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Cultural commentary with a splash of sports talk and legendary Turn up stories with your hosts A-Dub and John

Cultural commentary with a splash of sports talk and legendary Turn up stories with your hosts A-Dub and John


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Cultural commentary with a splash of sports talk and legendary Turn up stories with your hosts A-Dub and John






Helluva drug

Slow news week, but the fellas power through with some GOAT discussions, superbowl predictions, an much more!!


Henne thing is Possible

A busy week all around to recap. The guys start off with Trump's second impeachment and the upcoming inauguration before switching over to sports to talk about NFL playoffs, the James Harden trade and who the best rapper athlete is. This episode is capped off with another Turn Up legend check in and of course an update on the fast food chicken wars


Keep that Energy Over There

A-Dub is hungover from partying too hard during the Browns game and John is talking crazy as per usual. Slow news week but the fellas talk about the craziness in DC, Kanye's marriage crisis and a few other things before checking in the Turn Up Legend Nate to see how he plans on Embracing the Turn up once this pandemic is over


On Sight

A-Dub and John start off 2021 with a bang!! The fellas recap their holiday experiences before jumping right into the smoke. Big announcements about the future of the pod, NBA over reactions and alot more on this jam packed episode


Why you keep tweeting her?

A-Dub & John cap off this insane year with epic podding. They start this episode off with discussions about the vaccine, and what 2021 will be like once we can go outside freely again. Later on the fellas discuss new music by Jack Harlow, Taylor Swift and Kid Cudi


Yall Must of Forgot

A-Dub clearly forgot what episode we were on... but that's beside the point. The guys discuss the Lions playoff chances, the upcoming Verzuz battle, new developments in the streaming wars and ALOT more on this can't miss episode


I'm all for it

A-Dub & John are still full from Thanksgiving but have a lot of opinions to share. They start with the Detroit Lions coaching news before transitioning to a review of the new Juicy J album and give you their top 5 albums of 2020


Ab Implants

A-Dub & John kick off your thanksgiving weekend with a recap of early NBA free agency, more Detroit Lions frustration and of course a discussion about the legendary Jeezy vs Gucci Mane Verzuz that took place last week


Buttoned up

New music, Versuz battles, chicken wings, and conversations of how you need to act to get to the bag


You Know what, Dubs...

A-Dub and John recap their weekend, the election results and somehow get into a deep dive into which pair of Air Jordans are the best along with so much more on the episode


John, You Were Right

A lot to cover this week... A-Dub & John start off with airing out some of their grievences with the Detroit Lions & Michigan football before calling friend of the show and former college Quarterback Nate Sattler to attempt to give some positive takeways from Michigan's performance on Saturday... later on in the pod the guys preview TI vs Jeezy, review the Busta Rhymes album, get political and talk about alot more.


Speedway Glasses

While nursing the after effects of a long weekend the guys discuss the return of Michigan football, the Detroit Lions, the UFC fight and so much more


They don't show me no love

On this episode we get to the route of the hate John has for the teams he root's for. A-Dub is back full of irrational confidence in the Lions and the guys give us reviews of the new albums from Benny the Butcher and TI.


I'm going to the studio!

A-Dub and John start off with an extended discussion about the NBA Finals, the future of the Lakers and the NBA in general. After that the guys discuss the ever evolving Tory Lanez situation and have a spirited music discussion


I didn't see them on campus

A-Dub & John are really on one this episode. They start off this episode lamenting on their frustrations as Lions fans and the state of the franchise before talking about some of the other developments in sports.. Later on the fellas discuss the new music that has been released and a lot more


In These Streets

A-Dub & John reminise about TV and tech in the late 90s and early 2000s to start this episode before telling stories about legendary fall turn up stories. Later on the fellas talk about the XXL list of the most downloaded mixtapes in Datpiff historsy



Reunited and it feels so good!! A-Dub & John are back recording in the same place again and John is officially on one. The guys bounce all over the map as they lament about the Lions, discuss the new Disney + shows and so much more


Selling Dreams

This is sports heavy you guys. This week A-Dub & John lament about the Detroit Lions latest struggles and give you their way too early Super Bowl predictions. Later on in the pod the guys discuss the Conway album and Billboard's songs of the summer


Champagne Cupcakes

A-Dub and John are in rare form today. After talking about the long weekend and comparing fantasy football rosters the guys get right down to business. First up is the obligatory NBA playoff update with a special focus on CP3, Jimmy Butler and the effect they are having on their teams. After talking about the playoffs the guys discuss the new album from Big Sean and subsequently re-rank the top 5 hip hop albums of the year. Capping off this episode is a discussion on Nicole Young and how...


I'm An Expert on Bandwidth

After doing some reflection on the serious issues going on in the world the guys give their thoughts and updated NBA playoff predictions and a review of the new LOX album and the Big Sean single that dropped. John also readresses his review of the Nas album