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60 - 1997: The Whoas

Not quite a high, yet not quite a low - 1997 brought us some weird sh*t too! Natalie and Maren look back on the mind blowing & life changing events throughout the year including a sheep with a sense of humor and a cult with fashion sense! And this week in fangirling: Beychella is the new Coachella, “The Quiet Place” speaks volumes, and Wondery’s “Business Wars” breaks down Netflix vs. Blockbuster. *** Fangirl Merch: Instagram:...


59 - 1997: The Lows

Every up must have a down…and ‘97 was such a BUMMER! In “The One with All the Deaths” episode, the ladies break down the demise of cultural giants and debate whether David Spade is a bad friend. And this week in fangirling: “Wild Wild Country” & Pixar’s “Coco”! *** Fangirl Merch: Instagram: @fangirlfridayspodcast Facebook: @fangirlfridayspodcast Twitter: @fgfpodcast[...]


58 - 1997: The Highs

Was 1997 the greatest year in history? From 8-year-old Natalie’s love of Tamagotchis to 14-year-old Maren’s infatuation with Missy Elliott, the ladies relive the pop culture high points from one gem of a year. And this week in fangirling: Natalie re-fangirls over “Santa Clarita Diet” and Maren can’t shut up about the Starbucks app! *** Brought to you by TV Time: Fangirl Merch: Instagram:...


Mini - Colds & Crime

What a mess of a mini! Maren sounds like a man and Natalie says “like” so much it hurts! This week in fangirling: Alka-Seltzer Plus, the latest seasons of “Love” & “Santa Claria Diet”, and a suspicious Friday night. *** Brought to you by TV Time: Fangirl Merch: Instagram: @fangirlfridayspodcast Facebook: @fangirlfridayspodcast


57 - TV BFF’s: Lads and Ladies

Who says guys and gals can’t be friends? Okay, just about everyone… (When Harry Met Sally etc.), but it IS possible! Natalie and Maren are covering three episodes focusing on the honesty that makes our favorite platonic friendships great! And this week in fangirling: The trailer for “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?” and Maren arrives late to the Roomba party. *** Brought to you by TV Time: Fangirl Merch: Instagram:...


56 - TV BFF’s: Gal Pals

The B.F.F.series continues with a few of TV’s best gal pals! Natalie and Maren are talking about three fun-filled episodes involving best friends, creativity, and true dedication. (And maybe some weed & poop for good measure.) And this week in fangirling: Albert Hammond Jr’s new album, Francis Trouble and extra-special jury duty cookies. *** Brought to you by TV Time: Fangirl Merch: Instagram:...


55 - TV BFF’s: Boy Buds

What makes a great friendship? Is it the ability to trust one another? Sharing inside jokes? Wearing matching outfits? Natalie and Maren are breaking down what makes a frienship work and discuss a few of their favorite ’90s & ’00s bromances. And this week in fangirling: Heathers on the new (and questionable) Paramount network & the touring Broadway production of Aladdin. *** Brought to you by TV Time: Fangirl Merch:...


Mini - 90 Scars & Movie Stars

Friday seems too far away to discuss the 90th Academy Awards, so SURPRISE, here’s a Monday mini! Join Natalie and Maren as they share their cry count, best dressed lists, and more. And today in fangirling: Black Panther & magical set design. *** Brought to you by TV Time: Fangirl Merch: Instagram: @fangirlfridayspodcast Facebook: @fangirlfridayspodcast


Mini - Samoas & Sadness

Emmy-award winning producer, Bob, is leaving and Natalie & Maren are saddened and panicked! This week in fangirling: Everyone’s horny at the Olympics, the charm of figure skating, and the difference in regional Girl Scout cookies. Plus, the next series is revealed! *** Brought to you by TV Time: Fangirl Merch: Instagram: @fangirlfridayspodcast Facebook: @fangirlfridayspodcast


54 - Truly Outrageous: No Justice for Old Jem

Woof, we finally made it to the wildly unsuccessful Jem and the Holograms movie. Synergy is trying to be Wall-e, and there are no holograms??? What’s happening?! Natalie and Maren compare/contrast the movie to the original cartoon, ask a lot of questions, and bow down to the saving grace that is Ke$ha. (She was still rocking a dollar sign in 2015, guys.) And this week in fangirling: “Ray of Light” turns 20 years old, Natalie serving American Girl catalog looks, and Julia Roberts & Liam...


