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The Home Theater Podcast That's All About The ExperiencesFor more information go to






Zappiti Pro 4K Media Player

This week instead of breaking down a movie DJ tells you all about the experience of using a Zappiti Pro 4K Media player. He also talks about Game of Thrones, Home Theaters being "Under Construction" and a give away as well. Plenty of Home Theater fun so why not just Push Play... 🍿New Twitter Followers 🍿 Movies & Scenes of the Week WandaVision Disney+ wvbrew on Twitter “Highly reccomend leads are fantastic.” 2012 Steve George on Twitter @LEGALBEAGALOK “@BrightSideHT Hey DJ! If...


Predator (1987) 4K

This week DJ steps into the way back machine and revisits the 1980's Arnold Schwarzenegger Action Classic Predator in 4K. How is the picture? How is the sound? What are his favorite scenes? Of course he gets into all of that. That's what he loves to do. But he also gets into a little A/B fun with DTS 5.1 vs DTS Neural X up mixing too. Plus listener comments, emails and just all around Home Theater fun. No reason really for you to not push play... 🍿HOME THEATER THIS WEEK🍿 🍿Links Bright...


Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring part 1 4K

What a big week for the first week of 2021 and no better movie to kick off the new year than the new Lord of the Rings Fellowship of the Ring Disc 1. But before that there is so much... A new Featured theater, TWO new segments are introduced for listeners to contribute and DJ weighs in with his opinion on when is a good time to have a ISF Video Calibrator to your house. PLUS, so much more...All you have to do is Push Play 🍿Links Bright Side Home Theater YouTube Page BRIGHT SIDE HOME...


Week 52 of 2020: Best Home Theater Experiences of 2020

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!! DJ welcomes in 2021 by breaking down 2020 and all the great Home Theater experiences he had in his theater. First he has some comments on the year as a whole, some listener comments and comments on this years Featured Theaters. What better way to start off the New Year then Pushing Play... 🍿Links Bright Side Home Theater YouTube Page BRIGHT SIDE WEB...


Week 51 of 2020: SPOILER FREE Wonder Woman 1984 on HBOMax & Theater

DJ breaks down the Home Theater experience of Wonder Woman 1984 vs the Theater all SPOILER FREE. Before that he has comments on projector settings and his opinion of the purpose of an ISF Calibration. Also listener comments and recommendations so there are plenty of reasons to stop reading and just PUSH PLAY on this Holiday Edition. Happy Holidays Everyone! 🍿BRIGHT SIDE WEB SITE🍿 Go to: 🍿MERCH🍿 Help Support the Podcast and look cool doing it!...


Die Hard: A Christmas Tradition

DJ sits down with his son Joe for the second annual Bright Side Christmas Eve Chat about Die Hard. 🍿NOTABLE SCENES FROM THE WEEK🍿 🍿= Reference Material Die Hard 4K (1988)🍿 Picture 🍿 Sound 🍿 Home Theater Viewing Time 2hr 06min 48sec TRAILER Opening46:18 Hunting McClane1:29:30 Want a Breath Mint? You can reach DJ at Twitter- @BrightSideHT Email- 🍿Thanks to: Theme Music by Jeff Bernheart/Throne Vault...


Week 50 of 2020: SHAZAM! 4K

🍿This is a jam packed week! DJ responds to some questions and also has a rant on the raging 5.1 vs "Atmos" debate. There is also another great Featured Theater this week! And of course DJ breaks down the holiday classic SHAZAM! in 4K. Just push play to enjoy all the Holiday goodness. 🍿BRIGHT SIDE WEB SITE🍿 Go to: 🍿MERCH🍿 Help Support the Podcast and look cool doing it! Bright Side Home Theater...


Week 49 of 2020: Home Theater Chat with Lee Overstreet from AV Rant - Sci Fi in Movies

🍿This week DJ is joined by Lee Overstreet from AV Rant to talk about Sci Fi in movies. They get into Lee's likes and dislikes in Sci Fi and how different movies tackle the genre in different ways. How Sci Fi has progressed over the years and in some cases maybe regressed too? Plenty of Home Theater tangents as these two just chat away and have a blast just hanging out talking Home Theater. To check out all that and so much more all you have to do is push play... Lee Overstreet can be heard...


Week 48 of 2020: Batman Returns 4K (1992)

🍿The first show back after the Thankful on Infinte Podcast event and DJ still has plenty to be thankful for this week. After a few comments and emails regarding that he gets to some listener comments and this weeks featured theater. Then he gets into this weeks movie that he really enjoyed and needs to be seen to believed. Just push play and see if you agree. 🍿BRIGHT SIDE WEB SITE🍿 Go to: 🍿MERCH🍿 Help Support the Podcast and look cool doing...


Thanksgiving 2020: Thankful on Infinite Podcasts

Welcome to Thankful on Infinite Podcasts!This is a 3-show, 6-man crossover event between the HT Guys, Ara & Braden from the HDTV & Home Theater Podcast, DJ from the Bright Side Home Theater Podcast, and Tom, Rob & Lee from AV Rant Podcast. We chat about what we're thankful for this year in the world of home theater, answer some questions from our listeners, and even debut an exciting announcement for one of the hosts! OUR CONTACT INFO: AV Gadgets Website (Tom is Editor-in-Chief):...


