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Breakdances With Wolves is Gyasi Ross, Wesley ("Snipes Type") Roach and Minty LongEarth, a few Natives with opinions and a platform.

Breakdances With Wolves is Gyasi Ross, Wesley ("Snipes Type") Roach and Minty LongEarth, a few Natives with opinions and a platform.


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Breakdances With Wolves is Gyasi Ross, Wesley ("Snipes Type") Roach and Minty LongEarth, a few Natives with opinions and a platform.






Ep. 140 - BLM X BDWW w. BLM co-Founder Patrisse Cullors

Back from the dead! The Breakdances crew gets on the line with Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors to talk the movement, her struggles and challenges, the intersections of Native movements and BLM, the theft of Manhattan Beach and more!


Ep. 138 - My Corona W. Dr. Sarah Knife Chief + Tiger King!

The gang is here with the second of three episodes that got held up by the Rona, and they've got Dr. Sarah Knife Chief on the line to talk Covid-19, facts, myths, things to be aware of in this new way of being. Don't listen to your friend on Facebook, listen to the doctor. Plus, the crew digs into Tiger King, because what would life be without a bunch of insane YTs doing insane YT stuff?


Ep. 139 - Natives Take On the Rona!

It's kinda crazy out there, but there are glimmers of hope, there is good news. Part of that good news is that the Navajo Nation is stepping up and fighting hard against the Rona, we're joined by two of the Native women on the frontline of battle against the corona virus!


Ep. 137 - Dealing With The New Reality

With Rona effing up everybody's life, the crew finally gets the first of 3 episodes out after some delays. It's just a convo about life in the new reality, how to deal, how to live, what to do and not do, plus some very rare, and we mean really rare, words of praise for an elected official in Washington state.


Ep. 136 - Language & Culture With Amber Hayward Of The Puyallup Tribe Mixdown

Gyasi and the crew welcome Amber Hayward of the Puyallup Tribe to the show to talk about her work rescuing Native languages from extinction. Not your everyday convo, this is about the fundamentals of our cultural survival.


Ep. 135 - Corona Virus, the Boy Scouts and more with Storme Webber

The crew is back with poet, artist and writer Storme Webber, dissecting the news, the corona virus outbreak, the Boy Scouts going broke and the structures around abuse, and get a few dope pieces out of Storme!


Ep. 134 - A Bunch Of Blendians Pt. 1

It's Black History Month, and the crew are focused on that intersection of Black and Native heritage that so many of us have. To help the convo along we're joined by Winona Stevens and Ean McCants. Plus we got thoughts on Kobe, love spells, Erykah Badu's new fragrance and a couple other surprises.


Ep. 133 - Native Presidential Candidate Mark Charles

Gyasi, Minty and Wes are joined by the only (real) Native running for President this cycle, the Navajo nation's Mark Charles. He's on the line, talking the Doctrine of Discovery, Conciliation, de-centering whiteness, his strategy in the election and a lot more!


Ep. 132 - New Year, New News, with Elaine Miles

The crew is back in the building with returning guest Elaine Miles to talk news, including a big Fuck YOU to Jillian Michaels. It's that Native groove you been missing.


Ep. 131 - Racism & Natives - A Discussion w. Attorney Gabe Galanda

We're back for the new year with another chapter in our discussion of Natives and racism. This time we're speaking with attorney Gabe Galanda, who has made a career out of fighting for and on Native issues surrounding Native identity and rights.


Ep. 130 - Media, Storytelling & Owning The Narrative

With the acceptance of Breakdances With Wolves as a presenter at the SXSW Festival in Austin, the crew is taking time to talk about what it means to have Natives with the freedom to tell their own stories in their own ways, what it means to have the ability to own a narrative. This is what lies at the heart of BDWW. We hope you enjoy.


Ep. 129 - Fighting The Prison System & Returning To Nature w. Chino Hardin

The crew has a special guest this week, as NYC-based activist Chino Hardin brings his work on prison abolition and getting black people back into nature, to the show. It's a dope convo!


Ep. 128 - Victory At Licton Springs & Reclaiming Sacred Sites

Wes is in the big chair tonight with Gyasi and Minty out of commission, and he's brought Matt Remle of Last Real Indians in to talk about the victory Matt helped win to get Licton Springs declared a landmark and how reclaiming sacred spaces and introducing younger generations of Natives to their stories and histories is happening, right now!


Ep. 127 - Can Natives Experience Racism?

Gyasi and the gang are joined by Christina Roberts of Seattle University for a discussion about the thorny issue of whether Natives, given the legal precedents, can experience racism the way we've come to define the term. With all the language and contextual considerations, the answer isn't as easy as you might think..


Ep. 126 - The Pronoun Discussion Pt. 2

The Pronoun discussion continues on BDWW! This time we’re speaking with Hank Cooper and Raven Two Feathers, two natives who have stepped “outside of the binary” to embrace their own truths about who they are. Take a deeper dive into why people now feel so strongly about how they identify on the gender spectrum.


Ep. 125 - The Pronoun Discussion

Gyasi and the crew are joined by Dr. Twyla Baker. Dr. Baker is the President of Nueta Hidatsa Sahnish (Tribal) College in New Town, North Dakota and she's joining the show to help facilitate and provide insight into the emerging new norms around gender pronouns and how it relates to Native culture and modern social practices.


Ep. 124 - Minty's BDay, Chile's 9-11, Johnny Depp & Dior + 3 Things

With Gyasi off the grid, Minty takes the reigns and her and Wes welcome former Mayoral candidate, boxer, poet, lawyer and general baddie Nikita Oliver to the show. They dig into Chile's 9/11, the Dior+Johnny Depp+Culture Vulturing trainwreck, and a few things they're feeling! Plus Mama Mint Diva's Birthday!!!


Ep. 123 - Native Rights, Fish, Water & Lawsuits: A Roundtable Discussion

With legal proceedings proceeding, Gyasi sits down with Willie Frank Jr., Instagram Fran & Patrick DePoe to talk the fight for indigenous fishing rights and the legal battle being fought to preserve and protect part of the foundation of PNW Native culture.


Ep. 122 - The Hip Hop Episode

This show is all about hip hop. From the beginning BDWW and the hosts have all been influenced and shaped by hip hop. This is a deeper look into how one culture influenced another and helped create something exceptional. Along with personal stories about how the music impacted our hosts, we have some super, super dope stories from Minty about her early years in LA!


Ep. 121 - Of Treaties & Whales w. Patrick DePoe of the Makah Tribal Council

We're joined by special guest cohost Racheal Heaton for a wide-ranging discussion with Makah Tribal Council member Patrick DePoe about treaties, whaling, the reality of tribal whaling in terms of numbers and impact, and all the dirty, dirty ish that's happened when interlopers have tried to stop it.