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Every "Game of Thrones" Season 7 episode researched, explained and expanded upon in an hour or less: That's what we do. On The Throne isn't a recap show, It's a community-fueled rocketship of key information that worships the "Game of Thrones" fan. Discover each episode's overarching themes, unlock the mysteries of Westeros and join thousands of listeners who've followed us from our hit "Westworld" and "Taboo" podcasts.

Every "Game of Thrones" Season 7 episode researched, explained and expanded upon in an hour or less: That's what we do. On The Throne isn't a recap show, It's a community-fueled rocketship of key information that worships the "Game of Thrones" fan. Discover each episode's overarching themes, unlock the mysteries of Westeros and join thousands of listeners who've followed us from our hit "Westworld" and "Taboo" podcasts.
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Every "Game of Thrones" Season 7 episode researched, explained and expanded upon in an hour or less: That's what we do. On The Throne isn't a recap show, It's a community-fueled rocketship of key information that worships the "Game of Thrones" fan. Discover each episode's overarching themes, unlock the mysteries of Westeros and join thousands of listeners who've followed us from our hit "Westworld" and "Taboo" podcasts.






Ep.46: Game of Thrones - Rewrites

It's time to put your fingers where your mouth is! More than 100 Shat on TV listeners wrote in their improved versions of "Game of Thrones," and we chose the weirdest, smartest, and most original rewrites for this bonus edition of Shat on TV. Your wild imaginations brought us everything from George R.R. Martin's cruel childhood to a Hulked-out Tyrion. And more serious topics ranged from Daenerys' possible bipolar disorder to brutal endings for nearly all our characters. What if we had...


Ep.45: Game of Thrones - Season 8 - Recap and Thronie Awards

The Thronie Awards are here! More than 450 listeners voted for the best and worst of "Game of Thrones" Season 8, and the results are in. Listen to hear who won Best Dressed, Thickest Plot Armor, Biggest WTF Moment, Best Death, Man of The Year, Woman of the Year, and Leeroy Jenkins Medal of Honor. Plus, Big D and Gene share their thoughts on Season 8 as a whole: what was good, what was bad, and did the final season ruin the "Game of Thrones" legacy? Help Support the Podcast Support...


Ep.44: Game of Thrones - Bonus Small Council

"Game of Thrones" is over, but listener email keeps pouring in. And that's the recipe for a Bonus Small Council edition of Shat on TV. The King Bee is back to share his opinion on Season 8 and ask, "What's the worst thing you ever did to an ex?" Gene explains how "Game of Thrones" is like a decade-long Bob Ross painting, and listeners continue their fight over whether Bran is a fitting king or just a sneaky creep. Listener Ken L. shares his theories on where Drogon went with Daenerys'...


Ep.43: Game of Thrones - 806 - The Small Council

We asked you to withhold judgment until after the Game of Thrones finale. And now that our watch has ended, it's time for the gloves to come off. This Small Council listener mail edition gets down to the nasty business of assigning blame for a questionable season 8, casting shade on the show runners, George R. R. Martin, and even poor Gene Lyons. As fans dig into "The Iron Throne," messages pour in to question Bran's legitimacy as king, Jon's right to be alive, the Kingsmoot's entire...


Ep.42: Game of Thrones - 806 - The Iron Throne

"Game of Thrones" is over, and we're having a hard time letting go. Our final On The Throne Deep Dive examines whether "The Iron Throne" helped or hurt this monumental series' legacy and why things ended the way they did. Gene and Big D discuss whether Bran was the right choice for King, whether justice was served, and what the heck the Dothraki do now that they're stranded in Westeros and don't get speaking roles. We couldn't bring you a "Game of Thrones" Season 9, but Gene argues the...


Ep.41: Game of Thrones - 806 - Instacast

Game of Thrones' series finale, "The Iron Throne," felt like two episodes wrapped in one. Maybe even two TV shows wrapped in one. There was the somber, sobering examination of absolute power corrupting absolutely, and there was the saccharine sweet series of farewells to our favorite characters that prevent a civil war. But in the end, we got some answers a decade in the making. Who would sit on the throne? Would there be a throne? What would Arya do when the killing was over? Could...


Ep.40: Game of Thrones - 805 - The Small Council

It's Daenerys Day on the Shat on TV Small Council. This week's "Game of Thrones" listeners rained down fiery emails and voicemails about the massacre at King's Landing and how it might all be Jon Snow's fault. Your messages were pretty evenly split on whether you loved or hated Season 8, Episode 5 "The Bells," and we snagged a strong sampling of each for this extended-length podcast. Dr. Ashley Schlafly of "The Dana Buckler Show" dives even deeper into Gene Lyons' character arc primer,...


Ep.39: Game of Thrones - 805 - The Bells

"The Bells" should have been the triumphant climax for "Game of Thrones." It was the battle we all were waiting for. The good guys finally made it to King's Landing, and justice would be done. But "Game of Thrones" Season 8, Episode 5 gave fans something different: a look at the horrors of war, the power of legacy, and the unsatisfying end to some of our favorite characters. Sunday was the day many viewers said "enough," but a small contingent said, "Let's take a second look." And some...


Ep.38: Game of Thrones - 805 - Instacast

Game of Thrones' penultimate episode, "The Bells," was either one of the coolest things you've ever seen or a sure sign that HBO has completely lost control of George R.R. Martin's incomparable realm. Old scores were settled, true natures were revealed, and the entire CGI budget was spent. Gene Lyons loved it. Dick Ebert threw his hands up in frustration. And meme makers had a field day. Catch the Instacast now, then tell us what you think at Help Support the...


