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Podcast by YJ Kim






"Happy 420" from The Green Team Cannabis Collective | #BearMinds ep.7

In the spirit of 420, I had a raw, candid chat with the founders of the Green Team Cannabis Collective. Limited Time Offers: Carl, Carlos, and Max tell us about the early days of Green Team, being scrappy and keeping the business alive, and growing the business into the family it is now. Voted the #1 medical marijuana delivery service on Weedmaps and the Daily Cal, Green Team has consistently provided quality cannabis products to for their many patients around...


BridgeCal - Non-Partisan Political Discussions At UC Berkeley | #BearMinds 003

BridgeCal is a new club at UC Berkeley that aims to facilitate non-partisan political discussions. Interested in joining BridgeCal? You can find them on: Facebook: Follow Bear Minds on: Instagram: @yjkimjunior


Engineering Better Solutions For The ASUC With Sunny From The Pirate Party BearMinds Ep. 6

VOTE BY WEDNESDAY! 😀 Link to vote: If you didn't know, the Pirate Party movement, decentralized as it is, has done well for itself internationally: Vote Pirate Party - Sunny Aggarwal, Jon Allen, and Alexandra Tran - for 1, 2, and 3, respectively, for ASUC Senate. Share this with your friends. Here's why: Sunny has worked in several ASUC offices, both exec and senate, and knows the bureaucratic mess that needs to be cleaned up - while...


Machine Learning, Women in Tech, and Mental Wellness | #BearMinds ep.5

Karpagam Narayan, founder of Paloras Corporation and a ekryp, talks about using machine learning to proactively predict medical device and self-serving kiosk failures. She also talks about the role of women in technology, who her hero and role model is, and her methods of maintaining sanity whilst juggling the chaos that is running a startup. Find out more about ekryp at IoT world at, or by going to If you are interested in participating in...