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Gaming, Xbox, One, 360, PlayStation, PS3, PS4, Wii, 3DS, Mobile, News, Reviews
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Gaming, Xbox, One, 360, PlayStation, PS3, PS4, Wii, 3DS, Mobile, News, Reviews




260: Cheats vs. Exploits

Remember the days of the Game Genie and Konami code? Oz and Jack discuss cheats, mods and exploits in single player story-driven games. Show Notes: “I beat Sekiro’s final boss with cheats and I feel fine” – @pcgamer (Twitter)What Games Have You Cheated At? – @ugobananas (Twitter)Outro: Told U So – Fgunna


PAX East 2019 Recap! - The Aquarium

As the boys recover from the mayhem that was PAX East 2019, they discuss the overall PAX experience for this year. Why it felt small, and what was missing. The good, the bad, and everything in between! Show Notes: Outro: Told U So – Fgunna


Pre-PAX East 2019

uan and Oz are ready for PAX East 2019! Stay tuned for our coverage of games and booths that we find interesting with new posts coming all throughout the weekend! In the meantime though, listen to this episode where we go over some of the games and events going on around Boston which we are excited for. Show Notes: Dangerous Driving – Three Fields EntertainmentAftercharge – Chainsawesome GamesBloodroots – Paper CultBethesda Game DaysThe Devil Awakens: The Official Devil May Cry...


259: Loading Screen

So we spent time discussing a game that everyone disliked…but there was some good in there! With so many games being released, we’re trying to give some fair judgment here. It may not be the best, but its also not the worst. Juan and Oz give their thoughts on Anthem, and Devil May Cry 5 on this weeks show. Tune in! Show Notes: giveaway packageThe Division 2 Intercept GunnarsDRUL20AnthemDevil May Cry 5Outro: Told U So – Fgunna


258: The Third

On this week’s show we discuss storage space, demos, and some latest releases. But most importantly a shared love for Xbox Game Pass. This episode will heavily focus on Crackdown 3 as it is one of our most anticipated releases. Show Notes: Seagate Hub Drive for Xbox – 8TBDevil May Cry 5 DemoKingdom Hearts 3Crackdown 3Xbox Game PassOri and the Blind ForestOutro: Told U So – Fgunna


257: Generational Loot

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, the guys return this week to discuss their love-hate relationships with some of the latest releases out there. Respawn hits us with a major surprise release. Marshmello has an in-game concert, and much more in this weeks show! Show Notes: Apex LegendsMarshmello ConcertSea of ThievesCrackdown 3Yonder: The Cloud Catcher ChroniclesThe Division 2Outro: Told U So – Fgunna


256: Powers Of Two, Memory!

The guys return this week to discuss Games with Gold on Xbox, as well as Steam vs Epic Store dilemma with pre-orders. We also explore a little more of Resident Evil 2, and why Oz would rather play Kingdom Hearts 3. Show Notes: CelesteBrawlhallaResident Evil 2Kingdom Hearts 3FortniteGames with GoldOutro: Told U So – Fgunna


255: How Free Is Free?

Full squad reporting in! Oz finally figures out how random apps get on his phone, Juan reports with his latest Switch game, and Jack gives shares his thoughts on an Xbox Game Pass game. Download it? Avoid it? Tune in and find out! Show Notes: AndroidiOSTravis Strikes Again: No More HeroesXbox RewardsXbox Game PassAbsolverMetro 2033 ReduxStrange BrigadeSuper Lucky's TaleSonicDetective PikachuOutro: Told U So – Fgunna


254: Killer Tofu!

Juan with the assist this week! We reminisce on a few titles and try to figure out how many remakes will it take for us to stop buying the same games over and over. Full details on what was discussed available in the show notes below! Show Notes: Rocket LeagueResident Evil 2Aftercharge


Crackdown 3 Single Player Video Discussion

This week we have a special discussion analyzing some single-player Crackdown 3 gameplay that was released. This is one of our most anticipated games for Xbox One. The video we’re going to be discussing can be found in the show notes. Can’t wait for more information to be disclosed for this game! Show Notes: Crackdown 3: Single-Player Gameplay Footage & DetailsOutro: Told U So – Fgunna


253: Happy Holidays!

