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Lifelong fans of Doctor Who, Rob and Liam discuss their favourite TV sci-fi show and a few other things of interest.

Lifelong fans of Doctor Who, Rob and Liam discuss their favourite TV sci-fi show and a few other things of interest.


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Lifelong fans of Doctor Who, Rob and Liam discuss their favourite TV sci-fi show and a few other things of interest.




Cloister Bell 099: Survival

This week Liam and Rob discuss the final story of the classic era, Survival, discussing its merits (or otherwise), its legacy and Liam also forgets Richard Franklin's name!


Cloister Bell 098: Planet of the Daleks feat. WCCY

Today we’re thrilled to be joined by Luke and Harry from the WCCY podcast ( We recently guested on their podcast last month and we’ll be hanging out with them again during next Mondays livestream to discuss Legend of the Sea Devils. On todays podcast however we revisit the brilliant Jon Pertwee adventure Planet of the Daleks.


Cloister Bell 097: Terror of the Autons

In this week's podcast listen to Liam get annoyed and stumbling with the Doctor Who version of Worldle, microphones get hit and both Rob and Liam discuss "Terror of the Autons".


Cloister Bell 096: Rose

Join us as we travel back to 2005 when Doctor Who had finally returned to our screens introducing us to Christopher Eccleston’s Ninth Doctor. Also on the podcast Liam has a game of WHOdle, we discuss Doctor Who pop songs, fenton the Dog and we read out some heartfelt listener feedback.


Cloister Bell 095: The Rescue

This week Rob and Liam discuss "cheese", the Target books, talk about coffee some more, 80s films and the 1965 two-partner "The Rescue".


Cloister Bell 094: Children In Need Special 2005

We return to your ears this week as we set the rules on eating ice cream, we debate the age old issue of people making abominable cuppa’s, at one point Rob confesses he likes Gilmore Girls more than Doctor Who, Liam gives us an update on his recent Star Trek revisitations - and finally we discuss the 2005 Children In Need Doctor Who charity special featuring David Tennant in his first ever story as the Tenth Doctor.


Cloister Bell 093: Mummy on the Orient Express

We continue with the Twelfth Doctors era as we discuss Liam's favourite from the Capaldi era - Mummy on the Orient Express. You will also hear us discuss train stories, Liam struggling to say the actual story title, a mild case of swearing and we read out our great listeners responses too!


Cloister Bell 092: Heaven Sent

We finally make a return to the Twelfth Doctors era as we discuss one of my favourites from Series 9 - Heaven Sent. We also discuss Liams latest bold venture - watching Star Trek from the very beginning, we steal the Meal of the Week segment from Neither The Time Nor The Space podcast (please don’t tell them!) and we read out dozens of great listeners responses too!


Cloister Ball 091: Amy's Choice

This week Rob and Liam discuss drinks, breakfast and Star Trek before finally discussing one of Liam's favourite stories...or is it? It's "Amy's Choice" from series 5.


Cloister Ball 090: Eve of the Daleks

We’re back! After a New Years break we return to review the latest Jodie Whittaker story Eve of the Daleks! Liam also tells us all about his brand new venture … Motion Picture Podcast which is out now!


Cloister Bell Podcast 089: The Vanquishers | Doctor Who Flux

It’s felt like such a long six weeks but we’ve made it to the end of Flux - six podcast and six YouTube livestreams later! On today’s podcast we include a 20 minute segment from Monday's livestream as Caroline, Seonaid, Luke, Harry, Matt, Liam and myself discuss our 2022 New Years resolutions, we chat about Chapter Six ‘The Vanquishers’ and also discuss our favourite video games.


Cloister Bell 088: Survivors of the Flux | Doctor Who Flux

This week Rob and Liam discuss the weather, Christmas trees and the correct time to leave them up and, of course, episode 5 of Flux, "Survivors of the Flux".


Cloister Bell 087: Village Of The Angels | Doctor Who Flux

We’re having a chat about Doctor Who Flux: Chapter Four ‘Village of the Angels’ on today’s podcast. Also we discuss freedom of speech, floppy discs and I quite bravely try some Revels for the first time in my life. Enjoy!


Cloister Bell 086: Once, Upon Time | Doctor Who Flux

Rob and Liam discuss the weather, films, the shade of blue in the French Flag, chocolate, Revels, the third episode of the Flux series, "Once, Upon Time" and a little bit of cake.


Cloister Bell 085: War of the Sontarans | Doctor Who Flux

On today’s podcast we discuss all we’ve seen at the cinema this week, I talk about our livestream earlier in the week with some other brilliant Doctor Who podcasters, and then we move on to Chapter Two of Doctor Who Flux, War of the Sontarans. Support us on Patreon: For more:


Cloister Bell 084: The Halloween Apocalypse | Doctor Who Flux

The new series of Doctor Who has arrived, "Flux". Rob and Liam talk about "No Time to Die" (don't worry no spoilers) and a few others things (sadly the weather isn't mentioned this week) before discussing the first episode of the series, "The Halloween Apocalypse".


Cloister Bell 083: Vincent and the Doctor

In this weeks podcast we check out one of my favourite Matt Smith stories back from Series 5 when he was just a bairn! We discuss Doctor Who: Vincent and the Doctor, we read out your feedback and plan ahead for Flux with weekly podcasts and our brand new YouTube live series The After Show!


Cloister Bell 082: The Unicorn and the Wasp

In this week's podcast we discuss Liam's favourite story from the David Tennant era, "The Unicorn and the Wasp". We also discuss the bloody weather (you will also be able to relax as you hear the rain in the background) and some of the recent news related to the show.


Cloister Bell 081: The Girl in the Fireplace

For this week’s podcast I chose to revisit one of my favourite Tenth Doctor episodes - Steven Moffat’s The Girl in the Fireplace from Doctor Who Series Two. Me and Liam have a good chat about it, and we also check out two special mini episodes relating to it, a prelude Tardisode from 2006 and an epilogue produced in 2020 as part of the Doctor Who Lockdown content called Lockdown | Pompadour. Have a listen! We read out some fantastic listeners responses as usual too!


Cloister Bell 080: Father's Day

In this week's podcast Rob and Liam discuss the weather (again!), the Whittaker/Chibnall era, other Doctor Who podcasts and the brilliant story "Father's Day".