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Love Don't Hurt..... Poly aint cheatin.....Or Is It?!!

Tell us what you think love is. There has been many scary stories of women and men i domestic violence related incidents that end in death. A recent one involving a 17 year old teen and a 30 year old man has shaken social media. Lets Talk About It. Another HOT Topic!! Poly Relationships Are they a new age thing? Is it just a cheating disguise or a way to spice up your relationship? Wanna spice it up? Listen until the end to win a prize that will lighten up any couples bedroom! Lady Grae &...


Grae After Dark: Gettin to the Nitty Gritty..Dottin Eyes is NOT Ok!

Tonight we're talking about domestic vioolence and abuse. Internet sensation Dede Collier has been accused of allegedly being an abusive stalker. Collier's ex-girlfriend Cali Jai posted very convincing receipts of belligerent and aggressive behavior...Let's talk about it. What are your limits when in conflict with bae? When does possession become ownership? Have you ever been or are you in an abusive relationship?How did you break free? When do you call for help? Announcing Fabb's entry to...


Dating;Sis What Do You Want? Ft. Gary Grace

When we were younger, romantic relationships seemed so much simpler. These days, things are endlessly more complicated and frustrating and dating as a millennial is kind of a mess. Tonight Ivy and her co-host Gary will discuss the biggest dating issues in todays society. We will discuss the process of dating and even ask questions such as: Is it okay to split the bill on the first date? What role does social media play in a relationship? How has social media influenced the dating world?...


In Tha Mix: Casandra Haynes Owner of Kashmere Model Mgmt & Talent Agency

Today on In iTha Mix we have the Lovely Casandra Haynes Owner of Kashmere Model Mgmt & Talent Agency. She Not only has one Company she has 3. Casandra also is the owner of Confidently Beautiful and CLH MediaWorks. She is a graduate of University of North Texas. Where she recieved her B.A. in Public Relations- Journalism with a minor in Psychology and women's studies. After graduatuon Casandra worked several PR/ Social media jobs where she gained experience. Working for a women in business...


Ivy Speaks: Women Vs Sex Ft. Kentrell Hill

Promiscuous women are (often unfairly) known as hoes, sluts, whores, among other things. Why is this? Women should be allowed to discuss their sexual escapades without feeling like they have a label on their back. What makes this okay and who gave men the right to label us for doing exactly what their doing? Now Ivy isn't saying let it all hang out but it's okay to voice your opinion on what you like inside the bedroom and as well as what happens before you get there. Tonight's episode Ivy...


Your Money Is My Money & My Money is My Money

We all love when bae spends a little money for you; a vacation here, a dinner there. But what about those times we get into unexpected troubles and bae bails us out? Are you obligated in a relationship to pay your boo back? Should bae just consider it as apart of the relationship? Lets talk about who's money is who's money!!! In a marriage, is it really "your money is my money and my money is my money?


Ivy Speaks: Women Vs Sex

Promiscuous women are (often unfairly) known as hoes, sluts, whores, among other things. Why is this? Women should be allowed to discuss their sexual escapades without feeling like they have a label on their back. What makes this okay and who gave men the right to label us for doing exactly what their doing? Now Ivy isn't saying let it all hang out but it's okay to voice your opinion on what you like inside the bedroom and as well as what happens before you get there. Ivy wants to know if...


In Tha Mix: Jente Carter Owner Of Denim By Jente

Today on In Tha Mix with Coco Diva and Jazzy J. We have the beautiful Jente Carter the owner of Denim By Jente. She is a 31 year old Dallas native. She is a mother of 3 beautiful children. Jente's love for denim started when she was in middle school. Everything that she custom makes is made out of old denim. When i say this Beauty has skills she got skills honey. She can make Jackets, Headwraps, Jeans and anything you can think of. This is a FABB Boss Chick you dont want to miss. the...


Back Up Ma: You Can't Choose Your Child's Lover!!

Hey mama! Is your child over 18 and living on their own? Do they pay all of their own bills? Have you finished raising your child but for some reason have an issue letting them make decisions they should be fully capable of making if you raised them right? Tonight we are going to dig deep and discuss the factors that stunt your adult child's growth! On the flip side, Have you met someone and you are REALLY feeling them? You like everything you know about them so far and they can't do any...


Sis! Don't Let Them Dim Your SPARKLE: Know Who You Are

Have you ever had a friend who was always around when there is drama brewing but they are hardly around for the glow up?!! Aare your friends acting funny since you have made some changes lately in your life? Are you looking for a support system for this new journey in your life... tune in with Lady Grae and Taylor Doll as we discuss self care and the glow up that fake friends envy!


