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Winnipeg Free Press writers Erin Lebar and Jen Zoratti chat about trending topics, life in Winnipeg and, really, whatever else they want to – their pod, their rules. They’re basically Statler and Waldorf, but cuter.


Winnipeg, Manitoba


Winnipeg Free Press writers Erin Lebar and Jen Zoratti chat about trending topics, life in Winnipeg and, really, whatever else they want to – their pod, their rules. They’re basically Statler and Waldorf, but cuter.






BtL Ep. 124: Strange Home Bye!

Jen and Erin discuss the strange days that have been — and the strange days ahead — living in a pandemic. And, after almost three years of Bury the Lede, the gals sign off — for now.


BtL Ep. 123: Wilco Corona Quarantine

Jen and Erin discuss the topic that has taken over the world: coronavirus. They chat about self-isolation and the cancellation of large events and why it's important to not only think of your own health, but health of those you come in contact with and the domino effect that follows. They also share some important podcast news!


BtL Ep. 122: Blind Arts Verdict

Jen and Erin discuss the Harvey Weinstein trial verdict, a new report published by the Winnipeg Arts Council and Erin's (and the world's) new reality television obsession, Love Is Blind.


BtL Ep. 121: Oscar Weiner Day

Jen and Erin talk about this year's Academy Awards — and how it was the most relevant Oscars in a while, the truly Winnipeg flap over a new hot dog kiosk, and why "how was your day?" can be the most infuriating question ever.


BtL Ep. 120: Arkells Taylor Timbit

Jen and Erin discuss the Arkells' incentive to get people to subscribe to newspapers and the new Taylor Swift doc Miss Americana. For Good or Gross, they try Timbits cereal.


BtL Ep. 119: Coronavirus Awards Circle

Erin and Jen talk about the Grammys and whether award shows really have much value or use anymore. They also discuss the panic around the coronavirus outbreak in China and the problematic return of reality TV show The Biggest Loser.


BtL Ep. 118: Trudeaughnut Parental Women

Jen and Erin discuss a scandal involving Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and a local doughnut shop as well as the normalization of parental leave. This episode remarks the triumphant return of Pop Culture Blindspot — Erin has never seen/read Little Women! — and Free Press drinks guy Ben MacPhee-Sigurdson swings by for an $8.99 beauty for Budget Wine of the Month Club.


BtL Ep. 117: Blue Monday Funk

It's January, and the gals are in full hibernation mode. They discuss the flu and how it can be fatal, Blue Monday and why the secret to surviving it may require a slight rebrand, and how Winnipeg has lost two jewels in its Winter City crown.


BtL Ep. 116 - Royal Fire Skin

2020 has already been a busy news year and Erin and Jen are ready to discuss the Australian bush fires, the Iranian plane crash and Harry and Meghan leaving the royal family, as well as a story Erin recently wrote about Winnipeg's skin-care guru, Tina Cable of Myuz Artistry.


BtL Ep. 115: FOMO Santa Pizza

It's the last BtL of 2019! On this episode, Erin and Jen discuss the politics of Santa Claus as well as cultural FOMO in relation to year-end Top 10 lists. They also do a Good or Gross on Boston Pizza's Christmas Pizza.


BtL Ep. 114: Prank Lady Reporter

What does the local band Panicland have to do with Green Day? Erin fills us in on a truly weird prank-turned-fan album. Elsewhere, the gals chat about Justin Timberlake's public apology after being caught holding hands with a co-star, and the scourge of the Sexy Lady Reporter trope.


BtL Ep. 113: Online Festive Box Wine

Hot Take: Online Shopping Is Bad. The gals discuss the downfalls of online retail and how to feel Christmassy when you don't feel Christmassy. Wine columnist Ben MacPhee-Sigurdson recommends a box wine worthy of holiday entertaining.


BtL Ep. 112: Moving Friendship Bombers

Jen and Erin chat about the hellish experience of moving — and the larger societal pressure to own a home. They also chat about emotional labour and what that means in the context of friendship, and the big Grey Cup Game featuring the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, who haven't won a cup since 1990 (Jen was five-years-old, Erin was one). Further reading: https://jezebel.com/the-overuse-of-emotional-labor-turns-all-relationships-1839958498


BtL Ep. 111: Media Work Christmas

Jen and Erin discuss the City Of Winnipeg's decision not to put up a Christmas tree this year; the idea of a four-day work week inspired by Microsoft's trial of the format in Japan this past summer; and they give their take on a recent article which criticizes the media's reporting on a recent spate of liquor thefts.


BtL Ep. 110: Hibernation Climate Crisis

Erin and Jen talk about the new and terrifying research that projects many major coastal cities will be under water by 2050. They also do a Halloween post-mortem and chat about hibernation season and whether it still makes sense to pay for cable TV.


BtL Ep. 109: Spooky Millennial Kidney

Would you give someone a kidney? Winnipeg Free Press writer and editor Jill Wilson donated one of hers so that Arts & Life editor Alan Small could get the kidney he really, really needed. She joins Erin and Jen to talk about her experience with live organ donation. Elsewhere, the gals talk about how how retirement is a far-off dream for Millennials, and Ben MacPhee-Sigurdson drops by with a truly infernal bottle of wine for Budget Wine of the Month Club.


BtL Ep. 108: Driving Wedding Signal

Erin is days away from tying the knot, so Karen Hopkins, author of the new book Wedding With Intention and founder of Bride Disrupted (www.bridedisrupted.com), is joining the pod this week. Originally from Sydney, Australia, the Vancouver-based former wedding planner believes we should have the weddings we WANT to have, not the weddings we THINK we should have or the weddings other people think we should have. Elsewhere, Jen talks about her best unsuccessful road test yet, and the gals...


BtL Ep. 107: Climate Teabag NYC

Jen is back from a visit to Erin's home-away-from-home New York City and shares a few observations from the Big Apple. Elsewhere, the gals chat about killer tea bags, the climate strike, and some recent high-profile interviews.


BtL Ep. 106: Kelly Bang Bang

Jen and Erin are joined by special guest host Kelly Thornton, the new artistic director of Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre. She chats about the 2019/20 season opener, a production of Kat Sandler's Bang Bang, as well as her new gig, what she's reading, and how she gets it all done.


BtL Ep. 105: Begonia Facebook Pickle

Jen and Erin discuss Facebook's semi-creepy Memorialization Setting, as well as voter turnout in the provincial election (not great, pals). They also discuss the rising star of local soul pop queen Begonia and, for Good or Gross, sample Fort Garry Brewing's Pickle Pale Ale.