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When the clock strikes 6:66, the Gaylords of Darkness (Anthony Hudson & Stacie Ponder) come forth to chart the arcane world of horror through a queer lens - with occasional visits from ghouls, goblins, and briefcase ladies from the 1980s.

When the clock strikes 6:66, the Gaylords of Darkness (Anthony Hudson & Stacie Ponder) come forth to chart the arcane world of horror through a queer lens - with occasional visits from ghouls, goblins, and briefcase ladies from the 1980s.
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When the clock strikes 6:66, the Gaylords of Darkness (Anthony Hudson & Stacie Ponder) come forth to chart the arcane world of horror through a queer lens - with occasional visits from ghouls, goblins, and briefcase ladies from the 1980s.




Episode 51 - Death is the Worst

Episode 51: Death is the Worst VVitch NNonth continues toilin’ and troublin’ this week with The Autopsy of Jane Doe (2016)! Stacie & Anthony open up their hearts and let the sun shine in as they uncover the mysteries of yoga corpses, gouge-faced bell feet, and chart their go-to movies for fashion & lifestyle inspiration. Find out more at


Episode 50 - Where the Others Go

Episode 50: Where the Others Go This week the Gaylords take a trip to Burkittsville, Maryland with The Blair Witch Project (1999)! Stacie & Anthony set up camp in one of the most influential and effective horror movies they can remember, worship formative horror queens Elly Kedward and Heather Donahue (and Mary Brown), and crown their respective favorite witches of all time. Celebrate twenty years of slime, piles of rocks, and "WHAT THE F*CK IS THAT?!" as VVitch NNonth continues! Find out...


Episode 49 - What a Wonderful Month

Episode 49: What a Wonderful Month The Gaylords dub September Witch Month and kick it off with a Lucky McKee double feature: The Woods (2006) and All Cheerleaders Die (2014). Stacie & Anthony look at these two very different takes on schoolgirls and witches...but first, they lose their minds over the revelation of Kyle Richards’s return in the upcoming Halloween Kills! Find out more at


Episode 48 - Isn't Everything Lesbian Panic?

Episode 48: Isn't Everything Lesbian Panic? This week, the Gaylords go to the edge of the unknown with *Let's Scare Jessica to Death (1971)! Stacie and Anthony marvel over this elusive (and illusive) gem, Zohra Lampert’s singular performance, roving gangs of angry old men, lesbian panic, their favorite one-role queens, and more. Find out more at


Episode 47 - Live Laugh Lucifer

Episode 47: Live Laugh Lucifer This week the Gaylords have a gay ol’ time with Alucarda (1978)! This Satanic lesbian romance from Mexico has everything, including flagellating nuns, French-Canadian forest orgies, disintegrating skeletons, and lots and lots of hair! Also: our favorite non-American horror movies, the WORLD PREMIERE of a new horror movie trailer, and more! Find out more at


Episode 46 - Sociopathic Children, Horniness, and Astrology

Episode 46: Sociopathic Children, Horniness, and Astrology The stars align this week as the Gaylords celebrate killer kids with Bloody Birthday (1981) and Orphan (2009). Stacie & Anthony examine the folly of procreation, the death of the nuclear family, killer scrapbooking, Vera Farmiga’s hotness, their least/favorite horror tropes, and much more! Find out more at


Episode 45 - Nude Internet Fingers

Episode 45: Nude Internet Fingers The Gaylords boot up, log on, and jack in for a delightful (terrible) 2002 iHorror double feature: Halloween: Resurrection and .com for Murder! Who will survive, and where did they get those internet fingers? Find out more at


Episode 44 - Goblin with a Pole

Episode 44: Goblin with a Pole The Gaylords wrap up LGBT Revenge Month with a look at Knife+Heart (2018) and Passion (2012). Bird hands! Lesbians! Gay porn! Hoodie goblins! Butt eels! Rachel McAdams sex masks! Sweaters! Weird pets! What won't you find in this episode? Find out more at


Episode 43 - The Book of Angela

Episode 43: The Book of Angela This week Stacie & Anthony pack their bags for Sleepaway Camp (1983) and Sleepaway Camp II: Unhappy Campers (1988)! The Gaylords analyze one of horror’s all-time Problematiques™ and share their love for weirdo aunts, Shit Sisters, and tiny angry Jersey car salesmen named Ricky — along with their picks from the horror droughts of the early ‘90s and the early Aughties. Find out more at