It’s that time of the year! Gift cards galore! Get yourself some games since everything is on sale! This week we’re back talking about controllers, mobile games, mouse/keyboard alternatives, and sales! Check the show notes for all the details! Show Notes: Brawl StarsRazer TurretGames with GoldXbox Game PassHitman 2 – Free Holiday LevelsHoliday Hoarders eventOutro: Told U So – Fgunna


252: Ultimate, Events, Online.

We’re back this week with tales of Red Dead Redemption Online Beta, and what we think the future of gaming events could be. There is a lot more in this week’s show, check out the show notes for the full details. Show Notes: Outro: Told U So – Fgunna


251: Turkey Day 2018!

Yes! It’s the time of year where we spend time with family instead of playing games, don’t forget they are important too! Once that’s all set, let’s talk video games! Oz gives us an update on his Rocket League endeavors. Jack explains why he didn’t get Fallout 76. There is so much more in this episode, so check the show notes for the details. Show Notes: Apologies for Oz’s mic, his headset had some issues. There might be an aftershow… Outro: Told U So – Fgunna


250: Seasons

We’re back with some updates, trends in mobile gaming, latest releases, and we learn more about Oz and his obsessions. Show Notes: Outro: Told U So – Fgunna


249: Thanks Game Pass!

Jack and Oz discuss games that they would have never bought or even played if it wasn’t for Game Pass. Show Notes: LucidSound LS35X Wireless Surround Sound Gaming HeadsetPost Malone adOutro: Told U So – Fgunna


248: Gears Pro Circuit San Diego Open 2018 and Mobile Games

From weather to life changes to gaming, this episode has it all! Most importantly it has some esports, and a lot of mobile gaming. Show Notes: Dragalia LostPocket CityApp StoreGoogle PlayPayDay Crime War BetaForza Horizon 4Outro: Told U So – Fgunna


247: Safes and Crates

This week Oz and Jack discuss upcoming releases and events. The latest news coming from Nintendo, and it’s beta season! Upcoming Forza Horizon 4TransferenceOut Now Nintendo Online Service PricingNES ControllersSpecial OffersEsports Beta Life PayDay Crime War Trials Rising Closed BetaCall of Duty: Black Ops 4 – Blackout BetaGames With Gold


246: Cyberpunk 2077 & gamescom

If you’re interested in the latest news, best deals and just overall enjoy gaming, you won’t want to miss this episode! From Cyberpunk 2077 to new Xbox bundles, this week’s episode has a ton of great information. Including how to get an Xbox One X for just $34.99/mo! Show Notes: Cyberpunk 2077 GameplayXbox On SpotifyXbox All AccessX1PCPS4Xbox Game PreviewSteam Early AccessPLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS Version 1.0 on Xbox releasing September 4, 2018PUBG Controller releasing October 30, 2018...


245: The X Factor!

So much awesome in this week’s episode! We discuss Jack’s new nickname and a bunch of games! From a beta to some new releases on Xbox Game Pass. There is a lot in this episode, check the show notes below! Show Notes: We Happy FewFortnite launches on AndroidRed Dead Redemption 2DOOM EternalRAGE 2GamescomGears of War OpenOutro: Told U So – Fgunna


244: Futuristic Taco Bell!

Oz can finally let loose and Jack visits Comic Con. Bi-weekly shows incoming! It’s summer! Enjoy it! There is a lack of news to cover, one of us was sick and the other was traveling, but we’re back! Let’s catch up! Oz checks out some new mobile games and Jack tells us about his futuristic meal experience. Details below! Show Notes: Lumines RemasteredMaple Story MBullet Strike Sniper BattlegroundRocket League Birthday Bash at Petco ParkXbox Games with Gold Outro: Told U So – Fgunna