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05 - One Armed Computer Teacher (Pete's Clean)

In a grand case of irony, Pete is not sick and I have spent a couple of days being horrendously ill. Hence the delay... In an inevitable turn of events the audio has gone a bit funny again. Unsurprisingly, it's Pete's fault. I've done what I can, but I'm not a miracle worker. This week we discuss Pete's recent trip to the doctor, pizza toppings, Pete's early computer use (looking up sex on Encarta '95), the nanny state, naked cleaners and something else. Notes: Iceland's president forced...


04 - Organisation Breakdown (Campylobacter Fun)

Our Season 2 return is a disorganised mess. But Pete's makes a triumphant return. We discuss Pete's ongoing food poisoning, Gone Girl, Gavin & Stacey, more migration discussions, and a bunch of other things including Trump, the end of the world, and Paul Nuttall. It is quite meandering to be honest. Notes: Bio-terrorism could kill 30 million people in a year, says Bill Gates...


02 - Foreign Things (Pete's Got Opinions)

The sound quality of the pod is getting marginally better. Though, this week it is a little quiet. Not sure what happened there. So you will have to turn the volume up, but because the quality has improved, there is some good news. We cover a wide range of topics this time, so the pod is a bit longer than usual. We discuss whether schizophrenics' voices talk to each other, whether being factually correct on the pod is worth it, Alex Jones and iodine tablets, and how Pete feels about...


00 - Robots Stealing Jobs (Fuck you, ****)

A rough introduction to a podcast about discussing different topics, including, Politics, Culture, Technology, and Society. It will likely descend into ridiculous generalisations. The sound quality is also pretty bad. Includes an appearance by a cat.