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Chris and Reggie talk about old comic books and comic book history every week! Features new podcasts such as X-Lapsed - as well as the archives for Chris and Reggie's Cosmic Treadmill, Weird Comics History, and much much more! Dive in today!


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Chris and Reggie talk about old comic books and comic book history every week! Features new podcasts such as X-Lapsed - as well as the archives for Chris and Reggie's Cosmic Treadmill, Weird Comics History, and much much more! Dive in today!






Sheehan Titans, Episode 5 - Titans #1

With our four-part primer out of the way, we have finally arrived at the Dawn of DC Titans #1... which starts off with a (literal) BANG! Our heroes have their first "official" outing as a unit, have a run in with an unsavory agent, and lay the first brick in what looks to be quite the little mystery story! Are you a Titans fan, Titans-curious, or Titans Lapsed? If so, I'd really like to hear your thoughts on this new Dawn of DC direction!


Sheehan Titans, Episode 4 - Nightwing #104

In which we wrap up our discussion on the four-part Dawn of DC Titans lead-in story arc, Rise of the Underworld! What will SuperDick do with his powers? Will he sell the soul of his nine-year old ward in order to keep them? Are you a Titans fan, Titans-curious, or Titans Lapsed? If so, I'd really like to hear your thoughts on this arc and new direction for the team!


Sheehan Titans, Episode 3 - Nightwing #103

Taking a look at the penultimate chapter of our Dawn of DC Titans "pre-req" story arc. During which, your humble host can't help to fumble and stumble over his words as he attempts to adequately describe and define why this storyline feels like a "real" Titans story... and how it has the nebulous quality of "heart". It's a(nother) half-hour of me rambling is what I'm trying to say -- join me, won't you? Are you a Titans fan, Titans curious, or Titans-Lapsed? I'd love to hear your thoughts on this story and new-old direction for the fan-favorite team!


Sheehan Titans, Episode 2 - Nightwing #102

In which your humble host's inner comics cynic takes a good, hard look in the mirror! Taking a look at Part 2 of the Dawn of DC Titans "pre-req" story, and having an uncharacteristically great time with it! Listen to me stammer on and on about how this feels like a "genuine Titans story", without being able to actually put into words what a "genuine Titans story" ought to feel like! I guess it's just one'a those things where ya know it when ya see it! Are you currently reading, catching up on, or lapsed on the Titans? I'd love to hear your thoughts! --


Sheehan Titans, Episode 1 - Nightwing #101

Long time, no see! Welcome to brand-new awkwardly-titled Lapsed-Type-Thing, wherein your humble host attempts to regain his footing on another once-loved property he'd abandoned - The Titans! Today, after a brief pre-ramble, we will discuss the first post-Dawn of DC issue of Nightwing (#101), along with the epilogue portion from Nightwing #100 while trying to reconcile who and what these characters are and how we got here! Are you reading the newest Titans volume? If so, did you also read this arc in Nightwing? I'd love to hear your thoughts.


X-Lapsed, Episode 367 - Knights of X 003

Nothing lasts forever... not even our eXtended stay away from Otherworld! Today we join the KoX as deals and sacrifices are made in the name of mutant preservation. We're at the halfway point here, let's keep chuggin' along! -- Twitter: @acecomics / Instagram: @90sxmen


X-Lapsed, Episode 366 - Immortal X-Men 003

Issues like this don't come around often enough! This is the kind of story that Reggie and I would refer to as a "tentpole"... lots of great new information in this one! Almost too much for your humble host's pea-sized brain to process! And so, Let's speculate... wildly! -- Twitter: @acecomics / Instagram: @90sxmen


X-Lapsed, Episode 365 - X-Men Red 003

Betcha won't listen to this episode! Today, we celebrate 365 episodes of X-Lapsed... you could listen to an episode every single day for an entire (non-leap) year, and never hear a repeat! We're headed to Marsarakko for some good ol' battlin' to the death... and a little "unbeatable" gambling. It's a great, thought-provoking issue... I hope you'll join me! -- Twitter: @acecomics / Instagram: @90sxmen


X-Lapsed, Episode 364 - Wolverine #22

It's a chase scene! It's a FUN (and beautifully drawn) chase scene... but, it's still a chase scene. Tune in and listen to me attempt to think up things to say about it! -- Twitter: @acecomics / Instagram: @90sxmen


X-Lapsed, Episode 363 - Marauders #3

Six-months later... and we're still in Shi'ar Space?! I suppose it was silly of me to assume that my hiatus would somehow remove this story from my to-read pile, eh? Let's get reunited with Call Me Kate and her Crew! -- Twitter: @acecomics / Instagram: @90sxmen


X-Lapsed, Episode 362 - Legion of X #2

Well, well, well... What do we have here? An episode of (original recipe) X-LAPSED? What the hell YEAR is it? Today, we're back in the saddle... well, we're at least dusting off the old saddle, and checking out an already relatively ancient ish of Legion of X! Also: Your humble host asks for YOUR help in keeping him honest... are you bad enough dudes and dudettes to save a very stupid man's integrity? -- Twitter: @acecomics / Instagram: @90sxmen


The Essential X-Lapsed, Episode 069 - X-Men #54 (1969)

