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Join in on the geeky conversions of four life-long nerds as they share their thoughts on the latest news and happenings around comic books, movies, video games, tv shows, and anything else that gets nerds more excited than Steve Rogers on Flag Day.


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Join in on the geeky conversions of four life-long nerds as they share their thoughts on the latest news and happenings around comic books, movies, video games, tv shows, and anything else that gets nerds more excited than Steve Rogers on Flag Day.




Video game memories that made us lifelong gamers

Everyone has memories of playing video games throughout their lives, so in this episode, we all share the key moments that defined each of us as lifelong gamers. We share our first memories, our addictions, and the games that changed everything for us. Topics discussed: 00:00 - Intro 01:55 - Corey's first game memory 04:55 - Halo's impact on our friendship 10:10 - Brittany's defining gaming moments 15:25 - Jason's experience with the Odyssey 19:50 - Christian's defining moments 24:35 - Jason's obsession with Final Fantasy 7 28:20 - Twitchy games get harder with age 30:31 - Josh's defining moment with Fallout 3 33:00 - Corey's Star Wars Galaxies addiction 38:12 - Brittany's obsession with Japanese games 43:50 - Nick's Guitar Hero memories 49:05 - Grand Theft Auto shaped Corey's career


Can we match the tagline to the movie poster? | #72

Have you ever looked at a movie poster and thought "that tagline makes absolutely no sense"? Well we have! In this game, the nerds compete to see who can guess the movie simply by the tagline found on the official movie poster.


The whole gang is here! So we nerd out on everything | #71

It's been a month since our whole nerd squad has been together, so we put aside some time to just nerd out on everything happening in our lives, including recent video games like Starfield, Armored Core 6, Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, and more. We also geek out on One Piece live action, Brittany's horses, DC animated films, and are there 13 months in a year??? Topics Discussed: 00:00 - Intro and chatting 08:30 - We have played Starfield! 19:15 - Is One Piece live action any good? 27:25 - Jason shaved his beard 33:30 - Brittany has horses??? 35:48 - Christian has been watching DC 43:45 - Are there 13 months in the year? 46:50 - Nick has done lots of teaching 53:44 - RIP Arleen Sorkin


Nerdy Origin Stories: The Christian James Interview | #70

In comic book mythology, an origin story is an account that reveals how a character gained their powers and the circumstances under which they became a protagonist or antagonist. In nerd culture, every person has an origin story that set them down the path of being a lifelong nerd. These are their stories. In this nerdy origin story, we interrogate Eat Sleep Nerd host Christian James about his nerdy background. He tells us about how Mortal Kombat formed his first nerdy memory, how he developed his love for marching band and drum corps, and how he discovered photography.


Ranking our favorite video game characters | #69

We keep the tier ranking theme going this week, but this time, we rank our favorite video game characters of all time. How does Kirby stack up against Scorpion? What about Pikachu, Ezio, and Arthur Morgan? We weigh all of the factors, take nostalgia out of it, and make the hard choices. Chapters: 00:00 - Intro 03:14 - Video game character rankings 55:30 - Full tier list summary


Ranking the Best Restaurants for Nerds | #68

Have you ever wondered which food is the best to eat while binging your favorite game or tv show? Wonder no more. In this episode, we put our spin on the tier game by ranking the best restaurants for nerds. Does your favorite restaurant make it to our S tier? And spoilers...tempers got a bit heated.


Changes to our channel + growing our team! | #67

Over a year into this show, we take some time to look back at how the Eat Sleep Nerd channel has grown in this Nerd-rospective episode. We also look ahead at what is to come with this channel, plus we officially welcome our new hosts to the team!


Peacock is bleeding money + Blue Beetle will bomb + Loki trailer reactions | #66

We react to the Loki season 2 trailer, Peacock losing billions of dollars, Donald Glover writing the Lando series, Nintendo releasing a new console in 2024, Insomniac working on a third game, Blue Beetle tracking for a horrible box office, and more. Topics Discussed: 00:00 - Intro 01:30 - Drum corps 09:59 - Twisted Metal is really good 14:38 - Loki season 2 trailer reactions 21:27 - Blue Beetle is going to bomb 27:57 - Barbie is killing it 32:50 - New Nintendo console releasing in 2024 36:43 - What is Insomniac’s third game? 42:03 - Donald Glover is writing Lando script 47:25 - Adam Driver turned down Fantastic Four 51:13 - IMAX updates for Oppenheimer and The Marvels 53:08 - Peacock is losing a lot of money 59:48 - Disney to stop releasing physical media in Australia 01:03:47 - Dungeons & Dragons might get a sequel 01:08:05 - Film release dates for Marvel and more