Ep.37: Game of Thrones - 804 - The Small Council

Season 8 Episode 4 gave us a standoff between Cersei and Daenerys, a farewell between Jon Snow and Ghost, a funeral for the fallen, and whispers between Tyrion and Varys. But listener mail mostly was about one thing: How the hell is the North so bad at stuff? We scoured more than 200 emails and voicemails after "The Last of The Starks," and we chose the best for this edition of the "Game of Thrones" Small Council. Hear other listeners' takes on the new Scorpion design, whether King's...


Ep.36: Game of Thrones - 804 - The Last of The Starks

"The Last of The Starks," brought back the political struggles, shocking developments, and complex conversations of earlier seasons without losing the massive scale and sprawling tales of Season 8. Episode 4's breakneck race to the "Game of Thrones" finish line might seem like sloppy writing and impatience, but Gene and Dick believe there's a method to the madness. Hear about that as we weigh the strengths and weaknesses of the two remaining factions: Team Cersei and Team...


Ep.35: Game of Thrones - 804 - Instacast

"The Last of The Starks" mixed Game of Thrones Season 8's huge scale and intimate conversation with something we haven't seen in a while: cutthroat political jockeying and deep questions of identity. What does family mean? Who is best to take the throne? At what point does savior become tyrant? When did the show turn into Scorpion City? Find out what drinking games taught us, why Sansa told Tyrion the secret that's not really a secret anymore, and who's where on the map as we head into...


Ep.34: Game of Thrones - 803 - The Small Council

"The Long Night" didn't mark the end of mankind, and it didn't kill half the cast, but this 82-minute TV milestone whisked us from fear, to hope, to dread, to triumph. Was it Game of Thrones' crowning achievement or a sign HBO has lost its nerve? Listeners wrote in and called in to argue both sides. We read through more than 180 emails and listened to more than a dozen calls to curate this expanded edition of the Small Council listener mail pod. Game of Thrones fans debate plot armor,...


Ep.33: Game of Thrones - 803 - The Long Night

"The Long Night," Game of Thrones' third episode of Season 8, delivered the longest battle scene ever filmed and forever changed the landscape of Westeros. For every fan of the action and drama, there was an equal fan asking important questions about convenience, strategy, and faithfulness to the world of George R.R. Martin created. Put on your scuba suits, Deep Divers, we're plunging to depths we've never attempted before as Dick Ebert uses his combat engineer experience to compare Jon...


Ep.32: Game of Thrones - 803 - Instacast

We survived the Battle of Winterfell ... well, most of us. As flames illuminated the darkness, we cheered. As heroes turned to one another for help, we cried. "The Long Night" was dynamic, exciting, dizzying, and maybe a touch too convenient. "Game of Thrones" Season 8 Episode 3 shifted effortlessly from action, to drama, to horror, to parable. Hear our immediate thoughts while we prepare for Tuesday's Deep Dive. VALAR DOHAERIS! Help Support the Podcast Support with Paypal...


Ep.31: Game of Thrones - 802 - The Small Council

"A Knight of The Seven Kingdoms" touched our hearts and inspired listener mail about Winterfell's crypts, Daenerys' ability to lead, "Jenny of Oldstones" lyrics, Cersei's pregnancy, Brienne's knighting, and Bran's greensight. But mostly, y'all just wanted to talk about Arya's sex scene. This expanded edition of the Small Council listener mail pod packs more than double the email and voicemail we received after Game of Thrones' Season 8 debut. Plus, you might even hear the voice of the...


Ep.30: Game of Thrones - 802 - A Knight of The Seven Kingdoms

"A Knight of The Seven Kingdoms," Game of Thrones' second episode of Season 8, mastered the herculean feat of bringing all our favorite characters together inside Winterfell's walls and reminding us how much we have invested in the battle to come. Along the way, Episode 2 gave us laughs, heartfelt moments, and one particularly steamy scene. This intersection of all the lives still living beautifully illustrated just who our on-screen friends had become over 8 seasons. Sansa Stark went from...


Ep.29: Game of Thrones - 802 - Instacast

Two episodes and no major battles? No major deaths? It's true, and it's glorious. "Game of Thrones" is playing the long game on a short season, showing that HBO has grown and evolved to always show the audience something better than they knew they wanted. Season 8 Episode 2 made us throw away our notebooks and just feel along with these characters, reminding us of how much we've grown to love them over the years and how much their wholesale deaths are going to hurt. But it wasn't all gloom...


Ep.28: Game of Thrones - 801 - The Small Council

What's on viewers' minds after the powerful debut of Game of Thrones Season 8? Why Dany and Jon must die, why the dragon riding scene was important, Cersei's baby, over-reliance on Bran, and whether the Night King will skip Winterfell and go straight for King's Landing. Plus why is everyone letting Bran be a cryptic weirdo, why Dany is the only royal fit to rule, why Dany is unfit to rule, the timing of Sam's big talk with Jon, Smalljon Umber vs Ned Umber, and casual misogyny. With more than...


Ep.27: Game of Thrones - 801 - Winterfell

If you thought "Winterfell" was a slow start to Game of Thrones Season 8, you weren't paying attention. Between the emotional reunions and Alladin-esque dragon dates, HBO's flagship series outlined all the alliances forming as the living make their last stand. And how each alliance might fail. Episode 1 also gave glimpses of how the good guys can win. We'll outline the secret weapons, powerful assets, and key strategies Jon Snow and Co. will need to survive against staggering odds. Big D...