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78 - Theme Song Countdown: '60s/'70s Cartoons

So nice, they did it twice! The Fangirls are back to take a second spin around the theme song block. But this time, it's cartoons! From the under appreciated Underdog to the bubblegum pop of Scooby-Doo, the ladies countdown their favorites from the '60s and '70s. And this week in fangirling: Universal Horror Nights, Riverdale Season 3 (maybe?) and The Device. *** Fangirl Merch: Instagram: @fangirlfridayspodcast Facebook:...


Mini - Cake & Ache

Fangirls fangirling: Maren is dying, Natalie finally saw "A Star is Born," and cake must be eaten! Have a suggestion for the next series? Send in your requests now! *** Fangirl Merch: Instagram: @fangirlfridayspodcast Facebook: @fangirlfridayspodcast Twitter: @fgfpodcast


77 - 2nd Fanniversary!

Holy sh*t, we did it. Fangirl Fridays is turning two! The Fangirls are joined by friend of the podcast (and delightful co-worker) Jason, who puts their friendship to the test with a 5 round, trivia-style competition. After 2 years of talking, how well have they really listened to each other? And this week in fangirling: 9-1-1, Forever, Making It, and the life changing effects of Beyonce and her husband. *** Fangirl Merch: Instagram:...


76 - Mall Madness: Eating

You gotta have a snack to fuel your shopping trip! In Mall Madness Part 2, Natalie and Maren share their favorite spots to grabe a bite, crave too many "heavenly" treats, and build their dream food courts. And this week in fangirling: Living for Blake Lively in a suit, "BoJack Horseman," Wednesday night hangs, and the return of "Dark Maren." *** Fangirl Merch: Instagram: @fangirlfridayspodcast Facebook: @fangirlfridayspodcast Twitter:...


75 - Mall Madness: Shopping

The fangirls take a break from talking TV to discuss another of their one-true-loves: The Mall. Silver jeans at The Buckle! Graphic tees at Gadzooks! Choking on fragrance at Bath & Body Works! The hard core bags from Hot Topic! Hollister inspiring Natalie to move to LA! The ladies are... amped! And this week in fangirling: Season 3 of Last Chance U and the 6AM weddings on Disney's Fairy Tale Weddings *** Fangirl Merch: Instagram:...


Mini - Fall & Fire

Lots to fangirl about in this week's mini: Fall TV, Saturday night fires, movies that aren't even out yet ... and Natalie gets excited for BoJack Horseman's comeback on the wrong week. Plus, the next series is revealed! *** Fangirl Merch: Instagram: @fangirlfridayspodcast Facebook: @fangirlfridayspodcast Twitter: @fgfpodcast


74 - Two of a Kind: "Parks and Recreation" v. "The Office"

Are these workplace, mockumentary shows really that similar? Or is their only common thread actually just Rashida Jones? Natalie and Maren discuss these NBC gems and devolve into a conversation about why reboots need to stop. And this week in fangirling: "To All the Boys I've Loved Before," Dyson fans, "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel" and Patrick Swayze's billowy blouses. *** Fangirl Merch: Instagram: @fangirlfridayspodcast Facebook:...


73 - Two of a Kind: Teens and Screams

Are "Saved by the Bell" and "California Dreams" really the same show? Will both "Are You Afraid of the Dark?" and "Goosebumps" keep you up at night? Natalie and Maren look back on similar '90s kid classics and try to figure out which shows were better, which had better theme songs, and what sticks with us today. And this week in fangirling: Getting into 'sport' with HBO's "Hard Knocks," and almost throwing up during J.Lo's performance at the VMAs. *** Fangirl Merch:...


72 - Two of a Kind: Supernatural Sitcoms

It's a magic and monsters takeover on this week's double showdown! In one corner: a supernatural blonde with a bland, white husband. Aaand in the other corner ... a supernatural blonde with a bland, white master. Natalie and Maren compare and contrast "Bewitched" vs "I Dream of Jeannie." Plus, a special bonus round with everyone's favorite macabre families: "The Addams Family" vs "The Munsters." And this week in fangirling: Maren gets to The Greek and "This Is Us" filming close to...


