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#51 Amityville Horror an Audio Essay Part 1: The Defeo Murders

With the passing of pioneer paranormal investigator Lorraine Warren, I decided to do a two part audio essay for our podcast this week talking about one of the most infamous cases Warrens were ever involved in: The Amitville Horror. This podcast is based on articles I wrote for The Curious Fortean in 2017. Part one discussing the Defeo murders, and part two , which will be released on Saturday, discusses the Lutz haunting. Please let us know if you like these mini audio essays as a shorter...


#50 Adventures In Cryptozoology With CFZ's Richard Freeman

Our big 5-0 Episode! Richard Freeman has a new book being released at the end of May and he is here to discuss many of the creatures he has been fascinated with and researched for most of his career as Director of the Centre for Fortean Zoology. You can pre-order Rich's book on Amazon or visit his website here: If you're able to sponsor Rich on an up and coming research trip contact him via his website or on Facebook...


#49 The History & Practice Of Viking Magic With Ioan McCarthy

Ioan McCarthy joins us to discuss his historical knowledge on all things Viking magic. Ioan is a student of archeology and history at Cardiff university and is a member of Asatru UK. Visit the link below to refer to different terminology that you may not be familiar with. Please remember to follow us on FB WWW.ESPIRIT.TV CHECK OUT OUR NEW STORE BELOW! BECOME A...


Ep #48 The Cult Of Personality: Michael Jackson & The Leaving Neverland Scandal

This is an extremely controversial topic discussing a fourth show in what we consider cult behaviour. This time we focus on the allegations of abuse against Michael Jackson, that are not new and have persisted for years. We go through actual police reports and discuss some real evidence of the abuse and also interject our own interpretations. Whether you are a fan of MJ or not, it is important to understand how mega stars hide dysfunctional behaviours and how we as a culture unknowingly...


Transcendental Art With Cobweb Mehers Part 2: Episode 47 - Drawing Out The Spirits Podcast

Cobweb Mehers of Eolith Design is here in part two of our interview, he channels forth the spirit in Johns studio and turns it into a drawing. We have a bit of a discussion and a little birthday cake as well! YOUTUBE VERSION: "Eolith Designs' sculptures take their inspiration from the dawn and dusk of civilisations; from real and imagined histories, and the world of myth and legend. Bringing together things that were, things that could have been, and things...


The Transcendental Art Of Cobweb Mehers Part 1: Episode 46 - Drawing Out The Spirits Podcast

Cobweb Mehers of Eolith Design is here to discuss his artwork process, a magical process of visionary work that is transformed into pieces of digital art. YOUTUBE VERSION: "Eolith Designs' sculptures take their inspiration from the dawn and dusk of civilisations; from real and imagined histories, and the world of myth and legend. Bringing together things that were, things that could have been, and things that may...


DOTS Episode #45 The Cult Crimes Of John Of God

Who is John Of God? We discuss this infamous cult leader on today's episode. How did this man get away with posing as a faith healer whilst committing the heinous crimes of rape, abuse, running sex slave communes, possible murder, and selling babies he produced with kidnapped women on the black market? LINKS TO CULT RECOVERY: LINKS TO NEWS...


Drawing Out The Spirits #44 Dismantling The Cults Of David Wilcock, Hollywood Celebs & The Church With Ryan Gable

Fringe FM radio host Ryan Gable of The Secret Teachings show is here to discuss cults with us. We talk first and foremost about David Wilcock, then delve into celebrity, The Church and many other factions of cult operations in society. If you have been effected by a cult please visit the links below to seek help: You can Ryan Gable on his website: WWW.ESPIRIT.TV CHECK OUT OUR NEW...


Drawing Out The Spirits #43 Return To Ancient Ram Inn: Paranormal Investigation Of High Strangeness

Kieran Begg and his group The Paranormal Guys have returned to investigate The Ancient Ram Inn. We get to talk to Kieran in depth about what differences there were of the famous haunted location this time around now that the long time owner, John Humphries, has passed on.The Paranormal Guys had free roam of the house over night and we include video clips below in the show notes that detail the investigation. Links To Paranormal...


Drawing Out The Spirits #42 Ancient Sites, Technologies & Pre- Human Civilizations

Rich Blackett is back to join us to talk about some fascinating ancient sites and technologies. How did they create such wonders that we can't emulate with all our modern technologies? We talk about The Piri Reis Map, The Musical Pillars Of The Vittala Temple, & The Olmec Heads. Rich Blackett also discusses an article that proposes the idea of an industrialized civilization that may have existed pre-humans and post dinosaurs. WWW.ESPIRIT.TV CHECK OUT OUR NEW STORE...


