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Join Tyler and Steve for a weekly fun filled live steam! Every Sunday we talk to some of the best playing cards designers, magicians, entrepreneurs, and cardists in the world. Interested in contributing to Deckin' Around, or have questions for our guests? Send us a message! Follow us on Instagram! Deckin' Around - Tyler - Steve - Check us out on YouTube -


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Join Tyler and Steve for a weekly fun filled live steam! Every Sunday we talk to some of the best playing cards designers, magicians, entrepreneurs, and cardists in the world. Interested in contributing to Deckin' Around, or have questions for our guests? Send us a message! Follow us on Instagram! Deckin' Around - Tyler - Steve - Check us out on YouTube -






Deckin' Around #68 - Shin Lim - Magician

Shin Lim is the 2015 world FISM CHAMPION for close up card magic and is the only person in the world to win America’s Got Talent TWO times. A self-proclaimed "SLEIGHT OF HAND ARTIST". LIM admits that he is actually NOT a magician , nor a wizard, and has NO intention of LYING to the audience. He performs carefully SELF-CHOREOGRAPHED routines rather than pretending to defy the laws of Physics. Combining Dexterity, Precision and Grace, he has distilled a Lifetime of training into a devious...


#67 - Deckin' Around - Jason Knowles - Magician

Jason Knowles is a independent magic creator and the man behind Deception Is Reality. His claims to fame include, but are far from limited to, amazing gimmicks such as Continuum, Budhole, and Flat Pack. With creativity and ingenuity, Jason creates some of the most in demand gimmicks in the industry today, all while building a social media presence with entertainingly amazing videos! This is one episode you surely don't want to miss! Join us for what will without question be a MAGICAL episode...


#66 - Stefan Eriksson - Designer

Stefan Eriksson is an award winning Swedish magician, graphic designer, and illustrator. Whether you know Stefan from his entertaining and mesmerizing performances, his spectacular mustache, or his creative work designing the Butterfly Playing Cards, you know Stefan is an absolute genius! With more than 15 years of experience as a performing magician, Stefan is a wealth of creative knowledge on card and stage magic. In addition, his design of the Butterfly Playing Cards is one of the...


#65 - Adam Broughton - Cardist

Adam Broughton is a visual entertainer to the core. As a UK based cardist, Adam has grown his following with amazing displays of cardistry and tutorials. Whether you know Adam from his Instagram or his YouTube, you know his skills are next level. Not only is Adam an amazing cardist, but he has been a casino dealer and a world traveler! This is one episode you don't want to miss! Join us for what is guaranteed to be an ENLIGHTENING episode of Deckin' Around as we talk cardistry, magic,...


#64 - Nic Suriano - Magician

Whether you know Nic Suriano from his amazing videography work, his youtube, his cardistry and magic, or his gaming, you know that Nic is a talented individual. Not only has Nic excelled in a multitude of fields, but he has done it with style and with passion. Having recently pivoted into the world of gaming, we are super excited to sit down with Nic and talk YouTube, gaming, and his journey through the world of video creation. This is one episode you don't want to miss! Join us for what is...


#63 - Jeki Yoo - Magician

Jeki Yoo , magician and quick change artist has been performing around the world for years. Appearing on America's Got Talent, Masters of Illusion, and at the famed Magic Castle, Jeki is one of the most renowned magicians on stage today! After winning Asia's greatest magic contest, The Busan International Magic Festival, in 2006 as a high school student, Jeki began winning international contests like a comet. His magic was innovative, inspired other magicians, and roused applause from...


#62 - Chloé Crawford - Magician

Chloé Crawford, magician, model, and performer has graced stages across the world. Whether you know her from Britain's Got Talent, The Supernaturalists, Cirque Du Soleil or one of her many stage performances, Chloé Crawford has likely blown your mind with her amazing talents! In Chloé’s semi final performance on Britain’s Got Talent, she decided to mix her passion for dance & storytelling with magic to create a performance that wowed judges and spectators alike! Then in 2018, Chloé starred...


#61 - Jannieke (Dutch Card House) - Designer

Jannieke is the mastermind designer and co-founder behind such iconic card brands as Paisley Playing Cards, Diamon Playing Cards, and the Dutch Card House Company. You may not know Jannieke's name, but you surely have seen her amazing brands on Kickstarter! Well on this episode of Deckin' Around we are lucky enough to sit down with Jannieke to talk design, entrepreneurship, playing cards, and more! Whether you are fan of the Paisley Playing Cards brand, or the recent collaboration with Matt...


#60 - Ryan Schlutz - Magician

Ryan Schlutz, the mastermind behind False Anchors, is known for his amazing, yet subtle magic style. Fooling both spectators and magicians alike, Ryan's work is highly sought after, and always receiving amazing acclaim from the community. Additionally, Ryan is a entrepreneur, pursing business in all of his passions, making him a man of many talents! We can't wait to pick Ryan's brain and get some real behind the scenes insight into what drives this powerhouse magician! This is one episode...


