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Episode 28: What Have I Done to Deserve This

HI HI HI WE'VE MISSED YOU and we know you've missed us too so let's jump right into #GreysAnatomy Season 2 Episode 19 by discussing: what the eff we've been doing for the last month; our episode summary (06:55); the sexual elephant in the room (11:55); unpacking the bizarre slut-shaming of Meredith Grey (17:40); an overdue Addison/Derek moment of zen (27:50); Denny's annoying machismo (33:55); CALLIE TORRES TIME (39:45); and our BITS (43:50) which include some stellar Song(s) of the Week and...


Episode 27: Yesterday

We're just a few episodes away from the Grey's Anatomy Season 2 Finale! But this week, join us as we take in Episode 18 "Yesterday": first, our episode summary (03:30) followed by a close reading of the Burke/Yang dance-off (06:28); the stimulating arrival of one Mark Sloan (10:48); finallyyyy some movement in Addison's character arc (15:25); the nightmarish spectre of spontaneous orgasms (28:00); unpacking Meredith's terrible choices this week (38:15); and our BITS (48:20) including a...


Episode 26: It's the End of the World/As We Know It

Greetings #GreysAnatomy stans! It's the big one, the most watched episode in Grey's history: the Super Bowl episode(s). We recorded a DOUBLE episode so we could discuss Part I AND Part II so strap in for: our episode summary (03:58); Meredith's no good very bad day (07:00); depression as a character and protagonist (13:30); Burke's overdue redemption (31:25); dudes overcompensating all over the place (35:15); when sidekicks become self aware (51:40); Coach Taylor comes to Seattle Grace...


Episode 26: It’s the End of the World/As We Know It

Greetings #GreysAnatomy stans! It’s the big one, the most watched episode in Grey’s history: the Super Bowl episode(s). We recorded a DOUBLE episode so we could discuss Part I AND Part II so strap in for: our episode summary (03:58); Meredith’s no good very bad day (07:00); depression as a character and protagonist (13:30); Burke’s overdue redemption (31:25); dudes overcompensating all over the place (35:15); when sidekicks become self aware (51:40); Coach Taylor comes to Seattle Grace...


Episode 25: Break On Through

We got a little delayed this week thanks to high school Speech & Debate (YES REALLY) but we're BACK to discuss #GreysAnatomy Season 2, Episode 15. To jump ahead to our reflections on the Women's March, skip to the 56 minute mark. But first: our episode summary (02:38); Seattle Grace nurses on strike (04:00); Izzy's failed attempt at being a White Savior (11:30); Leisha Haley and Sydney Heron Appreciation Hour (22:10); the comforting Ya Ya Sisterhood of Grace Bickham (35:20); and our BITS...


Episode 24: Tell Me Sweet Little Lies

We're BACK with an all new (albeit abbreviated) episode of Code Grey(s). We had precisely ONE hour to record and in that time we dealt with: an adorable dog bein a dog in the background; our episode summary (02:43); the baffling smoking habits of millenials (05:50); a totally topical conversation about oral fixation (10:10); literal fart noises in a discussion of Izzy/Alex/Denny (15:20); the intergenerational love story of Sophie and George (17:05); the glorious triumph of pessimism over...


Episode 23: Begin the Begin

It's our first episode of the new year! We're back with our recap of Grey's Anatomy S2E13, "Begin the Begin." If you're interested in jumping to our Medical Fact of the Week (the relatively common practice of assigning gender to intersex newborns/infants), skip ahead to 44:20. Apologies for the abrupt end--we had a corrupt audio file and lost a lot of great material on The Ellen Pompeo twitterstorm of Late 2016. We start out with some harsh words for R.E.M. fans before diving into our...


Episode 22: Bring On 2017!

In this special New Year's edition of Code Grey(s), we decide to look back on a miserable year and remind each other of the best things we saw, heard, read, and felt more generally. If you want to hear two cynical people do their best imitation of optimism, this is the podcast for you. Thanks to all our listeners and thanks especially to Asheville, NC; 22 A Million by Bon Iver; Jim Dale; Trazodone; The Lobster; Chance the Rapper; Octavia Butler; and the inimitable Lindy West. What'd you...


Episode 21: Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer

Happy Holidays from Code Grey(s)!! We're a little late and a little mouthy but we're here for our final(?) episode of 2016. If you wanna jump right to our dismantling of Texas' new fetal remains law, skip to 52:40! Grey's Anatomy, like your hosts, is in fine form with the Season 2 mid-season finale and we start with: Christmas decoration preferences as a new Myers-Briggs personality test; a brief treatise on the value of tragic Christmas films (07:45); our episode summary (11:50); divergent...


Episode 20: Owner of a Lonely Heart

Welcome to another episode of Code Grey(s)! This week we're no less pissed off but we do spend less time cocooned in our anger. Instead, we talk for far too long about: Cherie Jaffe, a character who is not even in this episode nor indeed this show; our episode summary (04:44); You get a quint! You get a quint! Everybody get's a quint! Plus how Addison torpedoes Izzy's future in Peds (08:14); how the second coming of cherie jaffe helps Cristina find a piece of her missing humanity (20:42; HOT...


