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ANNIVERSARY EP: Not your competition ... Kortney Olson

Brodette Nation happy birthday! We are 1 years old and really awesome anniversary special episode! Natassia had the honor of interviewing the amazing, MFCEO of the GRRRL Clothing Brand. Kortney is showing GRRRLs of all ages that your past doesn't determine your future. You have a choice every day to be better and to make change in any way you can. Hear how Kortney is changing the game in the clothing industry and creating a movement all over the world. Thank you for an amazing year of...


Crossover with Not Your Little Lady Podcast ... Fried Green Tomatoes

Brodette Nation, Natassia had an opportunity to do a crossover episode with the Not Your Little Lady Podcast. In this episode with discuss Southern stereotypes we saw in the movie Fried Green Tomatoes. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Take a second to think about how movies focused on the American South. Thought of one yet? It’s hard, but a quick Google search will turn up movies mostly based pre-1990’s and are...


S2 E16: Season 2 Mission Complete

Brodette Nation, welcome to final episode for S2! In this episode I talk about the amazing season we’ve had, the women and topics we discussed. I also share my personal journey through this season as well as a little insight to our special one year anniversary episode released 28 July, 2018! I truly hope you have enjoyed this season as much as I have. It has been a true honor Brodette Nation, thank you for listening and supporting this movement. Stay Savage Brodettes! Podcast Promo:...



Meet Amanda Clegg, a woman on a mission to help others unlock their full potential. She is an adventurer, living the tent life in Australia and making the most of every moment, the good and bad ones. Amanda is also a survivor of addiction, an eating disorder and one hell of an inner critic who did it’s best to destroy her. Don’t miss Amanda’s journey to herself! Follow Amanda: Instagram: @amandatcleggFacebook: @amandastrengthofheartproject Website:...


S2 E14: Living life through a different lens

Happy 4th of July brodettes and do we have a special episode for you! Meet Kristen Arnold, 3x CrossFit games competitor, CrossFit coach, special needs educator, mom of two and advocate for her son and all children with disabilities. Natassia and Kristen talk about how they met, how to laugh through the hard times and talk about parenting a child with disabilities. There are a lot of giggles throughout this episode, but also an amazing story of strength and educating communities around her...


S2 E13: You can make the decision

This week’s post is going to be a littler different. Rachele Atreus is an amazing woman, mother, power lifter, #brodettevet and domestic abuse survivor. Her words are below. “Please be advised of a trigger warning for domestic abuse survivors. If that topic is something that causes you distress because of your own experiences in life, and you are not in a place where you can hear about others experiences, this episode is not for you. I struggled with decision of if I wanted to do this...


S2 E12: Don't SHOULD on people

Meet Jocelyn Rich-Pendracki, USAF Airman, talented photographer, mother, military spouse, leader and all around badass Brodette. Natassia and Jocelyn talk about how they first met, working with each other and the impressions they made on each other. Jocelyn shares what it was like growing up with a single, low-income home father and how she didn't let her past define her future. Her message to Brodette Nation is clear, don't let other people SHOULD on you. Don't let them tell you how you...


S2 E11: Doing life her way

Meet Ashley Fregly, do it yourself queen, USAF veteran, quilter, business owner, military spouse and newish mama. Ashley and Natassia take a short walk down memory lane, before they talk about all the social media hype on what you should and shouldn't be doing as a wife, a mom, you name it. Ashley's message is clear, do what works for you, not what works for Jane or Susie Q down the street. Listen to how Ashley takes on her family, responsibilities and life. Don't miss out on this empowering...


S2 E10: Stitches In Steel

Brodette Nation, meet #brodettevet Sarah Golf! Army vet, powerlifter, mother and business owner of Stitches in Steel. Listen to her journey from buying her first sewing machine to making clothes for her friends to starting her own business. Her mission is clear, help women feel good in their own skin by making them custom workout clothes. She understands that there are a lot fears and unkowns that can hold women back from going to the gym, your clothes shouldn't be one of them. Follow...


S2 E9: Follow your gut

Meet Trish Anderson the owner and created of @andersonsupplyco. She makes custom, adventure/gym bags for people all over the world. She talks about listening to your gut because it's your dream. Trish's big leap of faith has lead to her business booming and making amazing human connections. I love Trish's backpack, but I love her pure soul more. Listen to how much love her and her family pours into every product from their small business. Follow Trish: Instagram:...


