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We watch TV like it's our job. Movie & TV news, reviews, and shows for your queues!

We watch TV like it's our job. Movie & TV news, reviews, and shows for your queues!
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We watch TV like it's our job. Movie & TV news, reviews, and shows for your queues!






Jurassic Park Did You Know? Trivia 65 Million Years in the Making

We prepare for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom by revisiting the surprising stories, facts, and anecdotes behind Steven Spielberg’s most ferocious franchise. From the actors who almost starred in the Jurassic movies, to the real science behind dinos and their DNA, we open the iconic gates and let the fun facts roar through … because trivia finds a way. Or, let’s be honest, it’s an excuse to talk about Goldblum. Subscribe, follow, and share:


Avengers: Infinity War Review - Spoilers, Theories, and Thanos Love

Our full Avengers: Infinity War review is here! Could Thanos be the next mayor of New York? Is Hawkeye tired of cleaning up after the Hulk? What's up with Captain Marvel? Spoilers within! Subscribe, follow, and share:


Star Wars: The Last Jedi - Spoiler-Free Review

Is The Last Jedi better than Empire Strikes Back or a disappointment? Our hosts duel over conflicting opinions, but both light and dark perspectives are necessary to bring balance to the Force. Join us for a spoiler-free review and reaction to Rian Johnson’s Star Wars, Episode VIII, The Last Jedi, and stick around to explore the future of the franchise with upcoming movies, the immersive, Disney park experience, and more! Subscribe, follow, and share:


Justice League: Mortal - The Movie That Almost Happened

In 2007 a live action Justice League movie was greenlit that would have been directed by Mad Max: Fury Road's George Miller, starring Armie Hammer as Batman in a cast of mostly young and unknown actors. The movie was cancelled just days before the shoot was set to begin, leaving cast and crew heartbroken, and robbing fans of what may have been a faithful adaptation of the world's greatest super team-up. If it had continued, Justice League would have brought Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman,...