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Join Tyler and Steve for a weekly fun filled live steam! Every Sunday we talk to some of the best playing cards designers, magicians, entrepreneurs, and cardists in the world. Interested in contributing to Deckin' Around, or have questions for our guests? Send us a message! Follow us on Instagram! Deckin' Around - Tyler - Steve - Check us out on YouTube -

Join Tyler and Steve for a weekly fun filled live steam! Every Sunday we talk to some of the best playing cards designers, magicians, entrepreneurs, and cardists in the world. Interested in contributing to Deckin' Around, or have questions for our guests? Send us a message! Follow us on Instagram! Deckin' Around - Tyler - Steve - Check us out on YouTube -


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Join Tyler and Steve for a weekly fun filled live steam! Every Sunday we talk to some of the best playing cards designers, magicians, entrepreneurs, and cardists in the world. Interested in contributing to Deckin' Around, or have questions for our guests? Send us a message! Follow us on Instagram! Deckin' Around - Tyler - Steve - Check us out on YouTube -






#54 - Tyler Sherwin (@tylersherwinmagic) - Magician

Tyler Sherwin is a magician and TikTok personality, based out of Las Vegas. With over 900k followers, @Tyler Sherwin is known on TikTok for his fun costumes and his unexpected magic. In many videos the only words he speaks are "muñaño", while pulling a full deck of cards from his mouth, seemingly out of nowhere! While much of Tyler's recently visibility can be traced back to his TikTok, his love of magic goes back much further. Falling in love with magic and sleight of hand at the age of...


#53 - Xavior Spade - Magician

Xavior Spade is a magician and youtuber, well know for his blunt, hilarious, antics and honest approach to magic. As a co-founder of Lost Art Magic, and creator of such amazing techniques as Xavior's Rise and The Pass, Xavior Spade is an OG in the modern magic game. He is even a member of the 52! Known for his clean controls, seamless card work, and his theory of magic, Xavior Spade is a respected and all around amazing member of the magic community. Join us for what will be a HILARIOUS...


#52 - Gali Novak - Magician

Gali Novak is an Australian based magician and world traveler who has been performing award winning magic for years! Intrigued by magic and the world at a young age Gali, has performed professionally across Australia and the Americas, as well as on television! She has been awarded multiple times in the Tannen’s Magic Stage competition in America, as well as being a three time runner up for the Australian Junior Champion of Magic! Gali's unique take on magic always makes her a fan favorite,...


#51 - Lorenzo Gaggiotti (Stockholm17) - Designer

Lorenzo Gaggiotti is the genius behind Stockholm17 Playing Cards. This Italian born, Stockholm based, designer fell in love with playing cards at an early age, and several years ago, to great success, decided to design his first deck of cards. And so Stockholm17 was born, rising to one of the most well known modern collector's brands. With decks such as House of the Rising Spade, Room17, and Keymaster Tarot, Lorenzo has built himself an innovative, artist, and sought after brand. Not to...


#50 - Sonia Benito - Magician

Sonia Benito is a London based magician and dancer who has been wowing audiences, for years. You may recognize Sonia from her Samsung UK, Nike, Nesperesso or a dozen other commercials where she has brought magic to brands in fun and creative ways. Or you may know her from her amazing dance skills, bringing an energetic passion for both dance and magic to people around the world. Sonia has been a performer for her entire life, with a love of sharing her art with others. If you aren't familiar...


#49 - Scott Dyer - Designer

You may know Scott Dyer from his amazing work stacking playing cards on television, or as part of art installations. Scott is what we would call a card artist. Scott's most visible creations are his amazingly intricate playing card structures, with some of his structures topping 20 feet (6 meters) tall! And to make it even more amazing, Scott never uses glue or tape nor does he cut, bend or fold any cards to build these structures! They are freestanding playing cards, just one playing card...


#48 - Shawn Farquhar - Magician

Shawn Farquhar is a two time world champion of magic, two time winner on Penn & Teller: Fool Us, and absolutely mind blowing magician! Having traveled around the world performing, Shawn has been incorporating humor and magic to amaze audiences in fresh ways for decades. He has even performed for the Queen of England! Whether you know Shawn from his television appearances, his live shows at his Hidden Wonders Speakeasy, or anywhere in between, you are sure to have been amazed and entertained...


#47 - Beau Cremer - Magician

If you don't know Beau Cremer, you aren't living life to the fullest! Hailing from Australia, Beau is a accomplished magician, playing card producer, barista, and all around amazing performer! Beau has created some amazing close up magic, such as Papercut, Diegetic, and most recently collaborated with Teguh on LoKey. In addition to creating amazing magic, Beau is also the mastermind behind Howlin' Jacks and the Ristretto Playing Cards, which funded successfully on Kickstarter in October...


#46 - Harapan Ong - Magician

Singapore native, and physics teacher, Harapan Ong is one of the most amazing card technicians you will ever meet. His unique blend of magic, physics, and card handling gives a unique perspective on time-honored techniques, but with a whole new flair. You may only know Harapan by his hands, having started his internet career showing off his hands doing amazing things! Or you may know Harapan as the genius creator behind such great works as Principia or Close Culls! But no matter how you may...


