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Greeley, CO






Brew Talk: GABF Preview, Brewers Association

Cole is joined by the Marketing Director for the Brewers Association Ann Obenchain and she describes how she got involved, and what the Brewers Association does for the craft brewer scene! Then, they talk the Great American Beer Festival happening this week! Beer 30! includes some GABF previews! Some tickets are still available for Thursday! Go to! Beer 30: WeldWerks - Spaghetti Gose/ Brix - Greeley Beer/ WeldWerks Juicy Bits/ Fremont Brewing/Head Full of...


Brew Talk: Special Guest Sean Johnson, Dark Lagers

On this episode, we are joined by special guest Assistant Brewer Sean Johnson of UNC. He talks about UNC's Brewing Laboratory Science Program, how he got involved in brewing, and what he teaches specifically to students. Then, they discuss the difference between lagers and dark lagers. Beer 30! We close with how you can get involved in UNC's program! Beer 30: Ayinger Brewery - Celebrator Doppelbock/ Ayinger Brewry - Altbairisch Dunkel/ Sad Panda - Coffee Stout Keep up with the crew on their...


Brew Talk: Special Guest Jeff Crabtree, Top Hop Program

Today, we are joined by iconic Greeley brewer Jeff Crabtree! The boys reminisce about their history, review Bootleggin' Days and talk about UNC courses on brewing. The top students in the brewing courses can earn a chance to brew their own batch of beer at Crabtree Brewing Company! Beer 30! includes a preview from Crabtree! Beer 30: Crabtree Brewing Co. - Freudian Slip/ Odell Brewing Co. - Cloud Catcher Keep up with the crew on their Facebook Page: Brew Talk FB –...


Brew Talk: Bootleggin’ Days Preview, Beer 30!

Cole is joined by Brian Seifried and Jake Smith to talk about the upcoming Bootleggin' Days in Garden City from August 24-25th. They discuss the long history of Garden City in terms of prohibition and the theme of Bootleggin' Days. Beer 30! We close with Eli Corliss of the Moxi Theater to talk about the music at Bootleggin' Days! See ya there (it is family-friendly)! Beer 30: Wiley Roots - Botanical Basket/ Odd13 Brewing -- Blucifer Keep up with the crew on their Facebook Page: Brew Talk FB...


Brew Talk: Rocky Mountain Taphouse

Cole is joined by Rick Powers and Alex Irizarri of Rocky Mountin Taphouse! They discuss how they got started and the inspiration for some of the beers. Charity is very important to them and they discuss how their beers benefit certain organizations. They provide some great beers for Beer 30! Beer 30: Rocky Mountain Taphouse - Oil Field Original/ Colt Brown Ale Keep up with the crew on their Facebook Page: Brew Talk FB –


Brew Talk: BEER HYPE, Steady Brewer Growth

The boys talk the Gnarly Barley Brew Fest last weekend in Loveland and talk about their favorite beers! We have Beer News!, which includes stories on the steady growth of breweries across the country and a returning brewery to RiNo in Denver. Then they talk about BEER HYPE! Have you tried a glitter beer? Beer 30! Beer 30: Verboten Brewing - Anybody Want a Peanut? (BREW TALK APPROVED)/ Fonta Flora Brewery - Swoon Unit Keep up with the crew on their Facebook Pages: Brew Talk FB –...


Brew Talk: Dos Luces Brewery, Cultural Specialty Drinks

The crew re-caps their weekend, then gets into some Beer News! We have stories on a new Denver-based brewery called Dos Luces, a new Arvada brewery, and Great American Beer Festival Tickets! Then, they talk about specialty drinks that come from different cultures and the trend to incorporate them! Beer 30 includes a preview from Wiley Roots! Gnarly Barley Brew Fest is a week away! Beer 30: Trinity Brewing - Damn, It Feels Good to be a Gangsta!/ Wiley Roots - Citradonkulous (BREW TALK...


Brew Talk: Ride and Revel Re-Cap, Beer Sponsor of Red Rocks

The crew begins by re-capping last weekend's Ride and Revel event, where Brix debuted this year's Lemon Wheel Pale Ale! For Beer News! we cover stories on the new official Beer Sponsor of Red Rocks Amphitheater, a new brewery in Loveland, and an out-of-state brewery that will be distributing to Colorado! Beer 30 comes with a new BREW TALK APPROVED beer! Beer 30: Uncle Bear's Brewery - Barkley's Peanut Butter Cup Porter/ Huss Brewing Company - Orange Blossom (BREW TALK APPROVED) Keep up with...


Brew Talk: Rock Coast Brewery Opens, Out-of-State Beers

Wiley Roots is celebrating their birthday this weekend, so be sure to join the fun! For Beer News, we cover stories on a broken pipeline that impacted Guilded Goat Brewing in Fort Collins, the opening of a Loveland brewery called Rock Coast, and CSU's new brew master! Then the crew talks about beers from out-of-state! Beer 30! is all about Arizona. Beer 30: Iron John's Brewing Company - Midnight's Kiss/ Wren House Brewing Company - Pecan Pie Thief Keep up with the crew on their Facebook...


Brew Talk: U.S. Beer Open, Juicy IPAs

The crew catches up on the past week, plus Kyle and Troy talk about some beer releases! We cover some Beer News, including stories on the U.S. Beer Open, distribution rights lawsuits, and seltzers. Then they talk Juicy IPAs, which seems to be a trend that is coming and going because of over-saturation in the market. Juicy IPAs are the theme for Beer 30! We close with a shout-out from Troy! Beer 30: Wiley Roots - Broadband (BREW TALK APPROVED)/ Odd13 Brewing - Hop Troll Keep up with the crew...


Brew Talk: FIFA Beer Thank-You, Independence Day Edition

This episode is about FREEDOM AND BEER! 'MERICA! To celebrate, the Lion re-caps a story of a capsized boat and his weekend that was....


Brew Talk: CO2 Shortages in Europe, Beer Festival Season

It is summer, which means there will be plenty of Beer Festivals to attend! The WeldWerks Invitational was last weekend, and we re-cap the fun....


Brew Talk: Goose Island Brewery Lawsuit, WeldWerks Invitational

We are joined by special guest Charlie B, who is a beertender extraordinaire at Brix Taphouse! This weekend is the WeldWerks Invitational Festival and there...


Brew Talk: Fruit in Beer, Beer 30!

The crew breaks down the fun at Greeley Blues Jam over the weekend, then talk some Beer News. We have a story on trends in...


Brew Talk: Odell in RiNo, Cask Beers

The boys catch up after a couple weeks off, and with Brady out, we're joined by Colefax! We get to some Beer News, including a...


Brew Talk: WI Belgian Red, Stephan’s Indian Ale

With not a lot of beer news this week, the guys let you know why 15-packs are better than 12-packs. Also what is “craftwashing”? ...


Brew Talk: The Hemperor by New Belgium, Beef Sloane

The crew starts by huffing the strong fumes from the New Belgium HPA known as The Hemperor. Whew! For Beer News, the Lion recaps the...