Episode 19: Much Too Much

It is indeed much too much right now y'all. Join us for a surprisingly lengthy discussion of Grey's Anatomy Season 2 Episode 10--before we lapse into our feelings re: the US election. (Skip ahead to the 47:58 mark if you're just in it for the politics): we begin with a preview of our election segment because we have a lot of feelings to resolve (3:25) followed by our episode summary (7:55); on boners, erectile dysfunction, and the overall need to de-center the penis (09:00); the lie of...


Episode 18: Thanks For the Memories

Grey's Anatomy Watchers! It's time for another episode and this one involves THANKSGIVING so it's extra everything, as holiday episodes usually are. We are also a lot of extra while we discuss: our not-so-newlyweds Addison and Derek (02:52)...Bailey showing up the patriarchy while still finding time to support Meredith (09:00)...the evolution of Meredith Grey's depression (13:45)...George's unflattering elitism (21:57) Izzy Stevens deserves better friends (29:25)...and our BITS (37:00)...


Episode 17: Let It Be

We get wayyy into our misandrist feelings while discussing Grey's Anatomy Season 2, Episode 8. But first: our episode summary (01:55) incomplete list of Preston Burke's first date red flags (05:20)...Megan's thing for old people who love each other a lot--excluding the old couple in The Notebook (14:35)...the Chief's overall cluelessness (19:30)...the non-negotiability of bodily autonomy (23:30)...the reason for our future #banmen tattoos (39:40)...and our BITS (43:30) including a very...


Episode 16: Something To Talk About

Grey's Anatomy stans! Hi! Join us for a packed episode wherein we: continue with the Hogwarts/Seattle Grace parallels (01:10) and discuss the anticlimactic storyline of the guy with the teratoma baby (06:26)...the baffling prioritization of doctors over nurses in network dramas (15:00)...Kimberly Griswold as a metacommentary on Dick Cheney (21:20)...the pros and cons of Karev's peds approach (27:00)...Megan articulates how/why Preston Burke is the worst boyfriend (43:30)...and our BITS...


Episode 15: Into You Like a Train

WE'RE BACK WOW SORRY. After just a bit of a hiatus, we're ready to take the plunge with episode 6 of Season 2. If you'd like to skip Season 11 spoilers, you'll want to jump ahead to the 11:00 minute mark. Join us as we chat about: Patrick Dempsey's recent People magazine cover and what he's learned from cheating on his wife (2:30)...the ethics of maybe not telling Bonnie the whole truth about her imminent death (16:00)...the Izzie/Addison showdown (28:30)...Yang's bizarre crisis of...


Episode 14: Bring the Pain

Greetings #Greys watchers! We've finally made it to the "Heart in an Elevator" episode--which means George is finally practicing medicine for the first time since the pilot! In this episode we delve into: Tréza's impromptu meditation on Seattle weather (02:11)...our WILD discomfort with the porn-as-pain-management storyline (08:38)...the upside/downside of the show's Hmong storyline (21:07) George's big moment reminds us a lot of cooking with Blue Apron (33:44)...the making of Ellis...


Episode 13: Deny Deny Deny

In this episode, we cope with some audio issues in addition to: rodeo vs. rodeNO (01:12)...Tréza's 6-point "Kalpana" Vera explainer (06:52)...Jeremiah Tate and the limits of our sympathy coupled with the tragedy of cystic fibrosis (10:45) really--HOW OLD is Miranda Bailey, MD??? (18:57)...Ellis Grey's continuing reign of terror (16:57)...the debate over Yang's obligation to Burke, re: the pregnancy and also Burke's butt (32:40)...D.A.M. or Derek, Addison, Meredith (42:50)...The Sweet...


Episode 12: Make Me Lose Control

Greeting's Grey's fans! In this episode we tackle: the pros and cons (mostly cons) of crying (04:45)...Megan's quite personal crusade against the scourge of blushing (08:01)...Derek and Addison's metaphor baby (15:17)...another intimate look at abuse and traumatic childhoods (18:47)...Chekov's pregnancy and the legacy of aborted abortion storylines (30:20) Izzie perfectly modeled the Jojo Fletcher incarnation of The Bachelorette (40:43)...the burgeoning Alex/Meredith friendship (45:45)...


Episode 11: Enough is Enough (No More Tears)

The second episode of Season 2 brings the weird and we're here to help you through it. In this episode we discuss: our thirst for overly dramatic TV shows--including Orphan Black and unReal (03:51)...Megan's offer of legal intervention on behalf of Meredith Grey (08:50)...a supremely affecting domestic violence storyline (14:50) that foregrounds the capabilities of Alex Karev/Justin Chambers (16:55)...the incredibly bizarre saga of one man and his Judy Dolls (26:00) and the surprising...


Episode 10: Raindrops Are Falling On My Head

We're back with a new logo, a new theme song, and the same snarky passion for Seattle Grace. In this episode we jump right into: the enigma of Addison Montgomery Shepherd (04:40)...the Preston Burke dating dilemma (12:00)...who really IS having the worst day: Mer or Cristina? (16:40)...Joe the Bartender as the Hogwarts ghost of Seattle Grace (19:25)...chisme and the Chief (29:45)...the confusing legal status of Joe’s “dead” body (35:00) love means having to explain exactly what you're...