In Tha Mix: ITS CARNIVAL TIME W/ Coco Diva & Jazzzy J

IT'S CARNIVAL TIME AGAIN!!!! Tonight on 'In Tha Mix' we are talking about CoCo experience in being in her first Carnival representing for Belize. Vibing out to some soca music bacchanal island music. CoCo will also be recapping my eperience at the beauty in business brunch. We got the hottest events coming up our next weeks show guest. So we have some juicy news about the ex drummer for beyonce. Cardi B has a new song out and Nicki Minaj is stealing people swag according to Amber Rose plus...


Ivy Speaks:Greatness Is What I'm On The Brink Of!

SophistaRatchet: A classy, attractive, well rounded woman who can make that ass clap and still sit at a table with the Cities Most Elite. Is that you? Which of your friends does this describe? Which Friend Are You? Many of us go back and forth between our careers and our everday life with multiple personas. Lawyers,Teachers, or Whatever your career is you go from professional by day to twerking it out on a Saturday night with your girls. Tonight I will lay it all out on the line! That fine...


Money Monday:Starting Your Own Podcast

Tonight Taylor Doll is helping the dolls learn a new way to generate income! Use your ATTITUDE, PERSONALITY AND RAZZLE DAZZLE, to start your own podcast and monetize from it! Don't think you need a $1 million dollar studio to make this happen. Taylor Doll Tells You How Tonight! Listen In!


Lady Grae's Therapy: The Art Of Letting GO!!!

Lady Grae is STILL in rehab so tonight we're gonna have Lola's Law come thru and talk about the common things people are unable to let go of, why they are unable to let go, and how we can begin the process of releasing ourselves. Tune in with us tonight as we release some dead energy and make room for more LIFE! Learn when and how you should stop talking about things that were traumatic and we all can heal from the past to make a spectacular future! Call in and tell us your story! Are you a...


Spilt Tea With Ivy And Loyalti

This week on Spilt Tea Ivy and Loyalti will spill tea on Why people feel others are obligated to help them. This generation feels as if someone owes them something and we are here to spill tea on this topic.


Lesbian Love Doctors : The Road To Entreprenuer SHIP

Get Yo Money Honey?!! Ladies there is more than one way to secure the bag!! Have you ever contemplated the idea of walking away from your job to secure your dreams? What if someone could provide you with tools to begin your journey into enterprenuerSHIP? Tonight we talking about a few resources to begin your journey! Create new streams of income. What are your hopes and dreams? What would you do


In Tha Mix: Shelby Smith of Phase Global Management

This week on In Tha Mix we have the beautiful Shelby Smith. She was raised in Fort Worth TX. She graduated from Prairie View A&M University where she got her specialization in Marketing and Mass Media Communication. Shelby is the founder of Phase Global Management (PGM) esttabished in 2012. Shelby has built a successful company many of her clients can be found on or with BET, ESPN,CW33, Netflix, Fox, 97.9 The Beat plus more. We will get to know her and how she built her company. RIP Mac...


Dr. Grae Takeover: Lady Grae is in Rehab!!

Somehow all of us as human like to believe we are as close to perfect as possible. We love to point out what someone else has done to us, but what have you done to them? Do you recognize your own shit? A a friend, family member or lover, how much is too much before we have to let go? Tonight Lady Grae enters rehab with Dr. Grae taking over and fixing relationships broken by simple differences handled by a drama bomb. Many times disagreements can be fixed by simple conversations however...


Lesbian Love Doctor: How Did You Get Them?

You know that ole saying, well both of them actually? You lose them how you got them. Keep them how you got them. Tonight we talk about both sides of those statements. Many people forget about the many games that they play in that "talking phase" of dating and fail to realize the way you lose them is generally the same way you got them. If you were sneaking around with them while they are in a relationship, don't be surprised when it is you! What about once you get them? What do you think...


RICHDollz Chatroom: Toxic Friends & Friendships Gone Bad

Each generation it seems that the definition of a friend changes. We used to see friendships last decades. Nowadays we are lucky to see a stable and healthy friendship make it to a year! Why is that? What do you consider a TRUE FRIEND? Most of us dont even have a concrete IDEA of what we consider friends. Did you find out your homegirl wasn't as loyal as you thought? What was the final straw that caused you to break away from toxic relationships? Tonight RichDollz Chatroom is hosted By Rich...