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Ep. 25: Death Mountain Lifestyle (Playing Appalachia Part 6)

So what exactly is a mountain lifestyle? Is it a marketing phrase? A type of view from your window? A bonified set of cultural practices? Whatever it is, it must be pretty awesome, considering how awesomely expensive the mountain lifestyle is getting these days! This week we’re joined by Shaun Martin, a Nintendo loving editor working for an educational nonprofit in Greensboro, North Carolina. Originally from Marshall, NC, with family roots dug several generations down, Shaun has...


Ep. 23: The Streamers of Madison County (Playing Appalachia Part 5)

Creeks aren’t the only types of mountain streams in Appalachia. We also have video game streamers! This week we’re joined by Renee Hill, a pastry chef, gamer, and video game live streamer known as “The Caked Crusader”. Renee currently lives in Madison County, the same county in Western North Carolina where JD (the host) grew up. For some weird reason, a lot of the people Renee meet are in disbelief that an anime loving, tattooed, pink-haired cosplayer could also be an Appalachian native?...


Ep. 22: Modding Appalachia (Playing Appalachia Part 4)

What do Minecraft and Appalachia have in common? Well as it turns out, they both have people trying to modify them. So does that mean Minecraft mods could teach us something about how to go about ethically modding Appalachia? This week we’re joined by Jerel Culliss (aka King Lemming), an Appalachian-raised electrical engineer who moonlights as a reknown Minecraft modder. Jerel is founder of Team CoFH, the group responsible for Thermal Expansion, a mod that adds technology, like machines,...


Ep. 19: Kentucky Route Zero and the Route to Appalachia (Playing Appalachia Part 2)

It’s near impossible to talk about Appalachia and video games, and games that “get Appalachia right”, without talking about Kentucky Route Zero. The game itself is mysterious, filled with empty space and people with featureless faces, a five-part digital theater that leaves enough room for Appalachia to rush in. What is it about this surreal point and click adventure game that feels so real? In part two of Gaming Broadcast’s “Playing Appalachia” series, we’re joined by Cardboard Computer,...


Episode 18: What Games Are Getting Right About Appalachia (Playing Appalachia Prt 1)

In 2016, the United States collectively pointed a trembling finger of accusation at the Appalachian region. The verdict was in: America was screwed, and “Trump Country” was to blame. Journalists began to flock to the region, looking to demystify and correctly identify the dysfunctional roots of Appalachia and its people. Think piece after think piece was published, many (if not most) reducing the complex and nuanced history of the region into a singular narrative about a backwards and...


Episode 17: Triple A Blues (Developer Doldrums Part 3)

What does it mean to work in AAA game development? In the gaming community, the term “AAA” (pronounced “triple A”) comes with a lot of baggage. While at face value AAA is just an informal way to classify games and games studios that have the highest development and marketing budgets, the category also comes with negative conotations. You’d think more money meant less problems for game developers, right? Wrong! AAA studios are often seen as giant, painfully selfish corporations that care...


Episode 15: Grief, Game Development, and the Emotional Significance of Oatmeal (Developer Doldrums Part 1)

Andrea Ayres, creator of The Average Everyday Adventures of Samantha Browne, makes me feel a lot of things about hot cereal. The making of the Average Everyday Adventures of Samantha Browne shows that oatmeal has more to do with grief and game development than you might expect. Born on the heels of grief at the loss of a parent, and influenced by Andrea’s personal experiences with social anxiety and an eating disorder, The Average Everyday Adventures of Samantha Browne is an interactive...


Episode 10: Moral Combat–Why the War on Violent Video Games is Wrong (Violence & Video Games Part 1)

In a time of nation-wide unrest and division, it’s surprising to hear that politicians from both sides of the aisle are united on one thing: violent video games are bad and must be stopped. Blamed for everything from school shootings, suicide, and even rickets, video games have been shouldering the burden for our society’s ills for a long time now (or, at the very least, ever since comic books and ozzy osbourne have taken a back seat as the source of all evil). Politicians, pundits, and...


Episode 08: Learning the Language of Rules vs. Creativity (Video Games with People Who Don’t Like Playing Video Games Part 3)

Join JD and Lisa P. for Episode 08 as we unpack the question of rules. When are rules in games fun? When are they a real snore-fest? What’s the value of rules vs. creativity in play and language-learning? Lisa P. is a full-time public school teacher for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing finishing up her Master’s in special education at the University of Northern Colorado. Lisa doesn’t play video games, but loves to play regular old games (aka board games and tabletop games), and the differences...


Episode 07: The Pleasures of Back-Seat Gaming (Video Games with People Who Don’t Like Playing Video Games Part 2)

JD brings it home this week… by literally interviewing the other person who lives in her home, Nora Green. Nora, JD’s roommate, is an avid video game spectator. Rather than playing games, Nora prefers to spend countless hours WATCHING people play games. She spectates in a number of ways: by sharing time with her gamer friends, viewing video game walkthrus on Youtube, or following Counterstrike competitions on Twitch. While Nora has played games before, and has even used some games as...


Episode 06: Crying in a Closet (Video Games with People Who Don’t Like Playing Video Games Part 1)

This week JD goes solo, interviewing Bailey Morrison as part of a new series of interviews about video games with people who don’t like playing video games. Inspired by Brie Code and a panel from SXSW (titled “Video Games for People Who Don’t Like Video Games”), JD delves deep into the reasons Bailey finds video games off-putting. Bailey didn’t always dislike playing video games, but grew to consider them an emotional danger zone as she started to realize her performance was being judged...


Episode 03: Gaming Alone

Welcome to the end of JD’s childhood! Just kidding. But also this episode really is about childhood. In this episode you’ll hear a lot about what growing up with games was like for JD and Kyle. JD and Kyle can trace their different styles of gaming back to when they were wee gamers, with JD leaning more towards solo play and Kyle preferring to maximize the power of friendship. Of course, the lack of ladies in multiplayer and public gaming spaces is nothing new, but JD questions whether...


Episode 00: A Gaming Intervention from Hell

A beta episode of Gaming Broad(cast) (of in which Jayme Dale and Kyle test their sound setup, compare Diablo 3 to Sailor Moon Drops and Tetris, realize they can beat a game seven times and STILL have no idea what’s going on, and decide they don’t want to play a game they kinda sorta love/hate until they’re 80 years old. Stuff we mentioned… Diablo 2 Diablo 3 Sailor Moon Drops Tetris Gauntlet JD (The Broad) W [...]