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Episode 67: Gods' Monster Truck

This episode the crew are transported to the starkly brautiful Icelandic landscape by the mysterious film “I Remember You”, about a missing child and his fathers attempts to find him. Scott ehn discusses the newly remastered and released from Arrow Video spaghetti western “A Pistol for Ringo”, in which a hopscotch playing, quick drawing cowboy saves a town from bandits at Christmas time. We also talk about time travellers attending funerals, the recently announced F.E.A.R. film adaptation,...


Episode 66: It's Nuts, This Guy's Taint

The crew check out newly released and concisely titled ‘Revenge’, a French rape-revenge thriller that’s as powerful as its one word title is straightforward. Scotty and Robin also checked out a movie loaded with robots, mini-gun wielding mechs and Danny Trejo called 'Cartel 2045', discusses game developer Swery’s upcoming game ‘The Good Life’,getting caught brown cheeked, bad dates gone worse, what to do when your druid neighbour won’t stop praising the moon (hint: it involves an...


Episode 65: Pumpkin Based Rage

This week finds the crew watching the recently released "Stephanie', a horror flick that keeps you initially keeps you guessing and may or may not be in the Cloverfield universe. What isn't a Cloverfield movie these days, after all? The crew also discuss 'The Terror' from AMC, a show about the real-life horrors that befell the Franklin Expedition to find the Northwest Passage, as well as "Aggretsuko" a show about a really angry little red panda who loves death metal. The Blackout Club,...


Episode 64: Thought I Was Your Bae, Turns Out I Was Just Fam

The crew ventured to the theatre this week to watch ‘Truth or Dare’, a horror flick that banks on the creepy Aphex Twin smile being creepy enough for a feature film.After that experience it’s sink or swim with the direct to video sequel for Deep Blue Sea, the imaginatively titled Deep Blue Sea 2. They also discuss inappropriate trailers, Flamin’ Hot Cheetos burglary, hog wrangling cops, the Quiet Place sequel, methods for getting your drunk significant other in the house after a long...


Episode 63: Why’d They Draw These Dogs So Sexy?

The crew spent this years' 4/20 watching the mid-2000's music festival slasher 'The Tripper', written and directed by David Arquette. Scott and Robin recount their trip to deaths house in 'Gehenna: Where Death Lives', a horror movie that jumps genre more times than you'd believe. Rigby gets down with some horror anime courtesy of Junji Ito and drags us back into the streets of Tokyo to talk Yakuza 6. Dog spit home remedies, the political leanings of animated animals, the dangers of being a...


Episode 62: Stupendous Tits Dude

This week the crew returns to Camp Crystal Lake to revisit the 2009 remake of ‘Friday the 13th’, discovering that it may not be as bad as they initially thought back when it was released.They also talk about being stripped of your video gaming medals, real life news that reads like a J-horror plot from the early 2000’s, deleting the most popular video in the world, spring winds of cocaine, drunk male prostitutes named Dick Holder, breathing through genitalia, Raves R Us and more. The...


High Literature Episode 5: Ten Spooky Stories

With Rigby away in Mexico, Robin and Scotty decide to try out some affectionately and appropriately named "Zombie Bite" shatter. Robin shares some childhood horror stories and tells "Ten Spooky Stories" from the Goosebumps book of the same name and tries to see if Scotty can guess the ending to the stories. Despite being entirely pie-eyed, the crew discover a conspiracy involving RL Stine and Adam Sandler, but listener beware, you're in for a scare! “Party Crowd 2” by Kolezan is...


Episode 61: Air Tight Fart Suppression

Join Robin, Rigby and Scott as they talk about the newly released horror 'A Quiet Place', which is hands down a movie universe none of them would survive. They ask the hard questions that no one seems to be asking, like how do you fart and not get killed by a monster? They also talk about indie flick 'At Granny's House', the Netflix series 'Ghost Wars', 'The Grudge' remake news, taint massage's, being asked to handle your high at fast food restaurants and more. The episode is rounded off...


Episode 60: Gators, Possums and Opossums

Scott, Robin and Rigby dive headlong into the at times bizarre but entertaining anthology 'México Bárbaro' this week, a movie with more than a few surprising and upsetting moments. After that, they head into psychological torture territory with 'The Stanford Prison Experiment', a movie that depicts the experiments performed on a group of college students in the '70s when you could pretty much do anything no matter how dangerous and no one would say a word. Rigby wraps up the final (?)...


Episode 59: God's Janitor

The crew is reunited as Rigby returns from Mexico, bearing tales of drunken debauchery and some strange (and spicy) snack foods. Not ones to break a winning combo, we discuss Spanish language horror movies ‘REC’ and the newly added to Netflix ‘Veronica.’ We also talk ‘Age Gap Love’, killing your cheating lover with a katana from the mall, smoking bug-spray to catch a buzz, pot hole snack foods, Todd McFarlane’s Spawn movie, explosive sex toys, some upcoming video game release dates, reveal...


