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Chris and Reggie talk about old comic books and comic book history every week! Features new podcasts such as X-Lapsed - as well as the archives for Chris and Reggie's Cosmic Treadmill, Weird Comics History, and much much more! Dive in today!

Chris and Reggie talk about old comic books and comic book history every week! Features new podcasts such as X-Lapsed - as well as the archives for Chris and Reggie's Cosmic Treadmill, Weird Comics History, and much much more! Dive in today!


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Chris and Reggie talk about old comic books and comic book history every week! Features new podcasts such as X-Lapsed - as well as the archives for Chris and Reggie's Cosmic Treadmill, Weird Comics History, and much much more! Dive in today!






X-Lapsed, Episode 358 - X-Men #11

Heyyy, anybody remember that whole Gameworld story that kicked off this volume? Well, our creative team just did! The adjectiveless "flagship" of the line still meanders on... a victim of poor timing, and a certain Head of X abandoning ship when the waters got choppy. Here's hoping "season two" of this title feels a bit more relevant than all this! Plus: Some great Mailbag! -- Patreon: X-Lapsed Voicemail: 623-396-5375 (or, 623-396-JERK) Twitter:...


X-Lapsed, Episode 357 - X-Force #28

The Hentai Helmet continues its rampage thru Krakoa... and the casualties are beginning to mount, including a couple of Silver Age Mutants! Also, Wolverine gets a hangnail... and, no, I'm not kidding. Plus: By special request, your humble host dips back into his "Idiot's Guide to Comics Podcasting" to give some, perhaps harsh, advice regarding the need to become "podfamous". -- Patreon: X-Lapsed Voicemail: 623-396-5375 (or, 623-396-JERK) Twitter:...


X-Lapsed, Episode 356 - X-Men Red #2

It's the X-Men vs. the Brotherhood... fixed in a little different sort of way. Today the hearts and minds of the less-warrish Arakkii are contested for... and we get plenty of food for thought regarding the potential tempests in the Marsarakko teapot! Plus, an attempt at correcting a continuity gaffe that your humble host hasn't been able to shut up about since it happened! I might rant a bit about attention to detail... and, how the fans who seem to care about things like continuity are...


X-Lapsed, Episode 355 - Marauders #2

It's time for me to pull out the ol' X-Corp/X-Men Green disclaimer... today's book was one your idiot host did not enjoy. If that fact threatens to ruin your day, feel free skipping this episode. It's more Shi'ar Sh...tuff, and yet another attempt at shoehorning even more ancient mutants into the X-Men lore. No, not those ancient mutants... or even those ancient mutants... these are All-New, All-Different ancient mutants! That is, until next month's ancient mutants. Also, we get a lot of...


X-Lapsed, Episode 354 - Immortal X-Men #2

Back to the Destiny of X flagship for another installment of Quiet Council intrigue! Note: There's a pretty long pre-ramble this time out, so for "Just the X", feel free to skip ahead to around the 25 minute mark. We've got another solid issue today, but one where there are some moments where I feel like we need to squint and tilt our head to make 'em "work". Maybe I'm just an idiot? You be the judge, dear listener! -- Patreon: X-Lapsed Voicemail:...


The Collected X-Lapsed, Episode 34 - Reign of X, Volume 12

Marvel's finally decided to release the next volume of the Reign of X Anthologies! Darn those supply-chain issues, that DC Comics and all the indies have somehow been able to sidestep! Anyway, we're back -- and we're just in time for the Hellfire Gala! Oh, you didn't know? There's going to be a Gala! If only these books would bother to mention it! Since Marvel trade paperbacks are suffering the affects of shrinkflation (which we're surely only imagining), we only get the first five issues...


X-Lapsed, Episode 353 - Giant-Size X-Men: Thunderbird #1

A review gone neutral! Today's most challenging episode of X-Lapsed has your humble host stumbling and fumbling his way around sharing whether or not he liked this book! We talk about some of the initial social media spoo and outrage this one invited, as well as how difficult it is to honestly analyze books like this without being lumped into the extreme ends of the argument! It's a toughie! Also: A brief mailbag, wherein we talk a bit more about the "Nazarene Mutant", as well as my...


X-Lapsed, Episode 352 - New Mutants #25

After what feels like forever, it's New Mutants day again! We're kicking off the NuMu's first Destiny of X storyline, The Trials of Magik... which, as you might have guessed, takes us into Limbo. You WILL believe that a SoulSword can shatter! Also: a sorta-kinda mailbag segment wherein I talk a fair amount about shill reviews and how difficult it is to find honest opinions about comics (and other things) on the internet. It's a challenging discussion... and I'd love for you to be a part of...


X-Lapsed, Episode 351 - Legion of X #1

Officially on the "Road to 400", today we're taking a look at the last ALL-NEW #DestinyofX offering, the follow-up to Way of X, which we enjoyed so much -- Legion of X! We'll be hitting some potentially problematic topics here... including discussions of faith, justice, and how we treat one another. Also: A sorta-kinda mailbag segment, which facilitates my mind wandering down Comics History Lane, where I follow-up on our discussion regarding CGC Slabs last episode, exploring the concept of...