Welcome to the X-Universe, Alex Summers! That's right, today we meet Scott's never-before-seen Egyptian-blooded (?) brother, Alex... in a story that could very easily have fit into an episode of Batman '66. All that, plus we kick off our Origin of the Angel backup series, check in on some Steranko-debate in the Mutant Mail-Box, and discuss Stan's appeal for decency in the Bullpen/Soapbox section! -- Twitter: @acecomics / Instagram: @90sxmen


The Essential X-Lapsed, Episode 068 - X-Men #53 (1969)

What would you get if you mixed the Juggernaut story from issue #46 with the Quasimodo epic from issue #48? Well, probably the story we're looking at today... warts and all. Least we got Stan back to answering fanmail over in the Mutant Mail-Box... and the final chapter in the rollicking origin of the Beast! -- Twitter: @acecomics / Instagram: @90sxmen


The Essential X-Lapsed, Episode 067 - X-Men #52 (1969)

Wrapping up our three-part introduction to Lorna Dane... as she discovers the truth (for now) about her parentage! Also, Cyclops dons dollar store Shi'ar armor... for no discernible reason! Seriously... there's NO reason why he'd done it! Plus: the usual silliness of our seemingly-endless backup strip, the utterly insane Mutant Mailbox, and blustery Bullpen Bulletins! -- Twitter: @acecomics / Instagram: @90sxmen


The Essential X-Lapsed, Episode 066 - X-Men #51 (1968)

For the second time in only a handful of issues... the X-Men break up again! Well, sorta. Their youngest member leaves the crew. Well, sorta. C'mon, cut me some slack, there isn't much to say about this one! I suppose we can talk about how this is the 66th Episode of our show... and, how if we only chatted up actual issues of X-Men, we'd be leaping into Giant-Size next ep (and we DO talk about that!)... or, we can talk about how the cover to this issue is too damned mindboggling for your humble host to decode (and we DO talk about that as well!). Anyway... comics chatter, house-keeping, and the always interesting "back matter" (The Mutant Mail-Box is still Stan-free... and insane!). Join us, won't you! -- Twitter: @acecomics / Instagram: @90sxmen


The Essential X-Lapsed, Episode 065 - X-Men #50 (1968)

Covering the milestone FIFTIETH issue of X-Men! Remember when Marvel comics would actually MAKE IT to fifty issues? Hell, remember when they'd make it to 25? Today we learn the truth about Lorna Dane's parentage... until it wasn't... then was... then wasn't... then was! We also learn a little bit more about a pre-Beast Hank McCoy. The REAL star of today's episode, however, is -- as usual -- the backmatter. We've got Marvel sweeping the awards at a 1968 Comic Art Convention, a Letterhack (literally) threatening to burn down Marvel's offices, and Stan has a Soapbox Chat about bigotry... which may or may not extend to Berkeley Trust-Fund Hippies (you be the judge, gentle listener!). It's a fun time as always! -- Twitter: @acecomics / Instagram: @90sxmen


The Essential X-Lapsed, Episode 064 - X-Men #49 (1968)

Welcome to the X-Verse, Lorna Dane! Today we're bringing our team back together, and shipping them off to San Francisco to face off against Magneto's "noble pupil", the dread Mesmero! We get the return of (and the opportunity to say 'goodbye' to) the original X-Men logo, before it's Sterankized next ish! All'at plus the usual backmatter nonsense and more of my "insightful" tangents than anyone could (or should) handle! -- Twitter: @acecomics / Instagram: @90sxmen


The Essential X-Lapsed, Episode 063 - X-Men #48 (1968)

How can we miss the X-Men if they never go away? Today we wrap up the "split-up era" for our Uncanny Heroes... just an issue after we kicked it off! This time, we're hanging out high in the desert mountains of New York City with Cyclops and Marvel Girl while they face off with a reject Fantastic Four baddie! It's not ALL bad though, once we get through with our lead feature, we get to watch Hank McCoy write with his feet for a few pages! There's still the Mutant Mail-Box, the Bullpen Bulletins, and Stan's Soapbox gets relevant! All that, plus some discussion and interview notes about Gary Friedrich and Arnold Drake's little discussed time with the World's Strangest Teens!


The Essential X-Lapsed, Episode 062 - X-Men #47 (1968)

With the X-Men no more, we check in with the Bosom Buddies and their Belles as they try to get tickets to the theatre! It's the return of the Warlock (not THAT Warlock... or the other one... probably not the third or fourth one yer thinkin' of either!). Also, despite the title of this ish... he's only got one face, and it's very boring! Also: The Mutant Mail-Box, The Bullpen Bulletins... small-talk on Arnold Drake and Fabulous Flo Steinberg... and, finally, I read Professor Charles Xavier's eulogy! Join us, won't you?


The Essential X-Lapsed, Episode 061 - X-Men #46 (1968)

Back behind the mic after a long hiatus... jumping back in with the Silver Age X-Men, just as they're getting set to split up! This being a Chris-show, expect the first half-hour of it to be full of stuff you probably couldn't care less about... but, once I finally get to the comics-content, it's a pretty good time! Two "ehh" stories, the Mutant Mail-Box, and Bullpen Bulletins are all here! Huge and sincere THANK YOU for your patience and lack of new episodes over the past few months.