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In Tha Mix: Nita Chanel Hair Co & Nita Minks

This week on In Tha Mix. We have the beautiful Nita Chanel. She is a young entrepreneur that started her business January 2016 and has been sweeping through Dallas, Texas making a name for herself. She not only is the owner of Nita Chanel Hair Co. She also has Nita Minks lashes which she recently launch last year. She plans on continuing to grow her brand by enhancing women beauty all around the world. IG: Nitachanelhairco Facebook: Nitachanelhairco & Nita Minks Events 8/10 Lil Duval...


Are You Okay With Being The Other Woman?

This generation has a completely liberal thought around sexuality. More now than before are we seeing more praise and transparency with side chicks. It used to be that side chicks were taboo and not to be spoken about. Nowadays she is celebrated and envied alot. This Wednesday we talk about, "Why as women do we feel like it’s ok to be the second option?" When a man cheats and we are on the other side what makes you feel like it’s ok? Lets Talk about it?!! Thank All Listeners, Viewers, &...


What Size Is The Perfect Size??

What’s The Perfect Female Size ? Is There One ? Is There A Such Thing As SlimThick ? We Wanna Know ! Checkout Our Social Media Facebook : Fabb Femme Radio Network Instagram : @fabbradionet Twitter : @fabbradionet Visit Our Website www.fabbradionet.com Tune In via Apple Podcasts and blogtalkradio.com/fabbfemmeradio


In Tha Mix: What About Your Friends ?

This week on In Tha Mix, we kicking back and vibing with your girls JazzzyJ & Coco Diva. Have you ever had a friendship that went bad over something so petty? Gotten into some crazy ish because of your friends? We all have!! Join the conversation tonight!!! We love meeting new people call us to get in on this conversation. (323) 642 1589 Upcoming Events * July 21st at SISU with Social DFW Pool Party Vibes Condolences Go Out To C.Struggs and his family. He Passed away today after a long...


Rebirth and Re-brand: Introducing Aina Brei'Yon ft. Ajje

On tonight's episode, we will start with a re-cap of my birthday adventure to Chicago (the good, the bad, and the ugly). Ajje: Äjje is a twenty-something year old lyricis hailing from New York City and she's going to the next level folks! Äjje's current musical style differentiates from the current trend of female rappers bringing back elements from artists such as Lauryn Hill, Queen Latifah, or MC Lyte. Her songs range in versatility from conscious messages with beats that will draw today's...


Stop Offering Things That You Have No Inventory For

This week has been a very interesting one!! Tonight! Chat with Lesbian Love Doctors on Duty about some tough subjects: Offering Things You Can't Provide & Lesbian Parenting. How often have you gotten into a relationship or situation where you knew that it wasn't what you wanted or needed at the time? Think you may have lead someone on by promising things that you know you can't fall through with? Why? Ever heard the old phrase Don't Write Checks Yo Ass Can't Cash? Lesbian Parenting. What is...


Let’s Talk Recovery & Healing: Special Guest Ms. Yanna

Let's talk RECOVERY!! How do you bounce back after you lose the one thing that matters most, trust? We're gonna spend a lil time with ??Ms.Yanna?? ask in her glow up after the blow up! SHOUT OUT TO Ms.yanna for being apart of our show and letting us hear your story!!! Thank All Listeners, Viewers, & Sponsors Checkout Our Social Media Facebook : Fabb Femme Radio Network Instagram : @fabbradionet Twitter : @fabbradionet Visit Our Website www.fabbradionet.com Tune In via Apple Podcasts and...


Lesbian Discovery: 30 Pilot Screening, Netflix & Chill With Bae, & Matchmaking

This week on The Lesbian Love Doctors: Your Hosts Taylor Doll & Lady Grae will be talking about all of those awkward conversations we have with people once they find out you are gay. This is not just with straight people, but other members of the gay community as well. Tired of those "Who Is The Man" questions? Lets talk about it. The Fab Femme Mag and Lesbian Happy Hour Presents "30 IS A MOTHERF*CKER" Thursday The Fab Femme will be screening the pilot for her film "30" at Sue Ellens in...


