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048: Solo A Star Wars Story & other Sequels

This week on the Podcast we're talking about Sequels & Solo! Solo a Star Wars story is out just in time for Summer Blockbuster season and we are (sort of) excited for it! We, of course, have some Scruples (after all this is "Beauty and the Bitch: Scruple-cast)- but we're V excited to see Donald Glover as a young Lando! Sequels and Spin Offs are also a big part of the Hollywood landscape right now, so we spend some time exploring this idea as well! Is creativity dead? Do we find the best...


047: Slender Man / Urban Legends

We all grew up with some form of Urban Legends causing us sleepless-ness, or fun with friends, or fear of the dark. Urban Legends are a staple in our lives as know it! These Legends shift geographically, and stories change over time as new fears are introduced. Slender Man is a new-er Urban Legend that is scary as shit! Come check out the history of Urban Legends, and the birth of Slender Man with Beauty and the Bitch! We talk about the forthcoming film featuring Slender Man, and the...


046: Summer Blockbusters

Summer Blockbuster Movie Season is upon us! There will be countless explosions, Super Heroes, car chases, dinosaurs, quips, rips & (badly written) romance. We LIVE for Summer Blockbusters that breathe entertainment into our lives, and get us hyped for the heat (of which there is MUCH in Texas). So, here we are to countdown the top movies were excited about, and also the flops we expect to see. What Summer Blockbusters are you stoked about? Let us know! PLUGS: FOLLOW: Follow...


045: Movies that Never Were

Have you ever heard of Movies that Never were? There are so many near misses of movies that almost were, but never were. Maybe it was an idea floating around, that deserved to be a full fledged movie, maybe it began production, maybe it fell apart because of money issues.....the point is, if it never was, we wanna talk about it. Speculation is our strong suit, and throwing around judgements for things we have no attachment to, without repercussions is our main stay. We love it. So, join...


044: The Avengers: Infinity Wars

Y'all Marvel's latest installment (The Avenger's: Infinity War) is GOING TO BE BANANAS (B-A-N-A-N-A-S)! There is so much leading up to this installment (including 18 full-length feature films, and approximately 50,000 episodes of TV......that *some* of us haven't gotten around to yet!). So, needless to say, THIS IS A LOT TO PREPARE FOR. Fret not BB's, for we are here to help! We are joined on todays episode by our very dear friend (and first repeat guest!) Dr. Andrew Friedenthal, who...


043: The Handmaid's Tale

Margaret Atwood's "The Handmaid's Tale" was an amazing memoir published in 1985. FAKE NEWS! Just kidding, "The Handmaid's Tale" was NOT a memoir, but has horrifying potential to become such. We love this book by Margaret Atwood, that covers topics pertinent to today's society, and act as a reminder of what could be if we let hatred win. This story has been adapted for the screen by HULU, and sesason two is just around the corner! Check out our episode for a recap of Season 1 (and...


042: Voldemort: Origins of the Heir

Today on Beauty and the Bitch, Mic and Morgan take a deep dive into the amazing (and explicit) world of fan-fiction by exploring the latest Potter-craze: Voldemort: Origins of the Heir. This 52 minute long fan-film brings us the history of Tom Marvolo Riddle (I AM LORD VOLDEMORT), which we DIDN'T EVEN KNOW WE WERE MISSING IN OUR LIVES! We explore some other amazing Potter fan-fiction out there, discuss our anger with calling "no-homo" on Dumbledore, talk about what we're missing in the...


041: American Gods

Neil Gaiman is a master of words, and we love and respect is every move here at Beauty and the Bitch. That being said, we did of course make room to TEAR THIS HOUSE TO THE GROUND. American Gods is (in our opinions) one of the best books (EVER), and a Gaiman classic. It has been turned into a STARZ adaptation, and is set to launch season two in April 2018. HOWEVER, there is too much drama not to discuss! Gaiman is right in the middle, and people are leaving, show runners are changing,...


040: Ready Player One

Austin, Texas' very own Ernest Cline has given us a sweeping sci-fi/fantasy epic made for every kid from the 80's who LOVE nostalgia (and video games, and movies, and books, and style AND DRAMA). "Ready Player One" was one of Morgan's favorite reads of last year (though it came out several years ago), and is definitely for most any Sci-Fi/Fantasy Lover! So, needless to say, it hits all of *our* buttons, so we're a little biased here. WE LOVE IT. And, to commemorate our love for the book,...


039: The Hobbit, pt. 3

Beauty and the Bitch are taking on part three of Peter Jackson's "The Hobbit" series. Will they be more bitchy than before? Will "The Hobbit" movies continue to be unneccarily long? What happened to Smaug? Can we hold our own attention? If anyone can do it, Beauty and the Bitch can! We continue on our path of jokes at the expense of Benedict Cumberswizzle, we mourn Smaug, we salute Martin Freeman c(and his Bilbo), and we complain about everything. We also face continue to confront the...