#59 - Max Moubarek - Entrepreneur

Abstract Effects is a group of talented, motivated, and charismatic magicians who have come together to produce some of the most amazing tricks of recent times! With exciting gimmicks such as Keynote, Summit, and I AM ARRR, Max Moubarek and The Other Brothers are driving innovation and excitement in the magic community! As some of the most creative thinkers in magic today, we are always excited to see what Abstract Effects is coming out with next, and we are so excited to pick their brains...


#58 - Pablo Frey - Designer

Pablo Frey is a man of many talents. As a conceptual artist, graphic designer, and magician, Pablo has designed some of the most sought after cardistry decks in the playing card community. He is the mastermind behind "PAPERLESS" magazine and podcast produced by "Just Shuffle The Cards", and has been contributing to the cardistry community for years. In addition to his amazing design mind, Pablo Frey is also the person behind "This is Frey Records", a recording label. With such a...


#57 - Ryan Edwards - Magician

Ryan Edwards, world-renowned mentalist, has been wowing audiences for over 20 years. From an early age Ryan knew his brain worked differently, and growing up he was able to watch the world's top performers and break down how their illusions and demonstrations were done! He combined that passion with his ability to read people and started performing his own style of magic and mentalism. Now, after 20 years in the art, Ryan is regarded as one of the best thinkers and performers of Magic and...


#56 - Jason Maher - Magician

Jason Maher, also known as Street Magician Dude, is a magician , bull whip maker, TikTok Magician, and YouTuber from Australia. With a down to earth, energetic style, Jason is a natural performer and loves to be on the street wowing spectators. With a mix of old school favorites, with a twist, and new school magic, Jason brings amazing creativity to the magic scene! As a co-host of The Magic Guys podcast, Jason loves bringing his down to earth attitude to important discussions impacting the...


#55 - Kenneth Wayne Preston - Designer

Kenneth Wayne Preston, playing card designer extraordinaire, is taking the playing card collection scene by storm. Making his first public appearance on the Deckin' Around 24 hour live extravaganza, Kenneth has several decks in the works which we can't wait to get our hands on! While Kenneth Wayne Preston may not be a household name yet, it's only a matter of time before he is the gold standard which all playing card design is compared against! This is one episode you don't want to miss, so...


#54 - Tyler Sherwin (@tylersherwinmagic) - Magician

Tyler Sherwin is a magician and TikTok personality, based out of Las Vegas. With over 900k followers, @Tyler Sherwin is known on TikTok for his fun costumes and his unexpected magic. In many videos the only words he speaks are "muñaño", while pulling a full deck of cards from his mouth, seemingly out of nowhere! While much of Tyler's recently visibility can be traced back to his TikTok, his love of magic goes back much further. Falling in love with magic and sleight of hand at the age of...


#53 - Xavior Spade - Magician

Xavior Spade is a magician and youtuber, well know for his blunt, hilarious, antics and honest approach to magic. As a co-founder of Lost Art Magic, and creator of such amazing techniques as Xavior's Rise and The Pass, Xavior Spade is an OG in the modern magic game. He is even a member of the 52! Known for his clean controls, seamless card work, and his theory of magic, Xavior Spade is a respected and all around amazing member of the magic community. Join us for what will be a HILARIOUS...


#52 - Gali Novak - Magician

Gali Novak is an Australian based magician and world traveler who has been performing award winning magic for years! Intrigued by magic and the world at a young age Gali, has performed professionally across Australia and the Americas, as well as on television! She has been awarded multiple times in the Tannen’s Magic Stage competition in America, as well as being a three time runner up for the Australian Junior Champion of Magic! Gali's unique take on magic always makes her a fan favorite,...


#51 - Lorenzo Gaggiotti (Stockholm17) - Designer

Lorenzo Gaggiotti is the genius behind Stockholm17 Playing Cards. This Italian born, Stockholm based, designer fell in love with playing cards at an early age, and several years ago, to great success, decided to design his first deck of cards. And so Stockholm17 was born, rising to one of the most well known modern collector's brands. With decks such as House of the Rising Spade, Room17, and Keymaster Tarot, Lorenzo has built himself an innovative, artist, and sought after brand. Not to...


#50 - Sonia Benito - Magician

Sonia Benito is a London based magician and dancer who has been wowing audiences, for years. You may recognize Sonia from her Samsung UK, Nike, Nesperesso or a dozen other commercials where she has brought magic to brands in fun and creative ways. Or you may know her from her amazing dance skills, bringing an energetic passion for both dance and magic to people around the world. Sonia has been a performer for her entire life, with a love of sharing her art with others. If you aren't familiar...


#49 - Scott Dyer - Designer

You may know Scott Dyer from his amazing work stacking playing cards on television, or as part of art installations. Scott is what we would call a card artist. Scott's most visible creations are his amazingly intricate playing card structures, with some of his structures topping 20 feet (6 meters) tall! And to make it even more amazing, Scott never uses glue or tape nor does he cut, bend or fold any cards to build these structures! They are freestanding playing cards, just one playing card...