In Tha Mix: The Chicago Edition

This week, CoCo Charelle & Jazzzy J are bringing you all the FACTZ (no printer UNLESS YOU NEED IT lol) loaded with tons of DOPE information you need to know when Traveling to the lovely city of CHICAGO!!! Find out where all the HOTTEST Food Spots, Entertaunment and Of Course the Nightlife! It wouldn't be right if they didnt play some Chicago throwbacks and some HOT upcoming artist!!. TUNE IN @ 7PMST! Thank All Listeners, Viewers, & Sponsors Checkout Our Social Media Facebook : Fabb Femme...


Grae After Dark Presents: Redd's Positive Change Journey (A Closer Walk With You

A closer look inside Redd's Positive Change Journey as she openly discusses her personal battle with her own mental health. Fans/Followers/Supporters will be able to call in with questions and comments as well as encouragement. Check Redd Out! Redd D. Hunter CEO & Founder of Redd's Positive Change Journey Brand Ambassador: PTG (Pretty Tomboi Gang) Mz. Haute Butch 2017 Advocate for Mental Health awareness IG: @reddspositivechangejourney Twitter: IAmReddOfficial Snapchat: reddboi1978 Shop:...


Double Trouble: How Do You Heal?

This Sister Duo is RAW & REAL! Double Trouble Hosted By Loyalti & True, sisters discussing the realities of everyday life. Whether it’s friendships, overcoming everyday obstacles, or the overall journey, these two are confronting it all on air! Tune In Wednesday Night 730pm Cst for your DOUBLE DOSE OF REAL with Loyalti & True! This week this sister duo will be taking over the mics in discussing "how do you heal" good question isn't it ? How do you good women heal overtime after being hurt...


Lesbian Love Doctors: A Walk On The Wild Side

Remember the popular group game “Never Have I Ever?” Well tonight is your chance to play with your favorite Hosts Taylor Doll & Lady Grae! We are celebrating the Celebrity Moms who welcomed new life this last week and Weekend, Janelle Monae makes a reveals some not so secret news, and dating women who are not so lesbian but not so straight either. Tonight’s Health a Topic: Birth Control & Condoms Stay Safe & Tune In.


Flashback Friday: BET Awards Edition

Its awards season so you know we had to be #InthaMix with the upcoming BET Awards Nommines and predict who we think will bring home the W and Jazzzy J will also be telling her experience when she went to the BET Experience last year. We bringing a little Flashback Friday mix for yall with the hits. Coco Diva and Jazzzy J are coming to you live Fridays at 7pm (central) so you do not want to miss this. Want to be apart of the convo? Call in as well to put in you input and share your thoughts.


Grae After Dark: Back to our roots!

Tune in TONIGHT as we take "Grae After Dark" back to its roots!! We're touchin ALL the lil dirty details of those #taboo topics that make your face turn red! You DON'T wanna miss this!!! Call in and join the conversation!!



Why do everyone feel a certain entitlements


Taylor Doll & Dr. Grae #TheOneThatGotAway!!!

Let's talk about it! Do you have one of those? Is your ex's current girlfriend obsessed with YOU because you happen to be the one who got away?? Tonight might get a lil CRAZY!!! Call in and talk to us @ (323) 642 -1589



Being a doctor, police officer, or manager at your favorite store is beyond amazing career choices. But do you have the hunger and creative juices of being your own boss. Are you obsessed with the music industry, or entertainment industry? Yet you have no support from your family or lover. What is your story , thoughts, and opinions on this topic. Tune in tonight as your favorite host New York, and China will be discussing the thin line between hustle and love.


Dope Boss Chics: Game Changing Edition

Where are all my dope boss chics out there? This week is all about you. I will be doing a recap of last week show. I will also be talking about the event i went to wit DJ Duffey called Mind, Business. Jessica Dupart aka Darealbbjudy, B. Simone, Brandi Maxiell, Bdonnas told their stories about how they started their business. This weeks guest we have Vanessa Sampson aka a_cakemaker we will be talking about her story on how she started hercake business.


Introducing the SLAY GRAE competition ft. our 1st contestant Misturr Sanchii!!

Join me as I introduce my 1st contestant in the Slay Grae competition. Misturr Sanchii is coming on as a guest repping TEAM BLUE for a chance to win. We'll interview him and et to know a lot about where he's coming from and where he's going in the fashion world!


Approval ? Long term Vs. short term love

Long term Love vs. short term ATTRACTION - so if you lust for someone even if it’s for attention do you jeopardize your household? With a mix of APPROVAL: Do you feel you need approval from your spouse family in order to last or grow in the relationship ? Do you think it could be A deal breaker in your relationship ? I