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Bob's Basement is a show about change.




Bob's Basement is a show about change.





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Hey there! Been too long, I know. There is a little life news I hint at in the start of this episode, that I can't quite go into yet...and then my episode of WISHLIST from Pearl Jam Radio. I hope you enjoy. More podcasts to come more often - I promise.


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RICHARD PATRICK - Filter, Nine Inch Nails

Had some technical difficulties with this one...and we are a little late getting it out. One of the best Hard Rock bands to come out of the 90s is and was FILTER. Richard Patrick is the founder of Filter. Well, he really IS Filter. In August Bob had the pleasure of talking to Richard about his days in Nine Inch Nails, the new Filter album "The Algorithm", his sobriety and of course how does it feel to write a song like "Take a Picture" and see it grow and grow and grow


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ROB PREUSS - Spoons, Honeymoon Suite, Toronto Theatre Scene and TOAST HOST!

Sure he was in The Spoons. Sure he was in Honeymoon Suite Sure he is one of the most talented musicians the great city of Burlington ever produced...but he is by far known most as Bob's Duke Cousin Co-host of TOAST on Toronto Mike'd Podcast. Monthly Bob and Rob join Mike and talk about music of all kinds. This time Bob and Rob talk about Rob's storied career!


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KIRIN SINGH - Ki's On Da Beach - Destiny Villa - Treasure Beach Jamaica

In December 2022 Bob travelled to Treasure Beach Jamaica. And oh what a treasure it was! There he met entrepreneur and real estate developer Kirin Singh. A fellow Canadian Kirin had visited Jamaica in 2017 and thought "I'd really like to live here!" ....something most Canadians think when they travel south. The difference here is - She has done it! Talk about change! Also check out the listing for her villa that is available for rentals - it's stunning!


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LORETTA SWIT: AKA Major Margaret Houlihan, animal activist, actor, artist

Award-winning actress and activist, Loretta Swit, who received the BETTY WHITE Award from Actors & Others for Animals in 2017, joins Bob to talk about her new fragrance and her new book available at Of course they also talk about her many years as a stage and screen actor....and dive deep into the many changes that happened on the iconic television show MASH.


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ADAM ROBINSON - Broadcast Engineer / Expert

WARNING: There is Forty Creek Whisky consumed during this episode. Adam Robinson knows about change. He was the head of engineering at Evanov Radio Group for many years and during those years the company grew from 3 stations to something like 19. All of those stations needed studios built. Including 103.9 PROUD FM where Bob and Adam met. If you are a fan of Bob's Basement then you know we owe Adam a huge thanks - as he helped Bob put together his basement studio and still to this day Bob records on a mic that Adam has "lent" him. This episode was recorded in early December of 2022.


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JIM LANG - Radio / Television Host

Jim Lang is celebrating 9 years as the morning show host on 105.9 The Region this year. He has done television. He has done radio. He has done play by play. He has done talk radio. He has done sports radio. And now he is in the basement to talk "change" Bob and Jim talk about how growing up in a military household prepared him for all the unexpected changes that can come with a career in broadcast. Jim and Bob also discuss how technology has greatly changed the evolution of how traditional radio is made and consumed.


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KAT CALLAGHAN - Radio Host and Tik Tok Voice

Talk about change! One minute you're doing your successful morning show with a side hustle of a little voice work here and there...and the next you're on CNN, Good Morning America and Ryan Seacrest?!!?!? That's what happened to Kat Callahan when she revealed that she is the voice of Tik Tok. (Trust me you've heard her) BUT Bob and Kat go waaaay back. The currently work for the same company and it is the second time they have. (Radio is a very small industry) Take a listen!


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JOEL CARRIERE - Owner / Founder Dine Alone Records

Joel Carriere is responsible for bringing us some of the most iconic music in modern Canadian music history. His record label and launched the careers of bands like Alexisonfire, City and Colour, Arkells, Monster Truck, The Dirty Nil, The Sheepdogs and many many more. He has a unique viewpoint on how radio and records and band management have changed over the last twenty years. Oh and he also recently broke his penis. No joke. SO WE HAD TO TALK ABOUT THAT.


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KARL WOLF: Celebrates 15 Years of Africa

About Karl Wolf:Karl Wolf is a Lebanese-Canadian musician raised in Dubai and based in Toronto. He is a singer, songwriter and producer who has released 5 certified Gold singles in addition to his 4X platinum international hit, “Africa”. Having collaborated with the likes of Timbaland, Juicy J, Fatman Scoop, among others, the MTV Europe and 6-time SOCAN award winner has now released 9 studio albums and is still going strong! Karl and Bob have a very candid conversation about the changes in the music and radio industry. Karl talks about the negative feedback he received after putting his own spin on what is considered a classic 80s tune. And Karl talks about his upcoming cross Canada DIY live tour!