Episode 42 - The Problem Is Not Our Glamour

Episode 42: The Problem Is Not Our Glamour LGBTQ Revenge Month goes Problematique™ with two unhinged queer killers in Hide and Go Shriek (1988) and High Tension (2003)! Stacie and Anthony examine the value of "negative" representation, the frequency of deaths by bannisters, elevators, and mannequins, and recommend some films for the burgeoning young horror fan. Nothing will ever come between you and this episode! Find out more at


Episode 41 - It Decorated Our Lives

Episode 41: It Decorated Our Lives The Gaylords collectively wail over one helluva week then head to Hårga for Ari Aster's Midsommar! Stacie and Anthony crown Florence Pugh as their May Queen for Life, talk about folk horror and a new kind of Final Girl, look at their fave horror from 2006-2016, and much more. Get your mushrooms and mallets ready! Find out more at


Episode 40 - Glances Down Hallways

Episode 40: Glances Down Hallways The Gaylords kick off LGBTQ Revenge Month with The Perfection (2018) and Night Warning (1982)! Stacie & Anthony look at these two very different (and very queer) bonkers bonk-fests in an episode jam-packed with vengeance, queer subtext, and revelations of...Annabelle love?! Find out more at


Episode 39 - My Fannypack Overfloweth

Episode 39: My Fannypack Overfloweth Not yet defeated by Pride, the Gaylords emerge this week with a listener question bonanza! Stacie & Anthony address all your burning questions about scary movies for horror newbies, the Amityville franchise, horror television, Basket Case, Adrienne Barbeau, Tori Spelling, and much, much, much more! Find out more at


Episode 38 - My Sweet Summer Sausage Child

Episode 38: My Sweet Summer Sausage Child We tackle so much this week that only a mega-super-sized episode could contain it all: horror-flavored video games, movie soundtracks we love, the news about yet another Black Christmas, the trailer for Doctor Sleep, Midi-chlorians, feeling betrayed by Jessica Biel, and much more! Find out more at


Episode 37 - Straight Pride Brittle

Episode 37: Straight Pride Brittle This week the Gaylords continue to celebrate Pride with some new corporate sponsors: mad scientists, surgical mansions, face masks, and skin grafts in Eyes Without a Face (1960) and The Skin I Live In (2011). Join in as they navigate questions of identity and representation, their favorite horror novel adaptations, and more! Find out more at


Episode 36 - Heterosexual Chemical Warfare

Episode 36: Heterosexual Chemical Warfare The Gaylords kick off Pride month by doing shots with Octavia Spencer (and all the other queens) in Ma, lamenting vestibule terrorism and the lack of queer horror franchises, and dragging Werner Herzog into their rainbow swamp. Got a question for the Gaylords? Find 'em on Facebook and Twitter, or email Find out more on the Gaylords of Darkness website.


Episode 35 - Hashtag Canceled

Episode 35: Hashtag Canceled This week the Gaylords enroll at the esteemed University of Pieces (1982) for some higher learning about waterbeds, kung fu, nudie puzzles, and undercover tennis cops before they decide to hashtag cancel themselves. Also: their fave horror sequences from the last decade and more! Find out more on the Gaylords of Darkness website.


Episode 34 - Lesbian for No Reason

Episode 34: Lesbian for No Reason This week the Gaylords don their Satanic red shawls and swig some poisoned hot toddies as they take a trip to TV land with The Initiation of Sarah (1978) and Home for the Holidays (1972)! Arcane mysteries abound: what's up with Shelley Winters? Why does no one talk about one of the earliest slasher movies ever made and the perfect queens within? Also: debating Twitter handles, talkin' about movies they should like, and much more. Find out more on the...


Episode 33 - Now THIS is Podracing

Episode 33: Now THIS is Podracing Live deliciously (or take mushrooms and explode) with the Gaylords as they indulge in the folk horrors of bleak Satanjc pastoral life with The VVitch and Hagazussa. Stacie and Anthony go through the wringer with two incredible actresses and debate goat sexuality, the proper preparation of flying ointment and baby soup, the Blair Witch, and much more. Find out more on the Gaylords of Darkness website.


Episode 32 - The Boner of My Heart

Episode 32: The Boner of My Heart This week Stacie & Anthony ask just how far they’d be willing to go for a sweet purple jacket with 1983’s One Dark Night! The Gaylords rejoice in Meg Tilly, E.G. Daily, and psychic detective Olivia McKenna’s press-on nails, plus a few of their favorite lesser-known horror films. AND "enjoy" some rare special insights into the enigmatic mind of Stacie Ponder — grab your lucky yellow toothbrush and watch where you put that garlic! Find out more on the...