S2 E8: Ironmomma

Brodette Nation meet Angela Tims aka Ironmomma. She is a strongman competitor, musical theater lover, mom and woman who has a heart of gold. She shares her experiences in competing in Powerlifting and Strongman competitions to her NOT wanting kids, to maybe and then finding out she was pregnant with the little love of her life. Angela shares her life as a mom and how she dealt with both pre/post-natal depression. We even talk about Natassia's favorite topic, the social media comparisons we...


S2 E7: The rise of sheSTRENGTH

Meet Anna Woods, a fearless, strong woman, whose mission it is to make women love themselves and bodies, one mind at a time. Anna believes in order to make a true transformation, you have to start with this mantra, "I am enough." Anna is not only the developer of the sheSTRENGTH app, leader of the sheSTRENGTH community, and fitness trainer, she is a mother of three awesome kids. Her need to workout from home came from the fact she has two special needs children. Did I mention she is a fierce...


S2 E6: Birds eye view of my life

Shaunlee Robben is a Brodette Vet, career driven woman, new energy life coach and single mother who found herself while battling neurological issues. These issues let her see her life from a what she called a "birds eye view" and made her realized she neededto make some changes. She shares the pain and struggles of her divorce and dream to help women reach their full potential and help their business aspirations come true. You also get to here Natassia and Shaunlee talk about the first...


S2 E5: Journey to the Crown

Meet Jasmine, author, mother, business owner, advocate and Ms. Black NC 2018! In our episode you'll hear us talk about our college days at ECU, to waking from the fog of depression to her journey to the crown. At the time we recorded, she didn't know she was going to win the crown, but she had a mission to stop the stigma against mental health. It was a fun and powerful episode! Follow Jasmine: Website: Instagram: @coachjasmineariel and...


Behind the Pod: Nothing Rhymes With Murder

Welcome to another bonus Behind the Pod episode featuring Kate and Georgie hosts' of the Nothing Rhymes with Murder podcast. Brodette Nation took a trip around the world to visit Kate and Georige to talk about their podcast and so much more. Yes, they have this amazing, popular podcast which takes listeners on a global journey of MURDER. Every week they look at a new country and true crime gem as well as fun hotspots to visit. We talk about mom jeans to day jobs to anxiety/depression and a...


S2 E4: When life gives you cancer, make badassery

Hey Brodette Nation! This next interviewee is a mortorcycle-riding, breast cancer-surviving badass. We also share the same hero-my mom! Ericka and I get to talk about everything from growing up feeling like she was too dark for the white kids but too light for the black kids to getting a survior tattoo in the future since her reconstruction surgery. We also get candid about the best things to do if you are a loved one of a cancer survivor trying your best to support them. Her biggest...


S2 E3: We're all perfectly imperfect

The weather is warming up and so are these episodes! Our next brodette is a fellow member of the #ladypodsquad and is doing big things in the world to inspire women. You're going to love hearing how Joy (last name) broke up with perfection, packed two suitcases, and moved to Guatemala to find the simple things that spoke to her soul. How brave and badass is that? We talk about the importance of vulnerability, climbing out of depression, and staying committed to changing the world. Joy knows...


S2 E2: I defy all things ... NO MORE BOXES

Brodettes, I hope you all have had a great week brodetting so far (see that? I just made “brodette” a verb) because episode 2 is here! Speaking of grammar, our next guest is all about literature and the English language. She’s a former educator who is proud of her passions and doesn’t let herself have pity parties. She doesn't beleive in boxes or labels. She has empowered herself to define what it means to be a black woman and is a champion of faith, diversity, and sisterhood. If you want to...


S2 E1: Back and more SAVAGE than ever

WELCOME BACK, BRODETTES! The #strugglebus can't stop S2! Life is throwing a lot my way but with the support of Brodette Nation, episode one is here. I can't tell you how excited I am to get started and to get real with you right off the bat. In this episode, you can expect half of an hour of how of my upcoming move, going back to living out of my camper trailer, free tampons, life lessons, terrible jokes, love for Brodette Nation supporters, and a preview of more amazing women and their...


BONUS: A look into Valkyries of Valor ... TAKE 2

Natassia had an opportunity to talk to two founders of the Valkyries of Valor organization, Maureen Elias and JoAnn Makinano. In this episode, you'll hear more about this new organization whose goal is to bring amazing female veterans and first responders together by conquering the outdoors together. If you're a female veteran or first responder and want to join this organization, follow them on social media, email them, and/or participate in any of their upcoming events. Follow Valkyries...