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JEFF "CHICKEN SHAWARMA" DOMET - but not. (listen to find out)

Jeff Domet and Bob began their broadcast journey's as interns on Edge 102's Humble and Fred Show. Listen in as they discuss changes in the media landscape and changes in their personal lives. Shawarma - is the first person to actually record INSIDE Bob's Basement. A momentous occasion to be sure! That was the original description of Episode 66. But thanks to a technical glitch (aka Bob messing up) that one hour + episode is gone....forever. In the meantime take a quick listen to an update from Bob and him talking to some youths about change. Yes. Youths.


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Nails Mahoney, On Air Coach

A few weeks back Nails joined Bob in his basement virtually from his home in Malta. Malta and Zoom do not get along - so forgive the technical issues/edits. Nails is a long time radio guy who just wants to help announcers/presenters make entertaining radio. He and Bob discuss the ever changing world of broadcast from the technical side to the details of what really resonates with today's radio listener.


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Sebastain Clovis former CFL Player/Host of HGTV's Gut Job and Save My Reno

Sebastian Clovis has had a lot of change in his career. From being a Grey Cup winning Defensive Back in the CFL to the host of very successful HGTV Home Reno Shows he has adapted to whatever life has thrown at him. He and Bob sit down and discuss what it's like to come to a new country at 6 years old and the journey and changes that need to happen to "fit in". Side note of the "small world" nature: Tristan's Dad was a teacher at Bob's High School and they sang in a high school musical together in a Barber Shop Quartet! Please note: Sebastian did not offer to sing with Bob during this episode.


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PAUL BELLINI writer Kids In The Hall and 22 Minutes

Paul Bellini is an award winning comedy writer and performer. But more importantly he used to work for Bob on PROUD FM. Join Paul and Bob as they discuss the art and science of sketch writing and comedy, Paul was a writer of two of the most successful comedy shows ever to come out of Canada: The Kids In The Hall and This Hour Has 22 Minutes. He also has a band with Scott Thompson called Mouth Congress. (One in which he freely admits he can't write music at all) So if you didn't win the Touch Paul Bellini contest help on The Kids In The Hall back in 1990, this might be the closest you will get.


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CRAIG VENN and MIKE LUCK aka Rock Mornings with Craig Venn and Lucky

Collectively Craig Venn and Mike Luck have over 50 years radio experience. Together they have been doing mornings on "The GTA's Rock Station" 949 The Rock for nearly a decade. Bob worked with them for a near four year span doing middays and music at 949 The Rock. Listen in as they discuss the changes in morning radio over the course of the past 10 years and more in this radio centric episode.


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DAVE TRAFFORD - Former News Director, Podcast Executive Producer

Dave Trafford is probably best known to Toronto radio audiences as a host and news director on Newstalk 1010 CFRB. Dave has recently left any kind of a "regular gig" in terrestrial radio behind and entered into the world of Podcasting and content creation with his daughter Erin. Dave and Bob talk about the many changes in media in depth in this episode. They also talk about how the are sort of related now....well, in laws.


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MIKE WILMOT - Standup Comedian and Actor

You might know Mike Wilmot from "Just For Laughs" and "The Nasty Show". You might know Mike from "Corner Gas". You might know Mike from his starring role in the cult classic "It's All Gone Pete Tong". Bob knows Mike because one of Bob's closest friends is Mike's little brother, Mark. Bob and Mike laugh a lot in this episode. They talk aout how the stand up game has changed, They talk about comedy clubs and bits. And they talk about a rather disturbing Unicorn that might get you in trouble. Be warned - there is a lot of NSFW language and content here. Enjoy.


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KURT DAHL - The Lawyer Drummer

Some people say drummers are strange people...some people say lawyers are a unique breed. Well Kurt Dahl is both. He's been the drummer for Canadian Rock Band ONE BAD SON for nearly 18 years and he's been an entertainment lawyer for a good portion of that as well. While some rock stars party in the back of the bus - Kurt negotiates deals. If ever there was someone qualified to talk about change with a unique perspective on it -it's Kurt. Take a listen and enjoy!


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Lori Gibbs: Yuk Yuks Headliner, Broadcaster, Motivational Speaker

Lori Gibbs has been described as a human anti-depressant. She is a rare commodity - a stand up comedian with a sunny disposition. She and Bob talk about how she knew at 20 that she wanted to be a stand-up - however she didn't take the plunge til after her 40th birthday. Lori has also been a morning show host in Calgary over the years. If you want to hear Bob give a curse laden rant about what is "wrong" with radio (and some of those who run it) take a listen to this episode...there is a NSFW rant after Lori shares an anecdote about a radio "consultant" she once encountered.


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Dave Kaufman, Radio/Podcast Host, Tragically Hip Expert

Bob and Dave Kaufman do not know each other at all at the beginning of this episode. They have merely "liked" each other's Tweets along the way. By the end of the episode something has changed...they seem like friends. This might be the episode in which the umbrella of change is spoken about the least, but if you want to listen to two grown men exchange passionate stories about music and broadcast, this will be a fun episode for you.