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Get your daily dose of drama from host Kim Hasara on all your Bravo East Coast Housewives!

Get your daily dose of drama from host Kim Hasara on all your Bravo East Coast Housewives!


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Get your daily dose of drama from host Kim Hasara on all your Bravo East Coast Housewives!




Retweets with Vivian

Bravo housewife fan, Vivian @housewivestweet stops by to dish her dirt and 'her opinion' on all things RHONY, RHOP, RHONJ, RHOA, RHOBH, get the picture! Listen to her all-star cast and the housewife she loves to hate. She has a lot to say about the upcoming season of our Jersey gals and find out who she relates to the most. Buckle up for this ride because it is a potpourri of fun and girl talk about the ladies we love on our boob-tube. Follow Vivian @housewivestweet Follow ME...


What the Bravo?

With our Potomac curtain closed, discussion of RHONJ, RHOC, RHOA are in order. When will we see the trailer of Jersey? Find out the unexpected with our Million Dollar Listing NY's Fredrik Eklund, my thoughts on the Madison/Austen drama from Southern Charm, and why is Below Deck the most popular show during this time? Follow me @bravoyinzer Follow us @bleavpopculture and @bleavpodcasts on the IG, honey! Rate, review, subscribe, share!


Goodbye 2020, BRAVO 2021 with David Yontef

We have Behind the Velvet Rope Podcast, David Yontef, here saying goodbye 2020 and hello 2021! David helps me count down my top 10 Bravo moments from this past year with some reflection, informative opinions, and some special TEA you haven't heard anywhere else! Join us while we break the bravo year down while drinking a glass of rosé, or two! Follow David @behindvelvetrope and @davidyontef Follow ME @bravoyinzer Follow us @bleavpodcasts and @bleavpopculture on the IG, honey!


UPDATE for New Year's Episode

update: episode postponed due to technical issues Hang tight; it will be resolved!


RHOPing up Season 5 with Brent Griffin

We are a wrap with RHOP, season 5, with Brent Griffin's return, dishing his opinion and reflecting on the 3 part reunion. Brent gives us the male perspective with all things Michael and Ashley's marriage, Pastor Jamal and Gizelle Bryant, and performs his best Chris Samuels impression. Find out what he discovered with his journey of Potomac and what he is taking away from the experience. Who is the housewife he'd hang with and who would he be good without? Tune in for his expressive and...


12 Days of Housewives with Kyle Stephen

He's back yinz guys, the @therealkylestephen is here! For the holiday spirit, he is giving us his 12 days of housewives best theme parties, while there will also be a little singing and storytelling, Christmas style. Who are the housewives that throw the best parties, who are the housewives that have the most musical talent? Tune in to find out! A special "Twas the Night Before Christmas" poem read by yours truly, with the help of our lovely guest! Follow Kyle @therealkylestephen (IG and...


Monique's BURN BOOK - Part 1

Buckle your seat belt for Part 1 of RHOP reunion! As RHONY Leah would say, shots will be fired! Expect it from all directions, particularly from Karen and Monique. Gizelle is in the hot seat about her current status with Jamal, and Wendy addresses certain buzz words that Ashley presented in the season. This is only Part 1 and the altercation between Candiace and Monique was barely touched! WTB covers the passing of LVP's dog, Giggy, Madison's break-up with Austen and just found out Summer...


Juan's Proposal - RHOP Season Finale Edition

The RHOP season finale is here! We see Robyn get her fairytale ending like RHONY's Tinsley with Juan proposing at their Winter Wonderland party. Candiace shows off her talent with her debut performance of "I See You" remix and Michael can't get over the fact that Juan proposed in the first place. Tune in to see if Michael knows more about Juan's feelings toward marriage and what causes the Michael and Chris blowout. Why did Karen arrive late to the party and what is the resolution to our...



It's that time again to attend another Karen event that we are all not sure what it's about...cue in her new wig line! She's hosting the girls to check out all shades of blonde (really, one shade) and praise Karen for her success. But does it always go according to plan? Find out who shades who and what's with Jamal Bryant's whereabouts? Wig it up for an intense shade of emotion with our RHOP gal pals and we're preppin' for the upcoming season finale! WTB covers the Basset fam, Gizelle's...


Gettin' Real with @realitydude_

IG's own @realitydude_ joins me to give his own perspective of all things Bravo! (particularly RHOP and the newest RHOSLC). Find out which housewife he identifies with and his thoughts and predictions about the upcoming RHONJ season! Does he have extra tea that hasn't been spilled??? Tune in to find out! Follow him @realitydude_ Follow ME @bravoyinzer Follow us @bleavpodcasts and @bleavpopculture on the IG, honey!