Drawing Out The Spirits #41 Conspiracy Theory 101 With Conspirinormal Podcast With Adam Sayne & Serfiel Stevenson

Conspirinormal Podcasts Adam Sayne & Serfiel Stevenson are here to discuss conspiracy theories with us. We ask the duo how they got into conspiracy and podcasting. We cover conspiracies such as The Kennedy Assasination, Latitude 33, Lizard People and more. Adam and Serfiel also goes over what actually makes a compelling conspiracy theories as opposed to one that is full of holes. CONSPIRINORMAL...


Drawing Out The Spirits #40 Supernatural Child Abductions & Fairy Lore With Joshua Cutchin

Joshua Cutchins is here to talk about supernatural child abduction and fairy lore that pertain to missing or taken children from different folklore in the history of several different cultures. We also talk about Joshua's own trip to Ireland and his experiences at certain fairy structures. Find Joshua here: His Book Thieves In The Night: Supernatural Child Abductions: SHARE AND SUBSCRIBE! BECOME A PATREON:...


Drawing Out The Spirits #39 NEWS EPISODE China Moon Landing and more...

What's in the news? John and Melissa discuss some forteana articles that are in the news today, plus Melissa had a curse put on her! WANT TO ATTEND GARY PARSONS LECTURE AND FILM SCREENING EVENT IN LONDON JANUARY 30th EVENT LINK BELOW: SHARE AND SUBSCRIBE! BECOME A PATREON: WWW.ESPIRIT.TV VODCAST VERSION PODCAST...


Drawing Out The Spirits #38 The Road To Pascagoula With Stefanos Panagiotakis

1973 was the year of the famous Pascagoula abduction incident and it lingered in UFO research for almost a decade, until Stefanos Ponagiotakis came to Pascagoula while he was deployed with the Greek navy. It was fate and synchronicity that brought Stefanos to meet Charles Hickson and begin his research into the fascinating case. Stefanos is here to discuss the incident, his involvement and his new book, The Road To Pascagoula. Stefano's Links:


Drawing Out The Spirits #37 Jack Parsons Rocket Tech & The Occult With Gary Parsons

Welcome film maker Gary Parsons to the show, where he talks to us about rocket scientist and thelemic practitioner Jack Parsons. We discuss areas of Jack's life and how he came to be practicing Thelema, from a career that was scientific at its base. The second half of the show John and I chat about various topics in related news. Contact Gary Here: WWW.ESPIRIT.TV PATREON: VODCAST...


Drawing Out The Spirits #36 Santas Map App, Ghost Stories & The Little Match Girl With Chris Karr

Chris Karr, developer of Santas Map App is here to talk more Christmas Ghost stories with us today. We touch several authors, including Washington Irving, Hans Christen Anderson and of course Charles Dickens. John illustrates and Chris reads us a few stories in the second half. SHOW...


Drawing Out The Spirits #35 Charles Dickens And The Tradition Of The Christmas Ghost Story

Did you know that Christmas was almost lost to us during Victorian times, and it's revival was due to the novel of one man, Charles Dickens and his story of A Christmas Carol. We discuss the history of Christmas ghost stories and how Charles Dickens changed Christmas and the social landscape for the poor classes. Be sure to watch the YouTube version and see John dressed up as Jacob Marley! WWW.ESPIRIT.TV VODCAST VERSION: You can also subscribe via iTunes and...


Drawing Out The Spirits #34 The Conspiracy Theories of David Wilcock

Join us for a live video conversation (not just audio) as we talk about the conspiracy theories of David Wilcock. We cover Secret Space Programs, The Law Of One, Stargate, Edgar Cayce, Ancient Aliens, Ascension and cults, we even throw in a little David Icke. VODCAST VERSION: You can also subscribe via iTunes and other platforms for podcast...


Drawing Out The Spirits #33 A Tale Of A NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE with Lobo Matias

Today Lobo Matias of Project Archivist tells us all about his Near Death Experience, but it wasn't the usual long tunnel, bright light, and love filled experience. Listen to Lobos mysterious experience as he pushes through a multi-layered otherworld intent on coming back to this one. You can find project archivist here: OR BE SURE TO SUBSCRIBE AND RATE US ON ITUNES & YOUTUBE! YOUTUBE VERSION (PLEASE...


Drawing Out The Spirits #32 TULPAS & The Cryptids Attack with Cryptozoologist Richard Freeman

Cryptozoologist, Author, Zoological Director at CFZ Richard Freeman joins us today to talk about Tulpas, how they are created and how they may be linked to certain cryptids around the world. You can find Richard at the CFZ website below: BE SURE TO SUBSCRIBE AND RATE US ON ITUNES & YOUTUBE! VODCAST YOUTUBE VERSION (PLEASE CLICK SUBSCRIBE HELP US GROW, THEN CLICK THE BELL ICON!): PODCAST VERSION OF DRAWING OUT THE...