through this, but perhaps Del Boy et al can change his mind!


Page 8 & Malibu Rescue

To be a great dancer you need grace, athleticism and style as well as the emotional intelligence to convey symbolism through rhythmic human movement. Naturally this is fertile ground for us dads, well renowned aesthetes and admirers of the physical form. By which I mean that at least one or two of us have been to strip clubs. This weeks top 5 features some of the best dance scenes ever committed to celluloid as well as some of the strangest. Our main feature is David Hare's 2011 PAGE EIGHT,...


Midweek Mention... Airplane!

After a few hectic and just outright stressful weeks, the Dads thought a good comedy movie would be a good pick-me-up. We made our way to the Man Cave to watch Airplane! Sadly on our arrival at the venue it was discovered to be lacking in the cable department. We had to slum it, and watch this on the small screen! Dan your mission for next film night is to sort out the projector (and all associated cables).


Palm Springs & Adventure Time

You can't handle the truth! And the truth is that was probably the laziest possible way to introduce this weeks Top 5, which is all about Courtroom scenes. From high stakes and huge drama to reindeer hit-and-runs and everything in between, be sure not to miss out. Andy Samberg's usual effervescence is exchanged for something approaching an almost zen like nihilism in PALM SPRINGS, showing on Amazon Prime this week. Taking the time loop conceit and adding anarchic new twists and a strong...


Midweek Mention... Cloud Atlas

Tom Twyker and the Wachowskis serve up what is surely one of the most ambitious films ever made with 2012's Cloud Atlas. Adapted from David Mitchell's supposedly unfilmable novel, Cloud Atlas follows characters inspired across time by acts of artistic expression in six short stories sharing an incredible cast including one of Sidey's least favourite actors, Tom Hanks, and one of his very favourite, Hugh Grant. With plenty of plot and thematic content to address in this epic 170 minute...


Arrival & The Boss Baby: Back In Business

Just about my favourite thing in all of cinema is the long take or 'oner', whether it's to establish character or geography, to infuse a scene with intensity or drama or to present incredible skill and scale from impossible seeming new perspectives. They are often dazzling feats of vision and technical-endeavour, requiring countless hours of rehearsal and set dressing, incorporating complex camera moves, precision blocking and clever editing to achieve. So we're going to talk about...


Midweek Mention... They Live

Well bugger me it's episode 100! We asked you dear listener to tell us what to review. After a long, tense and probably fraudulent twitter vote, They Live emerged triumphantly as our winning movie. So we discussed at length the movie, it's themes and the styling and upkeep of Roddy Peppers mullet. It really was breathtaking. So tune in, enjoy and stick around for the next 100 episodes! Thanks for listening!