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Don't drink alone, drink with us!

Don't drink alone, drink with us!
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Don't drink alone, drink with us!






Cocktail Conversations Episode 6 – The Week of the Tamm(y/ie)’s

On today's episode the boys recap a missing discussion (we finally started talking and forgot to hit record), discuss how aliens would have a unique perspective on reality (19min), a hypothetical on the creation of God (22min), what is the week of Tamm(y/ie)s (24min), Tammy Duckworth (25:15), Tammie Jo Shults (27m), Southwest Airlines padding their stats (28:45), the assumptive engine explosion (30:00), more reasons Tammie is a badass (32:15), what is a cyber honeypot and why do the...


Cocktail Conversations Episode 5 – Affluenza

On Today's episode the guys cover hating rich people, Tom Brady, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, how much teacher's get paid, I mix up Rupert Murdoch with the guy who actually owns Exxon, we learn that Affluenza is a thing, the NCAA cited the 13th amendment in arguing it shouldn't have to pay it's players, and statistics are a stupid mind fuck. Follow us on Twitter here and tweet us or send us your feedback at Who knows, we might discuss what you have to say on air!...


Cocktail Conversations Episode 4 – Umami

On today's episode the guys finish up bourban month with a discussion on taking offense to people on social media (9:15), social media challenges and the stupid people that do them (20:00), a 6 year old that made more money in 12 months than you (21:40), Robin hates Cinnabon (31:30), Gender Announcements (35:20), MSG's comeback tour and the 5th sense - Umami! (40:30), Robin's wife screws up his cocktail (50:00), and the Top 10 Things You Shouldn't Do When Drinking Alone (53:30).. Follow us...


Cocktail Conversations Episode 3 – Walking on Water

Our third episode features (slight) improvement of sound quality as Robin gets the hang of recording podcasts, special thanks again to Vius for composing and recording our intro. The guys talk Quantum Mechanics and the concept of the Psychosphere, why Jesus could have really walked on water, Sid Meier's Civilization, Neal's Super Grandpa, the role of college athletics in the sports world and much more. Follow us on Twitter here and tweet us or send us your feedback at


Cocktail Conversations Episode 2 – Scum and Villainy

The second episode features the first appearance of our musical theme, special thanks to Vius for composing and recording that especially for us. The guys talk about Gun Control (5:00), Arming Teachers (13:55), Villainy (20:45), Neal's house getting broken into (24:45), Surviving the Big One (29:12), Neal sucking up to his fiancee (38:40), Robin's Car Wreck story (43:45), the Bombings in Texas (49:20) and much more. Enjoy! #DontDrinkAloneDrinkWithUs