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Lifelong fans of Doctor Who, Rob and Liam discuss their favourite TV sci-fi show and a few other things of interest.

Lifelong fans of Doctor Who, Rob and Liam discuss their favourite TV sci-fi show and a few other things of interest.


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Lifelong fans of Doctor Who, Rob and Liam discuss their favourite TV sci-fi show and a few other things of interest.




Cloister Bell 061: Resurrection of the Daleks

Dilapidated abandoned warehouses, rain drenched alleys, killer policemen, death after death after death, a deranged child of a villain, mercenaries, a killer virus and a companion departing. Prepare to be depressed as Liam discusses his favourite Peter Davison story with Rob.


Cloister Bell 060: Earthshock

On the podcast today I chose to revisit one of my favourite Fifth Doctor adventures, a story from Doctor Who Season 19, it’s Earthshock featuring the dreaded Cybermen! Tune in to find out what me and Liam thought upon revisiting this classic. -Rob


Cloister Bell 059: The Seeds of Doom

If you don’t listen to this podcast, it’ll be the end of everything. Everything, do you understand? Even your pension! So listen as Liam discusses not only his favourite Tom Baker story but his favourite Doctor Who adventure of all time, The Seeds of Doom.


Cloister Bell 058: City of Death

The city holds many memories for me, of music, of cafes, of love, and of death. City of Death to me is one of the many pinnacles of the Fourth Doctors era. It has humour, wit, violent butlers and an abundance of scenic walks through the French capital. Join us on this podcast as we discuss this 1979 gem from Doctor Who Season 17.


Cloister Bell 057: The Sea Devils

You'll never go in the water again! Liam discusses his favourite Jon Pertwee story with Rob, "The Sea Devils". It has iconic monsters, an experimental excellent soundtrack, The Master, action, a pompous civil servant, men in uniform, what isn't there to love except the Doctor eating all the sandwiches!


Cloister Bell 056: Frontier In Space

It’s time to hunt out your trusty double VHS as this week I’ve chosen to talk about my favourite Jon Pertwee adventure, Frontier In Space. Was it as good as we remember? Tune in and find out.


Cloister Bell 055: The Invasion

In this weeks podcast Liam talks about his favourite Patrick Troughton adventure. Like Robert’s choice, it had Cybermen in it! But also UNIT, cool music, action, excitement, animation, and much more. Yes it’s “The Invasion”, but is it the best Troughton story? Listen and decide.


Cloister Bell 054: The Tomb Of The Cybermen

Hello listeners! Join us as we venture back to Telos 1967. This week Rob picks his favourite story from the Patrick Troughton era, it’s Doctor Who: The Tomb Of The Cybermen.


Cloister Bell 053: The Crusade

In this week's podcast Liam talks about his favourite William Hartnell adventure, the partly-missing from the archives, "The Crusade". In conversation with Rob he explains why some episodes are missing in the first place and tries to convince you this is a story worthy of your attention. Does he succeed?


Cloister Bell 052: The Aztecs

Today we begin our journey through the entire history of Doctor Who revisiting our favourite stories for each Doctor. In this episode Rob chooses to revisit The Aztecs, a historical adventure from William Hartnell's first season originally broadcast in 1964.


Cloister Bell 051: The Timeless Children

You know what they say. Nothing ventured, nothing blown. Today we reach the end of our Doctor Who Series 12 reviews as on today’s podcast we discuss The Timeless Children. Tune in to find out what we thought of it. A huge thank you to all the listeners who have gave their feedback for us to read out over the past few months, and of course a massive thank you to all of you for taking the time to listen! Anyway, enjoy and keep an eye out to see what we have in store over the following months.


Cloister Bell 050: Ascension Of The Cybermen

A year and a half of podcasting and we’ve finally hit our 50th episode. This week we’re talking about the penultimate story in Doctor Who’s twelfth series, Ascension Of The Cybermen. It’s probably worth pointing out that we recorded this on the week it was broadcast as so we hadn’t yet seen the final episode The Timeless Children. Have a listen, enjoy, and share your thoughts with us.


Cloister Bell 049: The Haunting of Villa Diodati

Good morning listeners! After a recent barrage of setbacks we are resuming our run of Doctor Who Series 12 reviews, here is our podcast for episode eight The Haunting of Villa Diodati. We recorded this one a good few weeks back but finally gotten round to the editing and hopefully we're back for good. Have a listen and see what we thought.


Cloister Bell 048: Can You Hear Me?

In this podcast we review the seventh episode of Doctor Who's twelfth series, 'Can You Hear Me?'.


Cloister Bell 047: Praxeus

Onwards we go. This week we're onto episode six of Doctor Who Series 12, it's Praxeus. We chat character dynamics with this weeks extended-fam, the impact of having more earthbound stories and read out the listeners responses.


Cloister Bell 046: Fugitive Of The Judoon

Two world collide in Fugitive of the Judoon. The latest episode in Doctor Who Series 12. And on the podcast this week we give our instant reaction (recorded right after the episode was broadcast) and discuss our theories as we try to figure out what the heck is happening the Doctor Who lore we thought we knew all too well. Chabnall's era just got a lot more interesting. Have a listen and see what we thought. As always a huge thank you to the listeners who gave us their thoughts too to read...


Cloister Bell 045: Nikola Tesla's Night of Terror

This week we watch and discuss Doctor Who Series 12's fourth episode 'Nikola Tesla's Night Of Terror' and learn a few things along the way. Was it better than last week's Orphan 55? Tune in and see what we think.


Cloister Bell 044: Orphan 55

Benni!!! A little later than usual this week we review another of Doctor Who Series 12, it’s Orphan 55. Thanks for all the listener feedback as always. Tune in and see what we thought of the series first stand alone episode.


Cloister Bell 043: Spyfall | Part Two

Last Sunday gave us a much needed dose of Doctor/Master banter as they faced off in the latest episode of Doctor Who Series 12, Spyfall Part Two. And so today see’s the return of some more Liam/Rob banter on the podcast as we review and discuss what we liked about the story.


Cloister Bell 042: Spyfall | Part One

The Thirteenth Doctor returns for a brand new series. On the podcast today we’re reviewing Spyfall: Part One, the very first episode of Doctor Who Series 12. And, oh!! spoiler warning. Make sure you’ve actually watched Spyfall before listening to the podcast! Surely you’ve all seen it by now anyway I would have thought. Also in today’s podcast we discuss our favourite Bond themes, as well as listeners responses and the odd tangent as usual. Get the kettle on, its time for Cloister Bell.