53 - Truly Outrageous: Jem Jams

Jem had some jams! Natalie and Maren are sharing some of their favorite tunes from Jem, talking the show’s love interests, Riot’s daddy issues, and the questionable end – an orphan-focused finale complete with ‘Nam flashbacks. And this week in fangirling: Fox’s LA to Vegas and the 1988 film, Satisfaction, keeps giving us surprises. *** Brought to you by TV Time: Fangirl Merch: Instagram: @fangirlfridayspodcast


52 - Truly Outrageous: WTF is Jem?

Glam & Glitter! Fashion & Fame! Natalie and Maren are digging into beloved ’80s icon, Jem! They’re touching on the dolls and their frenemies “Barbie & the Rockers”(not The Misfitis), Jem’s over-the-top social conscience, and the plot-heavy show. Also, please contact if you have scientific answers about about Synergy and how holograms work in the cartoon universe. Hopefully, this doesn’t offend the hardcore fans… And this week in fangirling: Becoming the hot, new student at West Beverly...


Mini - Tucci & Tears

Buying time before the next series, Natalie and Maren fangirl over This Is Us, A catchy jam from Summer Twins, and Stanley Tucci’s hottest role (thus far). Plus, Phantom Thread brings out the Siskel & Ebert in all of us, and the next “truly outrageous” theme is revealed! *** Brought to you by TV Time: Fangirl Merch: Instagram: @fangirlfridayspodcast


51 - Theme Song Countdown: ‘90s Sitcoms

They had style, they had flair, …they were THERE –That’s how they became the best theme songs of the ’90s. Join Natalie and Maren as they try to narrow down sitcom jams from the last great decade of television theme songs. And this week in fangirling: Oscar noms & the latest seasons of Grace and Frankie. (Sources mentioned in this episode: & Archie McPhee.) *** Brought to you by TV Time: Fangirl Merch:...


50 - Theme Song Countdown: ‘80s Sitcoms

What would we do baby, without theme songs? Natalie and Maren continue their countdown with 8 of the greatest sitcom themes from the 1980s! Duets, Susanna Hoffs wannabes, and ICONIC songs with fun facts and nonsense along the way. And this week in fangirling: Very special episodes of The Last Man on Earth and The Goldbergs. *** Brought to you by TV Time: Fangirl Merch: Instagram: @fangirlfridayspodcast Facebook:


49 - Theme Song Countdown: ‘70s Sitcoms

What makes a sitcom theme song GREAT? Is it the lyrical storytelling? The boppin’ music? Or that perfect level of cheese? Natalie and Maren begin their “Sitcom Theme Songs” series by counting down some of the best TV themes from the 1970s! And this week in fangirling: Mindhunter on Netflix, Rachel Greene impressions, and Hulu’s Olympic coverage. *** Brought to you by TV Time: Fangirl Merch: Instagram:...


48 - The Second Annual Bingies!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year: The Bingies! Natalie and Maren share some of their favorite 2017 shows and give you helpful suggestions on what to watch during the holiday break. And this week in fangirling: Amazon’s The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and the long-awaited, I Tonya. *** Brought to you by TV Time: Fangirl Merch: Instagram: @fangirlfridayspodcast Facebook: @fangirlfridayspodcast [...]


47 - Fangirl Feelings Forum: “Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie”

Our beloved football head is back and is leaving New York City! Fans of the Nicktoon have been waiting years for the rumored “Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie” and it’s finally happened! So many questions: Will Arnold & Helga get together? Are his parents alive? What’s Arnold’s last name? Natalie and Maren discuss their feelings on the movie, Helga Pataki’s greatness, and what hit & where it went wrong. And this week in fangirling: John Stamos at Disneyland, Circus Animal cookies, and Maren’s...


46 - Desperation Vacation: Hollywood

Hooray for Hollywood! The girls are back in town and they’ve got visitors: The Fonz, Lucille Ball, Carrie Bradshaw, and unfortunately, Kramer. Some of them love Los Angeles, and some of them love New York too much to give it a chance. Natalie and Maren are discussing life without Elaine Benes, 2000’s L.A., and “jumping the shark.” And this week in fangirling: Greta Gerwig’s Ladybird, and the latest season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. *** Brought to you by TV Time:...


45 - Desperation Vacation: Disney Parks

It’s time to remember the magic! If you had a sitcom on ABC in the ’90s, at some point you ended up at Disney World. What’s supposed to be a fun getaway always ends up causing chaos amongst family members. Natalie and Maren discuss what these episodes get right (and wrong) about Disney vacations, try to figure out why everyone on Step by Step is dumb and horny, and decide who’s better: Steve or Stefan? And this week in fangirling: A George Michael classic and delicious yet dangerous...


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