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Fansplaining is a podcast about by, for, and about fandom. It’s hosted by Flourish Klink and Elizabeth Minkel. New episodes come out every two weeks. If you want to call us and leave a message for us to read on air, our number is 1-401-526-FANS!

Fansplaining is a podcast about by, for, and about fandom. It’s hosted by Flourish Klink and Elizabeth Minkel. New episodes come out every two weeks. If you want to call us and leave a message for us to read on air, our number is 1-401-526-FANS!


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Fansplaining is a podcast about by, for, and about fandom. It’s hosted by Flourish Klink and Elizabeth Minkel. New episodes come out every two weeks. If you want to call us and leave a message for us to read on air, our number is 1-401-526-FANS!






Episode 153: The Productive Fan

In Episode 153, “The Productive Fan,” Elizabeth and Flourish respond to a listener letter about some fic authors’ tendencies to see themselves as ‘bad’ if they aren’t producing written work. Topics covered include the perils of prescriptive writing advice, the Protestant work ethic, Flourish and Elizabeth’s personal writing habits, and the impact of professional authors’ conversations on fanfic authors’ discourse.


Episode 152: Ask Fansplaining Anything: Part 10

In Episode 152, “Ask Fansplaining Anything: Part 10,” Flourish and Elizabeth tackle a new batch of listener questions that all center on the theme: “free your mind by cleansing your timeline.” Topics discussed include mismatched expectations on Tumblr, monetizing Twitter stan accounts, ageism in fandom, and the growing trend of pro publishers using AO3-style tags in book marketing.


Episode 151: Teaching Fanfiction

In Episode 151, “Teaching Fanfiction,” Flourish and Elizabeth talk to Dr. Anne Jamison and PhD candidate Maria Alberto about teaching college courses on fanfiction. Topics discussed include how they approach fic in the classroom, the ethics of including fic in syllabi, and the difference between just enjoying fic and studying it from a critical perspective—and they also give advice for people who want to study fandom-related topics in academia.


Episode 150: Post-Pandemic Fandom

In Episode 150, “Post-Pandemic Fandom,” Flourish and Elizabeth reflect on the way the pandemic has changed fandom in the past 18 months—and speculate about what that might mean for fans in the coming months and years. Topics discussed include delayed film and television production and release dates, potentially returning to tours and cons, changes in fandom participation and fanfic habits, and the way the global nature of both the pandemic and of fandom means fans will continue to have very...


Episode 149: The Real Character

In Episode 149, “The Real Character,” Flourish and Elizabeth examine the rhetorical phenomenon of framing fictional characters as real, living people, independent of the texts in which they were created. Topics covered include Plato’s allegory of the cave, “comfort characters,” bad writing advice, and how people choose to externalize their emotions.


Episode 148: Do Not Interact

In Episode 148, Flourish and Elizabeth discuss “Do Not Interact” warnings, a kind of social signalling that’s proliferated across social media sites recently—including in fandom spaces. Topics covered include the framing and efficacy of these warnings, and intergenerational fandom clashes around how much information about yourself you should put on the internet. They also read two listener letters in response to the “Writing Women” episode, about the writers’ experiences in f/f spaces.


Episode 147: Anisa Khalifa

In Episode 147, Elizabeth and Flourish talk with Anisa Khalifa, cultural critic and co-host of the K-drama podcast “Dramas Over Flowers.” Topics covered include K-dramas’ structural and emotional characteristics, the way these shows’ export and consumption has changed over the past decade, transnational fandom exchanges between Korean/Korean diaspora fans and international fans, and the enduring legacy of Orientalism when non-Asian fans get invested in Asian media.


Episode 146: If You Give a Fan a Cookie

In Episode 146, “If You Give a Fan a Cookie,” Flourish and Elizabeth consider the Snyder Cut: What happens when fans demand something…and they get it? Topics discussed include the inherent conservatism of (some parts of) fandom, whether the Snyder Cut was worth the financial gamble, and how it might impact fans’ expectations in the future. They also respond to a pair of listener letters about the “Fanfiction & Source Material Mini-Survey.”


Episode 145: The Fic and the Source Material

In Episode 145, “The Fic and the Source Material,” Flourish and Elizabeth review the results of the “Fanfiction & Source Material Mini-Survey,” in which 6,744 respondents shared their preferences on whether they need to know the canon to read the fic. They discuss each of the dozen questions and give their own answers along the way, from Elizabeth’s serial fandom monogamy to that time Flourish read Merlin fic before watching the show.


Episode 144: Writing Women

In Episode 144, “Writing Women,” Elizabeth and Flourish celebrate Femslash February by talking to breathedout, a longtime f/f fic and meta writer. They discuss her route into fandom through queer female erotica, fandom’s longstanding biases towards male bodies, what types of characters get to be “default” vs “political,” and the role desire can play in reading and writing.


