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Dancing Is Forbidden: An Aqua Teen Hunger Force Exploration

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Watching & discussing Adult Swim’s Aqua Teen Hunger Force one episode at a time. Forever!

Watching & discussing Adult Swim’s Aqua Teen Hunger Force one episode at a time. Forever!


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Watching & discussing Adult Swim’s Aqua Teen Hunger Force one episode at a time. Forever!






On Hiatus until July 11th!

Due to the unexpected passing of my mother and my wedding/Honeymoon in less than two weeks, I won't have enough time to get any episodes finished for a while. I'll be back in full (aqua teen hunger) force on July 11th. Take care.


The Shaving | Aqua Teen Hunger Force

If you had a monster in the attic, how would you react? Would you kill it? Would you force it to leave? Or would you take pity on its lameness, helping it become a monster of legendary proportions? If you chose the third option, you might be Master Shake. In this "Bus-of-the-Undead-done-right" episode, Willie Nelson-- not THAT Willie Nelson-- (played by Tom Scharpling) turns out to be much more horrifying than Shake could ever hope. Frylock dresses up as a haunted sailor for Halloween....


TODAY I’m streaming the new ATHF Fan Game on Twitch at 8PM EST / 7PM CST / 5PM PST! twitch.tv/RonnieNeeley

I'll be playing the new ATHF fan game live on https://www.twitch.tv/ronnieneeley today! 8PM EST / 7PM CST / 5PM PST! Carl sticker giveaway! :D


The Broodwrap | AquaDonk Side Pieces

Did the pandemic force you into a new job sector? It did for Carl. In this companion episode to The Broodwich (which we will cover soon!), AquaDonk expands the... Aquaverse(?), not only giving us a peek into Carl's life in 2022, but for the first time shows us interaction between Carl and the Broodwich/wrap. Ronnie gushes about how this short met all his AquaDonk hopes and dreams, and lists off a hundred other podcasts (and then will wonder next week why nobody listens to his podcast...


Spirit Journey Formation Anniversary | Aqua Teen Hunger Force

Are you sick and tired of that boring old "Happy Birthday" song? Master Shake has you covered. Combining two of rock's biggest stars, Geddy Lee (voiced by Matt Maiellaro) and Zakk Wylde (voiced by the actual Zakk Wylde), Shake creates a heavy (in the philosophical, musical, and financial contexts) replacement. Going into debt north of a million bucks, Shake is forced to come up with the money... or not. We go over how this episode evolved, Meatwad's Rush fandom, and more in this week's...


A Lawyer Reacts to Revenge of the Trees, Rabbot Comparison, and Aqua Teen Hunger Force: The Complete Collection!

This week lawyer Megan Rooney answered all my burning legal questions relating to Revenge of the Trees. Megan also talks about how Carl inspired her backyard water feature. In addition to this, I ramble about the new Rabbot Comparison video I did, and the 20 disc Aqua Teen Hunger Force: The Complete Collection DVD Box Set! References: • Rabbot Comparison Video: https://youtu.be/ekRmKsu3xk0 • New YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ekRmKsu3xk0 • ATHF Complete Collection at...


Revenge of the Trees | Aqua Teen Hunger Force

Master Shake is in some serious legal trouble... in the woods. Carl is being used as a human Post-It note. Frylock tries to work within the system to save his friends, but quickly realizes the system is stupid. Giving us more voice actors than we've ever had before, this multifaceted episode teaches us one thing: Trees are dumb as hell. Other topics discussed include Outkast's Speakerboxxx/The Love Below, trees mysteriously appearing, and used oil disposal methods. References: • Radio...


Total Re-Carl | Aqua Teen Hunger Force

Has science gone too far? On his mission to rid the world of unnecessary water waste, Frylock (naturally) kills Carl. After several attempts to bring him back-- some involving trees, cadavers, and eyeballs-- Carl gets a nice Tonka-tuff body. Master Shake steals Meatwad's joke, but then must pay the ultimate price... well, not really, because he's back next episode. Other topics discussed include feet on guitar cables, Wordle on the toilet, accidental corporate emails, truck driving, Death...


The Return of Handbanana | AquaDonk Side Pieces

BLOW THE AQUAHORN, the boys are back! In the first AquaDonk Side Pieces, Handbanana shows up. Frylock gets the mail. Carl tries to escape. Handbanana starts to die... but doesn't (?). Meatwad makes horchata. The Enforcer wants to be called Spaghetti. Shake has been taking horn lessons. We weave through all the choppy voice editing, characters we haven't covered yet, and redundant plotlines to ultimately celebrate the return of our favorite sentient food products. Contacts: Support the...


AquaDonk Is Here! New Info! Podcast Schedule Changes! Holy Smokes!

Blow the AquaHorn! AquaDonk has dropped! We discuss it, piece together 8 of the 10 returning villains, and talk podcast schedule changes (to cover AquaDonk). References: • The Return of Handbanana: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZVPXbl6lDIs • Dave + Matt 2022 Interview: https://comicbook.com/anime/news/aqua-teen-hunger-force-creators-return-interview-aquadonk-side-pieces-exclusive-clip-adult-swim/ Contacts: Support the Show: patreon.com/dancingisforbidden Leave a voice message:...