The Real Kyle Stephen dishes 'HIS OPINION'

We tap into the mind of YouTube channel creator/artist, Kyle Stephen, on his thoughts on our RHOP season, RHOSLC, and anything Bravo! Which franchise is his ride or die? What did he think of the premiere of RHOSLC? Does he believe Brandi or Denise? He gives us his amazing all-star cast with a kick-ass tagline. Let's dish it out and spill that tea! Subscribe to Kyle Stephen on YouTube Follow him @therealkylestephen Follow ME @bravoyinzer Follow us @bleavpopculture and @bleavpodcasts on...


Magic in Madeira - RHOP Edition

The RHOP ladies head to Portugal (without Monique) to have a fun, filled time with one another. Does it always go according to plan? At the first dinner, we already see and feel some tension. How does the Karen and Wendy drama come to a close, and who is being the messy one this time? WTB covers Vanderpump Rules ex-cast member, Kristen Doute, Southern Charm's Craig Conover, and the sad news about Erika and Tom Girardi's divorce. Also, tune in to the premiere of RHOSLC on Wednesday!! Follow...


Election Day 2020, Karen vs Wendy, Embezzle vs Embellish?

Election Day is here, so vote, vote, vote! This RHOP episode covers all drama with Karen's comment about Wendy's educational ignorance Robyn's company called embezzled or embellished? Gizelle is getting messy with the tea spilling out on the streets and Ashley invites the women on a vacation to Portugal. Candiace gets a huge ball thrown in her face with the Monique altercation and the women slither on out of Robyn's photo shoot. WTB covers RHOC, Southern Charm premiere, and RHOA's...


Podding with Monique and Wining with Wendy

We see in this episode of RHOP Juan shopping for wedding rings, Monique hosting her 3rd podcast show, Jamal's commitment to Gizelle, and the ladies that "Wine with Wendy." The journey of fixing Karen's marriage is still on the table with the Huger's seeking a life coach. How does Ray express his feelings in an old fashioned way while he doesn't realize it's 2020? Does Candiace find peace with Karen's decision to be neutral from the hair tug fight? WTB covers a Perez Hilton vs Andy riff,...


Sip and See and Spill Some Tea

You are cordially invited to baby Kamrynn's sip and see celebration, hosted by the Osefo family! Before attending, there are a few pit stops to make, including - Ashley and Michael's therapy session, Candiace walking into the Montgomery courthouse, Robyn with her new business venture, and the light cardio walk from Ray and Karen. The news spreads from the blogs about Candiace pressing charges against Monique, which makes for great dinner conversation at a sip and see. What happens next? Who...


Surry With Karen On The Top

We travel to Surry, VA with the Grand Dame, along with Gizelle and Ashley to learn about Karen's roots. She shares her incredible story of her family's history and also gets emotional at the church she attended as a child. Gizelle and Ashley see a different side of Karen that makes them understand how she is really coping with her parents' passing. Candiace and Monique are still reflecting on the hair tug from the winery hang from hell, while Robyn and Juan channel their alter egos. WTB...


Happy Bravo-tober with the MARVELous Kendrick Tucker

We have podcaster Kendrick Tucker, from Me & You, the Housewives, and Marvel Too, discussing the current craziness we are witnessing in Potomac. Did Monique really send her crew out to the blogs after Candiace's hair pull felt around the world? How does he is handle his emotions with our Potomac women and what are his predictions about the rest of the season? Find out his all star-cast choices, the housewife he relates to the most, and of course, his tagline! We get in to more than just...


Drag Me Monique Gets REAL and part 3 RHONY WRAP up

The event is finally here! This is bigger than the ponytail pull felt around the world in Jersey. Monique pulls Candiace down, physically pulling at her hair, adding some punches and leaving her own mouth to bleed. This episode of RHOP will go down in housewives history as the biggest episode EVER! Not only do we witness the terror of this fight, we also get emotional with the disconnect between Karen and Ray, and the disapproval from Gizelle's father of the rekindled relationship between...


RHONY Part 2 Reunion & Drag Me Monique!

RHONY reunion continues with part 2 - does Andy get an answer on why Dorinda gets so activated when Tinsley's name is brought up to the group? We find out who really put the vibrator in the chicken at Ramona's Hamptons Hang weekend, and is Dorinda seeing someone new? RHOP gets as real as ever with the truth behind Michael's whereabouts and the status of his and Ashley's marriage. Monique continues to sip her haterade Candiace juice, leading up to the 'to be continued' moment, where we are...


Part 1, RHONY Reunion and Michael Darby rumors...again!

RHONY part 1 of season 12 reunion starts off with a quarantine question from Andy. We learn that Ramona does not wear masks in the ocean, Tinsley's move to Chicago, and why Dorinda is still mad at Tinsley at all. Getting ready for the highly anticipated "Drag me, Monique" episode, our RHOP gal pals conclude their trip at Monique's lake house. The husbands travel for the final day to hang with their ladies. Who threw the best shade about their wives? WTB covers RHOBH with Denise's departure,...