X-Lapsed, Episode 350 - Wolverine #20

We've finally arrived... it's the landmark, milestone three hundred fiftieth episode of X-Lapsed! That said, it should come as no shock to anyone that our focus today will be on Wolverine! The Canucklehead never fails to pop up when it's a nice round number! We're taking Logan into the Destiny of X era, and a fun team-up with Deadpool. Also: Curmudgeon Chris makes an appearance to complain about continuity errors, CGC slabs, and hashtag-x-spoilers! Are you just as curmudgeonly as I am... or...


X-Lapsed, Episode 349 - X-Men #10

On the Eve of Episode 350, we hop back into the (alleged) flagship of the line for, sadly, another unsatisfying soulless story (complete with forced flashback to the Hellfire Gala)! X-Men continues meandering on its way to the next big "shakeup". Be still my heart. -- Patreon: X-Lapsed Voicemail: 623-396-5375 (or, 623-396-JERK) Twitter: @acecomics / Instagram: @90sxmen The All-New, All-Different...


X-Lapsed, Episode 348 - Sabretooth #3

As we continue our approach to 350, we hop back down into The Pit for a discussion on the nebulous nature of "law"... with a focus on the concept that some citizens are more "equal" than others. We go a bit into the weeds here, drawing (as vague as humanly possible) comparisons to the current real-world socio-political landscape, and talk about rules being implemented by those who aren't accountable to anybody. It's dicey, it's spicy... it's fence-ridey... it's X-Lapsed! -- Patreon:...


X-Lapsed, Episode 347 - Knights of X #1

Well, I couldn't put it off any longer... it's time for us to dip back into Otherworld for the follow-up (miniseries, I hope) to Excalibur (vol.4) -- Knights of X! This time out, Betsy Britain opens a book and whisks a bunch of her pals away to the boring place. And, well, that's about it. At least it's very pretty to look at! -- Patreon: X-Lapsed Voicemail: 623-396-5375 (or, 623-396-JERK) Twitter: @acecomics / Instagram:...


X-Lapsed, Episode 346 - X-Men Red #1

Finally fleshing out the Marsarakkii! In the follow-up to S.W.O.R.D. (vol.2), Al Ewing starts spillin' the beans on all things Arakki. Seeds are planted for a team of Martian X-Men... as well as an All-New, All-Different... Brotherhood?! It's off to a great start, and I hope you'll join me for the fun. Also: I drone on more about Beast in the Mailbag + an x-tended rant about Marvel's current publishing and distribution woes -- Patreon: X-Lapsed Voicemail:...


X-Lapsed, Episode 345 - X-Force #27

In Part Two of our X-Force "double-header", we see Frasier and Lilith arguing before the Quiet Council about whether or not they ought to bring back Omega Red (already), while Forge finds himself attacked by the Hentai Helmet! It's a fun issue, and a better-than-decent return to the x-ploits of our Mutant CIA. I hope you decide to check it out! -- Patreon: X-Lapsed Voicemail: 623-396-5375 (or, 623-396-JERK) Twitter: @acecomics / Instagram:...


X-Lapsed, Episode 344 - X-Force Annual #1

A current year X-Annual that's... worth reading?! Are you kidding me? Today we kick off our X-Force "double-header", ushering in the Mutant CIA's Destiny of X Era with a far better than expected Annual. The Strike Force takes the fight to Orchis... and narrowly sidesteps Annual-itis, where they're forced to face their weaknesses. We get some fun banter between Beast and Emma Frost to boot! Plus: The return of the MIGHTY X-Lapsed Mailbag! It's a good time, I hope you'll join...


X-Lapsed, Episode 343 - Marauders #1

Kicking off the second volume of Marauders proper with... a trip into Shi'ar Space? Oh, c'mon... That's right, we open with a big ol' dollop of "Chrystonite"... but, I guess at least it's not Otherworld. Listen to me raspily kvetch about unnatural-sounding dialogue and the bloat of the Destiny of X line... or, please listen in spite of all that! -- Patreon: X-Lapsed Voicemail: 623-396-5375 (or, 623-396-JERK) Twitter: @acecomics / Instagram:...


X-Lapsed, Episode 342 - Sabretooth #2

After quite the delay, we're about to hop back into The Pit with Sabretooth and his Uncanny eXiles! This time out, we get more questions than answers... thankfully, they're questions we're interested in seeing play out! Sabretooth raises some inconvenient truths about the Krakoan Culture, really showing what a house of cards, it actually is! A very interesting series that X-Lapsed highly recommends you check out! -- Patreon: X-Lapsed Voicemail:...


X-Lapsed, Episode 341 - Immortal X-Men #1

It's a brand-new era... with your same old host, now with extra Covid! It's time for us all to be flies on the wall to witness the machinations and maneuvering of the Quiet Council... which is somehow some of the most interesting X-Stuffs to come down the pike yet! An excellent start to the Destiny of X era... and an issue I can't wait to hear your thoughts on! -- Patreon: X-Lapsed Voicemail: 623-396-5375 (or, 623-396-JERK) Twitter: @acecomics /...


X-Lapsed, Episode 340 - X Deaths of Wolverine #5

It's the end of an era... as we (finally) wrap-up XLADOW (xlaydo/xlahdo)! After all the build up, does this issue knock it out of the park... or, end with a thud? C'maaaaahn, you've read Marvel events before... what do YOU think? As underwhelming and unsatisfying a conclusion this might be -- it does give us some opportunity to reflect. Is that a good thing? Ehh, listen and find out! -- Patreon: X-Lapsed Voicemail: 623-396-5375 (or, 623-396-JERK) Twitter:...