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Ivy Speaks:Break Babies

It's 2019 and it seems like break babies are the new wave. Tonight Ivy and a friend will discuss some personal experinces. Are you willing to accept your man or womans baby? How does that make you feel? Is the baby now the big fight in the relationship now? Are you torn between the two partners? Let's talk about it then. Spilt tea time we have some HOT TEA for yall. Thank You To All Listeners, Viewers, & Sponsors Checkout Our Social Media IG: @Kanethia Raynette FB: Kanethia Raynette...


In Tha Mix W/ Coco Diva & Jazzzy J: New Year,New Juice

Tonight on in tha mix we will be talking about this 6 part R. Kelly docuseries. Are you surprised or yall already knew? Plus, we dropping a new song by The Oversite Committee "Yes Sensei. " Of course we got the hottest events and more from your local artist.


Ivy Speaks:Ooooh You Tryna Be Fine Fine Ft. MG Fitness Owner Melek Genc

Welcome to 2019 Ivy League. I'm excited to kick off the year with y'all and give you guys health tips with my girl Melek. Get you cups ready because I'm spilling some tea and we will discuss some of the things we should have left in 2018. Talk about it Ivy. Thank You To All Listeners, Viewers, & Sponsors Checkout Our Social Media IG: @Kanethia Raynette FB: Kanethia Raynette TW:@Beautiful_Neene Snap:Kdobbz www.fabbradionet.com FB: Fabb Femme Radio Network TW: @fabbradionet IG:@fabbradionet...



Tonight on Ivy Speaks I will discuss facing fears, taking risk, and following faith. Ivy will discuss some of the losses and risk she took this year and what she has planned for 2019. Ivy will have a guest on tonghts show you guys know who she is it's ESSENCE. Ivy is excited for 2019 and will see yall there. "Optimisim is the faith that leads to achievement, Nothing can be done without hope and confidence."- Helen Keller


In Tha Mix: New Music Friday Pt. 2 W/ Coco Diva

Tonight on in the mix we will be getting into the juicy talk about the biggest break up since Jay-Z Cheated on Beyonce. Cardi B and Offset calls it quits after only being together a little over a year. What do y'all think is it PR stunt or is it real? We also have new music from artist Atmmellz, Moo-You. Kevin Gates Dropped a new video for MATA and Meek Mill dropped his new album Ch ampionships. Alexis Sky is going thru it. Plus all of your local events and celebrity news. Shout Out out to...


Ivy Speaks: The Defamation of the Black Mind Ft Essence Hunter

It's Ivy Speaks Wednesday and I am here to discuss some very important things in the black community with my girl Essence. In the Black community, mental illness is typically classified as someone being “slow” or “special”. The definitive term is a behavioral or mental pattern that causes significant distress or impairment of personal functioning. Now I don’t know about y’all, but name a minority group that has more significant stress and events that impair our everyday functionality than...


Ivy Speaks: Congratulations & Thank You's

It's important to me that I always give thanks because without The Ivy League there will be no Ivy Speaks. I also want to congradulate some many women and men who have accomphlished so many great things in 2018 and to see them grow and recieve everything they are working hard towards. Each person that i'm giving a shout out to motivate me in some way. Thank you for tuning in with Ivy Speaks Thank You To All Listeners, Viewers, & Sponsors Checkout Our Social Media IG: @Kanethia Raynette FB:...


TFabb Femme Special Edition: Taylor Doll Turn Up!!

Join the ENTIRE Fabb Femme Family for a Fabbsclusive episode!! Today we are all together to celebrate the birthday boss Taylor Doll's final year of her 20's. Join the whole squad as Taylor Doll exclusively interviews each of the ladies and gains a piece of their perspective. Also tune in to hear exclusive announcements and highlights for the end of the year and welcoming 2019!!


In Tha Mix : Black Friday/ Rundown

Tonight on in tha mix tonight show will be about black friday and we will also be giving you the rundown on these past few weeks. We have the highlights from the Eff Your Standards Fashion Show, Coast to Coast Live with Young Show and also we will be giving you the scoop on the hottest celebs and local events. We will be wrapping up this season of our show soon and we have so much in store for 2019 we gone start the year off with a BANG.


Ivy Speaks:Thanksgiving Etiquette When Dining With Black Families.

Ivy Speaks will give you some etiquette on how to spend Thanksgiving with black familes. To me it seems like all black people were raised the same so sharing my thoughts on the way it's supposed to go down will be fun and full of laughter. Ivy will share what she is thankful for and what her favorite things to eat are. Let our lives be full of THANKS & GIVING. Talk about then Ivy. Thank You To All Listeners, Viewers, & Sponsors Checkout Our Social Media IG: @Kanethia Raynette FB: Kanethia...