Episode 143: Ask Fansplaining Anything: Part 9

In Episode 143, “Ask Fansplaining Anything: Part 9,” Elizabeth and Flourish read a fresh batch of listener letters. Topics covered include age and fandom, fanfics of fanfics, pop culture’s role in protest movements, and a trio of letters about trans, nonbinary, and asexual exclusion in fan spaces.


Episode 142: Copyright Brainworms

In Episode 142, “Copyright Brainworms,” Elizabeth and Flourish try to get at the diseased intersection of creativity and the law in the U.S.: our broken copyright system. Spurred by conversation around The Great Gatsby coming out of copyright, topics covered include transformative collaboration on TikTok, the Ratatouille musical, fannish feelings amongst pro creators, and what strange impulse leads people to describe God as the “copyright owner” of the universe.


Episode 141: The Year In Fandom 2020

In Episode 141, Elizabeth and Flourish end a very unusual year in a very ordinary way: revisiting big fandom trends from the past 12 months. What happened in 2020? (What didn’t happen in 2020?) Topics covered include J. K. Rowling’s continued radicalization, the explosion of Anglophone interest in both K-pop and Chinese dramas, and the moments when the waves of fan expectation crashed against the rocky shores of reality. And they wrap up with an analysis of the ways that the pandemic is...


Episode 140: Miranda Ruth Larsen

In Episode 140, Flourish and Elizabeth interview Miranda Ruth Larsen, a media studies scholar who focuses on K-pop, anime, and horror. They dig into the 2020 spotlight on K-pop in Anglophone spaces, the concept of “affective hoarding,” and her essay in the anthology Fandom, Now in Color, on her experiences as a multiracial American researcher in Japan. They also revisit the last episode’s conversation on queerbaiting and viewer expectations, and read two listener letters on the Supernatural...


Episode 139: The "Q" is for "Queerbaiting"

In Episode 139, “The ‘Q’ is for ‘Queerbaiting,’” Elizabeth and Flourish dig into the thorny concept of “queerbaiting”—when creators tease at queer relationships in their shows and films but fail to follow through. Topics covered include disconnects between creator and audience expectations, fans’ conflation of shipping and representation, and shifting attitudes and norms in television writing and marketing. Plus: they read several listener responses to the previous episode, giving context to...


Episode 138: 2020 By the Numbers

Nearing the end of a very strange year, Flourish and Elizabeth sit down with fandom stats whiz Destination Toast to dig into recent fanfiction trends on the Archive of Our Own. Topics covered include the massive uptick in fic production (that predated the pandemic!), the impact of China’s AO3 ban and the rise of Chinese media in English-language fandom, which fandoms and tags are growing in popularity, and—inescapably—what’s happened with Supernatural fandom since the events of November 5th.


Episode 137: . . . And There Was Only One Trope

In Episode 137, Flourish and Elizabeth talk tropes: in fanfiction, outside of fanfiction, the places those ideas intersect—and where they don’t. Topics covered include untangling tropes from themes, formats, and set-ups in fic, how romance and YA authors have adopted the language of fic tropes and fic tags, and how tropes alter the way we search for new reading material.


Episode 136: Political Fictions

In Episode 136, Flourish and Elizabeth talk about the messy intersections of politics and fandom, and the narratives we create around political figures and actions. Topics discussed include why journalists keep using fandom terms they don’t understand, political RPF vs. fantasy ideas about candidates, and invoking pop culture during political protest. They also, as a podcast, unequivocally endorse Joe Biden.


Episode 135B: Race and Fandom Revisited: Part 2

In the second half of “Race and Fandom Revisited,” fans of color continue to speak about their experiences—and Elizabeth and Flourish talk with another white fan (and fan scholar) about how whiteness operates in fandom spaces. Featuring interviews with Amanda-Rae Prescott and Dr. JSA Lowe, and clips from Stitch, Anisa Khalifa, Effy, Sam, and Phoebe Sinclair. Topics covered include deprogramming internalized racism, how the dynamics of Facebook shape fandom conversations there, and why...


Episode 135A: Race and Fandom Revisited: Part 1

Four years after the original “Race and Fandom” double episode, Flourish and Elizabeth return to the topic with a mix of old contributors and new voices. In the first installment, they interview Sunny Liu and Paracelsus Caspari, and they hear clips from Dr. Rukmini Pande, The Navy Language, Holly Quinn, PJ Punla, Roz, and Clio. Topics covered include the way Western fans engage with Asian media, fans’ prioritization of white characters over characters of color, and the experiences of Black...