We geek out on Drum Corps, yacht rock music, and gothic weddings | #65

Brittany Arp and Nick Murphy join us in studio to nerd out on drum corps, yacht rock music, gothic weddings, Warhammer, Eric Whitacre music, and so much more. Topics Discussed: 00:00:00 - Intro and chatting 00:10:40 - Eric Whitacre music 00:15:29 - Superman & Lois 00:21:00 - Photography and gothic weddings 00:25:48 - What is Yacht rock? 00:29:15 - Do we have celebrity lookalikes? 00:33:21 - More new studio toys! 00:34:42 - What is drum corps? 00:53:33 - It's a good time for Warhammer 01:02:16 - Getting back into cosplay 01:12:29 - Is Twitter named X now? Really?


Geeking out on Wolverine's costume, DCU Green Lantern, and more | #64

A special guest joins us to discuss Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine costume for Deadpool 3, Nathan Fillion being cast as a Green Lantern for Superman Legacy, the Black Panther video game from EA, and the Video Game History Foundation’s report about the preservation of older games. Topics Discussed: 00:00 - Intro and chatting 30:02 - Wolverine's Deadpool 3 costume 38:57 - Video game preservation 50:00 - Black Panther video game 54:25 - Superman Legacy Green Lantern casting


We geek out on Superman, Life is Strange, Warhammer, and more! | #63

We have new toys in the studio, plus we geek out on Superman Legacy casting, Life is Strange graphic novels, Warhammer modeling, the hype around Oppenheimer and Mission Impossible Dead Reckoning Part 1, some official Deadpool 3 casting, and more. Topics Discussed: 00:00:00 - New studio toys! 00:03:24 - Superman casting and more 00:20:40 - Warhammer modeling 00:26:20 - Jason is in a play! 00:37:01 - Jack Ryan final season reactions 00:40:28 - Life is Strange graphic novels 00:46:45 - Oppenheimer hype! 00:57:05 - Mission Impossible 7 hype! 01:01:05 - Henry Cavill still in The Witcher season 3 01:05:07 - Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag remake 01:09:30 - Official Deadpool 3 casting


SPOILERCAST: Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny review + discussion

We give our review, breakdown, and discussion on Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny.


Beyond the Spider-Verse is in trouble + Henry Cavill's Aryglle coming in 2024 + more | #62

In this podcast episode, we discuss the troubled production of Across The Spider-Verse and the potential delay of Beyond the Spider-Verse, Paramount canceling Star Trek: Prodigy, the Henry Cavill-led Argylle spy thriller getting a 2024 release date, Elder Scrolls 6 is still several years away, and Xbox has officially lost the console wars. Topics Discussed: 00:00:00 - Intro and chatting 00:13:05 - Beyond the Spider-Verse delay 00:21:59 - Xbox has lost the console wars 00:34:19 - Elder Scrolls 6 is still 5+ years away 00:36:55 - Star Trek Prodigy cancelled 00:42:42 - El Muerto delayed indefinitely? + Kraven reaction 00:49:25 - Henry Cavill-led Argylle film coming Feb 2024 00:53:35 - Lord of the Rings to be a big gaming franchise 00:56:56 - Has Disney regained the rights to Hulk?


We're off this week! The Flash reactions coming soon...

We had some scheduling snafus, so we're taking a week off from our weekly Tuesday podcast and our The Flash review is coming later this week. And be sure to stay tuned for more Strange New Worlds season 2 reactions, reviews for Secret Invasion, and more.