Lesbians: Thanksgiving With The Family

The holidays have fallen upon us! Quickly we might add! Thanksgiving is 2 days away! BUTTTTTTTT us lesbians have some conversations on the Do's & Don'ts.of spending Thanksgiving with the family. Tune in for this hilarious episode of Lesbian Love Doctors with Lady Grae and Taylor Doll. Happy Thanksgiving! BEWARE OF ECOLI & SALMONELA! www.fabbradionet.com 323.642.1589 and PUSH 1 to go live!


Ivy Speaks: What About Your Friends?

What does friendship mean to you? As you all know Ivy Speaks loooves her friends and sisters. Ivy gave her girls some homework and asked them "What does friendship mean to you?" Everyone responed and I'm excited to read everyones answer on air tonight. Ivy Speaks got a name for her listeners and I'm Excited to share, Ivy went to the west coast this weekend and she will talk about that as well. I'm super pumped to share this topic with my girls and I'm thankful they took time out to help me....


In Tha Mix: B.W.A. Young Show

Young Show born Britney McCray, born in Shreveport, LA she has a unique sound that reign supreme. Music has been a part of Young Shows life since she was very young. Rapping since the age of 13 however for the past 15 years Young Show has dedicated her love of music into what has become an unparalleled rap career. Though there are many females in the game, Young Show has set precedence over all that came before her and has raised the bar for all that dare to compare.During the past 15 years...


Ivy Speaks: Killing Yourself To Find A Man That'll Kill For You.

As women we all want to feel and look beautfiul at all times but are you doing things to yourself to get a mans attention or are you doing those things for yourself? Ivy Speaks will discuss how it's okay to look and feel different from other women, How to continue to be independent while waitng on your Russell Wilson. I also feel it's importat I discuss letting go of relationships that have no value. Why hold on to a toxic relationship when there are no strings attatched? Talk about it then...


Lesbian Love Doctors ft. Studology 101: Questions That Need Answers Stud vs. Fem

Live interview with YouTube sensations Studology 101! They have made a reutrn to the YouTube scene and they are back to inform the world about the LGBT community


In Tha Mix : New Music Friday W/ CoCo Diva

Tonight on In Tha Mix with Coco Diva we will be playing all of the hottest music in Dallas. I will be vibing out to some of the hottest music from your favorite artist. Im taking request and playing them on air so if you sent a request listen in. Im talking about all the LHHH drama and in the industry as well. Make sure you go VOOOOTTEE. Shout Out to J White and also Monique Bayars of Moniques_Royalty_shop also Ms Nita Chanel Events 11/2 Status in Dallas 11/2 Pryme Lounge 11/2 Daqs n Raqs...


In Tha Mix : Don Shrude Owner Of Dallas District

Tonight on In Tha Mix we have a special guest By the name of Deitric Alexander aka Don Shrude. He is the owner of Dallas District located in the heart of downtown Dallas / Cedars area. Some of the biggest names in Dallas has been thru his studio names such as Tay K, C. Struggs, Cuban Da Savage aka Cuban Doll, Bandman Far and many more great artist as well. Dallas District grew rapidly from their social media presence ane became more of a blog and a great influence on the music scene. He not...


Grae After Dark: Basic Instinct...Lions, Tigers, & Bears...Oh My!!!

Did ya'll hear about Zuri the Lioness attacking Nyack the Lion, the father of her cubs in Indianapolis?! According to Science and nature, this attack was highly unusual because typically a single female will not kill a male because of submissiveness. Have you ever felt like you could hurt or kill your significant other because something just isn't right?? Well, since we can't talk to the Lioness, we talkin to the ladies about those times where your sanity was tried and bae brought out your...


Ivy Speaks:Peepin The Signs Ft. Myiah Piper

People enjoy reading their horoscope signs forecasts and this often leads to changes in personalities, behaviors and decision-making processes. Tonight on Ivy Speaks, Ivy and her forever friend Myiah will be discussing Zodiac Signs, Energies and Vibes. What sign has broken your heart? Which sign are you most compatible with? Ivy and Myiah will spill tea on each sign. Thank You To All Listeners, Viewers, & Sponsors Checkout Our Social Media www.fabbradionet.com FB: Fabb Femme Radio Network...


How Do You Know When It's Time To Let Go?

Has the thought crossed your mind? Many say once the seed has been planted, then your answer is right in front of you. Or is it really that simple? How do you really know when that relationship is over? What about a friendship? Once it is over, how do you move forward from it? Do you know the art of ghosting? Lets get right to it tonight with Lady Grae & Taylor Doll. Tonight's show is sponsored by Nita Chanel Hair Co & Nita Minks Call In 323.642.1589