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Cigars and libations can bring relaxation and peace. We navigate you to help find the cigar and liquor pairing to enhance you down time.

Cigars and libations can bring relaxation and peace. We navigate you to help find the cigar and liquor pairing to enhance you down time.


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Cigars and libations can bring relaxation and peace. We navigate you to help find the cigar and liquor pairing to enhance you down time.






273 Micron Makes a 200TB SSD drive plus Bradshaw and Wraith

Micron has created a 232-Layer NAND and 200TB SSDs. They talk about TV shows for a little bit. Smoking the Studio Tobac’s Wraith and drinking the Bradshaw Kentucky Straight Brourbon Whiskey. Eventually they discuss Micron making a leap foward in memory technology.


272 US Doesn't Mine Enough Material with Gilberto and Ironroot

The US doesn't mine enough materials needed for our electric future. GM just secured enough cathode material for 5 million electric vehicles from Korea. More of our starting materials should be mined here if we don't want to continue with supply chain issues and price gouging. They smoke the Gilberto by Oliva with Ironroot Esoteric.


271 Indiana Mall Shooting Halted in 15 Seconds with Hoyo La Amistad and Hart & Son Rum

This episode they want to recognize, thank, and hold up as example a valient act. Elisjsha Dicken stopped what would have certainly been a much worse attack than it was. They relax in the pool and enjoy the General Cigar/ A.J. Fernandez colaboration, Hoyo La Amistad and sip some Hart & Son Blackpool spiced rum. They finish up with some IDPA talk. Enjoy!


270 U.S. CHIPS Act discussion with Tatuaje T110 and Legent KSBW

This week they discuss the $52B package to bring semi-conductor manufacturing back into the US. They smoke the Tatuaje Reserva T110 and sip on some Legent Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey partly finished in wine and sherry casks. We really do need to encourage chip manufacturing to return to the US.


269 - Advise on Cigars - Finding different Liquors - CAO Steel Horse with Legent Bourbon and Remus Repeal Series II

What Darrell asks people when they are asking for advise on what cigar to have. What kind of liquor do you find in a store that is in a completely different region that the places you normally go do? You never know so it is always worth a check when you are traveling. Same of course applies for cigar shops. We annouce we the winner of our weekly drawing. The cigar we have is a CAO Steel Horse with Darrell having a Legent Straight Kentucky Bourbon finished in Wine and Sherry casks and will...


268 - Rap session - Humidor Question - Rocky Patel Edge Barrel Aged - Captain Morgan Spiced and Foursquare Spiced Rum

The guys have no schedule for today. We talk about the difference in temps and humidy in the separate locations we are at. What are your thoughts on a humidor that controls temperature and not humidity? We get Darrel's thoughts on this as we go. Darrel is sipping some Captain Morgans Spiced Rum and Bill is having a Foursquare Spiced Rum. Both are smoking Rocky Patel Edge Barrel Aged. Be sure to sign up for our week drawing at


267 Water from Air Machine with Padilla Dominus Double and Centenario 12 YO rum

They love the new Tunisian startup called Kumulus. They developed a device that mimics the condensation process to convert humidity in the air into drinking water and is solar powered. They enjoy the Padilla Dominus Double Robusto and Ron Centenario 12 YO rum.


266 Court Overturns FDAs Regulation of Cigars with Cohiba and Hamilton Rum

Federal Court Holds FDA Regulation of Premium Cigars to be “Arbitrary and Capricious”. YES. Called “not reasoned decisionmaking.” FDA must reset if they want to regulate premium cigars. We relish this ruling with a Cohiba Puro Dominicana and some Hamilton Navy Strength Rum.


265 Better Know a Distiller with Padron Family Reserve 1964 and Ironroot Harbiner

They do another 'better know a distiller' segment for Ironroot. They smoke the Padron Family Reserve 1964 and sip the Ironroot Harbinger.


264 VS Vintage Select with Russell's Reserve 10

They do a 'better know your distiller' segment for Russell's Reserve. They smoke the Victor Sinclair Vintage Select and drink some Russell’s Reserve 10 YO Straight Bourbon Whiskey. Then cover a very colorfully written article about the Grand Canyon.


263 Precious Metal Recovery in e-waste. 601 Oscuro & Bacoo 12 YO Rum

Today they discuss the reclemation of gold and other valuable metals using the pigment Prussian Blue. Darrell beats him drum again about how we'll be mining landfills in the future. They get a little too techie for a bit, but don't worry, it passes. They enjoy the 601 Oscuro with Bacoo 12 YO Dominican Rum.


262 Micro Plastics, Don't Drink Them plus HC White Series with Jack vs Jack

They discuss micro plastics and how you can have clean drinking water. They enjoy the HC Series White CT Shade grown with a Jack Daniels vs Jack Daniels Bottle in Bond compare.


261 Is Google AI Sentient plus Opus X 20 Yr and Weller Antique

This week they discuss Google LaMDA and our interraction with AI. They enjoy the Opus X 20 Year Anniversary sipping Weller Antique 107. They talk a little about programming.


260 Green Cement with Principle Accomplice and Jack BNB

They discuss some research into making cement from food waste. They enjoy the Principle Accomplice and Jack Bottle and Bond. They trail off on power grid discussion. Solar vs Fusion and a little water conservation while they're at it. So distracted.


259 - Darrell Is Alabama-Pool-Food-Al Romans New Cigar Shop-CAO Italia and Balcones Lineage

For this episode Darrell is remote in Decatur, Alabama. Bill is recording from his pool while Darrell is recording from a shady spot in a parking lot. While having a CAO Italia and some Balcone's Lineage. What kind of food is Darrell eating in Decatur. Al Roman from the The Good Cigar has opened his own Cigar and Libation shop in Little Elm, Texas. Bill and Julia stop by there to see the place and spend some time with Al. Next we talk about our first jobs. Check out our website to sign up...


258 Math is Hard with Brickhouse & 1792 Full Proof

They discuss research on how people don't understand fractions. Maybe they help you understand fractions while they the smoke the Brick House Maduro and swilling the 1792 Full Proof. Examples include D&D, A&W hamburgers, and how we think of fractions. Of course there is some gun talk with the Texas State IDPA happening. They reminisce about porch building a little in the end. They wrap up talking about the TV show...


257 AI Astrological Discovery with Rocky Patel and Weller SR

They discuss recent news that AI has opened our eyes to new mathematical relationships between planets orbiting distant stars and how we expect AI to make us aware of many new relationships we never thought of. They enjoy the Rocky Patel Flor de San Andres Black with the Weller Special Reserve while doing this.


256 Anti-inflammatories Cause Chronic Pain and Padilla with Chattanooga

They somehow get into a arguement about medicine droppers. Peril sensitive glasses. They again remember why they don't talk about pop culture. Then the medicine part. They think that taking anti-inflammatories can lead to chronic pain. They enjoy the Padilla La Terraza Maduro 2010 with the Chattanooga Whiskey Straight Bourbon Whiskey Cask.


255 Speaking Carbon Reality plus Cohiba Royale and Zombie Rum

Vaclav Smil, author of “How the World Really Works”, writes about the reality of decarbonizing. Not a climate denier, he writes about the reality and obstacles to decarbonizing. They smoke the Cohiba Royale with Hamilton Beachbum Berry’s Zombie Blend Rum.


254 Websites Log Info Before the Submit with War Hawk and Don Sergio

They discuss an article that highlights the practice of keylogging web page entry fields before you hit submit. Over that they smoke the Henry Clay War Hawk with Don Sergio 100% Blue Agave Reposado. Some tequila stories occur and they wrap it up with suggested cautions.