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Cigars and libations can bring relaxation and peace. We navigate you to help find the cigar and liquor pairing to enhance you down time.


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Cigars and libations can bring relaxation and peace. We navigate you to help find the cigar and liquor pairing to enhance you down time.






363 More TPE 2024 Discussion with ADventura and Balcones

They discuss more of TPE 2024, discuss cigar cuts briefly, and have a some clips from Robert Caldwell and Matt Booth. They smoke an ADventura Explorer and sip some Balcones 15th Anniversary Cataleja.


362 TPE 24 plus Blood Batteries wtih Serie R and Still Austin

They have a bit more discussion about TPE and cover a recent article about a research group who used hemoglobin to make a battery. They smoke a La Gloria Cubana Serie R and sip on the Still Austin Cask strength Bourbon.


361 Life Insurance for Cigar Smokers at Non-tobacco Rates Interview with Cigar Life Guy

Bill and Darrell sit down with Dave Arlinghaus of Cigar Life Guy. He is a cigar smoker and life insurance purvayor for cigar smokers. He serves the cigar community by connecting cigar smokers with companies that do not charge cigar smokers cigarette smoking prices.


360 NFTs in Cigars and Liquor Represent Real Value with RP Dark Star and Grayson Bourbon

NFTs in the cigar and liquor space represent real values. Not just rights to images. They discuss some of the values and offerings. They smoke the Rocky Patel Dark Star and sip the Ironroot Grayson blended bourbon, a blend of 4 Texas distillers. They will have actually already been to TPE when this airs and we'll have lots more content from it coming soon. How NFTs Are Changing the Spirits Industry for the Better Cigars & NFTs: A Breakdown Alcohol Brands Are Getting into the NFT Space. What Does This Mean for Legal Compliance?,may%20redeem%20the%20NFT%20for%20the%20physical%20item. NFTs And The Future Of The Alcoholic Beverage Industry


359 Elon Musk's Next Move with Robotics with ADVentura and Benchmark

We discuss Elon Musk's next move in the area of robotics. We smoke the ADVentura La Llorona and drink the Benchmark Full proof Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. They continue discussing odd things including weird kid actions and odd mistakes. They briefly discuss housing prices


358 IT Security Talk with Dave Dayter, Cohiba Blue, and Ironroot Harbinger

Bill and Darrell sit down with David Dayter and discuss IT security as well as a number of other IT topics. They introduce him to the Cohiba Blue and they drink this years Tri Barrel blend from Ironroot Harbinger line. It's just 8 proof from being a hazmat barrel.


357 Whiskey Unicorn for $75? Plus 2012 by Oscar and Ironroot Apotheosis

They discuss the amburana finish cask hitting the whiskey market. They drink some finished whiskey and call out the 4 top amburana finished bottles according to one article. They smoke the 2012 by Oscar Valladares and drink Ironroot Apotheosis SBW finished in PX Sherry and Amburana casks.


356 Cigar Review for the Show 2023 with 601 Napalm and El Dorado 12

Bill and Darrell list all the cigars they had on the show in 2023 and pick their top 5. They smoke the 601 La Bomba Napalm and drink El Dorado 12 year old rum. They wrap up with what they did for their holiday season.


355 Let's Try Lots of Different Whiskeys with Perdomo 30th Sun Grown and Blackland BSB

This week they decided to try lots and lots of different whiskeys with the cigar. Haven't done that before, but it's a lot of whiskey. They smoke the Perdomo 30 Anniversary Sun Grown and they drink the Blackland Texas Pecan Brown Sugar Bourbon, to start.


354 New Sickle Cell Treatment with Perdomo 30th and Prideful Goat

A gene-editing treatment for sickle cell disease has been approved by the FDA. It's not all I wanted it to be, but at least it's something. They smoke the Perdomo 30 Anniversary Maduro and they drink the Prideful Goat 6YO Cask Strength Bourbon. In the 2nd half they discuss TPE 2024. They are going to TPE this and an looking forward to it.


352 Does Frothing Liquor Make it Smoother plus Perdomo 30th and Bacardi Ocho

They put to the test the TikTok video that makes spirits smoother by frothing them. They discuss driving hates and the conditions of today. They smoke the Perdomo 30 Anniversary Connecticut with some Bacardi Reserve Ocho. They discuss, Bespoken, the company that is aging liquor faster with a chemical reactor that accelerates the maturation of spirits. They also go back to the 'Will It Blend' memories.


351 Out With the Old in With the Old with Casa Magna and Bombarda rum.

OpenAIs Sam Altman out, Sam Altman in. OpenAI votes Altman off the board and then 4 days later they put him back in and replace 2 board members. They discuss the new board members a bit. They smoke the Casa Magna Colorado with Bombarda Dark Rum. They also touch on new Amazon biometrics.


350 Vegetarians Should Stop Eating Plants with Hoyo and Lone Elm

Bill and Darrell laugh about some random facts. They smoke the Hoyo De Monterrey Governors and drink some Lone Elm Small Batch Striaght Wheat whiskey.


349 Surprising Evaporation Discovery with La Herencia and Singleton

There is a newly discovered source of evaporation. Normally you expect heat causes evaporation. There is another mechanism now. How do we keep discovering more about things we thought we knew everything about? They smoke La Herencia Cubana CORE and drink the Singleton 12 YO scotch. Don't forget, we have a cigar journal available. We also discuss the Texas Whiskey Trail.


348 Bletchley Declaration on AI Safety Summary with AJ Fernandez and Balcones Wine finish

They discuss the Bletchley Declaration, an AI safety meeting across 28 countries, and discuss some of the key points that came from it. They smoke the AJ Fernandez San Lotano Oval Maduro with Balcones Straight Bourbon Whiskey finished in wine casks Cask strength.


347 Can France Save Europe from Russia with La Aurora and Roble Viejo

Directors of research at France’s National Centre of Scientific Research find huge reserves of hydrogen gas in France. Can this replace Russian oil? How much of it is there? Why haven't we found reserves like this before? They compare the rum to several other Diplomatico rums. They smoke the La Aurora Connecticut Preferidos 1903 Edition Corona with Roble Viejo Maestra Venezuelan rum.


346 News of the Weird with Quesada 75th and Jameson IPA

They cover weird news including Giraffe poop smuggling, Bear popularity contest, and art titled 'Take the Money and Run'. They smoked the Manuel Quesada 75 Anniversary with Jameson IPA edition.


345 Real Product or No with Tatuaje and Weller Special Reserve

They decide to discuss some weird products. Bill has to guess which ones are real. They smoke the Tatuaje Havana VI and drink the Weller Special Reserve. They get hung up on their cigar journal again. Such a good journal. They trail off hating on the Skywalker family again and go back to discussing Star Wars world series playing now.


344 What's Up with Squatting with Plasencia Reserva and Effen Cherry Vanilla

They end up discussing vodkas quite a bit. They talk about Darrells company moving to Flexible time off vs Paid time off. They discuss some squatting law events. They recap the Lone Star Cigar, Wine and Spirits event at Cigar International in Fort Worth.


343 Peak at iphone 15 Pro Camera Innovation plus a Finch and a Pilar.

They discuss the real innovaiton in the iphone 15 Pro and how Apple found a way to pivot from the MP size race with Samsung and re-frame the race into their strenght. Bill and Darrell smoke the Blackbird Finch and drink the Pilar Spanish Sherry Cask finish rum. iPhone 15 Pro: Ushering in the Era of Immersive Reality | Fierce Electronics