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BTS 124: Disney's New Streaming Service, 2nd Star Wars TV Show and a Breaking Bad Movie

Disney Plus promises new Star Wars series, Marvel series and more. Will you subscribe, or is it one too many services? In this episode: What Disney Plus entails, Platform wars, Deadwood Movie, Breaking Bad Movie, Orange Is the New Black sequel, Jay and Silent Bob Get a Reboot, Night of the Living Dead sequel, Roger Ailes movie, Plot Against America, Johnny Quest, Outlaw King, David Attenborough, Pacific Rim, Altered Carbon, Mowgli, First Man


BTS 123: Jemaine Clement Interview, Winter Solder and Falcon series, GoT Prequel

GUEST: JEMAINE CLEMENT. Jemaine Clement calls in to discuss a multitude of projects with Ryan Waniata, including What We Do In The Shadows TV series, Legion and a lot more. Exclusively on this podcast! Also: Winter Soldier and Falcon get a standalone series at Disney, Star Wars Boba Fett movie is off, Bohemian Rhapsody, The Orville Season 2, What We Do In The Shadows, HBO Streaming Issue, GoT Prequel casting, True Detective Season 3, Bad Boys II, The Witcher, Castlevania 3, Bojack Horseman,...


BTS 122: Netflix Axes 'American Vandal,' Digital Immortality, Friday the 13th Reboot

How do you feel about digitally rendered 'actors' appearing in films after they pass away? Also today: Netflix axes American Vandal, Luke Cage, and Iron-Fist, Mid90s, Hunter Killer, Gerard Butler, Wonder Woman delay, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Clueless, Apple TV content, Bird Box, La Llorona, Destroyer, Overlord, Johnny Depp, Friday The 13th with Lebron James, Guillermo Del Toro and Pinnochio, Rick and Morty meets Star Trek, Purple boys, Rambo 5 knife.


BTS 121: Michael Myers returns, Jonah Hill heads back to the '90s

What is the greatest horror sequel of all time? On today's episode: Halloween returns, Mid90s, The Mandalorian Star Wars, Netflix cancels Orange Is The New Black and Iron-Fist, Daredevil Season 3, Spider-Man: Far From Home, Pennyworth, Flash, Superman Batman changes, The Watchmen, Facebook brings back The Real World, Apple originals, AT&T streaming, The Romanoffs, The Haunting of Hill House.


BTS 120: Spooky movie streaming, a new 'Glass' trailer, and Snapchat TV?

Today we're talking about the best streaming horror. What's your favorite new horror movie? Topics: Best Horror Movies streaming right now; The Haunting on Hill House, First Man, Bad Times at the El Royale, Pet Sematary, Black Widow, Black Panther 2, Suicide Squad 2, Glass, Star Trek: Discovery, Streaming Services: Apple, Snapchat, AT&T, House of Cards season 6, Apostle, Rambo 5 villain


BTS 119: 'The Mandalorian' candidates, 'Venom' haters, 'Aquaman' sneak peek

Venom is finally out, Aquaman releases a 5 minute preview. What upcoming superhero movie are you most excited about? Also on today's show: Venom, A Star Is Born, Avengers 4 Captain America, Spider-Man: Far From Home villain, Daredevil Season 3, X-Men: Dark Phoenix, Aquaman, Hellboy, Star Wars The Mandalorian, Vice, Holmes and Watson, Heathers, Black Mirror Choose Your Own Adventure, The Main IN The High Castle, Stallone-aissance, Creed 2, Rambo 5, Mega Man Movie, American Vandal Season 2,...


BTS 118 Classic: 'GoT' finale predictions, Joker movie madness, and more

Today we re-air a classic episode of Between The Streams! Going back to August 25th, 2017. Who will win the Game of Thrones?; Spoiler Rules; Game Of Thrones; IT Clown Parade; DCEU, Batman, Joker Movies; American Horror Story; Stranger Things; Black Mirror; Han Solo Movie; Knight Rider; Starsky and Hutch; Curb Your Enthusiasm; Comrade Detectivehanning Tatum.


BTS 117: Loki's TV show, Twilight Zone teaser, Captain Marvel trailer

With Loki and Scarlet Witch rumored to get their own TV series, what other Marvel character deserves one? Topics: Disney Play, Captain Marvel, ABC Marvel, Daredevil 3, Iron-Fist 2, Superman Drama, Joaquin Phoenix Joker, The Sisters Brothers, The House With A Clock In Its Walls, Assassination Nation, The Ballad of Buster Scruggs, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Maniac, Twilight Zone, Mary Poppins, Space Jam 2.


BTS 116: Disney Play undercuts Netflix, Dr. Who Meets Star Wars

Disney Play or Netflix; Which streaming service will you subscribe to? Are they too many already? Also in today's episode: Operation Finale, Star Wars Episode IX casts a Dr. Who, True Detective Season 3, Ozark Season 2, Iron-Fist Season 2, American Vandal Season 2, Glow 3, Jack Ryan, The Conners, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood Charles Manson, The Joker, Top Gun delayed, The Front Runner, First Man, Blade IV?, Sharp Objects, Succession, Disenchanted.


BTS 115: James Bond Drama, 52 Netflix Original Series, Ready Player Two

Iris Elba seemed to confirm that he will NOT be the next James Bond. Who do you think should be? Also: Happy-time Murders, Searching, A-X-L, Crazy Rich Asians, Top Gun, Netflix Blockbusters, The Ballad of Buster Scruggs, Outlaw King, Hold The Dark, Iron-Fist Season 2, Death Note 2, It's Always Sunny, The First, Slice from A24, Bewitched, Ready Player One Sequels, Suspira, Elton John Biopic, Drunk and On Drugs Happy Funtime Hour, The Deuce Season 2


BTS 114: The MoviePass debacle & a robot actor lead in a movie?