71 - Two of a Kind: "The Flintstones" v. "The Jetsons"

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, But are two really better than one? Natalie and Maren break down two shows cut from the same cloth, discussing similarities, differences and ultimately...which is the best! And this week in fangirling: Wide leg jeans (deLiA*s where you at?!) and the great films of 2017. *** Fangirl Merch: Instagram: @fangirlfridayspodcast Facebook: @fangirlfridayspodcast Twitter: @fgfpodcast


Mini - Sick & Sore

Typical week in the FGF universe: Maren's sore. Natalie's dying. And a real hodge-podge of fangirling! *** Fangirl Merch: Instagram: @fangirlfridayspodcast Facebook: @fangirlfridayspodcast Twitter: @fgfpodcast


70 - Made for TV: "Sooner or Later"

It's time to put a finish on this series! This week, Natalie and Maren discuss their final made-for-TV movie, Natalie's all time favorite "Sooner or Later." With makeovers, rock stars and the perfect amount of undone buttons, this movie is total fangirl bait. And this week in fangirling: Culture Shock: Freaks and Geeks and Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again AND Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again. *** Fangirl Merch: Instagram:...


69 - Made for TV: "No One Would Tell/She Cried No"

It' a Candace Cameron Bure double feature! This week, Natalie and Maren discuss "No One Would Tell" and "She Cried No", which could both be summarized as: the one where that nice boy from that nice show you liked was a total creep. And this week in fangirling: The Staircase and Eighth Grade. *** Fangirl Merch: Instagram: @fangirlfridayspodcast Facebook: @fangirlfridayspodcast Twitter: @fgfpodcast


68 - Made for TV: "15 & Pregnant/Unwed Father"

What a disappointment ... No, not the young teen parents. We're talking about the horrible TV movies that not even Kirsten Dunst could save. This week, Natalie and Maren are discussing double feature "Fifteen and Pregnant" & "Unwed Father." And this week in fangirling: The Handmaid's Tale Season Two finale, Incredibles 2, and the second season of Brockmire. *** Fangirl Merch: Instagram: @fangirlfridayspodcast Facebook:...


67 - Made for TV: "Death of a Cheerleader"

If you like catholicism, teen murder and too-long courtroom scenes, then you're going to love "Death of a Cheerleader!" Kellie Martin, Tori Spelling and Valerie Harper (yes, Rhoda!) star in this classic TV movie and Natalie and Maren break down the "Carrie" vibes, excessive pearls and most importantly, what kind of psycho cuts up cucumbers in the car?! And this week in fangirling: "GLOW" season 2, "100% Hotter" and amazing fan suggestions! *** Fangirl Merch:...


Mini - Fast Food & '90s Dudes

In this mini the ladies are All. Over. The. Place. From potential baby Halloween costumes (Hello Stephanie Zinone!) to ranking top fast food fries (Arby's much?), A LOT of ground is covered. Plus, this week in fangirling: Netflix's "Evil Genius" and Scott Speedman sightings! *** Fangirl Merch: Instagram: @fangirlfridayspodcast Facebook: @fangirlfridayspodcast Twitter: @fgfpodcast


66 - After These Messages: And the Rest

Boxers or briefs? Dan or Dave? Life call or Life alert? We bet Bo knows. Natalie and Maren cover quite the range of commercials from Muzzy to Miss Cleo. This episode’s another And this week in fangirling: Natalie gets emotional over the second season of "Queer Eye" and Maren finally gets her sh*t together and finishes "Stranger Things 2." *** Fangirl Merch: Instagram: @fangirlfridayspodcast Facebook:...


65 - After These Messages: Food

How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop? Why eat Apple Jacks if they don't taste like apple? Would you even know that you can pizza anytime without a catchy song?! In the second installment of "After These Messages," Natalie and Maren discuss some of the standout food-related commercials of their time. And this week in fangirling: "Ocean's 8" glam rock power suits, Toni Collette's haunting performance in "Hereditary" and Maren FINALLY starts "Stranger Things...


64 - After These Messages: Toys

Infectious jingles, intense anxiety and fog machines... all the components of a perfect toy commercial! Natalie and Maren discuss their favorites from Guess Who to Skip-It and fangirl friendships are tested over the coveted Barbie Corvette. And this week in fangirling, Season 4 of "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" and "Pose." *** Fangirl Merch: Instagram: @fangirlfridayspodcast Facebook: @fangirlfridayspodcast Twitter: @fgfpodcast


Rewind: Jan Brady vs. Stephanie Tanner

Something old, something new... Natalie and Maren MESSED UP this week, but they're not leaving you hanging! Please enjoy a classic #FBF episode of FGF featuring the ultimate middle child battle: "Jan Brady vs. Stephanie Tanner." PLUS, a brief (new) fangirling update! *** Fangirl Merch: Instagram: @fangirlfridayspodcast Facebook: @fangirlfridayspodcast Twitter: @fgfpodcast