Episode 58: Je Suis Richard Cornichon

This week, Scotty, Robin and Rigby ventured forth to the screens at the local film festival this week to take in their horror offerings. The crew talk Les affames aka The Ravenous, Wolfcop and it's aptly named sequel Another Wolfcop. In other words, a whole lot of Canadian content as all three of these horror flicks were filmed here in the North. Scotty and Robin also talk about the recently released documentary Love and Saucers, the story of one man's very unique life-spanning encounters...


Episode 57: We All Have Butt Hair

This week the crew revisit a South Korean horror film that tried to make us all scared of our flip phones back in 2002, Phone, directed by Ahn Byeong-ki. After that they discuss Netflix’s cyberpunk detective story Altered Carbon and Rigby gives us the rundown on the live action adaptation of Fullmetal Alchemist. Of course, the crew get to taste test something that Robin has found in her travels before diving into some strange and head-scratching news. The episode is finished off with a...


Episode 56: Land of Wind and Ghosts

The crew got together to watch Shutter, the American remake of the Thai horror movie of the same name, which finds an American photographer cursed by ghostly encounters while working in Japan. After that, judgements are given on the new Hellraiser instalment, Judgement, which turned out to be at least better than the last sequel. Where it falls on the scale of Hellraiser movies another story though. The crew also talk about the Amnesia: The Dark Descent and Goat Simulator Let's Plays they...


Episode 55: Mayor of Diarrhea Town

The crew head out into impenetrable woodland this week as they discuss the newly released on Netflix outdoors horror movie The Ritual. Keeping the momentum of being lost in the deep woods going, they also discuss Dark Forest, a commendable first film from writer/director Roger Boyer. They also discuss the recently released (and quickly pulled from Youtube) series Divorced Dad from Astron 6, Robert Egger’s new movie The Lighthouse, time travel predictions, the rise of binge watching...


Episode 54: Finger Her Once

Coming in quick succession, it’s another birthday episode - this time for Rigby! We checked out Wes Craven’s 2010 (sorta) birthday themed slasher My Soul To Take to celebrate and have good news to report. The crew also talks about arthouse darling The Killing of a Sacred Deer, a Chinese martial arts fantasy movie by the name of The Legend of the Naga Pearls, if Bigfoot is really talking to you in your backyard, emotional support hamsters, Cap’n Crunch assaults, assigning gender to corn...


Episode 53: Schrödinger's Tits

What does using your unwitting friends in your psychological experiment, a slasher killer, a Ouija board and possession all have in common? They all show up in The Definition of Fear at some point, a horror movie that somehow uses all of these elements and still can’t grab your attention. Thankfully James Franco and his mustache improve things with haunted heist movie The Vault. The crew also discuss Open House, anime Devilman Crybaby and the wild mischaracterization of beloved characters...


Episode 52: It's My Party And I'll Die If I Want To

In celebration of Robin’s birthday, this episode the crew sat down to watch and unravel the origin of one of Japanese horror’s most intimidating spirits, Sadako, with “Ringu 0: Birthday.” Robin and Scott also discuss “2047: Virtual Revolution”, a a cyberpunk movie low in budget but high in passion that might just be a better watch than the live action “Ghost in the Shell” movie. Rigby discusses the beginnings of her “Heavy Rain” play-though, some painfully bad soda is tasted, some very...


Episode 51: I'm A Slut For Godzilla

The crew come face to face with one of the most cursed objects they’ve ever encountered this episode in the form of the horror film Curse of the Witch’s Doll, an Annabelle look-alike that deviates in some pretty severe ways from the movie it’s a doppelganger of. The crew also discuss the Nite Tales movies, Netflix’s newest anime release Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters, the newest season of the X-Files, try a weird drink from Japan, discuss some bizarre news and play a round of Whole Hog.



Episode 50 and the crew got schwifty! It’s the one year anniversary of the podcast and the crew didn’t let ‘Bad Apples’, an out of season Halloween themed home invasion flick spoil the bunch. The Hollywood whitewashing of the Ghost in the Shell remake gets discussed as well as Vince Vaughn being a savage in Brawl in Cell Block 99. The upcoming documentary about Canadian all female metal band KiTTiE: Origins Evolutions rounds out the films for this week. Rigby and Robin continue their anime...


Episode 49: Graveyard Smash

This week finds us with another “lost tape” for you, recorded one inebriated night within the last few months up at the cabin. On this episode, the crew talk about the unsettling Chinese horror film Dumplings, Witchboard 2: The Devil’s Doorway, Grim, and The Worst of Faces of Death compilation tape from the early nineties. Things get weird quick. Thank the lord below we had plenty of booze to tide us over.


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