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Watching Great Movies Is Our Film School

Watching Great Movies Is Our Film School
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Watching Great Movies Is Our Film School




A Night At The Opera (AFI Top 100 Films #85)

You can't'a fool me. There ain't no Sanity Clause! The Marx Brothers kick off their tenure of pictures at MGM with this zany musical comedy that features such classic scenes as the Stateroom Cabin, and the Contract Scene between Groucho and Chico. One of the funniest, silliest movies of the era. Enjoy!


Platoon (AFI Top 100 Films #86)

Tom Berenger IS reality, folks. At least he is in Oliver Stone's intense, over the top, disturbing take on Vietnam which was released in 1986. The 80s, man; where more was more and the cocaine and steroids were flowing. The cast in this one is rather astounding, including Willem Dafoe, Charlie Sheen, Johnny Depp, Forrest Whitaker, Keith David, Kevin Dillon, and many, many more. War is hell. Especially in the Platoon.


12 Angry Men (AFI Top 100 Films #87)

Jury duty: it's the nightmare for every working man and woman in America. But, what if it's also the pillar of our entire justice system? Henry Fonda offers a gripping story centered around the latter, and stars as the lone man who stands between a young man and the electric chair. CAN a movie set in one single room be excellent? Listen and find out!


Bringing Up Baby (AFI Top 100 Films #88)

Leopards, and loons, and lunatics, oh my! Katherine Hepburn and Cary Grant star in this truly, breathlessly fast "screwball" comedy. It's all pratfalls, bits, and vaudeville; an era and a style of comedy that we just don't have anymore, all in glorious black and white. Join us for the wild ride that is Bringing Up Baby!


Will Time Travel Ever Exist? (Cutting Room Floor #004)

If time travel is to ever be invented, at least the time travel we imagine in our stories...would we know about it? Ira shares an epiphany he had on the subject, and Josh talks about how he's always had Deja Vu, ever since he was a kid. We're glitching in the Matrix over here on the Cutting Room Floor. Come join us.


The Sixth Sense (AFI Top 100 Films #89)

He sees dead people. ALL THE TIME! This week, the AFI Top 100 list brings us our first entry that could be classified as an out-and-out horror. It's M. Knight Shyamalan's classic "The Sixth Sense" starring Bruce Will and a mind-bendingly-good 11-year-old Haley Joel Osment. It also has one of the most shocking endings in flm history. It's all about the twist! it? Does the movie work beyond it...? LET'S FIND OUT!


Swing Time (AFI Top 100 Films #90)

Old movies feel like Disneyland. This, and many, many epiphanies are brought to you by the black and white classic romance Swing Time with the lanky, debonaire Fred Astaire and the drop dead gorgeous smokeshow Ginger Rogers. It's all about The Way You Look Tonight, Cinema with a capital C, and never gonna dance, never gonna dance, only gonna love, never gonna dance.


How Blogging Every Day Changed My Life (Cutting Room Floor #003)

Journaling, blogging, a diary; however you want to classify it, both Josh and Ira have found sitting down at the end of every day and taking a few minutes to write down their thoughts and feelings for the day. Is it for you? It might be! The boys break it down so you can give it a noodle.


Sophie's Choice (AFI Top 100 Films #91)

Meryl Streep is the eponymous Nazi death camp-survivor in Sophie's Choice. It's not a good choice; spoiler alert. It never is when Nazis are involved. If you want voice over, secrets, very young Kevin Kline's, and soaring muscial scores, this is the movie for you! Was it for US?'ll have to listen to find out!


Goodfellas (AFI Top 100 Films #92)

We're funny? FUNNY HOW?! Martin Scorsese is in the house, dropping what could arguably be considered the greatest mob/gangster movie ever made. Joe Pesci took home an Oscar for his role as Tommy, while Robert DeNiro, Lorraine Bracco and Ray Liotta round out an astonishingly good cast. Watch out for helicopters, and mind your step going into the Copacabana. It's time to watch Goodfellas!


The French Connection (AFI Top 100 Films #93)

New York Detective "Popeye" Doyle (Gene Hackman) and his partner (Roy Scheider) chase a French heroin smuggler. And believe us, it's *a lot* of chasing! Can the Hack-man and the Roy-boy get the baddies? DOES this movie have a badass car chase scene? ...well, we're not giving you spoilers, so listen and find out!


What "Write Every Day" Really Means (Cutting Room Floor #002)

“Write every day!” We’ve all heard the advice. How many of us have tried it and failed? How many of us are feeling shame RIGHT NOW because we have (or are currently) neglected the project we're working on? Ira and Josh have. But, dear colleagues, ya boys have learned something about that advice and shame that nobody actually tells you, and it just might be the key to true, sustainable consistency…


Pulp Fiction (AFI Top 100 Films #94)

BIG. KAHUNA. BURGER. Pulp Fiction is one of the most iconic, impactful, most-quotable movies ever made. Like few other films in history, it inspired a generation of filmmakers and screenwriters. The boys break down Quentin Tarantino's masterpiece. Zedd's dead, baby. This is your shot of adrenaline.


Depression, Anxiety, and David Lynch (Cutting Room Floor #001)

Our first Cutting Room Floor episode! This one from the recording of Toy Story covers the trials of moving (we always have 50% more sh*t than we thought we did), the pains and inspirations of a love affair that falls apart, and the effects of depression and anxiety on our bodies and creativity...which all lead to the genius of David Lynch. Of course!


The Last Picture Show (AFI Top 100 Films #95)

The boys talk growing up as a small-town country bumpkin versus a city slicker, Sam the Lion, and about that empty feeling deep in the center of all of us. Why do we love it so much? And why is it that adults really actually have *nothing* figured out? This one has us going deep. Buckle up. Who's ready to drive to Mexico?!


Do The Right Thing (AFI Top 100 Films #96)

Fight the Power! Film School smokes its first Spike Lee Joint, and it's jazzy, wacky, funny, and edgy AF. A very young Mr. Lee makes a statement with his masterpiece both behind the camera, and in front...and in the process, is cooler than we could ever hope to be. And that's the double truth, Ruth.


Blade Runner (AFI Top 100 Films #97)

He's seen things us people wouldn't believe! Josh and Ira dive into one of the most influential SciFi films of all time and, amazingly enough, the first movie both of the boys have seen before. We've got opinions, oohhhh we've got opinions. Join us!


Yankee Doodle Dandy (AFI Top 100 Films #98)

Music is in the air! Vaudeville! Romance! Franklin Delano Roosevelt! It's the 1942 classic Yankee Doodle Dandy this time around, a movie neither Josh nor Ira had ever even HEARD what put this movie on the map? Why is it on the list. Listen and find out :)


Toy Story (AFI Top 100 Films #99)

To Infinity, and beyond! Join Josh on his own personal journey to figure out if he's ever actually SEEN this movie, and Ira's dive into the Dark Night of the Soul. It's Toy Story time!


Ben-Hur (AFI Top 100 Films #100)

Chariots, Revenge and Jesus, oh my! Josh and Ira kick off Film School with the first movie on AFI's Top 100 Films of all time with the sword and sandal epic Ben-Hur. Let's get this journey through cinema history started!