Week 46 of 2020 The Fifth Element 4k

So much Home Theater goodness to get to... Of course DJ is very excited ot talk about Thankful on Infinite Podcasts the HUGE Home Theater podcasting event coming next week but also he chats a little about the Mandalorian on Disney+ and of course the big news about Wonder Woman 1984 coming to HBO Max on Christmas Day along with the Theatrical release. Plus another great theater to feature and a bunch of listener comments. So much to get to and all ya gotta do is "push play" 🍿BRIGHT SIDE WEB...


Week 45 of 2020: 300 4K

🍿Week 45 brings us to what was almost the greatest Halloween Movie of this past October. ONE vote away. But the day has finally arrived and we are talking about 300 in glorious 4K with superb HDR. We also have another great submission for a Featured Home Theater that truely puts the HOME in Home Theater. Hope you all enjoy, now go push play... 🍿BRIGHT SIDE WEB SITE🍿 Go to: 🍿MERCH🍿 Help Support the Podcast and look cool doing it! Bright Side...


One Year Anniversary Special - A Star Wars Chat

This is a special week, this is the Bright Side Home Theater podcast's one year anniversary! So to help celebrate DJ invited his buddy John from their Bright Side Chat podcast to talk Star Wars in 4K. They talk about their history together, their history with Star Wars and of course break down a few scene's Bright Side Home Theater style. To join in on the celebration, Go Push Play... 🍿BRIGHT SIDE WEB SITE🍿 Go to: 🍿MERCH🍿 Help Support the...


Week 43 of 2020: Halloween (2018) 4K

🎃DJ wraps up the Halloween month with what else? Halloween from 2018 in glorious 4K with DTS X! Plus listener comments, another great Featured Theater and some comments about some Home Theater news items. A great way to end the month on a high note and have some fun. All ya gotta do is go push play...Don't forget to submit your question for the Infinite Home Theater Podcast event! HTGuys, AV Rant and Bright Side Home Theater will be sitting down for a big Thanksgiving podcast feast and...


Week 42 of 2020: Sleepy Hollow (1999)

🎃The listeners have spoken and DJ is delivering! Sleepy Hollow won the first Bright Side Home Theater Poll and by the slimmest of margins. But a vote is a vote so DJ broke it down. How does the 20th Anniversary disc compare to the disc from 2006? Does this movie need a restoration to 4K? Does it deserve a restoration? That plus some of the fun scenes to experience in your theater. And DJ has another Featured Theater this week to talk about so be sure to go to the website and check that out...


Week 41 of 2020: Doctor Sleep 4K

🎃This week DJ breaks down Doctor Sleep in 4K. He wasn't sure he was going to like this one or not but he really wanted to see a Ewan McGregor movie. Did he like the movie? How was the 4K picture? How was the Atmos? Plenty to talk about there but we also have a Featured Theater this week that is a MUST SEE for any Star Wars fan. Lot of fun this week in the Bright Side Home Theater. Time to Go Push Play 🍿BRIGHT SIDE WEB SITE🍿 Go to: 🍿MERCH🍿 Help...


Week 40 of 2020: Alien 4K

🎃This week was a horror week in the Bright Side Home Theater. DJ tells you all about it and his review of the classic Sci-Fi Horror film Alien in 4K. Plus, listener comments, questions, recommendations as well as this weeks Featured Theater. 🍿BRIGHT SIDE WEB SITE🍿 Go to: 🍿MERCH🍿 Help Support the Podcast and look cool doing it! Bright Side Home Theater Merch 🍿Featured...


🎃Week 39 of 2020: The Invisible Man 4K

DJ kicks of the month of October by revisiting The Invisible Man in 4K. Does this Atmos mix live up to the hype? How is the 4K and HDR? Do either the sound or the picture quality enhance or detract from the overall Home Theater Experience? Before we answer all that we have listener comments, this weeks movie recommendations and this weeks Featured Home Theater from Nelson Albino. So much this week, you better just Push Play. 🍿BRIGHT SIDE WEB SITE🍿 Go...


Week 38 of 2020: Home Theater Chat with Rob H from AV Rant - The Martian 4K v 3D

DJ sat down with Rob H from the AV Rant Podcast to have a Home Theater chat. They discuss The Martian in 4K and in 3D but first they go over this weeks listener comments, movie recommendations and this weeks Featured Theater from Theo. It's really just two guys hanging out chatting about the hobby they love. You can find Rob at TwitterAV Rant websiteAV Rant Podcast 🍿BRIGHT SIDE WEB SITE🍿 Go...


Week 37 of 2020: Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back 4K

🍿This week DJ had a little Star Wars bug that he needed to work out so he took a Bright Side Home Theater at Empire Strikes Back in 4K. Before he gets to the movie of the week he added a new section to the show, responded to listener comments and featured another Listener Theater. Lots to get to this week, so just push play... 🍿BRIGHT SIDE WEB SITE🍿 Go to: 🍿MERCH🍿 Help Support the Podcast and look cool doing it! Bright Side Home Theater...