”New Aqua Teen On Monday” Says MC Chris

On his TikTok today, MC Chris said that there was new ATHF coming on Monday on YouTube. He says he is in it, and there is a new song. While there is no reason to believe this is untrue, I am only passing on what MC Chris said! There has been no other official word. References: • MC Chris Video: https://www.tiktok.com/@mcchrisontiktok/video/7086603731814337838 Contacts: Support the Show: patreon.com/dancingisforbidden Leave a voice message: speakpipe.com/dancingisforbidden Discord:...


Universal Remonster | ft. Carey Means Cameo | Aqua Teen Hunger Force

If you had access to the stargate.. sorry, FARgate, how would you use it? Would you steal from the world's banks? Use it to fast travel to different continents for leisure? Or would you use it to steal cable? If you chose the latter, you'd probably fit in well with the Plutonians. Emory and Oglethorpe get high (420 blaze it), blast their eyes out, make counterfeit shirts, and unleash the universal remonster (accidentally) on the Aqua Teens. This episode also spawns a rare Diablo III item!...


New Episode Out Soon!

Unfortunately I'm still waiting on a few things to be able to finish this episode. It will be up as soon as possible!


Super Trivia | Aqua Teen Hunger Force

Frylock will do anything to beat Wayne "The Main Brain" McClain at bar trivia. ANYTHING. Frylock wants those bar dollars. "Well surely he wouldn't ludovico technique his friends over the course of a week, force feeding all the world's events except for sports into their brains, would he?" Wow, he actually does exactly that. You must have already seen this episode. I mean I assume you have if you listen to someone talk about Aqua Teen for over an hour every week. Super Trivia is the only...


Community Jiggle - March 2022 - ATHF Production Music, Solved Mysteries, and Rock & Roll

In March's community Jiggle, we go over the usual stuff-- general Aqua Teen happenings, episode afterthoughts, feedback, etc. We also discuss getting pinched on Saint Patrick's Day, Corned Beef, Bento Box Entertainment, New Addictions, and Not Being Lazy & Actually Writing Music. References: • ATHF Production Music: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrnv0TKli4_eCI9Az1DrX2g • Drunk On Dana: https://rvamag.com/news/comedy/drunk-on-dana.html • Rochester MN Native at Bento Box:...


The Meat Zone | Aqua Teen Hunger Force

Meatwad is a man of many mysteries. While Frylock clearly has powers throughout the show, Meatwad gets them occasionally... sort of. In a Stephen King inspired "Meatwad gets powers" episode, instead of abusing Shake or Frylock with these powers, he uses his prophecies to jump on Frylock's bed and eat his caulk. Shake loses the lotto, and gets covered in bones and doo-doo. Other topics discussed include Valve's Steam, Billy Corgan's Zwan, Sofia Coppola's kick ass film soundtracks, and...


Super Squatter | Aqua Teen Hunger Force

If your roommate didn't pay the bills, how would you handle it? Would you kick him out? Would you pay them yourself? Would you do nothing to team him a lesson? If you chose the latter, you might be Frylock. Shake and Frylock are stuck at an impasse, while Meatwad suffers without a weenie smoothie. Shake decides to abandon ship and live at Carl's house-- which results in Carl shooting himself in the foot. It's okay though, he gets some good drugs because of it. Other topics discussed include...


Super Sir Loin | Aqua Teen Hunger Force

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice... do what now? Meatwad falls for yet another MC Pee Pants scheme (this time feeding da shorteez, AKA accumulating dangerous amounts of fly digestive acid to break into the First National Bank to pay off some patio furniture), but Frylock is by his side the entire time. Shake sees his steak and eggs and just sorta disappears. It happens. Also, Carl has crabs. The two are likely unrelated, but possibly not. Other topics discussed include getting songs...


Community Jiggle - Feb 2022 - Dana Snyder’s Answer, Smiling Friends, and High School Reunions

In February's community Jiggle, we go over the usual stuff-- general Aqua Teen happenings, episode afterthoughts, feedback, etc. Dana Snyder graces us with some Mayhem of the Mooninites info! We also discuss high school reunions, Smiling Friends, and Tidal's Algorithm. References: • HowardsOpal ATHF Reddit Comment: https://www.reddit.com/r/AquaJail/comments/stm1co/aqua_teen_hunger_force_frever/hx4ovpc • Ultra Major: https://ultramajor.bandcamp.com/album/ultra-major Contacts: Support the...


Super Spore | Aqua Teen Hunger Force

The Aqua Teens react in their own ways to their new alien friend, Travis of the Cosmos. Frylock becomes a strict parent. Meatwad becomes a tattletale. Shake... passes out most of the episode. We get some insight from the wonderful Brooks Braselman, voice of Travis, about how Pizzicato Five helped to craft this underrated episode. Other topics discussed include The Room (o hai), Mars Volta, and getting blackout drunk. References: • Corndog Central: https://www.corndogcentral.com/ • Studio...