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Summer School

In this episode we talk about the 1987 movie Summer School staring Mark Harmon and Kristie Alley. Mark Harmon is Freddy the gym teacher who has to teach remedial English in summer (high) school if he wants tenure. All sorts of obligatory 80's craziness ensues all the while he tries to win over fellow teach Kristie Alley. With 80's hair, clothes and of course those tiny shorty shorts that men for some reason wore back then, this movie has it all! so join us while we Breakdown Summer...


Ms. Doubtfire

Hello again guys! Thanks for joining us again this week. This time we're talking about a Robbin Williams classic, Ms. Doubtfire. It's a personal favorite of mine from childhood and I'm sure many of y'all as well. Between setting prosthetic boobs on fire and the drive by fruitings, this film does not disappoint. So dears, have a seat and join us as we Breakdown this classic movie. Cover art credit....



Back again Ladies and Gents. This time we're talking about Devil. The 2010 Psychological Thriller by M. Night Shyamalan. Now, if anyone has ever seen this then you know that it's one of his better movies. M Night can typically be hit or miss. Lady In The Water and The Village are two that come to mind as being among his least popular, to me anyways. But there is certainly one thing he's consistent in and that's detail. So when the Devil is in the details then Mr. Shyamalan is your man. So...


From Paris With Love

We're back at it yet again! This time we sat down with a tasty Royal with cheese to watch From Paris With Love staring John Travolta. With action and explosions around every corner you can count on us to be your guides. So pull up a chair (or more appropriately Couch) and join us while we Break it Down. Cover Art Credit Bridgette Moffett Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Dream House

Well well well! look who came back? Get out of my freaking basement you lousy Emo kids! geeze! Now that that's over with. welcome back ladies and gentlemen. This week we're BreakingDown Dream House staring Daniel Craig and Rachel Wise. A psycological thriler with so much potential! Seriously, it could have be amazing with the multiple twists and turns but somehow it just feels off. But it's still James Bond fighting the forces of evil, only as a family man this time.. That's something? So...



More Welcome back again BreakDown fans! This week we're talking about the Drama/Mystery Thriller movie Awake. When an all grown up Anakin Skywalker goes in for a Heart transplant surgery, he learns that while lying on the operating table the Dr's performing the surgery plan to kill him, oh! And the reason he learned it on the operating table is because the anesthesia did not work and he was still conscious!...



More Holy soul patched BFTC listeners! welcome back to our weekly dose of podcast goodness. This week we are tackling the action movie Swordfish. Quick confession, these are written by the husband of Laura, and as a teen I really liked this movie. Now as an adult, watching this with the wife it was quite different. I wouldn't say that is is a horrible movie, but I would say that it is strange, and a little...


Jurassic Wor;d

Visit us at and shop the Age Of Radio Bazaar to support our show and others at Age Of Radio at Hidey ho podcast fan-a-renos! In this episode we're talking about Jurassic World staring Star Lord and the fish lady from Lady In The Water. It seems that, as usual, people have not learned their lesson about genetic cloning and manipulation. Because this time we have a new breed of corporate sponsored dinosaurs....


The Burbs

More Well hello there neighbor, we're so glad you joined us this week here on the Couch! We have it on good authority that the new neighbors are psychopaths and loonies. In fact Ricky Butler says that they are nocturnal grave diggers! So join us as we BreakDown the classic comedy The Burbs! Promo swap at beginning of this episode was with Ready To Be Petty podcast. Good stuff and you won't be disapointed! Give it a listen at where you get your...


The Babysitter

More Cole, a 12-year-old boy secretly has a crush on his babysitter. And one night he decides to stay up and spy on her. Only to be surprised at her true nature and now he needs to save to day. Promo swap at beginning of this episode was with Genuine Chit Chat With Mike Burton. Give him a listen guys. Interesting interviews and conversation in a time when it seems people would rather fight than talk! Cover art by...