#45 - Cat Boult - Magician

Cat Boult is a spectacular magician who has been honing her art for over a decade. Working both behind and in front of the camera, Cat has had the opportunity to work with some of the greatest minds in magic today, including David Blaine. Cat has also helped bring shows such as Junk Drawer Magical Adventures to life for audiences around the world to fall in love with magic! As an absolute magic marvel, we are so excited to sit down and chat with Cat Boult! Join us for what will be an...


#44 - Kevin Cantrell - Designer

Kevin Cantrell is a name synonymous with elegant typography and design. You may be familiar with his work for Theory11 or Art of Play, or you may know Kevin's work from projects with Nike, Putnam, and more! Kevin is not only a brilliant designer and the head of Kevin Cantrell Studios, but he has created some of the most iconic decks in the modern playing card community. Whether you love the Citizens deck from Theory 11 or the Standards playing cards and box set from Art of Play, Kevin's work...


#43 - David Koehler - Magician

David Koehler, aka DK Magician , is an amazing magician, content creator, musician, and just all around multi-talented member of the playing card community! You may recognize him from some of his recent work with Organic Playing Cards or his involvement with Nobody Knows! But no matter where you have seen him, we have no doubt you have been impressed! David is quickly growing to become a well known face throughout the community, and the sky is the limit when you have a talent like his! Join...


#42 - The Gentleman Wake - Collector

Omar, known in the playing card community as The Gentleman Wake, has built a name for himself for his amazingly creative and visually stunning deck reviews. Omar is a long time collector of many things, including playing cards, and in 2018 decided to try his hand at producing his first deck of cards. Teaming up with Lorenzo Gaggiotti (Stockholm17), Parlour Playing Cards was born, and exceeded all expectations of the community! With his recent sophomore deck just wrapping up, "The Tale of the...


#41 - Alex Chin - Designer

Alex Chin is widely known for his amazing annual National Playing Card Collector's Day decks, and the Portfolio 52, the got o place for playing card cataloging. As a creator, designer, collector, and playing card advocate, Alex has been an integral part of the growth of the playing card community over the past years. Alex helped lobby to have NPCCD recognized as an official holiday. In addition he devised the worlds largest online catalog of playing cards, Portfolio 52, in order to help...


#40 - Casey Kathleen - Magician

Casey Kathleen, a performer and dancer, is far from unfamiliar with the magic community, having toured with Franz Harary! During quarantine, Casey decided to take up magic and share her performances with the world through social media, wowing spectators with her amazing skill! In addition, Casey has been using her ever-growing platform to bring a spotlight to many of the amazing female magicians in the community! We have been thrilled to join Casey on her magic journey thus far, and are...


#39 - Anna DeGuzman - Magician

Anna DeGuzman is known throughout the community for her amazing and eye catching magic and caridstry. Anna has been on Penn & Teller's Fool Us, MTV's Amazingness, and even has a part in a Windows Surface commercial showcasing her talent! Whether you know her from Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, or television, Anna has built an amazing following, and has brought mainstream visibility to Cardistry and Magic for a new generation. Join us for what will definitely be a MAGICAL episode of Deckin'...


#38 - Edo Huang - Designer

Edo Huang is known the world over for his amazing talents as a magician and designer. Creating some of the most well known modern decks out there, such as Sky Island and Svngali Playing Cards in partnership with Alex Pandrea, or the School of Cardistry V4 in collaboration with Jaspas! Edo has established himself as not only an amazing designer, but a mind blowing magician, having created some amazing effects such as Naya and SUMATOFON! Join us for what can only be described as a SPECTACULAR...


#37 - Chandler Henry - Magician

Chandler Henry, a magician and filmmaker, is known within the community as part of Rise Magic with his brother Grant. Creating amazing magic tutorials, reviews, and ASMR videos on the Rise Magic YouTube channel, Chandler has been a driving force within the Magic and Cardistry communities. Over the past 3 years Chandler has brought his unique and energetic video and performance style to hundreds of thousands of viewers. Whether you are captivated by Chandler's ASMR shuffling videos, or a fan...


#36 - Dan Buck X Art Of Play - Entrepreneur

This week we have a very special episode of Deckin' Around for everyone! Not only will Steve and I be recording from the same location for the first time EVER! But we will be recording LIVE from the Art of Play Showroom, getting a tour of the Showroom and Warehouse, then sitting down with Dan Buck to talk playing cards! Dan is one of the founding members of Dan & Dave Industries, and one of the driving forces behind modern cardistry. This is going to be a one of a kind episode you won't want...


#35 - Wes Barker - Magician

You may recognize Wes Barker from his appearances on America's Got Talent, Penn & Teller: Fool Us, Wizard Wars, or even his YouTube account. Known as Canada's funniest magician, Wes brings a comedic flair to all of his performances, willing to put his own dignity on the line for the sake of entertainment! With over 200+ videos and 185k subs on his YouTube channel, Wes creates hilarious content with the help of his wife, as well as co-hosts the "Bottom Of The Barrel" podcast with Chris...