Have you canceled your MoviePass account and if not, why not? In this episode: MoviePass timeline, Crazy Rich Asians, Mile 22, Alpha, Discovery Season 2 trailer and a new Spock, Star Trek 4 Kirk troubles, Star Wars Resistance, The Watchmen, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood gets a Bruce Lee, Green Book, Forever, Homecoming, Blaze, Bourne Spinoff, Robot Actor.


BTS 113: $100M Star Wars series, Jean-Luc Picard returns, Idris Elba Bond

The Academy Awards have announced that there will be a new 'Popular Category' at the Oscars. Are you for, or against it? Also; Idris Elba Bond rumors, Blackkklansman, Slender Man, The Meg, Star Wars series, Batwoman, Supergirl, Maniac, Mid90s, Sabrina The Teenage Witch, Patrick Stewart Star Trek Series, Twilight Zone Reboot, Predator, Apple TV with Rob MeElhenney and Charlie Day, I Think We're Alone Now, El Chapo for Between The Cracks.


BTS 112: 'Mission: Impossible 6,' 'Glass,' and another cheesy-looking DC movie

What was your favorite, or least favorite trailer from Comic Con? Also today: Mission Impossible: Fallout, Teen Titans Go!, Venom, Glass, Aquaman, Discovery 2, Godzilla King Of Monsters, Charlie's Angels, Dark Tourist, How It Ends, Locke and Key, Daybreak, Mowgli, Game of Thrones prequel, The Shop, The Deuce, Wrecked


BTS 111: Latest news from Comic-Con 2018, Titans, Godzilla, Mayans

We have the latest roundup of new from Comic-Con, but what are you most excited for? In this episode: Titans, DC Streaming Services, Iron-Fist 2, Nightflyers, Better Call Saul, Glass, Godzilla, Stranger Things 3, Star Trek: Discovery, Venom, Aquaman, It, Bumblebee, Equalizer 2, Blindspotting, Mama Mia, Mayans MC, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, Shark Week


BTS 110: Netflix vs. HBO, Robocop Reboot, Extinction

HBO vs. Netflix: Which one is better? Netflix topped HBO for the first time and we discuss the meetings regarding the future of both. Also: Skyscraper, Sorry To Bother You, Lando joins Star Wars, Mission Impossible, Robocop 2 Reboot, Downton Abbey, Black Widow, Who Is America?, Castle Rock, Extinction, Mr. Sunshine, Mary Queen of Scots, The Favourite, The Lobster.


BTS 109: Keanu Reeves Interview, Star Wars Ep IX casting

Ryan had an exclusive interview with Keanu Reeves today, discussing Bill and Ted 3, The Matrix, and his new movie Siberia. Also, Keri Russell as been cast for Star Wars Ep IX; Who else should be? Plus: Ant-Man and The Wasp, DC Universe, Titans, Glass, Sharp Objects, Comedians Coffee, The Legacy Of A White Tail Deer Hunter, Ozark, Ultraman, Gundam, The House With A Clock In It's Walls, Sonic, Miles Teller is Goose, Idris Elba joins Hobbs and Shaw.


BTS 108: Bloodier 'Sicario,' 'GLOW' season 2, and the search for Goose's son

What is your favorite binge-worthy TV series that you are watching right now? Greg's is Goliath and we'll discuss more about them. Also: Sicario 2, Three Identical Strangers, The Predator, GLOW, Disenchantment, The Purge, Wellington Paranormal, The Watchmen, Righteous Gemstones, Halo, Jordan Peele's Weird, Top Gun 2 casting, Once Upon A Time in Hollywood, Indiana Jones 5, Welcome to Marwen, Mandy. Plus an iPhone X and Speck giveaway!


BTS 107: Jurassic World, Luke Cage, Star Trek rumors

Are you excited for Jurassic World? Or do you think this is one too many? We'll discuss where the franchise may go and more on this week's episode. Including: Star Wars rumors/not rumors, Star Trek multiple new series, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Disney and Fox, Oprah and Apple, The Conners, Animal World, The Terror, The Nun, Marvin Gaye, First Man


BTS 106: The Incredibles return, Superfly update, 2 new Joker movies

What is your favorite Pixar movie of all time? We'll discuss that and the following topics on today's epic episode: The Incredible 2, Superfly remake, Game of Thrones prequel, Lord of the Rings prequel, DC Cinematic Universe: Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Joaquin Phoenix Joker, Jared Leto Joker, Batman minus Ben, DC Dark, The Predator, House of Cards, Dolemite with Eddie Murphy and Wesley Snipes, Dr. Sleep.


BTS 105: R.I.P. Anthony Bourdain, first Bumblebee trailer, 'Top Gun 2' shapes up

What is the best Horror Movie of the last 5 years? Horror is experiencing a renaissance and we'll give the details on some new films. Also, we say goodbye to Anthony Bourdain. He was a tremendous force and an inviting personality that allowed so many of us to experience a world we may never see in person. Also: Hereditary, Halloween, Ocean's 8, Hotel Artemis, Star Wars IX, Top Gun, Bumblebee, Star Trek Discovery 2, A Star Is Born, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, Terminator, John Wick, Barry.