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081: Golden Globes Recap

We all know the Golden Globes are the trashy awards show....right? Come join along as Beauty and the Bitch recap the wins and also go off on many tangents. It was a long night for us y'all :-p FOLLOW: Follow Morgan (@MorganizedMess) and the podcast (@BandBcast) on Instagram! Check out Morgan's BLOG ( Catch Morgan's new Literary themed YouTube Channel - "Literary Darlings". Visit out our Facebook page and tell us about...anything! Thanks for listening BBs!


080: The Great American Read

In 2018, PBS embarked on the difficult task of polling America to identify The Great(est) American Read(s). Over the year, they narrowed down the list of options to a contentious 100, which were then voted on by millions of people. Did your favorites make the list?!? Tune in to catch a detailed examination of the TOP 10 MOST BELOVED NOVELS OF ALL TIME as chosen by contemporary Americans (followed by a haughty and despairing perusal of the other 90). Cheers! We love you...


079: Happy New Year!

HAPPY NEW YEAR BB'S! We are so thrilled to ring in another year of the podcast and to celebrate all the amazing pop culture we consumed over the last year! Beauty and the Bitch is definitely sticking around to bring you thoughts, opinions, secret histories and games about all the latest...everything! Well, whatever we want!? Today we're counting down our favorite 2018 books, movies, tv shows and more! If you need some recommendations, we've got you covered! Here's hoping you have a bright...


078: Mary Queen of Scots

HOLD THE PHONE: we are gathered here today at the Beauty and the Bitch Headquarters (aka Mic's bedroom) to discuss MORGAN'S ALL-TIME FAVORITE queen: Mary, Queen of Scots. She has a new film out this year that regales us with the tale of her life and her nasty battle with Queen Lizzy of England. How real is this movie gonna be? Probably not real-real. How stoked are we anyway? VERY. QUITE! We love storytelling with a grain of salt and we love gossiping about the lives of the royals...and...


077: Bumblebee

Who loves Transformers?! WE DON'T! Well, the Michael Bay situation anyway....but we're open to this new Bumblebee addition to the fam! Come join us as we discuss the travesty of the Transformers franchise, what we do like about it (we're looking at you BeastWars!), what is absolutely ridiculous (Mark Wahlberg, anyone?), Shia LaBeouf's descent into madnes....AND MORE! We love you BB's! FOLLOW: Follow Morgan (@MorganizedMess) and the podcast (@BandBcast) on Instagram! Check out...


076: Aquaman

Whether you care about DC films or not, the GOOD NEWS is that Jason Momoa is the star of this one! Beauty and the Bitch are exploring our very low expectatons for this film, how the character of Aquaman stacks up against other superheroes, questionable casting choices, how this is tied into the Entourage franchise and more. We haven't loved recent DC adventures (except for you, Wonder Woman! Two for YOU, Wonder Woman!)....but we're willing to give them a few more tries. Like we said, the...


075: Fallout 76

Well, we almost nailed this numbering system....oh well. Beauty and the Bitch dives into the newest iteration of the Fallout franchise! And y'all.....we got feelings. On a scale from garbage fire to Fallout: New Vegas, this game is...a broken pipe pistol. FOLLOW: Follow Morgan (@MorganizedMess) and the podcast (@BandBcast) on Instagram! Check out Morgan's BLOG ( Catch Morgan's new Literary themed YouTube Channel - "Literary Darlings". Visit out our Facebook page and...


074: The Crimes of Grindelwald

Spoilers ahead in this episode! Morgy saw Fantastic Beasts, Mic is here to listen and help judge....and y'all, we got feelings (as per usual). We discuss the nuances of updated canon information that JK Rowling casually slips in this new installment, how they handle Dumbledore, WEIRD ASS SHIT that doesn't fit the timeline...and also a few things we actually kinda like. Tune in if you love Harry Potter as much as we do! K, love you, bye! FOLLOW: Follow Morgan (@MorganizedMess) and the...


073: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Beauty and the Bitch LOVE Harry Potter, but aren't afraid to discuss our qualms....and speaking of those qualms, have y'all seen Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them?!? The second installment of this film series (The Crimes of Grindlewald) dropped recently, but before we tackle the current housefire, we're taking a step back to examine our feelings on the first film, the franchise as a whole, and, of course, 25 non-sequiters. K, bye! FOLLOW: Follow Morgan (@MorganizedMess) and the...


072: Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Beauty and the Bitch LOVES netflix (obvi) and are SO here for the reboot of Sabrina (ya know, the teenage witch!). The first season of her dark makeover (Chilling Adventures of Sabrina) is streaming now. Watch it quick so you'll be caught up for season 2, dropping December 2018! FOLLOW: Follow Morgan (@MorganizedMess) and the podcast (@BandBcast) on Instagram! Check out Morgan's BLOG ( Catch Morgan's new Literary themed YouTube Channel - "Literary Darlings". Don't...