038: Annihilation

Beauty and the Bitch has taken a step into the wild, deep darkness of Jeff van der Meer's Southern Reach Trilogy. This interesting, and twisted trilogy has received the Hollywood treatment with *amazing* director Alex Garland (Ex Machina), who has co-written and directed Annihilation. So, naturally, we have feelings about this crazy tale, how the adaptation has shaped up (and changed in a number of drastic ways) and what we think that might mean. So, come and revel in our feelings, enjoy...


037: A Wrinkle in Time

Listen, what follows is the truth. MADELINE L'ENGLE IS A MAGICAL UNICORN GENIUS AHEAD OF HER TIME, INSPIRING YOUNG PEOPLE TO DREAM BIG, AND OH YEAH REMEMBER WE ARE INFINITESIMAL IN THE UNIVERSE SO EMBRACE BIG IDEAS. Glad we got that out of the way. So. On today's episode we are covering "A Wrinkle in Time," which is getting the Reese Witherspoon treatment on the forthcoming adaptation. Witherspoon has made strides in Hollywood to became the go-to gal for book to screen adaptations. She...


036: The Oscars Predictions

Hi BB's: Turns out we're no good at predictions, but great at talking trash! Join us for another attempt at nailing an awards season! We've got predictions, our fave movies of 2017, whats on our "to be watched list" and more! FOLLOW: Follow Morgan (@MorganizedMess and the podcast (@BandBcast) on Instagram! Check out Morgan's new BLOG (MorganizedMess.com) Catch Morgan's new Literary themed YouTube Channel - "Literary Darlings" Check out the podcast + Mic's "Lets Play" (video game...


035: The Walking Dead

Hey BB's: #Spoilers for previous seasons; #NoSpoilers for current season! Are you a fan of AMC's "The Walking Dead?" Do you devour the Robert Kirkman graphic novels? Are you hungry for zombie dramas? Does your brain....er, crave entertainment? Then you're in the right place! At Beauty and the Bitch, we LOVE "The Walking Dead". Like. We love it. Mic even likes Carl (who, admittedly, has even grown on me!). However, as a fan of "The Walking Dead", you have to endure a lot of shit. And...


034: Black Panther

Hey BB's: Today we are joined by our super smart film buff friend- Dallas! Dallas takes us through the intricate weavings of film maker Ryan Coogler's career (and why he SO deserves the props he's getting!), along with some jokes, Michael B. Jordan gossips, miscellaneous musings and general rantings. We explore why it's so powerful to (finally) have a super hero of color in the main role, and how gorgeous everyone in this film is. Dare we say, it sounds perfect? WE DARE. So much to look...


033: The Hobbit, pt. 2

Hey BB's: As Promised, here is part 2 in the unnecessary 3-part episode series covering "The Hobbit" (looking at you Peter Jackson). We dive in to the action packed, song-ful, fictional-love fueled, Smaug-tastic episode of our adventure. We finally get to see Benedict Cumberswizzle in all his glory as Smaug, and see Martin Freeman come more into Bilbo than ever before. We also face the controversial love story of Tauriel and Fili: where do you stand on this invented melo-drama (we're...


032: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Pt. 2

BB's: Times run out, the Order has suffered losses, and the Dark Lord has ceased to be vanquished. IF ONLY WE HAD TWO MORE BOOKS TO WRAP UP THIS STORY....oh....wait. NVM! JKJKJK! (Rowling that is). But, seriously, we're here to bring you Part 2 of our Order of the Phoenix talk, and: WE COMING FOR YOU CHO CHANG. (among other casualties) Book 5 brings us ever closer to the conclusion of our re-read/re-watch/re-visit/existential Wizarding questions: so join us! We've got gabs, goofs, and...


031: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Pt. 1

BB's: What if we created a secret organization of Wizards, bent on squashing the Dark Lord, and hanging out for quick quips and battles of wits? OH, WELL I GUESS THAT WOULD BE COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT CUZ IT'S ALREADY BEEN DONE. OKAY, J.K. ROWLING. OKAY. But, seriously, we're here to cover the finer nuances of this oft proclaimed "least favorite" read in the Harry Potter verse: The Order of the Phoenix. Book 5 brings us ever closer to the conclusion of our...


030: The Hobbit Pt. 1

BB's: Bear with us on this UNNECCESARY THREE PART ENDEAVOR TO COVER THE HOBBIT. That's right, we're looking at you Peter Jackson. After his magicial wonderland that was The Lord of the Rings, ole Pete decided that he wanted to take the 95,456 words of The Hobbit and pair them with a little bit of nonsense, made up things/characters, and bits from The Lost Tales + The Silmarillion - and turn it into a trilogy! We can not tell you why. What we can tell you, is that we have SO MANY FEELINGS...


029: The Magician's Returns!

Hi BB's! Today we are revisiting our very first topic ever covered on the podcast: The Magicians! We love Lev Grossman, and are so there for Season 2 of the SyFy network adaptation. Season 3 will be out in January (so soon!) so be sure to binge watch, catch our episode for all the deets, predictions, hidden secrets, and more. Who's your favorite character? Elliot or Margo? We know it's one of those two. What's going to happen? Is Alice still there? SO MANY QUESTIONS! Thanks for...


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