Xbox Game Showcase recap + DCU and MCU Production Updates | #61

In this episode, we cover the big announcements from the Xbox Games Showcase, Starfield Direct, and Summer Game Fest showcase. We also discuss the director attached to the DCU Batman: Brave and the Bold film, the Captain America 4 title change in the MCU, and The Authority appearing in Superman Legacy. Plus we debut our new studio! Topics Discussed: 00:00:00 - Intro + New studio!! 00:13:08 - Our favorite video game scores 00:16:40 - Xbox Games Showcase intro 00:43:30 - Starfield gameplay impressions 00:47:50 - Summer Game Fest showcase highlights 00:52:45 - The Witcher season 3 surprise drop 00:56:59 - Andy Muschietti directing Batman: Brave and the Bold 00:59:12 - The Authority appearing in Superman Legacy 01:02:40 - Captain America 4 title change 01:06:40 - Netflix sees spike in new sign-ups Resources Mentioned: Xbox Games Showcase + Starfield Direct // Summer Game Fest Showcase //


Spider-Man film updates + Superman casting rumors + Redfall devs wanted it cancelled | #60

This week, we discuss new Spider-Man movies have been confirmed (including Tom Holland’s 4th movie), Redfall developers wished their game had been canceled, Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth really is still coming, Superman casting rumors, AND!...are pandas …bears…or raccoons? Topics Discussed: 00:00 - Intro + chatting 11:54 - Mrs. David on Peacock 25:08 - Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth still happening 30:36 - Star Wars Jedi Survivor player stats 36:38 - Redfall devs wanted their game cancelled 40:14 - New Spider-Man films confirmed 47:29 - Superman casting rumor Resources Mentioned: Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Still Launching This WinterStar Wars Jedi Survivor player statsInside the Making of Redfall, Xbox’s Latest Misfire‘Spider-Man’ Producers Tease Live-Action Miles Morales Movie and Animated ‘Spider-Woman’ Film: ‘It’s All Happening’Tom Holland Says ‘Spider-Man 4’ Meetings Were Happening


PlayStation Showcase recap + Attack of the Doc review | #59

We recap the disappointing PlayStation Showcase, plus in the later half of the episode, we review Attack of the Doc, a documentary about G4’s Attack of the Show. We also geek out over the Strange New Worlds + Lower Decks crossover, John Wick 5 development announcement, and a spoiled cameo for The Flash. Topics Discussed:


Futurama air date + The Creator trailer + Nicolas Cage in a video game? | #58

We dive into the geeky news air date announcements for Futurama and this year’s MCU shows, Archer ending after 1 more season, a trailer reaction for The Creator, MCU film rumors, Mortal Kombat 1 announcement, and Nicolas Cage in a video game?? Topics Discussed: 00:00 - Intro 11:43 - Disney not releasing a finished Alien vs. Predator show 20:45 - Archer ending after 1 more season 23:19 - Loki season 2 and Echo air dates 30:38 - Strong second week for Guardians 3 32:05 - Trailer Reaction: The Creator 41:08 - Mortal Kombat 1 unveiled 45:37 - PlayStation Showcase predictions 50:59 - GTA VI release date prediction 55:12 - Nicolas Cage in Dead by Daylight


Drive-Thru robots + Mortal Kombat 1 leaks + Monkey computer brains | #57

We discuss: Disney consolidating their streaming apps, New Mortal Kombat 12 info, CW tv show cancellations, Dungeons and Dragons getting a 24-hour streaming channel, AI taking your order at Wendy’s, monkeys getting computer brains, and more. Topics Discussed: 00:00 - Intro 19:49 - Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores Review 24:12 - Disney+ merging with Hulu 31:00 - Mortal Kombat 12 info leak 35:44 - CW cancellations 41:23 - Dungeons & Dragons 24 hour channel 46:49 - Wendy's will test AI drive-thru 53:28 - China syncs monkey brain with computer 55:54 - Willem Dafoe joins Beetlejuice 2 cast 01:00:38 - Jack Ryan final season airing June 30


Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 Review (+ some nerdy news) | #56

We review Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3; but first, we discuss: Fantastic Four and Mortal Kombat 2 casting rumors, weird quotes from Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy and Xbox CEO Phil Spencer, the Star Wars: Jedi Survivor video game, a super secret question from Jason, and more. Topics Discussed: 00:00 - Intro 13:38 - Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores impressions 17:06 - Karl Urban as Johnny Cage? 23:11 - Adam Driver as Reed Richards? 27:00 - Kathleen Kennedy wants Star Wars to be 007 32:27 - Xbox’s Phil Spencer’s weird Redfall excuse 37:18 - David Zaslav did NOT hint at a Superman game 42:09 - Jim Lee promoted to DC Comics boss 46:51 - REVIEW: Star Wars Jedi Survivor 01:01:52 - SPOILER REVIEW: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3