071: Bohemian Rhapsody

Beauty and the Bitch consider themselves queens among men, but we're happy to bow down next to the incomparable talent and fierceness of Freddie Mercury (and Rami Malek!). The new biopic "Bohemian Rhapsody" is taking on this MONSTER legend, so it's our duty to wade in and sound off! We've got lots of jokes about queens, plenty of shade, questions about queer representation and accuracy AND MORE on this week's episode! FOLLOW: Follow Morgan (@MorganizedMess) and the podcast (@BandBcast) on...


070: Charmed

Beauty and the Bitch is very on the fence about the upcoming reboot of "Charmed" on the CW. Now, look, it IS true that Morgan was into the original Charmed, But these days she recognizes that it's probably just a pile of 90's garbage. Mic watched it for the first time recently and can confirm fully that it is indeed a pile of 90's garbage. But it certainly contains drama...and you know we love drama! Catch all the deets about the original run and the reboot that's out now! We love you...


069: The Hate U Give

This week Beauty and the Bitch are tackling the wildly popular and extremely relevant The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas. This book and upcoming movie follow Starr Carter as she balances her life in the projects with her responsibilities and friends at an upscale private school. She is torn between worlds and faces a series of gut-wrenching decisions after she witnesses the the murder of one of her oldest friends by a police officer. This story focuses on the issues at the heart of the Black...


068: The Walking Dead

Beauty and the Bitch have a love/hate relationship with AMC's The Walking Dead. We used to love it, and now we hate/love it. Like, is it truly terrible now? Or are we missing something? Either way, we're back this week to get "hyped" for the a new season of Robert Kirkman's masterpiece with criticism and jokes about death. Your favorite kind! FOLLOW: Follow Morgan (@MorganizedMess) and the podcast (@BandBcast) on Instagram! Check out Morgan's BLOG ( Catch Morgan's...


067: Goosebumps

Beauty and the Bitch is here to bring the nostalgia back with GOOSEBUMPS this week. SPOILER ALERT: the theme song is lit and so are WE. We've got recaps of your childhood scares and unlimited shade about the movie situation(s) that are doing R.L. Stein's legacy no justice. FOLLOW: Follow Morgan (@MorganizedMess) and the podcast (@BandBcast) on Instagram! Check out Morgan's BLOG ( Catch Morgan's new Literary themed YouTube Channel - "Literary Darlings". Don't miss...


066: Superstore

Beauty and the Bitch is obsessed with Superstore and we think YOU SHOULD BE TOO. If you've never seen this NBC sitcome (also available on HULU) then you need to stop EVERYTHING you are doing right now and go watch all of it! Today's episode has *some* shade, but we're mostly here to share the love (plus indulge in tangential non-sequitors where we complain and chat as per usual). PLUGS: Mic recommends you check out Go-Go Boy Interrupted featuring Nico Santos (MATEO!). Morgan actually...


065: The House with a Clock in its Walls

Beauty and the Bitch is bringing nostalgia back (YEP) and talking all things The House with a Clock in Its Walls. This 1973 juvenile mystery fiction novel written by John Bellairs and illustrated by Edward Gorey is the first in a series of twelve novels featuring the fictional American boy Lewis Barnavelt. Mic was a big fan as a young person and there will likely be many more fans of the upcoming movie adaptation that is set to release on September 21st, 2018. Whether you love YA,...


064: I'll Be Gone in the Dark

Beauty and the Bitch GOES THERE (like Degrassi); this week we are taking on true crime and one CRAZY case in particular. The Golden State Killer was arrested for his crime spree (circa 70's-80's) just this year, thanks to advanced DNA technology. Michelle McNamara unfortunately didn't live to witness justice. She passed away in 2017, but her book I'll Be Gone in the Dark: One Woman's Obsessive Search for the Golden State Killer was published posthumously. Her desire to help get this case...


063: Neverwhere

This week Beauty and the Bitch are diving into Neil Gaiman's CLASSIC "Neverwhere." Originally adapted as a BBC II Mini-series, Gaiman quickly saw the need to re-write and adapt as a novel alongside the show. (TIPS: The novel is way better). Mic and Morgan discuss a shared love of Gaiman (and Gay-men), while disecting Neverwhere and who should check it out (EVERYONE REALLY). PLUGS: Mic just saw Room (he's late, okay) and thinks EVERYONE SHOULD SEE IT. It's beautiful, sad, inspiring, and...


062: Outlander

This week Beauty and the Bitch are diving into Diana Gabaldon's Outlander! Oooh sexxxy! Starz has popularized this fantasy/romance/period drama and season 4 starts VERY SHORTLY. Morgan is a big fan and is currently plowing through Book 4 in preparation for Season 4. Mic thinks it all sounds slightly ridiculous, but agrees that Sam Heughan (Jamie Fraser) is a god among men (SPOILERS: we talk about this fact. A. Lot). So, if you're into time travelling, fantasy, period pieces, messy...