Piranha 3D

More Well, we're back again BFTC listeners. This time we got our hands on Piranha 3D! now I know what ya'll are thinking. "Finally, they're watching Oscar worthy movies!". That's right folks! Nothing but the finest for our listeners. In this film we find Spring Break is in full swing, rowdy collage students and wild parties. But there is a party crasher on it's way to break things up. A horde of restless piranhas! That's right! It seem they just...


Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey

More Welcome back Folks! Come have a seat on the Couch. This week we're talking about Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey. Our three animal friends must navigate their way across vast wilderness to find their way home after believing they were left behind. It truly is an Incredible Journey, full of danger and excitement, and some drooling dogs. But don't worry, cats still rule! Cover art by Bridgette Moffet Learn more about your ad choices....


50 First Dates

More Well hello again out there BFTC listeners! Thank you all for joining us today......Well hello out there again BFTC listeners! Thank you all for joining us today.....Well hello....ok, enough of that! Imagine if you will that you have met the woman of your dreams. You two hit it off and it seems like a match made in heaven! Then, the next time you see her she acts as if you're a total stranger! She doesn't remember ever meeting you at all,...



Back again BFTC listeners! *spoiler ahead* This week we are talking about Hours. The 2013 film staring Paul Walker (RIP) and Genesis Rodriguez. In this movie Every Second really does count. Nolan becomes a new father when his wife Abigail gives birth to their baby girl. Sadly the baby is delivered prematurely and the wife passes due to complications. To make matters worse for our new dad, Hurricane Katrina has just hit and he and his baby girl are left behind, now he must keep her alive in...


The War Of The Roses

In this Episode we tackle The War Of The Roses. We found this on Netflix disc service, although it may be available elsewhere. Pull up your favorite listening chair and don a pair of headphones so you can follow along with us as we breakdown this movie from 1989. Directed by Danny DeVito, based on the Novel by Warren Adler, we find Oliver and Barbara Rose in the middle of a very nasty divorce after 18 years of marriage. These two will stop at nothing to make sure the other does not get the...


The Phantom Of The Opera

We're back with the latest episode of BFTC! In this episode we are Breaking down The Phantom Of The Opera, a movie based on the classic Andrew Lloyd Webber Broadway play, which is based on the even more classic novel of the same name (only in french) by Gaston Leroux. It's a story about an opera house Phantom who falls inlove with a young soprano singer. Unfortunately for him, she's a tad on the flaky side and he's forced to take the one route that makes sense. Kill and sabotage until she...


A Dogs Purpose. Book Vs Movie

In this episode we Breakdown both a movie and a book in this special episode of A Dogs Purpose Book Verses Movie. Be prepared to laugh and cry, then cry some more with us are we journey with "one" dog though the multiple lives of one dog on it's quest for what is the purpose of a Dogs Life. This movie was found on Netflix though at the release of this episode, they took it down. though you can find it on other streaming services or on Video at a Redbox or elsewhere Videos are available....


The Amityville Horror

In this episode we breakdown The Amityville Horror starring James Brolin and Margot Kidder. The Lutzes were a young married couple just living the American dream. They just moved into their new home with their children and pet dog. However, between the numerous strange happenings around the house and George Lutz's obsessive wood chopping, things start to go a tad eschew. So pull up a chair, plug in your ear phones, or buds, or whatever device you use to listen to your favorite auditory...


The Fifth Element

Bruce Willis and his famous "negotiation" tactics are on full display in this Sci-Fi action flick that also stars Milla Jovvava.....Jovavo.....Jovovich and the chameleon named Gary Oldman. With multi-pass in hand, our heroine Lee Loo is on a mission to save the earth with the help of regular "Joe" cabby Korbin Dallas. But Mr. Zorg with his evil soul patch are also on a mission all their own. Hop on our flying Couch and join us as we Breakdown The Fifth Element and discuss the ramifications...


Defend Yourself!

Lions and salesmen and uncles oh my! Come and join us on a journey with Uncles Hub and Garth as they entertain us with tales of adventure and beautiful maidens betrothed to wealthy a sheik. My friend Nicole and I breakdown this heartwarming film about a young boy longing to learn what it takes to be a man after his mother leaves him while she chases some cheap "scrub" Learn more about your ad choices. Visit